Helping in School

We are very lucky to have a fantastic community of parents who help make St. Stephen’s such a wonderful place for our children to learn, grown and flourish. As such, we would welcome any parents who have a particular interest in getting involved in day to day school learning to contact Mr Schumm.

Any parents who would like to share their experience of their religion or spending time in another country would be warmly welcomed as we firmly believe these experiences help enrich our pupils’ understanding of the world.

Of course at St. Stephen’s we have a number of wonderful opportunities where you may wish to share your expertise such as Hispanic Day, on one of our many DT Days or in Arts Week. In previous years, we have had Olympic athletes, authors, artists, coders and chefs come in so please do reach out to your child’s teacher if you would like to be involved. Our teachers will happily help support you when planning and delivering your session.

 Parent Reader Guides

We would also like to invite any parents who would like to listen to children read to come to make themselves known to Mr Schumm. This role would be dealing with children one to one and we require those interested to be registered for DBS. You will be guiding a child through a text and helping to develop their vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, recall and sequencing skills. Question suggestions will be provided for you and please reference the presentation on this page for any additional tips. You will be working with children not in your child’s year group necessarily however please state if you have a preference for EYFs, KS1 or KS2. ​

Parent Helper Presentation