Tree Hugging and Tortoises!

Tree Hugging and Tortoises!

It was all go in the Library this week. Reception enjoyed stories of a reptilian nature as well as a surprise visit from June the tortoise. The children loved learning facts about tortoise diets, hibernation, how they protect themselves and indeed how June will outlive all the teachers at St Stephens! It was a joy to watch the children carefully pass June around and overcome any fears they may have had about holding strange creatures. June really enjoyed her trip to St Stephens and promises to make another visit in the future.

The rest of the school enjoyed books and stories celebrating trees this week. We talked about the importance of trees to our planet and all that they provide from clean air to food and habitation. We enjoyed reading about Katherine Olivia Sessions and her job as a tree hunter in San Diego as well as Nobel peace prize winner Wangari Maathai and her role in the Green Belt Movement. Year 4 even pointed out that if were not for trees we would not have all the lovely books in our Library. Below are the books we enjoyed this week…