World Book Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day this year with a whole week of fun, story inspired activities, both in class and as a whole school.


On Monday afternoon, Years 1 to 6 were thrilled to watch a theatrical production of The Secret Garden in our very own hall. Complete with complex staging, professional lighting and a great deal of music from that ever popular musical Matilda. The children sat beautifully and enjoyed the show.

Thursday saw the whole school dressed up as an array of amazing book and story characters, including plenty of mythical creatures and heroes in keeping with our myths and fairy tale theme! Everyone looked absolutely fantastic and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and carers at home, who prepared such amazing costumes for the children to share! We must give a big shout out too to Year 6 Zephaniah, who impressed us so much with all the effort that had gone into their outfits!

On Friday, we had four exciting visitors! We had Xanthe Gresham in to perform her brilliant Myth Show, which was captivating  and had the whole of Keystage 2 creating sound effects and singing along (get them to sing you the Baba Yaga chant!). We had ‘real life’ Cinderella in to work with Keystage 1 and EYFS for Once Upon A time workshops—’like a Disney princess come to life’—needless to say, the children were enthralled! Not to forget the fantastic H.S. Norup, author of Into the Faerie Hill, who regaled Years 5 and 6 with some fascinating Nordic folklore. To round it all off, we had Daunt Books in all day for the children to purchase books to read at home.  And that’s not to forget a whole range of fun and inspiring book and narrative themed activities that have been going on all week in class—check out the individual class blogs for more information.

We Love World Book Day!