Physical Education

At St. Stephen’s, we deliver a wide range of physical activities with the aim of engaging and inspiring all our children. We are committed to ensuring that all children receive at least two hours per week of well-planned, high quality Physical Education. This includes one session every week with Benchmark Gymnastics and one weekly session with our full-time PE teacher from Kick London. In addition, we have extra sessions for rotating year groups in half-termly blocks, including cricket (provided by one of Shepherd’s Bush Cricket Club’s coaches) and tennis. Year 3 also have regular swimming lessons at the local Janet Adegoke swimming pool to enable them to confidently and proficiently swim over 25 metres. Year 5 takes part in the QPR Health Stars program, which combines classroom based sessions with playground PE lessons.

During their time at St Stephen’s, the children will have the opportunities to participate in the following sports: gymnastics, football, tag rugby, hockey, skittleball, athletics as well as focussing on agility, balance and coordination. Taking part in a wide range of sports allows the children to develop their skills and begin to adapt what they have learnt and apply it to other sports.

The purpose of PE at St Stephen’s is to provide an inclusive sporting environment where pupils of varying skill levels are able to develop their sporting performance as an individual and as part of a team. Being in sports teams can have an enormous motivating effect on children, often improving confidence levels, which in turn can lead to an improved quality of output in class. Our commitment is to ensure that all children have access to a range of sporting activities and as such, our full time PE teacher works with a Sports Coordinator to ensure that we regularly play friendly matches with other local and independent schools, which enables us to offer more pupils the chance to take part in matches. In addition, we organise house tournaments throughout the year to consolidate the children’s learning in each PE unit. All children in Key Stage 2 also compete in an intra-school football tournament at our local 4G astro pitches. To read more about our competitive sports, please click here.

Throughout the academic year, our children also have the opportunity to participate in a range of before and after school clubs including football, multi-sports, athletics, martial arts, multi-skills, dodgeball, netball, basketball, dance, cricket, gymnastics and mini-football. Children are encouraged to attend these clubs, as they help promote a healthy lifestyle, the children can continue to practice and consolidate what they have been learning in their PE and Gymnastics lessons and they have the opportunity to be in teams/groups with children from different year groups. In addition, our competitive teams also train in the morning in preparation for the Borough sports competitions.

Each year, all children from Years 1 – 6 take part in Sports Day at Perivale Athletics track, which sees the classes competing against each other in their Houses. By using Perivale Athletics track, we are able to offer the children the experience of competing in a proper stadium environment.

At St. Stephen’s, we regularly discuss the importance of active travel to school. To promote this, we operate a range of schemes to encourage children to cycle or walk to school whenever possible. As a school, we work with Bike Works who come in and run cycling proficiency and cycle repair workshops with Year 5. In terms of walking to school, Year 3 have participated in and successfully completed road safety workshops designed to increase the children’s awareness of traffic hazards. Due to these efforts, we are delighted to have been awarded Gold Healthy School status.


National Curriculum – Physical Education


At St Stephens we partner with Benchmark Gymnastics Club to ensure every class from Nursery all the way to Year 6 get a Gymnastics lesson every week.  We works with British Gymnastics Qualified Coaches on our skills.  We cover balance, co-ordination, partner work, tumbling, strength and flexibility to cover just a few areas.

We not only take part in our own Key Steps Competition annually but we also then host the Hammersmith and Fulham borough competition each year.  We have consistently won the borough competition and represented H&F at the London Youth Games.

We are fortunate enough to have Highly Able Invite only sessions each week and we in recent years have begun to host an annual Gym and Dance show.