The studies of Humanities is all about knowing where you are and who you are. The understanding of History and Geography is essential if we are going to protect our World, know where we have been and improve our futures.

At St Stephen’s, the children have a chronological understanding of British and World History, as well as focusing in more detail on certain time periods. Some aspects of history are studied thematically, looking at changes over time, or the ongoing influence past cultures have on the modern world. In Geography, our children focus on a variety of different locations to study landscape, climate, natural resources and human geography. They develop geographical skills such as map and compass reading, as well as a good understanding of places in the world.

At St Stephen’s we enrich the learning of humanities through theme days, special visitors, educational trips and immersive experiences. We use the learning of history and geography as a springboard for other subjects as well including English, computing, art, DT, PHSE and RE.

National Curriculum – History

National Curriculum – Geography

Humanities Curriculum Overview