Diversity in the Curriculum

At St Stephen’s, we are committed to delivering an integrated diverse curriculum across all areas of learning and experience. Our aim is to make certain that children of all backgrounds are able to see themselves and their families represented in every aspect of their education. We hold regular meetings with parents to discuss changes and improvements that have been made in this area and to take suggestions for future development. We have a dedicated parent diversity group that works alongside the teaching body to ensure representation reflective of our school and local community.

As well as diversity within the teaching curriculum, we also have a number of enrichment events every year including Arts Week, Hispanic Day and A Celebration of Black Voices Week.

As well as these, we have several theme days to raise awareness and tackle prejudice in all its forms such as Show Racism the Red Card and International Women’s Day.

More information about these can be found by clicking the links below: 

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A video celebrating Windrush 75 at St Stephen’s (credit to Miss Bill, History Coordinator):