Pupil Premium and PE Premium

The Pupil Premium is a per pupil payment, additional to school funding, which is intended to address underlying socioeconomic inequalities between pupils. The Premium was introduced in April 2011 and paid to children eligible for free school meals (FSM) in that year. A Pupil Premium Plus is also provided for children adopted from the care system.

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PP Strategy Statement 2021/2022

Pupil Premium Three Year Strategy Plan

Pupil Premium Spend for Academic Year 2020-21

Pupil Premium 2019 – 2020

Pupil Premium Plus


PE Premium

Government guidance on spending the PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools:

Schools must spend the funding to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils, by improving the following:

  • Engaging all pupils in regular physical activity;
  • Increasing the profile of sport across the school;
  • Increasing confidence, knowledge and skills of staff in teaching PE;
  • Offering a broader experience of a range of sports;
  • Increasing participation in competitive sport.

Some of the given examples of how to use the funding are as follows:

  • Providing targeted activities to encourage the least active children;
  • Hiring specialist sports coaches;
  • Introducing new sports and physical activities;
  • Enter or run more sport competitions;
  • Increase pupils’ participation in the School Games;
  • Encourage children to take on leadership roles that support physical activity.


Sports Premium Spending 2020/2021

PLEASE NOTE: We carried forward 45% of the 2019/2020 sports premium following restrictions arising from Covid-19.

We had to spend this initially by March 2021, which then got extended to July 2021.  On June 17th 2021, the Education Secretary announced that the ring-fencing had been further relaxed, and that any remaining budget from both 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 would need to be spent by 31 July 2022.

BUDGET: £19,246 (2020/2021 sports premium) plus 45% of 2019/2020 premium (£8620)

TOTAL PREMIUM SPENDABLE: £27,866 (including £8620 carried forward from 2019/2020)



Expense Amount Description Impact
Cricket coaching from Shepherds Bush Cricket Club coaches £1800


One coach provided an hour’s cricket coaching to year groups on rotation throughout the year, and another provided targeted coaching to girls from Years 5&6.


All year groups were introduced to basic cricket skills, which were further developed throughout the year. Older children learnt more advanced skills. A very high number of girls joined Shepherds Bush Cricket club as a result of this (25 children) plus continued high interest in boys joining the club.
PE Booster classes (AP) £1125 Targeted the lowest ability groups from Years 4-6 with an extra session with our PE teacher Focus is on improving basic skills and hand-eye coordination; increasing the pupils’ confidence in and enjoyment of PE
Training Squads


£1125 Provided a number of squad sessions before school for children in Years 5 and 6. Targeted development of the most able pupils in football, netball, tag rugby, athletics and cricket, to prepare them for the more competitive inter-school events and School Games competitions
Development Sessions


£500 Provided early morning sessions to children in Year 6 who don’t attend the Booster sessions or Training Squads; providing similar sessions for Year 5 pupils to begin preparation for next year’s competitions. Targeted development of Year 5&6 children to prepare them for inter-school fixtures and School Games competitions and to increase their skills and confidence in PE in preparation for their transition to secondary schools.
Attendance at tournaments/festivals and matches (AP) £2136 Our PE teacher attends, referees/umpires/coaches at sports competitions and festivals etc Enables more children to be able to compete at various levels
Hammersmith School Sport Partnership £500 Schools are represented by the School Games Organiser, who supports all participating schools by improving the provision of sport in the Borough and co-ordinates membership of the Youth Sports Trust. The school enters all relevant School Games competitions, with a very high proportion of children in Year 6 having represented the school in a School Games Competition, and we take B and C teams wherever possible. Membership of the Youth Sports Trust.
Sports Days (including medals and stickers, some equipment such as javelins, and organisation of the event) £1050





All children from Years 2-6 took part in a competition at the Linford Christie Stadium track.  Children all competed in the same events, rotating between track and field.

All children in Reception and Year 1 too part in a sports day at the Shepherds Bush Cricket Club, involving a rotation of activities, followed by running and “over and under” races.


All children had the opportunity to compete at the level that is most appropriate for them, with all of their peers in their year groups.


Sports equipment £1740


Bought various items needed for PE and for development of sports and training including throwing and catching starter kit, basketball hoops, rebound boards, fitbits, stopwatches, footballs and dodgeballs Enabling every child to have their own ball during PE lessons, increasing their participations levels; increasing variety in delivery in PE, after school clubs and training sessions.
Sports Co-ordinator


£6500 Co-ordinated competitive sport, ensuring entry into as many Borough competitions (including School Games) and other local competitions as possible, arranged inter-school matches for most KS2 year groups (mainly in the summer term due to Covid, and mainly cricket with St Peter’s and Wetherby school); organised intra-school tournaments including football, cricket, athletics and cross-country.

Provided additional PE support to those at school during lockdown, and to those at home through online initiatives

Very high proportion of children representing the school in at least one sport in either a competition or “friendly” match’ all KS2 children participating in an intra-school tournament off-site; children being introduced to competition at a level that is appropriate for them.


Dedicated activity day £2645 Took Year 5 on an outdoor activity day involving swimming – everybody attended All children were challenged at an appropriate level for their ability and experience in the water, and therefore benefitted accordingly and prepared them for their residential trip in Year 6
Intra-school football tournaments £525 + £133 Took all Key Stage 2 children, one year group at a time, to the local 4G football pitches, where they compete against each other in mixed ability teams All children involved in a competition with their peer group; all children being introduced or developing how to be part of a team; some children learning leadership skills
Sports Festival £140 Took all of Year 6 for a multi-sports day at the local 4G pitches All Year 6 children enjoyed a day of mixed sports, organised by the children but supervised by staff
Cricket festival for Years 5&6 £150 + £420 Took all children in Years 5&6 to a mixed kwik cricket competition against St Peter’s CE Primary All children put their learning from cricket throughout the year into practise during this tournament; some children learning leadership skills
Mini-bus  travel £1250 Used mini-buses to travel safely whilst Covid restrictions were in place to competitions and friendlies Ability to continue to compete and enjoy sport outside of school during the pandemic
Mini-red tennis £800 Year 4 children provided with 4 small group mini-tennis coaching on the tennis courts at Hammersmith Park. 32 children from Year 4 significantly improving their tennis skills through the small groups coaching; children showed increased interest in tennis, with some signing up to play out of school
TOTAL £23,450




£4,416 of the 2020/2021 budget is available to be carried forward and used in conjunction with the 2021/2022 budget.



Continued increase and wider participation across the children throughout the school; tournament success; ability to enter almost all Borough competitions, always taking as many teams/children as the tournaments permit, plus lots of friendlies; very high proportion of children in KS2 representing the school in at least one sport in either a competition or “friendly” match. Every child in KS2 has participated to the extent possible in both House tournaments and an intra-school football tournament.

We have entered nearly all relevant competitions, with a very high proportion of children in Years 5&6 having represented the school in at least one School Games Competition.

All children have the opportunity to compete at the level that is most appropriate for them, whether through intra-school house competitions, friendly matches or Borough events.

By ensuring continual communication with various schools in the area and by having a dedicated co-ordinator to organise participation, these developments are sustainable.


All children in Year 3 take part in an intensive swimming course offered by the Janet Adegoke swimming pool  with the aim of ensuring that all can swim at least 25 metres.