Year 4 – The Wonderlab at The Science Museum

On Wednesday, Year 4 went along to the WonderLab at The Science Museum, where the children are encouraged to be ‘hands-on’ with as many different activities as possible. The space is divided into different areas and included Electricity, Light, Sound, Matter and Maths. There were electrical circuits to be completed, a demonstration on how lightning can be created indoors, indoor play slides (to demonstrate friction), coloured tiles plus much much more. There was loads to see and do so, even though most of the children had visited before, it was good to hear that they wanted to go again. We finished our visit off with a Wonderlab Science Show that demonstrated slow and quick chemical reactions (using a catalyst), introduced us to the term ‘exponential growth’ and a fire and sound display (where the size of flames got bigger or smaller according the music played). The children had a very productive morning and thoroughly deserved their lunches, which I know for some will always be the highlight of the trip.