School Council & House Points

Our School Council is a boy and girl from each class elected by their classmates at the beginning of the year. Through this process, all children from Year One to Year Six gain experience of Democracy which is integral to their understanding of ‘British Values’. Every two weeks, we gather to discuss, overview and analyse various school issues so that all children feel heard and together we can make St. Stephen’s an inclusive place to learn.



Tuesday 28th January

We had our first meeting of the Spring term slightly later than expected but all good things come to those who wait.
I must say it’s a real treat as a Year Five teacher to get to know children from across the year groups and what children they are! Curious, engaging, questioning and polite – we really have a wonderful range of children ready to make St. Stephen’s a wonderful place.
We started our meeting as always with a register to see who was here and as Year Four were on a trip made a note to update them on our discussion. We identified if there were any concerns about the St. Stephen’s and as there are lots of coughs and colds in school talked about how it would be a good idea for our School Council to remind everyone to wash hands and throw used tissues away.
We then discussed how important good manners are and how easy it is to forget this in a busy school with lots going on. Our School Council came up with a small step to make our school a kinder place which is offering someone to go first if trying to get through a door way and walking through a busy corridor. I look forward to hear how our school council has got on in our next meeting.