School Council

Our School Council is a boy and girl from each class elected by their classmates at the beginning of the year. Through this process, all children from Year One to Year Six gain experience of Democracy which is integral to their understanding of ‘British Values’. Every two weeks, we gather to discuss, overview and analyse various school issues so that all children feel heard and together we can make St. Stephen’s an inclusive place to learn.



Recent Meetings

Monday 3rd October 2022

  School Council Meeting

Present: Mr Schumm, Miss Kelly, Mrs Jeffrey

Year 1 – present

Year 2 – present

Year 3 – present

Year 4 – present

Year 5 – present

Year 6 – present



  1. Update of eco initiatives

MS – Update of eco-friendly in school

In school lunches, there will 5 labelled waste bins for food only which will be taken away and turned into fuel. All food will be taken away and scraped – in playground, recycling, general waste bins, food bins.

So school councillors will have to tell other children to use the right bins. Litter pickers have been ordered to help with the litter picking.

Frubes will be phased out due to the plastic. Muffins twice a week, fruit other days and a proper pudding on Wednesday.

Mon – pasta

Tuesday – sausages, Yorkshire puds and fruit.

Wednesday – jacket potatoes

Fri – chicken or fish tenders

Simple food menu to reduce waste.

Simple salad for children to eat eg today was carrot sticks, celery sticks.

MS – need to encourage children to eat more to reduce waste.

There will be more wraps for all year groups and school councillors help at lunch time.


For FOSS movie nights – no drinks but encouraged to have water bottle. Plastic plates to be used on movie night so there is no throwaway paper plates.

MS – encourage chn to try different foods

GF – suggested each year group to design poster to encourage recycling and general sorting.

LF – queried number and size of bins.  MS confirmed number and size of bins.

MS – conveyed message of saving the planet.  School councillors responsible for educating all the other chn about being eco-friendly. Message to be reinforced in school assembly with the help of school councillors.

MS – informed council that we need to think about how much heating is being used. Chn encouraged to wear jumpers.

OW suggested for end of year water guns, chn could use empty detergent bottles.


MK distributed the class school council books to the children for chn to jot down ideas from their classes.

MS suggested chn approach the class teacher about having a regular 5 minutes a week for school council business.

CD and LF (6) to talk to Mr Brown about the posters for the recycling bins – could have competition for winning posters to be laminated.

Next meeting: 14.10.22

Tuesday 27th September 2022

School Council Meeting

Present: Miss Kelly, Mrs Jeffrey
Year 1 – present
Year 2 – present
Year 3 – present
Year 4 – present
Year 5 – present
Year 6 – present

1. EJ spoke with the School Council members about the Eco Schools Club Rebrand

• Plastic Sculpture – EJ showed examples of plastic sculptures using recycled materials.
• OW – treasure chest with gigantic shark hovering over chest.
• CD – suggested themes could be adopted by different classes or year groups
• EJ suggested as homework council could bring in ideas to next meeting.

2. MK spoke with the children about the new lunchtime rules and suggestions that management would like discussed to get the School Council members’ views on.

• School Lunchtime Staff to be on website was agreed on by all members as an excellent idea.
• Game of the week – discussed and well received by council as it was seen as inclusive while also giving children lots of options during playtime.
• CD suggested each class gets to vote on a ‘Game of the Week’ using ballot boxes.
• Lunch time rules: discussed and the members agreed with all of the new lunchtime rules.
• New lunch time ideas included; play buddies re-introduced – discussed sashes used previously didn’t work and suggestions for vests/jackets to be used instead.
• Litter-monitors suggested to keep on top of the rubbish being thrown/left on the ground – EJ explained school would be getting bins so children and adults could sort waste in food waste (to be collected by special company) and other non food waste
• Game zones -limited to a number of people to prevent overcrowding but a very good idea to prevent accidents.
• Spectator bench so some children can enjoy the games being played

3. A.O.B.
• School council badges given out.
• School council ideas to go into class school council book. MK to action.

Next meeting is with Mr Schumm on Monday 3rd October 2022