Phonics is part of the teaching and learning of English. You can find out more about how we teach English at St Stephen’s here.

At St Stephen’s, we value reading as a vital life skill. it is a skill that supports children’s learning across the whole curriculum. By the time children leave us, they read confidently for meaning and regularly enjoy reading for pleasure. Our readers are equipped with the tools to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary. We encourage our children to see themselves as readers for both pleasure and purpose.

We believe that all our children can become fluent readers and writers thanks to a systematic and synthetic phonics program. At St Stephen’s, we use government approved ‘Read Write Inc’ phonics program, which ensures that children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell as they move through EYFS and Keys Stage 1.

There is a detailed overview of the teaching and learning of phonics at St Stephens here.

In Reception, we hold a parents information evening about phonics to help parents and carers to understand the curriculum and how it is taught. The presentation used is full of information and can be accessed below:

Reception Phonics Information Evening Presentation


Phonics Games and Activities to do at Home

Phonics videos and games to listen to and play at home

Alphablocks is a children’s television series on CBeebies which uses animated blocks representing each letter.

A guide to the Alphablocks series


Animated phonics songs for both revising and teaching letter-sounds. The letters are not shown on screen, and it is designed so that children tune into the sounds before they see the letter. Perfect for introducing letter-sounds for the first time.

Phonics songs

Teach Your Monster to Read is free to play on desktop and laptop computers. Children have the opportunity to design a monster and then go on a learning journey covering letters and sounds to reading full sentences.

Teach Your Monster To Read

Children can use this game to practise identifying the letters that make sounds.

Spooky Sounds

Balloon Phonics is a phonics reading game which focuses on three letter words (consonant-vowel-consonant or CVC). There are three different games to choose from: Initial sounds, Middle and End sounds.

Balloon Phonics

Use this game to practise reading words which contain the sound you choose. The green words have the sound buttons on them which will help your child to segment and blend.

Sound sayer and green words

A frantic reading game! The player has to see how many words they can read in 90 seconds. Helps develop fluency and speed when segmenting and blending. Best when played with an adult to check words are read accurately.

Help A Hedgehog

Children change a sound at a time to make the words the Viking says.


The Year One Phonics Screening check contains alien or nonsense words which contain sounds the children have learnt. Children are exposed to these alien words from Reception. Use this game to practise segmenting and blending real and alien words.

Picnic on Pluto


The games and videos above are a small selection for the wide variety available online. Please use the websites below to explore other games to play.

Phonics Bloom

ICT games

Phonics Play