Catch Up Spend for Academic Year 2020-21

For the school year 2020-2021, the Catch Up budget was £33,440. This amount was delivered in three payments for each term.

Term Amount
Autumn £8,360
Spring £11,150
Summer £13,930


This year’s budget will have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and second school closure in January 2021. The school was open to the children of keyworkers and vulnerable pupils and we were able to offer online catch up sessions, for specific children, during the second lockdown.

Impact measures – for ‘catch up’ children

  • High numbers accessing online, 1-1 and small group sessions
  • Improved engagement in lessons, learning and academic habits (pre-lockdown)/ keyworker bubbles/online learning during lockdown
  • Improved physical and emotional well-being
  • Improved social communication skills
  • Closing gaps in attainment

At St Stephen’s we spent the Catch Up grant in the following ways to address the barriers faced by pupils- some experiences were more pertinent to pre-lockdown period.

Budget spend Reasons for   approach Breakdown- % spend Evaluation Sept 2021
Catch Up teacher Children in Years 5 and 6 will benefit from direct 1-1/ group sessions from an experienced and designated teacher.

Class teacher and Catch Up teacher able to jointly plan sessions for identified children.

Specific areas of catch up lessons tailored and delivered to individual children’s needs

62% Teacher assessment showed that identified children were making good progress against curriculum objectives

Catch Up teacher input monitored through termly progress review meetings and SLT observations good/ outstanding

A further two Catch Up teachers (1 teacher equivalent) starting in September 2021 to continue work piloted in Year 5/6, with pupils in Y1 onwards.

Additional adult support in the classroom and some withdrawal when appropriate provided by a teaching assistant Some children will benefit from being heard to read on a daily basis, practice spellings, have proofreading sessions, play maths games, work with additional adult to develop basic skills, work on a laptop. 30% Additional adult support facilitates the planning and delivery of interventions to support closing the attainment gap in Maths and English. Monitored through termly Progress Review meetings SLT and teaching staff. Classroom observations are good/outstanding across the school
Resources/ Training


Catch Up Teachers attend National College Catch Up training sessions.

Increased ICT provision across the school and support in developing ICT skills for targeted children, including voice recognition software.

Increase to school counsellor timetable and access available to vulnerable/anxious pupils.

8% Online modules enable staff to be clear about most effective programmes and systems for measuring impact.

Supporting children to develop ICT skills and to maximise their levels of understanding and access.

New School counsellor has been able to respond quickly to parental and/or school concerns and increase number of pupils seen.