Our Geography curriculum has been designed to encourage children to have a real sense of curiosity in finding out about our world. In EYFS, children are taught to investigate and begin to understand the things, places and people around the local community and show an awareness of other cultures and religions.  In KS1, children start to understand and explore our local area in topics Where do we live? and Let’s Explore London as well as learning about the wider world.  We believe that Geography should inspire the children to learn about the part they play in the world today and how they can influence it in the future.  ​We encourage them to reflect and think about the rapidly changing environment through the teaching of physical and human geography of different countries and areas.  In KS2, we build on this by having country/area studies which focus on both physical and human geography with topics including India, Scandinavia and Japan. Children from both KS1 and KS2 develop geographical skills such as map and compass reading as well as building up their geographical vocabulary to include the continents and oceans of the world.

Lessons are enriched through theme days (Hispanic Day), guest speaker/visitors and trips to museums & galleries.  Geography is also taught through English, computing, art, RHE, RE and Spanish.