Year 5

Mathew 5 vs 9 

‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of god’ 

Welcome to Class 5 Blackman!

Miss Hall is our Class Teacher, Mrs Connor is our Teaching Assistant and Miss Michelle is our Learning Support Assistant.


Thursday 29th September

Year 5 are really into the swing of things now and it has been a lot of fun getting stuck into our learning for the half term. We did do a times tables test last Friday and noticed that there is still a lot of work to be done here. Please practise these as much as possible to help the children become more fluent. Here is a suggestion of a site that they might enjoy practising on:

Reminders for Next Week

  • The boys have got a football game against Weatherby School on Thursday afternoon (Clare and Al are looking into a game for the girls later in the term).
  • Friday is Hispanic Day: the children need to wear blue, red and white in line with the colours of the Cuban flag.
  • As part of Dyslexia Awareness week, we will be taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday and have planned accordingly (apart from Maths which was unavoidable…We really tried!)

Black History Month

  • October is Black History month. Alongside the diversity embedded in our curriculum, we will be focusing on a specific poet in recognition of this important event. We will spend every English lesson for a week focusing on their work and using their poetry as inspiration for our own.

This week the children started planning their own Myths. They loved dreaming up their imaginary worlds and had some amazing ideas. Their target now is to write these up next week using: relative clauses, interesting vocabulary, fronted adverbials, inverted commas for speech and parenthesis. These have been the grammar focus’ that we have either revised or learnt in Year 5. We look forward to reading these next week.

In Maths, we have wrapped up Place Value by looking at negative numbers and powers of 10, 100 and 1,000. We will be moving onto addition and subtraction next week. If your child isn’t fluent in their number bonds to 10 and 20, it would very benefitial for them if you could revise them before next week.

In RE, the children are now confident at identifying different Jewish artefacts, so this week we zoomed in and learnt more about the purpose and importance of the Torah. Tomorrow we will be learning about Shabbat.

In Science, we were back out experimenting, this time with the force of air resistance. The children shared stopwatches and we had a large and small parachute to help us understand the relationship between air resistance and surface area. The greater the surface area of the parachute the slower the object falls and this is due to it having more air resistance acting against it. Next week, we will be looking at water resistance.


In Relationships and Health, we talked about healthy and unhealthy friendships. We discussed some famous friendships like those we have read about in books or seen on the television (Ant and Dec). We then identified what an unhealthy relationship might look like. We talked about what we could do if we were in one. The children then created a ‘Friendship Cake recipe’ where they created ingredients and a method for a friendship. For example, 100g of kindness, a sprinkle of laughter and lots of shared interests etc.

In History, we learnt about the Industrial Revolution. The children recorded the advantages and disadvantages of being alive at the time. We then finished reading our class book which has been ‘Oliver Twist’ and has helped the children to think about being a child at the time.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Miss Hall

Friday 23rd September

Another great week in Year 5. Once again, the children did brilliantly in their spelling tests so thank you for all your support. If anyone has a strong opinion ‘for’ or ‘against’ the new spelling scheme (Spelling Shed – more focused on the understanding of a spelling rule) please email us as we are trialling it. Google Classroom will not allow us to add text boxes to work currently so for now please can the grammar task be completed in homework books. The children have been told.

In English, we have been consolidating key grammar and punctuation objectives: fronted adverbials, relative clauses and inverted commas. We identified these in an exemplar myth. We also gathered and defined high-level vocabulary which the children loved. You could have heard a pin drop…

This week, in Maths we have been rounding and comparing numbers and even started looking at numbers to one million to great excitement. Next week, will be the end of our Place Value unit and we will be assessing the children’s understanding with a short test (very low key).

In RE, the children continued learning about different Jewish artefacts and their purpose and meaning. The children created a glossary for some of this new vocabulary to help embed the meaning and for future reference. In the coming weeks, we will be learning about the Torah specifically and the Synagogue. If anyone knows of someone of Jewish faith who would be willing to come in and talk to the children about their experience of a specific Jewish festival, please let us know.

In Relationships and Health our focus question was ‘What are key qualities of friendship?’ The children answered quiz questions in pairs about the ‘right’ response in a friendship situation. Some things raised discussion, such as, when an adult needs to be involved and when a situation can be resolved independently.

In Science, the children had the opportunity to run their own experiment to investigate the effect of friction on different surfaces. The children used forcemeters and worked in teams to run a fair test. They had to pull a weighted pot across three different surfaces and record the force of friction in Newtons in each case. They then drew a conclusion; the smoother the surface the less friction.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Bill and Miss Hall

Friday 16th September

This week we have really hit the ground running with the Year 5 curriculum. First off, we were all really impressed with their spellings results. Thank you all for your support. The correctly spelt ‘unseen’ words (not part of the learnt spellings) go to show their understanding of the rule! It’s working! Long may it continue…

We started our history topic about the Victorians by learning about Queen Victoria. This lesson was very apt as the children were able to make links to our own late Queen and the response to her death.

In Maths, we have been learning about numbers up to 100,000, recognising their place value and rounding. We also learnt about roman numerals, converting any number to 1,000 to a roman numeral and vice versa.

In English, the children put their acting skills to the practise by re-enacting Pandora’s Box. We also spent some time reading creation myths and turning a chosen one into a comic book strip which the children were completely engrossed in. This was a great chance to see their comprehension, summarising and writing skills in action. In terms of grammar, we have been recapping fronted adverbials (very good) and teaching relative clauses (working progress!). We will continue this next week and the children will have the opportunity to practise this in the homework.

Science – what a force to be reckoned with (sorry)! This term we are studying forces. This week we specifically learnt about the Earth’s gravitational force. We carried out an experiment using flour to recreate the Earth’s surface and different objects to represent meteorites falling onto it. The goal was to understand how the weight/size/shape effected the crater created by the object.

In Relationships and Health we discussed how to resolve problems and did some pair work responding to different scenarios. This half term the focus is ‘Relationships’.

Have a restful bank holiday.

Best wishes

Miss Hall and Miss Bill

Friday 9th September

Year 5 Blackman have done a fantastic job at settling in and taking everything in their stride this week. We went to the church this morning to recognise and celebrate the life of our Queen. Denis spoke about the Queen’s amazing sense of duty and helped the children to reflect on their individuality and what mark they want to make.

In English this half term we are starting a topic on Myths. Today the children did a reading comprehension to help us understand their comprehension skills. This also allowed the children to dive right into the mythical world…

In Maths we focussed on place value to ensure that the children have a solid understanding of number before we move onto the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This week we focussed on reading and writing numbers to 10,000. Next week we will look at Roman Numerals and then move onto numbers to 100,000.

The children learned about the life of the artist Frida Kahlo. As Kahlo did, the children then took inspiration from their own heritage to create a self portrait. The children were encouraged to include fauna and animals from the cultures and countries that form part of their own identity, just as Kahlo did with her own Mexican inspired portraits.

‘We Are Britain’ is a display in all our classrooms and is an opportunity for the children to write about their own heritage, their families and the languages they speak. It is always amazing to explore the diversity of our classroom and school.

In computing the children researched their class author and created a fact file about their lives. We also used this opportunity to make sure all the children were able to login to their Google Classroom accounts which they will need to do moving forwards to access their homework. For this week the homework is saved to the blog to avoid any problems.

Dates for the diary

September 30th – Family Supper

October 7th – Hispanic day

October 14th – Individual Photos

October 21st – Show Racism the Red Card

November 1st – PGL Meeting Year 5

November 9th and 10th – Parents Evening

November 10th – Class Assembly Blackman

November 17th – Class Assembly Silverstein

November 18th – Trip to Gunnersbury Park for a Victorian School experience. ​

Have a lovely weekend and stay dry!

Always email us if you have any questions.

Miss Hall and Miss Bill

Class Updates



HOMEWORK- Year 5 Homework will be set on Google Classroom.  For this week it can also be found below:

Aut 1 Wk 1 – Y5 Spellings and Arithmetic


Please find the link to our timetable below:

Timetable Blackman YEAR 5

Curriculum Map 2022-23: Y5 CURRICULUM MAP 2022-23

Our poem this half term will be:

Blackman Poem 1 – Facing the Truth

Your child will only learn 3 or 4 verses each (Malorie Blackman’s poems are all quite long…). I have split the parts alphabetically. If your child is feeling ambitious they are very welcome to learn the whole thing!