Healthy Schools

At St Stephen’s we prioritise the well-being of our pupils through our commitment to being a Healthy School. As proud participants of the Healthy Schools initiative, we strive to create an environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also promotes the physical, emotional and social health of every child.

We believe that a healthy body and mind are essential for optimal learning and growth. Through a range of initiatives, from nutritious meal options to engaging physical activities and mindfulness exercises, we empower our students to make healthy choices that will positively impact their lives both now and in the future.

Our dedicated staff work closely with students, parents and the wider community to ensure that health and well-being are integrated into every aspect of school life. Together, we cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

We work in partnership with a number of organisations which support our healthy schools program including Healthy Schools London and Transport for London. Most recently we were awarded a Bronze Healthy Schools Award and a Gold TFL school award. We are now working on our Silver Healthy Schools Award and maintaining our gold with TFL.

Our healthy school aims and objectives are embedded within all aspects of school life through direct lessons, assemblies, visitors and whole school events.

The aims and objectives are:

  • To promote a whole school approach to a healthy lifestyle.
  • To encourage children and staff to make informed decisions on a healthy lifestyle based on positive attitudes and information.
  • To provide high quality PE and school sport, promoting physical activity as part of a lifelong healthy lifestyle.
  • To develop the teaching of Food Technology in the Design and Technology curriculum with regard to healthy eating.
  • To develop the awareness of how food is grown and link this to the development of the kitchen garden.
  • To help children develop greater confidence, motivation, self-esteem and have the skills, information and understanding to make important life and health choices.
  • To provide children with the tools to develop good relationships and respect the differences between people.
  • To encourage active travel to school, promoting sustainable travel and fostering a caring ethos towards the environment.

Through all of the teachings we provide, children will be able to learn about and explore:

  • The values, beliefs and views of other people – past and present
  • The environments, lives and cultures of other people – past and present
  • The beauty and wonder of people, places and events – past and present

Below are some of the organisations we work in and around our school to encourage our pupils to live a healthy lifestyle.

Benchmark Gymnastics

St Stephens’s works with Benchmark Gymnastics to deliver top quality teaching across all years groups.  Benchmark Gymnastics is affiliated to British Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in the UK, and complies with the policies and procedures set out by British Gymnastics to ensure the welfare, safeguarding and development of children when learning gymnastics.  All Benchmark staff are members of British Gymnastics.

Alongside class lessons, Benchmark also run clubs before school starts.


St Stephen’s currently work with Primary Sport Development in delivering national curriculum PE lessons in football, rugby, netball, hockey, cricket, athletics and many more sports.

Adam Shimmin is our current Sports Coach. He delivers all PE curriculum lessons and is responsible for several after school sports clubs, as well as all of our inter/intra school fixtures. He works alongside Zoe Marchant, PE Lead, and Clare Howard-Vyse, Fixture Coordinator.

Janet Adegoke – Swimming

Both Year 3 and Year 6 attend swimming classes at the nearby Phoenix Fitness Centre & Janet Adegoke Swimming Pool. At the start of the course, children’s swimming abilities are assessed and they are placed into one of three ability groups, each designed to maximise their potential. We have found that this method has proved highly effective in developing competent, confident swimmers.

The Whiting Academy – Dance

We have started working with The Whiting Academy who are providing dance sessions to each year group. The children are looking at a wide range of dance styles over a course of a half term and are allowed to express themselves in many different ways. Miss Whiting also works with the whole school to choreograph and teach dances for the end of year production.


St. Stephen’s are fortunate enough to have established and maintained links with Queen’s Park Rangers, our local football Club. In implementing its ‘Health Stars’ community outreach scheme, QPR has delivered topic units on Healthy Living. They have done this through a combination of team teaching with existing class teachers (all lessons being tied into national curriculum objectives) and physical activities designed to consolidate the classroom learning.


St. Stephen’s has a working relationship with Bikeworks, a prominent cycling charity. Every year, our Year 5 classes take part in a ‘Bikeability’ intensive cycling course which teaches the children how to cycle safely around London.