Year 6

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord: plans to prosper you and not harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 11:13


Welcome to Year 6 Zephaniah. Our teacher is Miss Marchant and our TA is Miss Charrington.

Class Updates

Friday 24th March 2023

We had our latest SATs mocks this week and children have responded so well. They have really worked hard and this is reflected in their excellent results across all papers, they should be so proud of themselves. Bring on the real thing in May!

Thank you to those that joined for Parents’ Evening this week, it was lovely to catch up with you all. If you have any more questions or were unable to make it, please drop me an email and we can arrange something.

Christiane Aquino Bonomo, Brazil’s Deputy Consul General in the UK, came in to talk about the Brazilian initiative that led the UN to launch World Down Syndrome Day, which we celebrated here on Tuesday.

To celebrate the end of term and the start of Easter, we have our Easter Bonnet Parade next Thursday 30th, I can’t wait to see the creations!

Finally a note from Mr Gane:


There is always so much going on at St Stephen’s across all of the year groups and the school’s Twitter feed is a great way for catching up with the latest news. Whether it’s the Mums & Chums Breakfast, Debating Team or sports’ teams news, the London Children’s Flower Society Spring Bulb competition, class visits, TV appearances, FOSS funded activities or our celebration of World Down Syndrome Day… superb for keeping an eye on things.

You don’t need a Twitter account to view it, but if you do, you could ‘like’ or even share the link with friends and family or ReTweet the news. It would be wonderful to see more activity and it’s a great way to keep up to speed.

St Stephen’s Twitter – @StStephensLBHF


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 17th March 2023

An incredibly busy week here in 6 Zephaniah! We have been to multiple sports competitions (football, netball, basketball and tag-rugby) and showed off all we have been learning in PE lessons. The children demonstrated great sportsmanship and even managed to win every match they played! A great result all round.

We then had our great trip to Parliament on Tuesday. We had a tour of the House of Commons and Westminster Hall, before moving on to a learning session where the children conducted their own debate, pretending to be opposing parties. Finally, we finished the trip with talks from Andy Slaughter and Danny Kruger. It was a great day and the children learn a lot about how a new law is passed and how democracy works.

Because two busy days weren’t enough, we then had a third trip on Wednesday. Here, we took part in a bridge building workshop put on by some civil engineers from Conway. The children learnt how bridges are constructed, particularly looking at Hammersmith Bridge and what is being done to restore it. It was a really interesting workshop and we all learnt a lot.

We did manage to pack in a couple of our regular lessons, looking at the Stations of the Cross in RE, area of compound shapes in Maths and WWII propaganda in History.

Next week is Parents’ Evening. Thank you to those that have signed up already, there are still some slots left if you haven’t booked in yet. It will run the same way as it did last November so please log in to the booking system just before your appointment time and I can start the meeting. These run for 10 minutes and will cut off after that time. I look forward to catching up with all of you and if you have any questions, please do email me.

Finally, we have our half-termly mock SATs week. The children have been working really hard and we are hoping to see their best results yet. Please do email me if you have any questions.

A message from Mrs Wordsworth:

We had a great start to British Science Week with Mercedes, our Scientist-in-Residence and some of her Science Club students running a STEM themed Collective Worship on Monday where we learnt about all of the careers available in the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Don’t forget to enter the British Science Week Poster competition on the theme of Connections and bring your entries into school by next Friday for us to shortlist. More info here – Poster competition – British Science Week

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 10th March 2023

Another busy week has just flown by in 6 Zephaniah, topped off with a great one-off Drama session today.

In English, we finished off our unit where the children were analysing and comparing two poems: The Fringe of the Sea and Island Man. Once we finished analysing the poems, we looked at PEE (point, evidence, explanation) which is a method for structuring essays. This is a very high-level English unit and the children worked really hard to produce some great essays, analysing the language, structure and punctuation the poets used.

Following our assessment on converting units of measure, we started our new topic based on area and perimeter. To start off, we looked at the difference between the two and then worked out the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. The children seemed so confident at remembering the process, so we moved on to finding the area of compound shapes – a much trickier concept! They still did very well and were flying through some very hard challenges by the end of it.

RE this week saw us starting to learn about hope at Easter. We started this new unit by thinking about forgiveness and how it is shown in the Easter story. For our activity, we read other extracts from the Bible, including The Prodigal Son and Jesus treating the paralysed man, and linked these stories to forgiveness as well.

An interesting lesson in RHE saw the children looking at tax. We learnt about the different types of tax (PAYE and VAT) and where this money goes. The children found this a very interesting and useful topic.

We also had our fantastic Scientist in Residence sessions this week, where the children worked with our scientist to understand how the digestive system works – they did a lot of fun (and slightly disgusting!) experiments to prove this.

A busy week next week with various sporting events and trips, please look at ParentMail for more information.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 3rd March 2023

This week we have continued our English unit on Comprehension through poetry. We finished off anaylsing Grace Nichols’ ‘Island Man’ and started to compare it with The Fringe of the Sea (the poem we analysed last week), focussing on the language, structure, tone and punctuation. We started off by writing a paragraph comparing and contrasting the language used in both poems and next week we will move on to writing a full comparative essay. This is a very challenging unit which will prepare the children well for their English at secondary schools.

In Maths, we finished off our unit on algebra and the children did extremely well in their end of topic tests. We then moved on to our new topic of converting units. So far, we have worked on converting km – m, m – cm and cm – mm using our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by ten, one hundred and one thousand.

In RE we completed our unit based on the Contemporary Anglican Church. First we looked at the differences between traditional and contemporary churches, before moving on to seeing how the Anglican Church differs across the world.

WWII in History is still proving popular! This week we learnt all about the Blitz and built our own Anderson and Morrison Shelters using items around the classroom – it was great fun.

We have also had many World Book Day activities this week; on Monday we watched a theatre performance on The Secret Garden, had our wonderful parade yesterday (as ever, I was blown away with the amount of effort put into the costumes) and went to the Daunt Books sale today where the children bought some books to read with their tokens.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 24th February 2023

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term break. We have hit the ground running this term and in English we have started a new unit: Comprehension through Poetry. In this unit, we are going to examine two poems written by A.L Hendricks and Grace Nichols. Our poets were born in the Caribbean and later moved to England. Both poets explore ideas of identity and culture in their poetry. They ask questions about how important our surroundings are and what impact they have on our sense of belonging and cultural identity. These two poets share a common experience of immigrating to Britain from the Caribbean. They are both interested in telling stories about living a migrant’s life in Britain today, and of the challenges of living with a dual identity. The two poems, that we have been considering, specifically speak of the importance of the sea in Caribbean culture. We have analysed our first poem, The Fringe of the Sea, by looking at the language A.L Hendricks used and how this selected language highlighted how important Jamaica is to him. Next week we will continue to look at Island Man by Grace Nichols and compare the two poems.

In Maths, we started our algebra unit and looked at function machines, before moving on to working out the value of letters in an algebraic formula – for example, if c=4 what does 4c + 17 equal? The children have grasped this idea and even managed a few word problems to end the unit, an aspect that frequently comes up in SATs papers.

Healthy Bodies is the current topic in Science and our first lesson saw us looking at science experiments and how they were conducted in the past. We looked at James Lind’s clinical trial where he tested two groups of people to see how vitamin c affected their bodies. We then created ideas for our own clinical trials.

In History we have started the much anticipated World War II unit (the project details have been sent out) and looked at how the war started and the leaders and countries that were involved. The children loved sharing their knowledge with one another and are looking forward to the upcoming lessons.

Finally, a note about booster sessions. These run until the beginning of May, they do not stop before Easter. Any questions, please do let me know.

A message from Mrs Pereira:

Next Friday 3rd March Daunt Books are coming to St Stephens. The book sale will pop up in various locations throughout the day. At morning drop-off the book sale will be located in the early years playground for parents to browse. Throughout the day each Key Stage 2 class will visit the sale. If you would like them to purchase a book by one of our visiting myth and fairy tale authors (Xanthe Gresham Knight and HS Norup​) or purchase another book of their choice (there will be many new titles, myths, fairy tales etc..), then please provide them with money on the day. Children will also be provided with £1 book vouchers for World Book Day which they can use at the sale. The book sale will then reappear at the main entrance of the school at then end of the say for any parents who may wish to purchase a book then. As always Daunt Books have agreed to give 20% of their profits back to the school to help with regular restocking  of the Library.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 10th February 2023

Happy half term! Another 6 weeks down and rather alarmingly we are half way through the academic year – how time flies.

We have finished off our other topics with end of unit quizzes to see all that the children have learnt this half term.

Along with our regular lessons, we have had several excellent assemblies this week. We started the week off with one by Miss Hall, who spoke about Children’s Mental Health Week and gave the children some calming activities to do during the quiet points of the day. On Wednesday we had Tara Legge come and visit us, where she spoke about her role as a midwife in the NHS. She gave a detailed description of what she does and inspired many of us.

To finish off our Geography topic based on Japan, we had a Zoom call from Mr Gane Jr who has lived in Tokyo for many years. He told the children about life in Japan and answered their many questions. It was a great experience.

For homework, the children have a range of SATs papers – the English have been printed off and given to them, the reading booklet is on Google Classroom and the Maths papers have been set on Mathletics. For the Maths, please remind your children to do this with a piece of scrap paper so they can work out the answers properly.

Finally, once we return from half term, a reminder that the SATs booster sessions start on Tuesday 21st.

Have a great week off.

Miss Marchant

Friday 3rd February 2023

Back to our usual routine this week and in Maths we have been working on our knowledge of percentages, making sure we can compare and link them to fractions and decimals. The class have really got to grips with this and are impressing me with their work! We finished off with percentages of amounts today and will do the end of topic test next week.

In English, we have looked at how to use bullet points and relative clauses as well as finished off our non-chronological reports. The children wrote excellent pieces of non-fiction text and I have learnt a lot about many sports. Well done Year 6. However our English didn’t stop there… this week the class was also lucky enough to have an extra English lesson done by Mr Schumm who started teaching the children from the book ‘Boy Overboard’, an award winning book by Morris Gleitzman. The protagonist, Jamal, loves playing football, which isn’t easy if your goalie only has one leg and you keep having to dodge landmines to get your ball back. Jamal’s stubborn little sister Bibi is even better at football than Jamal. But girls playing football is against the law in Afghanistan. When it is discovered that Jamal’s mother has been secretly running a school, the family must leave their home immediately and begin a long and dangerous journey to Australia. The children survive separation from their parents, hunger, and violent smugglers only to find that Australia isn’t as welcoming as they had thought but, even though they face an uncertain future, Jamal, Bibi and their parents know that as long as they are together, that is all that matters. For Y6 children the book opens up many themes and Mr Schumm was pleased to guide some very pertinent discussions.

In Science, we investigated shadows and devised an investigation to measure how the length of a shadow varied depending on its distance from a light source. Keeping it a ‘fair test’ was key, so the children ensured that there was only one ‘variable’ and gathered some impressively consistent results. We concluded the lesson by finding out that the closer the light source is to the object, the bigger the shadow will be.

For Geography this week, we had a visitor in to tell us all about Japan. Patrick (Max’s dad) came in and answered the children’s many questions, talked them through the many delicious Japanese foods and allowed them to try on traditional Japanese clothing. It was a great immersive experience! Next week we have another visitor who will be Zooming in from Tokyo to answer more questions.

Today was Coding Day and we took part in the ‘Hour of Code’ activities as well as learning about algorithms in an ‘unplugged’ lesson – thank you to Mr Faith and Miss Billington for organising everything.

We also had a great talk today from Matt Ho who works for the NHS. He gave us a great talk about his role in the NHS as well as the many other jobs available. It was amazing to hear about the wonderful work he does with regard to the immune system. He went on to talk about his bone clinic that he also runs and told us how important vitamin D is for our bones.

Finally, a message was sent out on ParentMail the other day about a social media issue that has arisen in year 6. In case you missed it, here it is:

There has been a worrying incident this week, involving the use of social media and children from Year 6.  A child playing on Roblox, with others from the year group, became cross with an individual. They then posted on their TikTok account, to a considerable amount of followers, revealing the individual’s online identity. The individual, who had been named on TikTok, rightly told their parent, who then informed us. We have spoken with all parties concerned and the situation has been a very steep learning curve for all involved.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that parental controls are key at this age to keep your child safe. It is also recommended that you are in sight and earshot when your children are on smart devices.  They should not take them to bed.

Nearly all social media services require users to be at least 13 years of age to access and use their services. This includes Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, TikTok and Skype, however, WhatsApp has the age rating 16. Whilst there is no age restriction for watching videos on YouTube, users need to be 13 or older to have their own YouTube account (enabling them to subscribe to other channels, like videos, post comments, share their own content and flag inappropriate content).

Please do read the attached guidance to once again familiarise yourself with online safety. We would urge all parents to be fully aware of any accounts and apps that their children might have access to on any device.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 27th January 2023

The weeks are flying by and I cannot believe we are close to half term – it feels like we are only just back after Christmas.

Our third mock SATs week is now over and I am so impressed with the results. The children have worked really hard and are making progress every time we do another mock week. With this in mind, you will have all received your booster class letters now, these are aimed to help the children chosen to reach the next level. If you have not yet returned your slip, these need to be in by the end of next week.

Despite our exam heavy week, we have managed to continue learning about Japan in Geography, research different elements of the Liturgy in RE and in Science, learnt about how a range of surfaces can reflect light differently. For example, the shinier the surface, the more the light will reflect.

Today we celebrated Lunar New Year and in Year 6 we did some Tai Chi this afternoon. It was great fun!

Thanks to all who made it along to our Zoom meeting about SATs yesterday, I hope you found it informative. If you were unable to make it, an email has been sent out on ParentMail which explains what we discussed as well as gives you more information about the upcoming booster sessions.

Back to normal next week, have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 20th January 2023

A busy week focussing on our usual timetable. In English we started a new topic, non-chronological reports. We started the week by looking at what a non-chronological report is and the features that make up this type of writing. Once we had analysed some examples, I put 28 sports in a hat and each child had to pick one out at random, the aim being the children research and write about a sport that they don’t know that well. So far we have started our research and are looking forward to writing up the start of our information reports next week.

In Maths, we have finished off our unit on decimals. We looked at converting decimals to fractions and back again and will do the end of topic test early next week. Everyone has worked very hard over the past few lessons and it is really paying off – next up is percentages which leads on nicely from what we have learnt so far.

The children learned more about light in Science this week, more specifically that the light they see travels in a straight lines. They discussed how light can be reflected using mirrors and, after a bit of theory on the law for reflection (the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection). They had lots of fun in a darkened classroom shining torches on to mirrors, seeing if they could bend the light around certain objects using mirrors.

RE on Tuesday afternoon saw the whole of Y6 gather in our church as we continue our learning about the Liturgy of the Church of England. Rev Dennis from St Stephen’s, Father Richard from St Luke’s and Jamie Sewell who is training to be a curate came to talk to us about how the liturgy is interpreted in their services. Using questions prepared in our last RE lesson, the children then bombarded them some very well considered questions, before recording their answers. It was a great opportunity to get answers about an aspect of Christianity that we know less about.

Next week the children will be sitting practice SATs papers to build on their experiences so far and further familiarise themselves with what they’ll see in May. This time around the classes will be divided into smaller groups, so that their particular needs can be catered for in order to give them the best possible working conditions. The assessments will be condensed into three days, from Wednesday to Friday, so I would ask that all children arrive on time and rested.

Finally, a message from Miss Hall about the Red Card to Racism competition which is happening this month. Y6 children are invited to create a design for a T-shirt design and/or a piece of creative writing. For full details on what to do, the template for the T-shirt designs and how to enter see:  https://static1.squarespace.com/static/574451fe37013bd0515647ac/t/6388d1793e498f0edcead03d/1669910910116/School+COmpetition+2023+Flyer.pdf

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 13th January 2023

Back to a full week, which has meant we have gone full steam ahead with all our lessons. Despite the busy week, we still managed to squeeze in a session run by Coram Life Education. This was a workshop all about drugs and alcohol and the choices the children have as they move on to secondary school. Sarah, the leader, talked to them about all the decisions they will have to make over the next few years before moving on to telling them about peer pressure and how to be active bystanders if they see someone being subjected to peer pressure. The class learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves.

In English, we have continued working on our creative writing, based on David Guetta’s hit ‘Titanium’ which the class have really enjoyed. This week we have looked at figurative writing through ‘show, not tell’; metaphors and similes; character analysis as well as higher level vocabulary and punctuation. They ended the week excitedly planning and writing a prequel to the video, explaining how the main protagonist got his super powers. The prequels they produced were fantastic and they should be very pleased with how they have done.

Both Maths groups are working on decimals to three places, looking at all four maths operations. We have had a big focus this week on multiplying and dividing decimals by integers by using our place value knowledge.

For our Science lessons this term, we have moved on to looking at light and how we see. Lesson one saw us understanding how shadows are formed and how the shadow can be affected depending on whether the object is transparent, translucent or opaque. Lesson two saw us learning about how we see light, looking at the parts of the eye and the role each part plays in helping us see.

This half term our Relationships and Health Education topic is ‘Keeping Safe’. You will find a breakdown of the upcoming lessons and key vocabulary on our ‘Knowledge Page’ which is saved alongside our Curriculum Map on the blog. This will give you a greater understanding of what conversations we are having with your children and when. If you would like to discuss the content of these lessons further, please get in touch.

We finished the week with our first lesson in our new RE topic: the Liturgy of the Church of England. We explored the children’s knowledge of the various objects used at a typical Sunday service, before they then examined a couple of ‘Order of Services’ and finally discussed as a class the key elements of Sunday Holy Communion.

Finally, a message from Mrs Allen our Art Coordinator:

As part of improving our Art learning, we are looking for any parents, carers or grandparents who are Artists or work in an artistic career, such as architecture, who would be willing to run an Art workshop with the classes. It can be linked to the curriculum or a standalone lesson in the year group of your choice. If you would be interested in volunteering your time with us, please get in touch with Mrs Allen (e.allen@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk). Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 6th January 2023

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Before a quick run-down on our first week of 2023, Miss Charrington and I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderfully generous Christmas gifts – we really appreciate them. We hope you had a great Christmas and managed to avoid any of the sickness bugs going around!

A rather short week this week, but that didn’t stop us getting straight into our new topics. In English, we are starting a new unit based on Sia and David Guetta’s song ‘Titanium’ and its accompanying video. The video is about a boy with supernatural powers who loses all control of them and manages to destroy the inside of his school – this lead onto a great discussion about what super powers we would like to have and why. For our first two lessons, we watched the first part of the video and inferred what might happen next, before watching the rest to see if we were correct. We paused the video after each event unfolded to discuss it further using our comprehension skills – thinking about the 5Ws. We then moved on to looking at why the video was chosen to accompany the song concluding that the song is a metaphor for being strong and rising up against people being mean to you. The song uses symbolism that extends throughout, using guns and bullets as a metaphor to the hateful words that people will say to us.  For the final part of the lesson, we used our inference skills to work out how the boy might be feeling and what he could be thinking throughout the rest of the song. Using iPads, we recorded what we thought the boy would be saying at different parts of the film.

In Maths, we finished off our unit on position and direction, where we looked at translating and reflecting shapes across the x and y axis. For this lesson, the children used their coordinate knowledge to help them. Next week we move onto decimals.

We have started our new Geography topic this week as well, where we will be looking at the geography of Japan. The first lesson saw us looking at where Japan is on the map and using atlases to work out which countries and bodies of water surround it.

With Alastair not here for PE this week, Miss Charrington lead a fantastic HIIT and yoga session, which saw the children doing squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planking and much  more. They had a great time and there were several pink faces at the end!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant



Friday 16th December 2022

We made it! We have had a busy week filled with festivities including: Christmas games, watching Christmas films, singing Christmas carols and finished off with a fantastic Christmas quiz. Whilst it has been a great term, it is definitely time for the children to have a well-earned break.

Thank you for such a great autumn term, I have loved teaching the whole class and am looking forward to everything that is to come in the New Year.

Despite the festivities, we have managed to squeeze in a couple of lessons. We finished off learning about Advent in RE and were introduced to our new Maths topic based on position and direction – plotting and reading coordinates and translating and reflecting shapes.

Please note, we have set some more SATs style papers to do over the break as we need to keep practising!

I must also say thank you so much for your gifts, they were all so lovely. I am incredibly grateful and touched by your generosity.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you in 2023!

Miss Marchant.

Friday 9th December 2022

It has been a ‘finishing off’ week this week filled with many end of unit quizzes testing the children’s knowledge on electricity in Science, the Ancient Greeks in History and how to manage relationships in RHE, along with our usual English and Maths.

In English we finished off our Christmas narrative unit based on The Polar Express, by writing a retelling of the beginning scenes of the film. The children used excellent descriptive techniques, including alliteration, similes, metaphors and power of three to produce some fantastic pieces of work. The class then wrote up their final versions on Christmas paper – they look great! To bring this unit to a close, we watched the film this afternoon.

In Maths, we have completed our fractions unit, looking at dividing fractions, how to work out a fraction of an amount and how to convert fractions to decimals. To do this final lesson, we really had to use our place value knowledge to help us. To finish off, today we completed the end of topic tests to recap everything they have learnt. Next week we move onto position and direction.

We also managed to finish off the waistcoats in DT this week. Everyone has taken their home and I hope you will agree, they all look fantastic. A huge thank you to Jess Guard who helped us out each week.

Finally, we have kept up the festive spirit by continuing to practise for the Carol Concert next Thursday, having our St Stephen’s Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day and by making festive treats to be sold at the Christmas Fayre tomorrow. Make sure you grab a bag, it looks delicious!

Have a great weekend – one week to go!

Miss Marchant

Friday 2nd December 2022

In English, we have started a new unit based around the film The Polar Express. For our end piece we will be writing a narrative based on the film and to prepare for this we have recapped our knowledge of descriptive techniques, looked at how to vary the way our sentences start, written a descriptive paragraph based on a snowy scene and had a debate, thinking about whether the boy should get on the Polar Express or not.

In Maths we have looked at multiplying a fraction by an integer and then another fraction, before moving on to dividing fractions by integers and then fractions using the KFC method (keep, flip, change – so 1/5 divided by ½ is the same as 1/5 x 2). Fractions has been a very long topic, but we only have a few lessons to go and then we can move onto our new unit!

In Science we looked at creating our own scientific experiment; investigating how we can improve the brightness of a bulb. The children loved doing this as they were able to test out different theories and discovered that the thicker the wire, the brighter the bulb, but that the longer the wire, the dimmer the bulb. This is because wires have a certain amount of resistance and as the energy travels around, some of it gets lost along the way, resulting in a dimmer bulb. Once they had finished the experiment, they had a go at creating a giant circuit around the classroom – always great fun.

In RE, we have continued with unit on Advent with this lesson looking at how Christmas is portrayed in adverts we see on TV today. Excitingly, we were able to watch some in class, which then enabled the children to ‘analyse’ the ads to find their messages. Of course there was a lot of generic ‘goodness’, ‘kindness’ and anticipation of gifts, however very few mentioned anything about Jesus being born. We used this to talk about the difference between a secular or consumer Christmas and a religious one, which we will continue working on over the next two weeks.

Finally, please remember that Mathletics is as important as the homework we send out in the green books. Sadly, some of Year 6 do not do their Maths homework. This homework is to help consolidate what they have learnt in Maths that week and really does help their learning. This is set every Friday and due back the following Friday. Thank to you those that consistently do it – you do not go unnoticed!

Have a lovely weekend – two more weeks to go!

Miss Marchant

Friday 25th November 2022

A change from our usual routine this week – we had our second SATs practice. Despite the number of tests they have done over the past few days, the children have remained in good spirits and worked very hard. The Maths papers kicked off the week, followed by spellings, grammar and the reading comprehension. We peer marked a few of these in class and went through the mark schemes so the children know what is expected in their answers for future assessments. Thank goodness that’s out of the way.

I have stressed that this run through is just part of our half-termly familiarisation process, so that by the time May 2022 is here, every child will be completely comfortable with what to expect and experienced in working carefully through each paper. As teachers, they also help us to identify individual needs so that we can work out which topics need more practice. Overall, Mr Gane and I were pleased with the results and progress shown from our last mock week. However, these results will mean that some of our Maths groups will be changing, so please look out for that in the New Year.

We still managed to fit in some other lessons and in Science we looked at creating our own scientific experiment; investigating how we can improve the brightness of a bulb. The children loved doing this as they were able to test out different theories and discovered that the thicker the wire, the brighter the bulb, but that the longer the wire, the dimmer the bulb. This is because wires have a certain amount of resistance and as the energy travels around, some of it gets lost along the way, resulting in a dimmer bulb. Once they had finished the experiment, they had a go at creating a giant circuit around the classroom – always great fun.

In DT we have continued making our waistcoats using recycled fabrics from home. We have cut out the fabric using a pattern and started sewing the front and back parts together. They are looking fantastic!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 18th November 2022

A busy week in year 6 with our regular timetable, as well as a trip to the local library with Reception. This went very well and the year 6 children looked after their reception buddies perfectly. In the library, they read many books and everyone looked very happy.

In English we have started a new book by Michael Morpurgo – The Giant’s Necklace. For this topic, we are using our comprehension skills to make inferences about what we think will happen next as well as understand more about the characters. This book focuses on the protagonist Cherry, who is on holiday in Cornwall with her family. We know she is a very head-strong character as she is determined to finish a necklace she is making out of cowrie shells. We finished the book today and the children were shocked by the ending. The book is very clever and doesn’t tell you what has happened right until the end, which kept the children wanting to read more.

In Maths, we have continued with fractions, this week putting all we have learnt about adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators into practice by attempting some word problems. These can be tricky but the class got into the swing of underlining the key vocabulary that helped them identify what the question was asking. For example ‘total’ tells them they need to add and ‘more…than’ means subtract. They did really well and I feel they have grasped this concept. We are now going to look at multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

We have continued with circuits in Science and our lesson yesterday saw us learning the symbols for each component so we could draw scientific circuits. Electricity is always a fun topic as the children love using the resources to create their own circuits to see how bulbs and buzzers work.

Next week is our half-termly mock SATs week. The children have been working really hard and we are hoping to see their best results yet, please do email me if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 11th November 2022

Thank you to all those I saw at Parents’ Evening this week, it was lovely to see you. The two evenings went ahead with very few technical problems so that was a huge relief! Do let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to help.

In English we finished off our unit on persuasive writing by drafting a letter to Mr Schumm, hoping to persuade him to install something in the school so the current cohort can be remembered for years to come. Their letters have been great – packed full of expressions of conviction, powerful adjectives and adverbs to ‘sell’ their idea and many reasons to support their argument. They worked hard on this unit and should be proud of the work they produced.

In my Maths class we started to work on fractions – always a tricky topic, but so far, the children have remembered all they learnt last year. They successfully managed to simplify and compare fractions with different denominators.

For RE we finished our two-week topic on Remembrance by talking about peace and how it can help the cause of Remembrance. The children made ‘origami peace cranes. These were created by a 10-year-old Japanese girl who had developed leukemia some years after the Hiroshima bomb in 1945. She had planned to make 1000 but sadly died before completing them. Inspired by her courage and in memory of all who died due to the atom bomb, children across Japan raised money for a monument in her memory at the Hiroshima Peace Park with the inscription ‘paper crane, I will write peace on your wings, and you will fly all over the world’. People all over the world now make these paper cranes and send them in to the monument. We have boxed ours up and will be sending them to the peace park.

In Relationships and Health Education we started the lesson by looking at cultural norms from different countries and how it can appear disrespectful to behave one way in a country, even if this is normal in our own. We then spoke about how we should react to people perhaps displaying behaviour or saying things we do not agree with. Instead of being aggressive towards this person, we can be respectful and speak calmly as we do not know what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes – maybe there is a reason for the way that they are acting. We thought the quote from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird really supported this idea – ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it’.

I sent out a ParentMail the other day about bringing in fabric for our textiles DT topic next week, if you have any pieces at home, please do bring it in!

Next week we also have a trip to the library with the children’s Reception buddies. We will be leaving at 11am and back before lunch, so no packed lunches needed.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 4th November 2022

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term. It has been great to have the children back and feeling ready to learn.

In English the children have been introduced to different examples of persuasive writing and came up with a list of features they think should be included in every piece. These included: using verbs in the present tense, forceful language, modal verbs, reasons for viewpoint and powerful adjectives just to name a few. The class exemplar was then introduced, which is a letter to Mr Schumm persuading him to let Year 6 paint the blue wall in the playground. Next week, the class will be analysing more persuasive texts and planning their own letters to Mr Schumm.

My Maths class finished off our four operations unit by looking at prime numbers and square and cube numbers, before they moved on to the end of topic test. Everyone has worked really hard on this unit and I believe the children have really got to grips with some of these tricky methods – I am sure the results from today will reflect this.

We have started our DT for the half term which has seen the class designing their own waistcoats. For the rest of the unit they will be using their textile knowledge to make waistcoats using a template, sew the fabric into a waistcoat shape as well as stich on extra decoration. It should be a fun unit!

For RHE our new topic looked at the differences between us and how they should be celebrated because they make us unique. Sadly, some people use these differences to be mean to other people and the children learnt what to do if they see this happen. For example, they could stand up to the person being mean, support the victim and go and get help from a trusted adult. We finished off our discussion by talking about our individual qualities and why we love them.

Next week is Parents’ Evening, so do sign up if you haven’t already. We have tested the new video system and all seems to be working well, so fingers crossed for no technology problems.

As always, well done to those that are signing their homework diary regularly. This will really prepare the class for secondary school. A gentle reminder to parents that you are meant to be signing that they have read a certain number of pages and this needs to be noted down in the homework diary.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Marchant


Friday 21st October 2022

And just like that our first half term together has come to an end. The past seven weeks have flown by and I have loved teaching the children. This week has been very busy, what with Black Voices Week and Red Card to Racism today, so it has been a fun end to the first half term.

For Black Voices Week, in English, we are studying a contrasting poem to last week’s – No Problem by our class poet Benjamin Zephaniah. We started off by analysing the colloquial language he uses and discussed how he has picked a topic important to him to talk about through his poem. As this is a poem that discusses the racism Zephaniah received and how he does not let it affect him in his day-to-day life, the children planned and wrote their own poems based on issues that are important to them. Once they were written, the class performed them to the rest of the class. They had some really great ideas, such as climate change, animal cruelty, coronavirus and racism and spoke passionately about each subject.

In Maths, my class carried on with our four operations unit by finishing off long division and by looking at common factors and multiplies. We will finish this unit next half term before moving on to fractions. Everyone has worked really hard on this unit and I believe the children have really got to grips with some of these tricky methods.

In RE we have researched the different religions in our local area and in groups, created PowerPoints talking about how these faith buildings in our area have changed over the past 50 years. The children then presented these to the class and did an excellent job.

Today saw all of the children wearing red as we focused the day around the Show Racism the Red Card campaign. We watched a powerful SRtRC film and reading through some scenario cards, followed by a discussion – I was hugely impressed by the maturity of the children’s discussion as they independently shared their experiences, thoughts and ideas.

For homework over half term, the children have been sent home with five practice SATs papers. The papers are all due back on Monday 31st October – there is more detail about this on Google Classroom.

I hope you all have a lovely peaceful half term and I will see you all next term!

Miss Marchant

Friday 14th October 2022

Quite a quiet week here in 6 Zephaniah, a nice change from the SATs practice last week.

In English this week we started a new topic based on poetry. We looked at Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘The Kraken’, first identifying all the tricky Old English words and then looking at the description used by Tennyson. We used this description to inspire our own sea creatures. Once designed, the class wrote their poems, making sure to include a range of excellent words and phrases to create imagery – I really felt like I could see every one of their ‘beasts’.

In my Maths class, we have persevered with long division. The class has worked so hard on this aspect of division and the children are really understanding what to do, because of their strong understanding we have moved on to word problems which puts what they have learnt into practice. At this point I should mention that following our first assessments last week, Mr Gane and I are pleased at the current levels of Maths understanding, although there is no room for complacency. There will be some movement between our two Maths groups in an effort to ensure that every child is receiving the most suitable tuition for their needs.

On Tuesday we had our KS2 cross country afternoon as part of the LBHF Mini Marathon. Years 3-6 walked up to Wormwood Scrubs (a marathon in itself) and then ran through the scrubs tackling the uneven ground and weaving paths – a true cross-country experience. Everyone ran very well and demonstrated great sportsmanship.

The rest of our available time has been spent practising for our class assembly, which you all got to see yesterday. I am sure you will agree, they were absolutely fantastic and did themselves proud. We had a lot of fun rehearsing and have learnt many interesting facts about the Ancient Greeks along the way.

A comment about Maths Homework from Mr Gane:

Mathletics is our eco-friendly homework setting system for Maths and children’s weekly work is monitored and assessed in the same manner as traditional written homework.

Homework tasks set on Mathletics are expected to be completed on rough paper, with the final answers then entered into the device – unless specifically stated, it is not mental Maths, so ‘workings out’ are expected/required at home, but not to be handed in. Remember that most questions have an animation that explicitly explains the method, demonstrating each step to solve the problem, if your child needs a reminder of how to complete the task.

There may have been a few technical issues this year, however we have checked that your child’s login details are correct, if in doubt do ask the teacher to check again. That means that for any other issues, parents/carers should contact the Mathletics helpline, as it will be an issue with your internet set up at home, or iPad setting or browser or any other number of issues. See the information below that might help.

Mathletics can be accessed by PC/Mac, iOS and Android devices as well as Windows tablets and Chromebooks – on the laptops at school we find that it works best using either the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. See http://www.3plearning.com/tech/mathletics/ for more details and if you experience difficulty in loading the Mathletics website at home please contact Mathletics ‘LIVE Chat Online’ help or email via https://www.mathletics.com/in/contact/

….and finally, next Friday, 21st October, we will be holding our annual ‘Red Card to Racism’ day. For those of you unfamiliar, this is an opportunity to show support and raise money for the UK’s largest anti-racism charity. On the day, children can wear their own clothes and we encourage them all to wear something red. If you are able to, we ask that children make a contribution to the charity in the buckets that will be in the playground before school that morning. https://www.theredcard.org/.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 7th October 2022

A change from our usual routine this week – we had our first SATs practice. Despite the number of tests they have done this week, the children have remained in good spirits and worked very hard. The grammar paper kicked off the week followed by the arithmetic. We then moved on to our comprehension and remaining Maths papers – the two reasoning tests. We peer marked a few of these in class and went through the mark schemes so the children know what is expected in their answers for future assessments. Thank goodness that’s out of the way.

I have stressed that this run through is just part of our, half-termly familiarisation process, so that by the time May 2021 is here, every child will be completely comfortable with what to expect and experienced in working carefully through each paper. As teachers, they also help us to identify individual needs so that we can work out which topics need more practice. Overall, Mr Gane and I were pleased with the results.

As a break from SATs practise, the children have enjoyed Gymnastics, Music and RHE, while also preparing for Hispanic Day, which was today. We had some fantastic activities put on by Mrs Pereira, including Mexican dancing and a Mariachi band.

Of course we have also started to prepare for our class assembly next week! The children know what they are doing and are coming up with all sorts of costume ideas. I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday. The final versions of the scripts are up on Google Classroom so please get practicing. Due to PGL, we have had very little time to rehearse, but so far they have impressed me with their line learning so keep it up this weekend!

Finally, there is a huge focus on Times Tables now, especially with the new statutory Y4 test. The practice SATs have highlighted that a good few children need to put in a bit more work. There are lots of sing-a-long songs for younger children but perhaps as Y6s, they might be motivated by something more interesting:





Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 30th September 2022

What a week we had last week! PGL was excellent and the children all had a fantastic time – I am sure you have heard all about the wonderful activities we did.

In English, we have started a new unit based on Neil Gaiman’s book ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ which is all about a girl who believes the noises she hears are wolves in the walls of her house. From this the children have created their own narratives which focus on building tension. To create tension the children used a mixture of complex sentences and short sentences, onomatopoeia, exciting synonyms which create a sense of fear in the reader as well as the idea of showing the reader how the characters feel rather than telling the reader. They produced some great narratives and I am so pleased with how their writing is coming along.

My Maths group has kept working on the four mathematical operations, revising addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers and word problems. These are tricky concepts but the children are working really hard to try and consolidate what they learnt in Year 5. I have set some Mathletics activities around these topics so the children can practice over the weekend. We have touched upon short division and next Maths lesson, we will be looking at long division.

For Relationships and Health Education (RHE), the children were discussing how friendships can have ups and downs which are a completely normal thing that can happen. They spoke about the problems that can arise and how they could solve them to make sure our friendships are positive, happy and balanced. They worked through six scenarios that are very common of typical friendship problems and decided how we would deal with them to improve the situation. In small groups, the children ended the lesson by acting out each scenario as a radio call-in helpline – much fun was had.

In our other subjects, we have looked at classifying plants in Science, how to stay safe online in Computing and created portraits of King Charles III in Art, some of which will be put on display around the school.

Next week, we will be having our first mock SATs week. These ‘mock’ tests are based on the SAT format and will help us identify gaps as well as help the children get used to this type of question paper. We will use these practice papers as our assessments every half term and they will also help determine your child’s group for Maths.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Marchant

Friday 16th September 2022

A very busy week here in Year 6 Zephaniah, but it has been lovely to really get into teaching our first topics of Year 6. I am so pleased with the children’s enthusiasm and hardworking attitudes, which I am sure will continue over the year!

In English, the children continued their work on autobiographies, re-reading the first part of Floella Benjamin’s life in Trinidad in preparation for their own writing. They examined how she spoke about the key events in her life, before planning what they would write in their own autobiographies. They then the children finished off our autobiographies unit by writing about their life so far. I have marked most of them and they have been a pleasure to read – full of fantastic descriptive techniques, a range of punctuation, as well as all those conjunctions we have been learning about this term. Well done Year 6!

In Maths, we have continued working on our place value knowledge, looking at rounding numbers, negative numbers before doing the end of topic test to practise everything they have learnt. Today we then looked at adding and subtracting large numbers.

In RE, we were introduced to our new topic which saw us looking at all the different faith communities in our local area. On our walks to school we may come across a Greek Orthodox Church, the Mosque, a Catholic Church, the Uxbridge Road Tabernacle as well as several Church of England Churches. We discussed how Shepherd’s Bush is a very diverse area and there is not one set religion. We are lucky, as the diversity means we can learn from all the different groups of people.

However it hasn’t been lessons all week! Today we held the ever popular House Captain elections. Mr Gane and I were so impressed by the confidence every candidate showed, it is not an easy task standing up in front of one’s peers and teachers, but everyone did so well. The standard of presentations was very high and I must congratulate all of you who put yourselves forward – win or lose, you all did yourselves proud!

Finally, as I am sure you are already aware, next week we are off to PGL! This is very exciting and will be a really fun trip. A packing list has been sent out, please remember to bring a spare outfit that you don’t mind getting wet/muddy for when we are raft building. Also, please don’t forget your sleeping bags! We will be heading off at around 7am on Tuesday 20th and will be returning just after the end of the school day on Friday 23rd. We will keep you posted with journey updates, in case we get stuck in some traffic.

Regular updates will be sent on a WhatsApp group so that you can see what we all get up to. It is set to be a great week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 9th September 2022 - Welcome to year 6

Welcome back and welcome to Year 6 Zephaniah! I’ve heard many lovely stories of your summers full of exciting adventures, so I hope you are well rested and ready for the chaos and fun of the new school year and final year at St Stephen’s. The first week back is always very busy for the pupils, parents and teachers and before you know it, it’s Friday and the first week is done.
Before we go on to what we have done this week, we must mention our lovely service this morning, held in honour of HM The Queen which was led by Mr Schumm and Rev Denis. This was a celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s long life and reign, where the children sang and gave thanks for her dedicated service to our country. Back in the classroom, we watched BBC Newsround’s report that charted her life, which lead to a very interesting discussion. There will be more information on how the school will mark this historic event from Mr Schumm in due course.
So far this week, we have talked about our hopes and aspirations for the year, created self-portraits and discussed how having a growth mind-set will be critical to succeeding. Despite it being the first week back, we have still managed to include a little bit of English where we were introduced to our topic on autobiographies and have been reading about actress and author Floella Benjamin’s life in Trinidad. We started the week by identifying the key features of autobiographies and then moved on to writing a short summary about Floella’s early life. Next week we will look at planning our own autobiography based on our lives so far. I am already looking forward to reading them.
We have hit the ground running with our other subjects too, looking at the Ancient Greeks in History, classifying organisms in Science, learning how to work together in RHE and place value in Maths – a busy start to the term!
I am excited to be back teaching and am looking forward to the challenging yet fun work ahead – the pupils tell me they are too. As you may know already, the children are expected to sign their homework diaries every week day as this will prepare them for next year. The children also need to read every evening (even if only a couple of pages) and if you could sign saying they have done this, that would be great.
Finally, we will be having our house captain elections soon. Each house will have four Year 6 Captains who will help lead their houses in certain events and activities. Candidates will make a presentation to their Y6 Housemates on why they should be elected, which will presented to all of the lower years. Votes from each house will then be collated. This will take place next Thursday afternoon, so they might like to start planning now – email any supporting PowerPoints to me on z.marchant@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk or upload to Google Classroom.
Below is a job description and a few ideas that might help.
• Each House will fundraise for a specific charity. In the presentation you should put forward your recommendations for your chosen charity and ideas for fundraising.
• Lead regular House meetings
• Help to organise your House for certain school events i.e. Sports Day
• Representing the school at particular school events i.e. Grandparent’s Day
• Acting as a role model for your House/ School
• To meet regularly with the Headteacher
• To present House Captain Awards at the end of the year.
• Any speech or talk they give should be no more than five minutes.
• Gymnastics is on Mondays and Kick London is on Thursdays. Please come in wearing PE kit for the whole day.
• Homework will be set on a Monday and a Friday – please see the homework section on the class page for more information on this.
• Library sessions are on Tuesdays (please encourage children to bring and change books).
• Water bottles must be brought in every day.
Please feel free to email me with any queries or issues and I’m looking forward to teaching this class, I know we will have a great year.
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Marchant


Spring 2 Poem – The British

Spring 2 Poem – The British

Spring 1 Poem – Be Cool Mankind

Spring 1 Poem Be Cool Mankind

Autumn 2 Poem – Grand Old Duke of York

Aut 2 poem Grand Old Duke of York

Autumn 1 Poem – Voices for Choices

Aut 1 poem Voices for Choices

Spring 2 RHE topic

Year 6 Keeping Safe


Homework will now be set on Google Classroom both Mondays and Fridays.


Homework in Year 6 is set twice; on Mondays which is due on Wednesday morning and then on Fridays to be handed in on Monday mornings.

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