Year 6

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord: plans to prosper you and not harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 11:13


Welcome to Year 6 Zephaniah. Our teacher is Miss Marchant and our TA is Miss Charrington.

Class Updates

Friday 17th September 2021

A busy week here in 6 Zephaniah, I can’t believe we are three weeks down already!

In English, the children continued their work on autobiographies, re-reading the first part of Floella Benjamin’s life in Trinidad in preparation for their own writing. They examined how she spoke about the key events in her life, before planning what they would write in their own autobiographies. It will be very exciting to read their thoughts and find out even more about them when they write their own! In grammar, they learned all about co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions – how to identify them and use them. I expect to see many of these in their own work.

My Maths group have kept working on the four mathematical operations, revising addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplying 4-digit number by 2-digit numbers and word problems. These are tricky concepts but the children are working really hard to try and consolidate what they learnt in Year 5. I have set some Mathletics activities around these topics so the children can practice over the weekend. Next week we move on to division.

In History the class discovered more about the Ancient Greeks, this week looking at Democracies and Monarchies, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of both. This topic promoted rich discussion from the children, which is always nice to see.

On the subject of democracies, Mr Gane and I counted up the House Captain votes and announced the winners to a very excited bunch of Year 6s. Congratulations to the following:

Liddell: Columba, Rory, Isabelle and Nyla

Wesley: Jemima, Louis S, Ernie and Aurelia

Aylward: Elena, Joe, Agnes and Alex

Crummell: Harry C, Milad, Caterina and Kit

I must say well done to all that ran for House Captain, everyone did a fantastic job and the votes were very close!

This means that Kyle and Isabella are now confirmed as Y6 Zephaniah’s School Councillors and Ronnie, Taff, Romilly, Isla and Savannah are Sport’s Captains.

Finally, as I am sure you are already aware, next week we are off to PGL! This is very exciting and will be a really fun trip. A packing list has been sent out, please remember to bring a spare outfit that you don’t mind getting wet/muddy for when we are raft building. As well as what is on the packing list, PGL has informed us that the children need to bring sleeping bags as well – sorry for the late notice on this. We will be heading off at around 10am on Monday 20th and will be returning before the end of the school day on Friday 24th so pick up will be at normal time. If however you would like to come and collect your child for when we arrive back, you are welcome to do so.

Regular updates will be sent on a WhatsApp group so that you can see what we all get up to. This is my first time at PGL as well, so I am really looking forward to it.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 10th September 2021

A very busy week here in Year 6 Zephaniah, but it has been lovely to really get into teaching our first topics of Year 6. I am so pleased with the children’s enthusiasm and hardworking attitudes, which I am sure will continue over the year!

In English we were introduced to our topic on autobiographies and have been reading about actress and author Floella Benjamin’s life in Trinidad. We started the week by identifying the key features of autobiographies and then moved on to writing a short summary about Floella’s early life. Next week we will look at planning our own autobiography based on our lives so far. I am already looking forward to reading them.

In Maths we started our unit on place value, revising place value of numbers up to ten million – this included rounding and negative numbers. Next week we will have our end of topic test before moving on to column addition and subtraction.

The children have begun the first Y6 Science topic of the year, ‘Classification of Organisms’ as well as continuing their work in RE by looking at the different faiths in our community. We then travelled back in time to the Ancient Greeks and have started learning what their lives were like.

However it hasn’t been lessons all week! Today we held the ever popular House Captain elections. This is my first time being involved in the ‘in person’ elections and I have been so impressed by the confidence every candidate showed. It is not an easy task standing up in front of one’s peers and teachers, but everyone did so well. The standard of presentations was very high and I must congratulate all of you who put yourselves forward – win or lose, you all did yourselves proud! Votes will be in by next week so watch this space.

Data permission sheets for PGL were sent home earlier this week. Thank you to those that have returned them already, those that haven’t please could they be in by Monday. We will also be sending a packing list next week, so those of you keen to get started will have an idea of what to bring.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 3rd September

Welcome back and welcome to Year 6 Zephaniah! I’ve heard many lovely stories of your summers full of exciting adventures, so I hope you are well rested and ready for the chaos and fun of the new school year and final year at St Stephen’s. The first week back is always very busy for the pupils, parents and teachers and before you know it, it’s Friday and the first week is done.

So far this week, we have talked about our hopes and aspirations for the year, created self-portraits and discussed how having a growth mind-set will be critical to succeeding. Despite it being the first week back, we have still managed to include a little bit of English where we looked at exciting sentence starters when writing about our summer holiday. I have been impressed by their first piece of writing and look forward to reading much more of their future work.

I am excited to be back teaching and am looking forward to the challenging yet fun work ahead – the pupils tell me they are too. As you may know already, the children are expected to sign their homework diaries every week day as this will prepare them for next year. The children are expected to read every evening (even if only a couple of pages) and if you could sign saying they have done this, which would be great. They will bring them home Monday night so it will start from then.

Finally, we will be having our house captain elections soon. Each house will have four Year 6 Captains who will help lead their houses in certain events and activities. Candidates will make a presentation to their Y6 Housemates on why they should be elected, which will presented to all of the lower years. Votes from each house will then be collated. This will take place next Friday afternoon (10th), so they might like to start planning now – email any supporting PowerPoints to me on z.marchant@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk or upload to Google Classroom. Below is a job description and a few ideas that might help.

House Captain’s Job Description

  • Each House will fundraise for a specific charity. In the presentation you should put forward your recommendations for your chosen charity and ideas for fundraising.
  • Lead regular House meetings
  • Help to organise your House for certain school events i.e. Sports Day
  • Representing the school at particular school events i.e. Grandparent’s Day
  • Acting as a role model for your House/ School
  • To meet regularly with the Headteacher
  • To present House Captain Awards at the end of the year.
  • Any speech or talk they give should be no more than five minutes.



Gymnastics is on Mondays and Kick London is on Thursdays. Please come in wearing PE kit for the whole day.

Homework will be set on a Monday and a Friday – please see the homework section on the class page for more information on this.

Library sessions are on Tuesdays (please encourage children to bring and change books)

Water bottles must be brought and kept in the classroom.


Please feel free to email me with any queries or issues and I’m looking forward to teaching this class again, I know we will have a great year.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant


Welcome back

Hi everyone and welcome to Year 6.

There will be a full blog entry on here on Friday, but in the meantime do please take a look at our Timetable Y6 Zephaniah and the Y6 Curriculum Map 2021 – 22 for the year.

Please note that the children will need to come in to school wearing their PE Kits on Mondays for Gym and Thursdays for PE, which they will wear all day. They will NOT need their uniforms on those days.


Autumn 1 Poem – Voices for Choices

Please learn this poem over the next few weeks. We will be performing them during the last week of term.

Aut 1 poem Voices for Choices


Homework will now be set on Google Classroom both Mondays and Fridays.


Homework in Year 6 is set twice; on Mondays which is due on Wednesday morning and then on Fridays to be handed in on Monday mornings.