International Women’s Day 2021

This will be our fourth year celebrating International Women’s Day and instead of a day we will have a whole to reflect on women’s daily, valuable contributions across society. This year’s reflection is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and so everyday the children will learn about a woman who has challenged societal expectations of what a woman ‘should be’. At the end of the week, a little extra homework activity will be set to encourage children to recognise inspirational women are all around us and that they don’t have to be well known to make a difference. Our library session will also focus on celebrating ‘International Women’s Day’ so have a look at what Mrs Pereira’s has in store for our pupils this week.

Monday saw the pupils learning about famous author, teacher and poet Maya Angelou.

Tuesday was about Corazon Aquino

Wednesday was Jane Goodall

Thursday was about Josephine Baker

Friday was about Greta Thunberg


We were also treated to assemblies by Mr Schumm and Mr Perry on the topic where we discussed stereotyping as well as learning about Amelia Earhart. A whole school homework task about a female role model will finish off a week of inspiration but of course learning about these remarkable women is not isolated to one week at St. Stephen’s and we look forward to carrying on this conversation throughout the year.