School Maintenance Contributions

Maintenance fund contributions help us to accommodate increased costs, budgetary pressures and our ambitions to deliver outstanding educational facilities for all our pupils. School investments in recent years included: building our Nursery, a major building project to transform the school into a two form entry school, a new wireless internet system, complete refurbishment of existing Victorian building, creating an adventure playground, brand new kitchen equipment etc. This year we are looking to revamp some of the playground surfaces and upgrade the interactive whiteboards in the Upper School.

Pupils enjoy the benefits of these facilities and support, all of which significantly enhance the vision and ethos of our school.

What is the Governors’ School Maintenance Fund?

Most Governing Bodies of church schools manage their own fund to support the school which includes the maintenance of buildings. Parents make an annual contribution for each child at the school.


What is the fund used for?

The fund is used by the Governing Body to cover:

  • External and internal refurbishment
  • Ongoing maintenance work to the buildings, which can include property developments and general upkeep;
  • Contributions to any capital expenditure over £2,000
  • Insurance and building security

It ensures we create and maintain the best school infrastructure as possible – for our current and future pupils. Church schools have operated maintenance funds for decades, and there are parts of our school that have been beautifully built or extended by successive generations of parents.

How Should I Pay?

Your requested contribution equates to £1.76 per teaching week per child. The easiest way to make your contribution is through our Parentmail system.

The requested voluntary contributions have been kept at a comparably low rate by the Governing Body for 2023/2024.

£67 per child per year

You’ll notice maintenance fund contributions in your Parentmail options, and you can choose to pay the whole amount, or in half termly or monthly instalments.

If you feel able to contribute more, you can be confident that the school will benefit from the money. You can make any additional donations of £20, £50 or £100 online via Parentmail.

Thank you for your contribution to the Governors’ Fund.

Michael Schumm