Year 3 Lear

Year 3 are taught by Miss Kelly, with assistance from Miss Lulu. Visit this website each Friday for information on what we have been up to in class.

Friday 6th December 2019

I would like to start off this week’s blog off with saying how proud I am of 3 Lear’s performance in their class assembly yesterday, they were fantastic! All our hard work paid off and the children put on an excellent show. Thank you all for coming to watch it and for all the compliments you gave both myself and Miss Lulu we really do appreciate it. I would also like to say a big thank you to Miss Lulu for all her help!
We spent the majority of our English sessions practising our assembly, in doing so working on a range of reading, speaking and listening English curriculum objectives.
In our Maths lessons, more work was done on multiplication and division. This week, we worked on our 8 x tables, also looking at inverse operations to calculate a range of division calculations.
We also took part in a whole-year football competition today. A huge thank you goes out to Clare and Alastair, who organised the event.
Finally, we enjoyed a great Art lesson with Miss Lulu. Using pipe cleaners and plasticine, we created our own versions of shadow like models inspired by Alberto Giacometti!
Here is this week’s homework:
Design Technology Homework – please make sure your child completes this; it is extremely important that you do this!
Have a great weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 22nd November 2019

Dear parents/carers,

In Maths group this week we worked hard on our multiplication and division skills by recalling and working on the 3 and 4 multiplication and division facts. We completed a variety of activities to help us with develop our understanding of how and why we multiply and divide.

In English we completed our unit on Myths where we wrote our own Greek Myth. We worked hard at making our mythical creatures and the setting of the myth very interesting while paying close attention to the spelling, punctuation and grammar rules we have learned recently. The children wrote some fantastic stories.

In Science we had a very informative lesson all about vertebrates and invertebrates. We sorted a variety of creatures into the categories based on the whether they had a back bone or not. We finished off the lesson with a quiz based on x-rays which was lots of fun!

In RE we looked at the Epiphany. After reading the story of the Epiphany together and discussing it in detail, the children completed a comprehension on it.

The homework can be found below.
We finished the week off with a fabulous Art lesson with Miss Lulu where the children created their own cave paintings. You will be able to admire the children’s hard work at our class assembly.
Please note that next Friday (29th) we are hosting a ‘Red Card to Racism’ day where we ask that all children come dressed in something red to show their support to the ethos of the day. If you should wish to, buckets will be in the playground at the beginning of the day to collect £1 donations that will go to the charity ensuring that their work with young people across the country continues. Please copy the link below to find out more
Finally, if you haven’t done so already, please make sure you book an appointment for parents’ evening for this coming Wednesday or Thursday. I look forward to seeing you then!
Have a great weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 15th November 2019


Dear Parents/carers,
In our Maths lessons, we worked hard on consolidating our knowledge on column addition and column subtraction. We concluded our week in Maths by completing end of unit tests. Next week we will start our unit on multiplication and division.
During English, we continued our work on Myths and Legends. We described mythological creatures in detailed terms and also continued to practise good reading comprehension technique, answering questions pertaining to the story of Daedalus and Icarus. We also worked on homophones during our GPS lesson.
In Science we had a very exciting lesson learning all about our muscles. The children had lots of fun trying to name different muscle, while thinking about the ones they warm up before they exercise. We learned about the differences between our biceps and triceps. 3 Lear had lots of fun showing their muscles to their peers.
In History we looked at the Mesolithic period. We compared it to the previous period, the Palaeolithic period. For their activity the children created their own headdress out of paper antlers. The children tried hard to follow the instructions on how to make the headdress. I took some group pictures of the children wearing their new headdresses which resulted in some very funny poses. Judging by the noise levels the children had lots of fun.

We had a fantastic trip to the Science Museum today. After a brief wander around the Museum upon arrival, we enjoyed a show called ‘feel the force’. After a picnic lunch we explored the ground floor where we discovered planes, trains, automobiles and space rockets. We were left in wonder and awe in the new Wonderlab, an interactive gallery with amazing displays and equipment to thrill and educate. The trip tied in with our science focus on forces and magnets. The children had a fantastic time and may nag you for a return visit! Perfect for a rainy day. Thank you to the lovely Pip, Sophie and Miranda who accompanied us on the trip, your help was greatly appreciated.

The homework can be found below,
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 8th November 2019

Dear parents/carers,
In English we started our unit on Myths and Legends. We discussed the difference between Myths and Legends. We looked at how they were passed on orally, through storytelling from generation to generation, and many were eventually written down. We shared some Myths and Legends that we are already familiar with. Next we moved onto looking at creation myths from all over the world. We read some Greek, Hindu and Celtic creation myths and discussed the differences between them. Following that we looked at Theseus and the Minotaur. We listened to and discussed the story and then sequenced it with our partners. We finished our English this week with a SpaG lesson on proofreading. We discussed the importance of proofreading our work and the different proofreading strategies we can use to help us.
In Maths this week, we continued our work on addition and subtraction. In continuing to work on column subtraction, we learned the ‘exchanging’ process (or ‘borrowing’, as it was called back in the day). We also worked on missing number addition and subtraction problems and answered a range of written word problems, carefully reading the questions carefully and answering accordingly.
During Science, as part of our work on animals (including humans) we looked at the human skeleton. We learned about the main functions of the skeleton, as well as the role the ligaments play in keeping it together.
During History, we continued to look at archaeologists and the role they play in uncovering ancient history. In doing this, we became junior archaeologists ourselves by looking at excavations of caves and writing descriptions of what we thought happened in the cave and why we thought this from the evidence we saw.
In our RE, we continued working on Proverbs with the focus on proverbs based on wisdom. We discussed what wisdom is and how we use it to inform how we live our lives. After doing this, the children started to write letters to their adult selves, noting the wisdom they have now, in which they advised themselves never forget and to follow in their adult life. In doing this, pupils were encouraged to really think deeply and reflect upon all the wisdom that they have gained and life lessons that they have learnt from different sources such as their parents, other family members, teachers, friends, school, books, life experiences, The Bible, other sacred writings if they belong to a faith other than Christianity, etc.
The homework can be found below.
A little reminder..
The collection box for ‘Beyond the Bow’ Christmas presents for children in the local community is now in the office in order to avoid confusion with brick a brack donations for the Christmas fair. Donations should be new or unused, suitable for girls or boys aged between 2 and 16 and the last collection day will be on the 6th December. We are also looking for donations of Christmas cards, gift bags and wrapping paper. Thank you so much.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 1st November 2019

Hello all,
In Maths, we have now moved onto column addition and subtraction. We were able to successfully use place value to carry over numbers in column addition; I was most impressed! We moved our focus to subtraction and looked at the column method for subtraction. We emphasised the importance of lining up numbers according to their place value and starting our workings-out from the ones column.
This week in English was all about poetry. We learned about haikus- a Japanese style of poetry that follows the pattern of syllables 5-7-5. We followed that with a lesson on calligrams- where we matched the word to a style of writing that matched its meaning. We also looked at shape poetry. We ended our unit of poetry by learning about Kennings. Throughout the week the children wrote some excellent poems in a variety of styles that the preformed for the peers. The children really enjoyed the unit and I have some very budding poets in 3 Lear!
Our Science lesson was on soil. We explored the different layers of soil and the looked at the importance of each layer. We also had a very interesting discussion about why soil is essential for life on Earth. Next week we will move onto our unit on humans and animals.
In our work on RE, we discussed what the term ‘wisdom’ means to us and reflected upon several passages from the book of proverbs.
During History, we took things back to the Stone Age, learning about some of Great Britain’s earliest settlers and how archaeologists are able to piece together history from eras that predated written history.
The homework can be found below.
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 18th October 2019

Dear parents/carers,
What a busy week have had! This week we celebrated Black Voices week, we had DT Day(s), we had ‘Relationships Day(s)’ and we had two lovely visits from an old friend from Year 1.
Our Black Voices week started with a fantastic assembly by Ade Adepitan. Ade spoke to the children about his life as a Paralympian, a presenter and an author. The children were captured by Ade’s speech and when he read a chapter from his book the children were so quiet you could hear a pin drop (if only he could come and visit 3 Lear regularly!). We read ‘Betsey Biggalow is Here!’ by the brillant author Malorie Blackman. We answered some comprehension questions based on the book, and created some ‘in an emergency’ posters based on the accident that Betsy helps out at. We compared life in the Caribbean to life in London. We learned about some famous Black British role models and created some fantastic art based on Kara Walker (Thanks to Miss Lulu).
3 Lear have been very busy making their own shoes for DT Day, cleverly named ‘Shoesday’. The children let their creative juice flow while designing their sliders with cardboard and gaffer tape. We had sliders based on Harry Potter, pugs, countries, football teams and various other things. Lots of feathers and sequences were used and the sliders look fantastic. The children can’t wait to wear their new creations on holidays and to various celebrations. Of course we ended our ‘Shoesday’ we a fashion parade in 3 Lear! Thank you Mr Cookson for organising a fantastic activity for us all.
This week we also had ‘Relationships Day’ which we spread across a few days. During our sessions we looked at ‘body space’ and the importance of respecting other people’s personal space and privacy. We had a session on ‘families’ where we discussed how every family is different and they come in all shapes and sizes. We talked about the importance of family and how we could show some members in our family that we are thankful for all they do for us. Our last session looked at ‘secrets and surprises’ where we discussed the difference between both. We also discussed what a safe secret is and what an unsafe secret and what we should do if a secret makes us worried.
In Science we had our eagerly awaited fossils lesson. We recapped what igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are. We learned that fossils are the petrified remains of plants and animals from more than 10,000 years ago. We looked at how the fossils are formed in sedimentary rocks and that they can show the skeleton of animals or the imprints of plants, animals or footprints. We were very lucky to have some of the children’s own fossils in the class to carefully examine.
Please note that there is no homework for your child this half term – however I have uploaded the homework below for the first week back which is to be handed in by Thursday 31st October.
I hope everyone has a well-deserved rest over the half term!
Miss Kelly

Friday 11th October 2019

Dear parents/carers,
In English this week, we continued with our unit on reports. We focused on creating and drafting a report about the fictional creatures we created based on the ‘snegalegator’. Following on from that we edited our drafts and added in some scientific/technical words. Next week we will write a detailed report all about our fictional creatures.
In Maths, we have moved onto our unit on addition and subtraction. We have learned techniques on adding and subtracting ones, tens and hundreds mentally. We continued to use our place value column to help us solve some number problems.
In Science this week we focused on the process of erosion. We looked at erosion in action and how it has shaped and changed the earth’s surface. Next came the fun part where we carried out our own experiments. We used a variety of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks with the aim of figuring out which rocks were the most hard-wearing and which were the least hard-wearing. Judging by the noise levels the experiment was a big hit!

In RE we looked at the Amrit ceremony or Amrit Sanskar. This is where Sikhs are baptised, take new names and wear the 5 Ks. The Amrit Ceremony is the initiation rite introduced by Guru Gobind Singh when he founded the Khalsa in 1699.
Today was Hispanic and the children all looked lovely in the Argentinian colours. In 3Lear we were very busy learning all about Mexico. We looked at the History of Mexico, famous landmarks, their culture and also their famous food! We created our very own Maya masks which the children are very proud of. We also enjoyed our very own Tango workshop where the children learned a variety of dance moves lead by two professional dancers. The children were fantastic and blew me away with their performance at the end of the session!
The homework can be found below.
Next week we will have Black Voice Week, DT day and PSHE day where we will be focusing on relationships. It will be another busy week for 3Lear!

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 4th October 2019

Dear parents/carers,

In English we started our unit on reports by looking at the key features of reports. Working in partners we created posters that showed examples of the different features found in non-fiction texts, including headings, subheadings, captions, diagrams, photographs, facts, contents pages, indexes and glossaries. We also answered a reading comprehension based on a report text. During our separate GPS lesson, we focused on proper dictionary use.

In Maths we recapped on our learning from across the unit on number and place value. We worked both independently and collaboratively to work out a variety of problems all based on our learning from across the unit. We finied the unit wit an end of unit test and the children did really well and worked very hard.

In RE, we learned about Guru Nanak and his importance to Sikhs. The terms ‘guru’ (teacher) and Sikh (‘learner’) were then explained. As a whole class, we discussed the qualities of a good leader. We continued our learning and looked at how the Khasla was formed. The children then retold the story to their partners before writing it themselves.

In Geography this week we looked at some of the major cities around the world. Then we tried our best to locate the cities on the map of the world. We had lots of fun counting up how many different cities we have all been to.

In Science we looked at using Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort rocks according to their characteristics. Next week we will be experimenting with rocks.

Next Friday is Hispanic can children come to school wearing blue and white (whole school colours)/suitable Hispanic dancing outfit please.

The homework can be found below. This week we also have a comprehension.



Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 27th September 2019

Dear parents/carers,
We had some exciting news yesterday in 3 Lear, we finally got a new board! Order has been restored and we can finally finish our busy days off with Newsround again, the children are delighted! I would just like to say that the children were superstars over the last few weeks of us having to resort back to the days of no technology in the classrooms.
This week in English, we planned and wrote our own stories based on a ‘bugs eye view’ of the children’s chosen minibeast. We modelled our stories on the ‘Omnibombulator’ by Dick King-Smith. While writing our stories we worked very hard on putting our ideas into paragraphs and using paired adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions and fronted adverbials. We also carefully edited our work to make it more interesting for our audience.
In Maths we continued our unit on number and place value. The children worked hard on finding 10 or 100 more or less than a given number. We also worked hard on ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’ numbers. We finished off the week by solving some number and place value word problems.
In Science we started on unit on ‘Rocks’. We started to explore Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. We thought of some uses for naturally occurring rocks with the children many reference to lots of things in their homes made from rock.
In Geography we explored the ‘seven summits’ and other key geographical features of each continent. We worked with our partners to fill out as much key information about each continent as we could using fact sheets.
The homework can be found below. Don’t forget to learn our poem.
Have a lovely weather,
Miss Kelly

Friday 20th September 2019 

Dear parents/carers,

In English this week we had lots of fun reading the ‘Onmibombulator’ by Dick King-Smith. We sequenced the story and answered comprehension questions on the text. We worked with our partners to plan and create a story map for our own stories that we will write next week based on the Omnibombulator. The children produced some fantastic story maps full of adjectives and adverbs. Our SpaG lesson this week was based on adverbs, and 3 Lear came up with some excellent adverbs for their sentences.

In Maths this week, we continued our topic on number and place value. We have been very busy looking at the value of different numbers. We used our place value columns to help us. Finally we moved onto solving number and place value-related partitioning problems.
In RE we continued our topic on Sikhism and looked at the importance of signs and symbols. The children then created their own symbols to represent their own beliefs.

Our Geography lesson focused on naming and locating different countries around the world. Next week we will be looking at capital cities.

This week we also had a visit from Arnaud who delivered a fantastic session on all things French. The children had an excellent time learning about the history and geography of France and famous monuments in Paris. The children also really enjoyed developing their French conversational skills.

The children's homework is below. This week the children have an additional comprehension to complete. With regards to the reading comprehension, all children are required to complete the work for their English group (which will be written on the inside cover of their homework book – please note that despite using a similar colour scheme, this is entirely separate from their spelling group), but they are encouraged to complete the other tasks if they please. If they do this well, extra house points will be awarded!
Spellings and Arithmetic 
Reading Comprehension
Thank you to all who came to our Open Classroom on Monday it was lovely to see so many of you.
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Kelly

Friday 13th September 2019

Dear parents/carers,

Well our first full week in Year 3 has been a very busy one! The children have all worked very hard and are well deserving of a rest over the weekend!

We kicked off our English unit in Year 3 with a lesson on how to use a dictionary. The children produced some excellent work using their new skills. We started our unit on ‘Familiar Settings’. The children worked in pairs to create a poster on their chosen familiar setting. In today’s lesson we focused on writing about our senses. We wrote ‘superdooper sentences’ about a familiar garden where we included paired adjectives, a verb and an adverb in each sentence. The children produced some fantastic work.  Next week we will be looking at Dick King-Smith’s ‘The Omnibombulator’.

In Maths we started our unit on Number and place value. The children have made a great start on the unit by using place value columns to find the value of digits in four digit numbers.

The homework this week has been uploaded below. I hope the homework sheet provides you with sufficient detail in terms of what we would like your child to do, but please don’t hesitate to contact me via email if you require further clarification. Alternatively, I am available to answer any questions during our ‘Open Classrooms’ event this coming Monday from 6-7pm.


A few other notes (these have all been explained to your child, but I thought it’d be useful for you to have here too): For your convenience, your child’s Mathletics login can be found on the back cover of their green homework book. Children are able to move up a spelling group by getting full marks on their spelling test for three consecutive weeks.

We started our new RE unit on Sikhism by learning about the ‘5 Ks’ – Kesh,Kangha, Kara, Kachera and Kirpan. I was impressed by the maturity and respect shown by the class in looking at this highly interesting religion, and was also impressed by the uniformly high standard of work they produced on the topic.

During Geography, we learned all about the seven continents. The children enjoyed a very informative song about the continents which has been requested numerous times since the lesson!

In Science, we looked at children’s pre-existing knowledge by taking related baseline tests.

In Art we created fabulous Notting Hill Carnival-inspired masks.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 6th September 2019

Dear parents/carers,
Welcome back! What a lovely few days we have had in Year 3. Everyone has settled in very nicely and all of us are adjusting to being in KS2 with ease. Over the last few days we collectively created our class rules. We looked at the ICT usage policy where we discussed why it is so important to follow the rules to stay safe online. We discussed what to if we don’t feel safe online or a problem occurred while using the internet.

This week we wrote about our summer holidays, our heritage and our favourite books. The children composed their own prayers. They included various topics close to their hearts that they wanted to pray for. As well as that, the children painted their own portraits. We also completed some English and Maths tests, which have been designed to gauge each child’s academic strengths and areas of improvement moving forward.

Our poem for the half term is The Owl and The Pussy Cat by Edward Lear (our class poet). The poem has been uploaded to the right of the blog. Please practise this with your child on a regular basis ahead of us performing it to the school at the end of the half term.
We hope to see many of you during our 'open classrooms' event in just over a week’s time, on Monday 16th September. We will provide you with more information about the general goings-on in and around the classroom during this event.
In the interim, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a few bits of information that you may find useful:
Drop Off and Collection
In the mornings, Year 3 children are to line up with their class in the Key Stage 2 playground. At the end of the day, Year 3 children will be dismissed from the side entrance of the main school building, directly opposite the side entrance to the school hall.
Playtime Snacks
On a daily basis, please provide your child with either a whole piece of fruit or sliced fruit as their playtime snack. As delicious as they are, Bear YoYos (especially the sour mango and apple-flavoured ones!), dried fruit and other fruit-based snacks are not allowed as playground snacks. These can, however, be included as a small treat in children’s packed lunches when we go on school trips (more info on these will be forthcoming over the next few weeks)!
 Reading Books
Your child will be given a reading book to take home. The books need to be brought back to school every day and put into the reading book box, which the children will find inside the classroom. Doing this will aid us in successfully carrying out our plan of reading with each child at least once a week. Starting from next week, books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please make sure that you sign your child’s reading diary when their book needs to be changed, as we will be unable to change it if you do not do this. Whilst we appreciate that some children may read at a faster rate than others, books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays only, as changing them is a time intensive task for our teaching assistants and is far more manageable on a larger scale, rather than on a piecemeal basis. If you have a child who is a voracious reader, we are happy to offer book suggestions and alternative provisions (such as providing children with two books each time instead of one) during the ‘open classrooms’ event or via email.
In line with our updated whole school approach and in a bid to do our bit for the environment, homework will be uploaded online on our class webpage each Friday.
English homework (spellings, sentences and comprehension tasks) will be completed in the front of the green homework book. Children will also be set online Mathletics activities. Mathletics login cards will be attached to the back of these homework books.

Your child’s homework book will be sent home for the first time next week, on Friday 13th September.
All homework will be set on a Friday and needs to be completed and handed in by the following Thursday (if children complete these activities earlier they are welcome to hand their books in earlier, and will receive extra house points if said work is completed to a high standard!)

A piece of poetry homework will be set at the beginning of each half term for the children to practise and recite at the end of the half term. This Friday, 6th September, the first poem by our class poet will be uploaded to the website for children to learn.

If you encounter technical difficulties in accessing any of our online content (or would like a paper copy of any piece of homework), please don’t hesitate to contact us.
P.E. and Gymnastics
P.E. and Gymnastics sessions will commence next week. The children will have their P.E. and Gymnastics sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in school (fully named) by next Monday, 9th September. May we also please remind parents that earrings must be taken out before school on the days your child has P.E. / Gymnastics, and long hair must be tied back for each session. 
Swimming lessons will commence next week. You will need to provide a swimming kit consisting of a towel, swimming trunks / one-piece costume and optional goggles. A swim cap is also required - if your child does not have one, please give them £2 on the 12th September (our first session) to purchase one during their first session at the pool.

Over the past few years, the vast majority of Year 3 children have done a great job in regularly bringing in their swimming kit and attending their swimming lessons. However, we have had some incidents where parents have asked that their child be excused from their swimming lesson as she or he is suffering from a cough or cold, whilst still attending school that day.

Whilst we appreciate that your child may feel subpar from time to time and that your keeping them healthy and happy is your top priority (this is true for us too!), it is important to note that our school policy states that if your child is well enough to be at school, then they are also well enough to go swimming. 

Swimming is a vitally important, and mandatory, part of the National Curriculum, and the sessions your child attends could quite literally save their life one day. At St Stephen’s, we aim to have your child confidently swimming in just one school year. Working to such a limited timeframe, I am sure you can appreciate that every session is of great importance in fulfilling our aim, and as such, ask you for your assistance in this matter. Furthermore, the children greatly enjoy their swimming lessons, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on them!
Some exceptions to the ‘if you are well enough to be at school, then you are well enough to go swimming’ rule exist.
These are the following:
- When a child has a diagnosed infection for which they have been prescribed antibiotics;
- When a child has a skin breakage / large wound that is healing that would be exacerbated by the pool’s chlorine; 
- When a child is coming off of a prolonged bout of illness where they have been absent from school for multiple days – in cases like these, a doctor’s note excusing your child from swimming would be appreciated for our records.
We really do need your help in ensuring that your child attends their swimming sessions, and thank you in advance for the great work we know that you will do in making this a reality.
In conclusion, we must emphasise that unless your child falls under one of the three categories above, then the expectation is that if they are in school on Thursday, they will be attending their swimming lesson.
Apologies for any awkwardness that may be caused by this section and we thank you in advance for your co-operation with this matter.
Parent / Carer Readers
If any parents or carers are able to help with reading with their child’s class, please let us know the days and times that would suit, and then we will get back to you with a timetable. Thank you in advance!
Water Bottles
Please remember to have your child/ren bring a water bottle to school on a daily basis as it is important that they remain hydrated throughout the school day.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further queries and have a lovely weekend!
Mr Faith (
Miss Kelly (

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Kelly