Art & Design Technology


The St Stephen’s Art curriculum celebrates the culture and creativity of our wider community, as well as those across the world. The focus artists and artworks are chosen to enable the children to understand how these disciplines both reflect and shape our history.

The Art curriculum has been divided by theme; The Face, The Figure, The View, The Odd, The Old and The New. The children will have three or four focus artists per theme. These will be supplemented by Arts Week, Spanish Day and various other events and cross curricular opportunities.

During our whole-school, annual Arts Week, we concentrate our energies on a wide spectrum of creative activities, which are based around a carefully-chosen artwork. The children learn about the artwork and the artist before embarking on their own creations based on elements, themes or colours found in the piece. This is an inspiring week filled with visual and performing arts and creative writing, not to forget cooking, history, sports and many other activities and a wealth of skilled visitors to the school!

The children are exposed to a huge variety of artists during their time at St Stephen’s. We believe that it is incredibly important that our curriculum and study areas reflect the society in which we live and that our children need to feel represented by the art and artists that they learn about. We have endeavoured, therefore, to ensure a good range of focus artists from different time periods, cultures and schools of art and combine the very well known with those who have historically had less attention.

It’s been said that Art is a reflection of the society that creates it. At Stephen’s we are immensely proud of the vibrant creativity of our children which can be seen displayed throughout the school.​

Art National Curriculum

Art Curriculum Map


Design and Technology

St Stephen’s school celebrates design on our much-anticipated half termly DT Days. The entire school is set the same challenge or theme which is tailored by year group to stretch and challenge the children’s imagination and creativity.

The children are given the whole day to design and make purposeful, functional and appealing products.  Working this way allows them the time to properly explore and develop their designs and to use a wider range of tools, materials and equipment. Our DT days aim to celebrate and highlight good design and allow the children to really ‘get stuck in’ for the whole day!

Each year we dedicate a DT Day to Food and Cooking. The day follows the same pattern of exploration, design and creation. As part of their experience, the children learn about the nutritional benefits and origin of different foods. These days are a great opportunity for conversations about different cultures and the children’s own experiences with food.

DT Days champion collaboration which can be seen in both group work but also general support of each other during individual work. We aim to inspire children in their making and hope that we play some part in producing future architects and designers!

DT National Curriculum