Stars of the Week & House Points

Week Beginning 21th January 2022

Class Stars of the Week
Reception Milne Adam and Ella
Reception Ahlberg Georgia and Elana
Year 1 Donaldson Jasper and Ky-Mani
Year 1 McNaughton Georgia and Vidia
Year 2 Madan Indigo E and Indigo M
Year 2 Hoberman Rafael and Lily
Year 3 Nichols The Whole Class
Year 3 Lear Mercy, Tian and Marceau
Year 4 Rosen Hayley and Arlo
Year 4 Bloom Kayden and Charlie
Year 5 Blackman Adonai and Scarlett
Year 5 Silverstein Josiah and Eliza
Year 6 Ayres Prathana and Dhanvi
Year 6 Zephaniah Abigail and Charlotte


Good Citizens of the Week
Freya (3N) and Jonah (3L)


House Points Totals
Wesley 23155
Crummell 21196
Aylward 20394
Liddell 18200