Year 6

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord: plans to prosper you and not harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 11:13


Welcome to Year 6 Zephaniah. Our teacher is Miss Marchant and our TA is Miss Charrington.

Class Updates

Friday 22nd July 2022

We made it! The summer is here and the children have completed their time at St Stephen’s. We have had a great week, starting with the Sports Dinner on Monday night.

Wednesday was then Sports Day at Perivale Athletics Track. Alastair and Clare organised and ran an excellent day and the children went home with lots of medals and big smiles on their faces. Everyone did extremely well and demonstrated good sportsmanship and a very well done to Liddell who won the competition overall.

Up next was the leavers’ BBQ. I am sure you will all agree that the children were absolutely fabulous sharing their stories of one another. The memories they shared and the jokes they told made it a fantastic evening. They are a special class and I will miss them all next year. A big thank you to Mr Schumm who organised the whole event and of course to all of you who came and then helped clear up at the end, it made it all run very smoothly.

We had our famously emotional Leavers’ Service today to start off their last day at St Stephen’s. It was lovely that we were able to put this on for you and the whole school. What an emotional ending but I am sure you will agree, they did themselves proud. Hearing the memories of them and watching the slideshow just highlights the wonderful time they have had at St Stephen’s and ends their 7 years nicely. I have loved teaching them and wish them the best of luck for next year and beyond. I will miss them all so please do come back and see me!

We finished off a fantastic week and year with our water fight today. It was a little colder than we hoped, but that didn’t stop the children throwing buckets of water in my direction! It was lovely to see all of them having fun together and I loved joining in as well.

Finally thank you so much for the gifts I have received this week, it was really kind of everyone and I am now looking forward to going on a shopping trip this summer! Thank you for your continued support this year, I am sure I will see you all around.

Have a fantastic summer.

Miss Marchant


Friday 15th July 2022

What a week! As I am sure you will agree, the pupils were fantastic in our school production. They sang and danced their hearts out which reflected how hard they have rehearsed. They were naturals on stage performing in front of large audiences and should be very proud of themselves. Once again, I was blown away by all the dramatics put on by the whole school – true St Stephen’s style!

When we weren’t in full Here We Go Again mode, we started practising our BBQ speeches and continued with our own version of the song ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ from the film Encanto. The children have worked hard on this song and are sounding really great. They can’t wait for you, and the rest of the school, to hear it at the Leavers’ Service next week.

As well as all the singing and dancing, we managed to squeeze in some History, Science and RE. In History we looked at the legacy the Huguenots left on Great Britain after the 1600s, in Science we used the idea of selective breeding to create our own species, taking the advantageous characteristics from two different species and creating something new and in RE we created our own statements about the living world, using the beliefs of Albert Schweitzer as inspiration.

Finally, we had a trip today which saw us taking part in the Junior Citizens Programme. This involved interactive sessions from various agencies talking to the children about how to stay safe when in their community. We heard from:

  • London Fire Brigade
  • Met Police Primary School Officers
  • Met Police Secondary School Officers
  • H&F Smarter Transport
  • H&F Law Enforcement Team
  • Met Police Mounted Branch and friends
  • TfL ‘Safety & Citizenship’
  • Coram Life Education

After a picnic lunch, we stopped by at Brook Green for a run around in the play area as a leisurely end to a busy week. It was lovely to relax in the warm weather. On the subject of busy weeks, next week is equally packed. Please do check your ParentMail for details on the following:

  • Sport Awards on Monday at Shepherds Bush Cricket Club at 6pm, after the School vs Church cricket match.
  • Prayer Day at school on Tuesday led by the parents’ Prayer Group.
  • Sports Day on Wednesday at Perivale Park Athletics Track.
  • Y6 Leavers’ BBQ on Thursday 6pm – Hot Dogs supplied, but please bring a dish (savoury or sweet).
  • Y6 Leavers’ Service on Friday at 9am in the playground followed by Water Fight and shirt signing – so regular uniform to start the day, then swimsuit & T shirt with towel and finally a white shirt for farewell messages.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 8th July 2022

The end is in sight! I can’t believe their final year at St Stephen’s is nearly over. We managed to squeeze in a few ‘normal’ lessons, starting with English. We read the beginning of chapter 4 of Kensuke’s Kingdom and went on to produce a piece of creative writing describing how Michael felt when he fell into the water and his boat drifted away. We included elements of SMARPOPS, relative clauses, a range of sentence lengths and our five senses to create a descriptive piece of writing. I have marked a couple so far and they are really great. It is so nice to see how much they have developed as writers over the year.

We finished making our waistcoats this week, using a blanket stitch around some of the frayed edges and, after some instruction, used a sewing machine to reinforce the hand-stitching on the shoulder and side seams. They are looking excellent and hopefully you will get to see them being worn very soon.

The rest of the week has been spent practicing for Here We Go Again. The songs and dances for both the boys and the girls are sounding and looking excellent and I know they will perform really well on the night. The performances are next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, curtains open at 6:30pm but the children need to be back at school by 6pm. There is also a morning performance on the Wednesday at 9:30am – we hope to see as many of you there as possible! The dress rehearsal is on Monday, so the costumes must be brought in on Monday morning at the latest if you haven’t brought them in already.

I have also uploaded the lyrics and backing to ‘We Don’t Talk About High School’ in preparation for the Leavers’ Service in two weeks’ time. Please do practise this over the weekend, the children will not be able to have the lyrics with them on the day.

We finished up our week with a trip today to Holland Park with the Reception buddies. Year 6 were excellent role models and played very nicely with the children from Miss Billington and Mrs Ghoul’s class. It was lovely to see them playing so happily together.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 1st July 2022

Lots to report this week as we finish off some topics, prepare for our end of term events and also enjoy some post SATs fun. In English, we have continued reading Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and have now read up to the part where Michael has fallen off the boat into the sea, chasing after his dog. For our activity, we recapped parenthesis, where the children used brackets, pairs of dashes and commas to add extra bits of information to the main part of the sentence. We finished up our English for the week by doing a comprehension based on the most recent chapter. Now SATs are over, the children are encouraged to write their answers in full sentences, as this will prepare them for secondary school in September. We have also started thinking about our notes for the Leavers’ BBQ, which is where the children will all say something about one other person in the class.

We have been practising the dances and songs for Mamma Mia some afternoons and it is really coming together. We will continue rehearsing regularly so the children are confident when it comes to the real thing in just under two weeks’ time. As well as Abba songs, we have started practising and discussing our songs for the Leavers’ Service – Oh My Soul, One More Step and our own version of We Don’t Talk About Bruno. Doing our own version of a song has really tested my musical skills but with great help from the class we are getting there! It is a really great leavers’ song and I know it will be fantastic on their final day.

We have continued making our waistcoats in DT this week, first by cutting out our templates using our previously tie dyed fabric, pinning the front and the back pieces together, before sewing some of the seams using a running stitch. So far they are looking great, we will finish them off properly next week.

It was lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday for Open Classroom. I hope you enjoyed looking at your child’s books and saw all the fantastic work they have done! You will get to look at these books again when they take them home in three weeks’ time.

Yesterday we had an excellent trip to Windsor. We started off at Liquid Leisure, where we had an hour to play on an inflatable assault course in the river. We all had a fantastic time climbing up and down obstacles, jumping from a height and pushing one another in. Unsurprisingly, I ended up as the target for a lot of the children and spent a lot of time in the water! Once our time was up, we drove on to Eton College, where we had lunch in one of the classrooms – this classroom is known as the oldest functioning classroom in England, so that was quite exciting for the History enthusiasts among us.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 24th July 2022

What a busy week here in 6 Zephaniah! We have had many visitors and trips, starting off with a talk from a magistrate on Monday. Our visitor spoke about her role in court, explaining how our judicial system works. This was very interesting and the children asked many good questions, which gave them an insight into her work.

Our next visitor was Phyllida Lloyd, best known for directing Mamma Mia. She told us all about how she created the film and told us some of the funny stories from her time in Greece with the actors. It was a very engaging talk and she finished it off with a fun quiz to test their ABBA and Mamma Mia knowledge. This talk has made us even more excited for our summer show!

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to visit the British Film Institute and listen to a talk given by Baroness Floella Benjamin. She spoke about her book, Coming to England, which we studied back in September for our first English unit. Floella introduced herself, before showing the film made of her autobiography and it was great to see the description we analysed for our unit come to life. She finished off her talk encouraging the children to love themselves and be happy with what they have. This linked nicely with our RHE topic on social media pressure. It was a great day out and as always, the children were very well behaved.

We finished off our week of activities with a visit from a computing specialist. He came in to introduce us to mBots (an educational robot which can be programmed to move) and showed us some simple code we could use to make them work. More on this next week, when we start to programme the mBots, getting them to travel around the room.

Despite our packed week, we still managed to squeeze in some of our ‘normal’ lessons. In Maths we looked at Pythagoras’ Theorem, where the children were introduced to the formula a2 + b2 = c2. This is very advanced Maths for our year sixes and they did so well.

For English, we looked at Michael’s school days (the main protagonist from our book Kensuke’s Kingdom) and then wrote a recount of his childhood. Their writing has really come on since September – some of their description was just fantastic. To finish off Kensuke’s Kingdom for this week, we then looked at designing our own yacht, because as we know, Michael and his family are off to travel the world on their yacht, The Peggy Sue.

This term we have started doing DT every week, instead of our usual DT days. The focus for this unit is waistcoats. To start this topic, the children designed their own waistcoats using a tie dye pattern. Once designed, we started the colouring process. We watched videos on different ways to tie dye and the children chose which method they wanted to use. Miss Charrington then helped the children dye their fabric using their chosen design. They are now all dried and the range of patterns and colours look fantastic!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 17th June 2022

In English we have started our new unit based on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo. This is a book about a boy (Michael) and his family, who decide to sail around the world. We have only read one chapter, but are enjoying it already. This is a slightly different topic to our usual 2/3 week unit, which leads up to one particular final piece (eg journalistic writing, information texts, narratives etc.), in that it will be done over several weeks and we will be doing a range of different writing tasks to put into practise all we have learnt over the year. So far we have written a balanced argument, outlining the reasons for and against traveling around the world. Next week we move onto writing a recount.

In Maths this week we have stayed in our regular classes and looked at pentominoes (a polygon in the plane made of 5 equal-sized squares connected edge-to-edge). We drew some of our own and then put them together to make shapes – a bit like the game Tetris.

In our RHE topic we have been learning about the ‘perfect’ face and how fame affects people. We all had to think of famous people we know for example; The Queen, Mo Farah, Kate Winslet and so on. Afterwards, we watched the Dove selfie project which aims to normalise all features and bodies, then created our own using the iPads. The results were great.

In Science, we are still studying inheritance and evolution and this week looked at how animals have adapted to make them better suited to their environments. For example, a cheetah is low to the ground so that it can hide, ready to pounce on its prey, or a duck has webbed feet so it can swim more easily.

I have finally finished marking the children’s World War II booklets and I have to say I am so impressed. Everyone has clearly worked very hard and I learnt a lot from reading all their work. A huge well done to the whole class.

Next week we have a trip to the BFI to listen to a talk by Floella Benjamin. Please see ParentMail for more details.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 10th June 2022

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely half term. A short week but still full of lots of fun. This included a cricket competition for the girls and boys at Shepherd’s Bush Cricket Club, workshops from Kat about growing up, another workshop from Kat covering friendships and racism, which the whole class found fun, but also very informative. These sessions were a great starting point for the children’s on-going lessons this half term in RHE where the focus is ‘Growing & Changing’. This aims to help them in their transition to secondary school.

Our first RHE lesson in this topic was about changes that can happen in our lives and how some can be positive, for example getting a new phone or joining a sports team, but some can be more challenging, for example moving to a new area, struggling with exams or going to a new school. We discussed how we feel about both the positive and more challenging changes and how they can impact our lives. We then read ‘Sophie’s Story’ about a girl who is moving with her mum to live with her mum’s new partner. Sophie feels upset as she will have to move areas and live with someone she hasn’t lived with before. We thought about the advice we would give Sophie and then shared how we can give and take this advice in our own lives.

In Science, we are still studying inheritance and evolution and this week we looked at how animals have adapted to make them better suited to their environments. For example, a cheetah is low to the ground so that it can hide, ready to pounce on its prey or a duck has webbed feet so it can swim more easily.

We finished off a busy week with our new ‘World Explorers Day’, which saw us learning about the history of Notting Hill Carnival, organised by Mr McInroy. We started the day learning about the history, before moving on to creating our own masquerade headdresses. The results were fantastic! It was a great day and hopefully we can have many more.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 20th May 2022

What a busy week we have had! During the mornings the class has been working away on their yearbooks, thinking about what memories they would like to talk about as well as using their computing skills to type, copy and paste and format pictures.

In the afternoons, we have had daily swimming lessons where the children have been exceptionally well behaved. They have all swam so well and have represented our school perfectly.

Despite the fun activities we have done, we have also managed to squeeze in some Geography, where we looked at the production of steel and wood, and RHE, where we learnt some basic first aid – the children had great fun practicing putting one another into the recovery position. A fun lesson where they were also to able to learn some useful skills.

Off to Spain on Monday! The weather is looking fantastic and everyone is so excited. If you have any final questions, please do email me.

Have a good weekend,

Miss Marchant


Friday 13th May 2022

They’ve done it! The children’s SATs week is finally over and I can’t even begin to say how proud of them I am. They have worked so hard this year and I have every confidence that they will have done really well. Not only have they worked very hard, but they have remained positive and happy despite all the tests being thrown at them. They should be very pleased with themselves.

To celebrate all their efforts, we had a fantastic trip to Holland Park today. The weather was perfect and the children enjoyed playing in the adventure playground as well a game of rounders.

Next week we are off swimming, please remember to bring in swimming kits on Monday.

I hope they have a lovely restful weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 6th May 2022

We’re nearly there! Well done to everyone on their WWII projects last week. The exhibition went very well and I have heard nothing but positive comments from other teachers who came to view the children’s incredible work. I have started to read the WWII booklets they have worked so hard on and so far I have been very impressed by the amount of research they have done. They should be very proud of themselves.

The class has been challenging itself this week, doing lots of revision to make sure the children feel ready for the SATs. In Grammar, we have looked at pronouns, conjunctions and relative clauses, finishing off with a game of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, grammar edition.

For Maths, we continued learning about the properties of shapes, this week looking at how to measure angles and how to calculate missing angles in triangles.

In Geography, we have been researching coal, oil and gas fields of Europe, while RHE saw them discussing how we can lead healthy lifestyles.

We finished off a short week with Grandparents’ Day today. We had a lovely assembly in the playground, where the house captains interviewed guest visitor Penelope Wilton.

Finally, as we all know, it is SATs week next week. The children have worked incredibly hard this past year and it will be a great opportunity for them to show off what they know. ‘Homework’ this weekend is to relax and get lots of sleep ready for an early start on Monday. They are expected to arrive at 8.15am where we will gather them together, state the layout of the day and have a nice breakfast together. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant


Friday 29th April 2022

Our new topic for Maths this week is Statistics, where we looked at line graphs. The children began by learning how to read or interpret line graphs, often with some unit of time on the x-axis and then spent the rest of the week answering questions based on these graphs. This can be a tricky concept but the children tried their best and are really getting the hang of it. We then started looking at pie charts, which made good use of our percentage and fraction knowledge.

For RE, we started our new unit: Rules and Responsibilities in Faith and the Community. Our first lesson saw us identifying what rules are and where we see them. We decided that rules are everywhere, but some are more severe than others. We focussed on four areas – rules in school, rules at home, rules in the community and rules in religion and came up with some rules that go into these sections.

Finally time for the exciting WW2 Exhibition! All of the children from Reception upwards made a beeline for Y6 this afternoon to view the amazing models made by your children on display. Their three month projects focused on an aspect of WWII of their choosing culminating in some stunning sculptures and models to accompany their written work presentations. On view a few there were street scenes with Anderson shelters and loads of other brilliant creations! It was great that so many of you parents were able to come to see them all after school, too. I was very disappointed not to be able to be there.

Enjoy the long weekend and see you all on Tuesday.

Miss Marchant


Walk to School Week is coming up (16th May – 20th May) so it would be great to get some posters put up around the school encouraging the initiative. The children’s challenge is to create a bright and colourful poster that promotes walking, cycling or scooting to school. The deadline for these posters is Friday 6th May, so please give them to your class teacher by then. I look forward to seeing your designs!

Friday 22nd April 2022

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely break. Even though we have only had three days this week, the holidays feel like a lifetime ago as we have already packed in so many lessons.

In English, we have carried on revising different aspects of grammar in preparation for our SATs in two weeks’ time. This week has focussed on punctuation, with the week starting off with the children being teachers and correcting a piece of work. Next up, they enjoyed an excellent ‘Murder Mystery’ which tested their knowledge of apostrophes, word types, tenses, commas and homophones – what fun they had.

In Maths, we have finished off our ratio and proportion unit by looking at ratio word problems and learning how to use scale factors. The children did really well and should be pleased with what they have remembered over the Easter Holidays.

We have started a new topic in Relationships and Health Education, where we looked at ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’ and what we thought this could mean. The five ‘ways’ are: stay connected, keep learning, take notice, give and be active. We spoke about how we could implement these Ways into our everyday life and how they can help us feel calm and ready for anything that is to come. Once we had discussed how we show and develop these Ways, we created a news show introducing the 5 Ways of Wellbeing to a new audience.

Finally, we finished off the week with an art lesson which saw the children creating still-life pieces of work. They brought in some items that meant a lot to them, and looking at Cezanne’s ‘Still Life with Apples’ and creating something similar.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 1st April 2022

We made it! The past six weeks have flown by and we have had a great last week packed full of an Easter Bonnet Parade, a Church service, a drama session and of course, a few of our regular lessons.

In Maths this week we finished off area, perimeter and volume before starting to look at our new topic ratio. The children did very well in their tests and took to ratio well, we will learn more about this after Easter.

In English, we started to revise for our upcoming SATs. We began the week by looking at the subjunctive mood; a more formal way of speaking that can be used to highlight unreal situations. To do this, we use the verb ‘were’ instead of ‘was’. For example, if I were the boss, I would leave. We then listened to two songs, Beyoncé’s ‘If I were a boy’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’. Beyoncé uses the correct form of the subjunctive with the lyrics ‘if I were a boy’, whereas Justin Bieber uses it incorrectly with ‘if I was your boyfriend’. For our task, we wrote a letter to Mr Bieber to correct his error. We also made sure to use the subjunctive in our own writing!

In Geography, we have continued learning about Japan focusing on the differences between our school days and the school system in Japan. We have been very lucky to have had two visitors this week: Mr K Gane (who zoomed us from his home in Japan) and Nicholas’ mum who lived in Japan for a period of time. We were able to ask them many questions and found out a lot of interesting facts about the country.

Thank you everyone for your support over the past 4 weeks. I hope you have a lovely Easter break and see you all in 2 weeks!

Miss Marchant


Friday 24th March 2022

We had our final SATs mocks this week and children have responded so well. They have really worked hard and this is reflected in their excellent results across all papers.

Thank you to those that joined for Parents’ Evening this week, it was lovely to catch up with you all. If you have any more questions or were unable to make it, please drop me an email and we can arrange something.

We finished off our week with a great trip to Ravenscourt Park today. The weather was lovely so we all had a picnic together before playing in the playground and watching the Mayors’ Cup team in their matches.

To celebrate the end of term and the start of Easter, we have our Easter Bonnet Parade next Thursday 31st and our Easter service on Thursday 1st April

Back to ‘normal’ next week!


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Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 18th March 2022

Another busy week in 6 Zephaniah! In English, we finished up our unit on journalistic writing. We learnt how to plan our newspaper report before writing up our first draft. Once the first drafts were edited, we got to type them up so they looked like a real newspaper – it was very exciting! The children did a fantastic job with their work and I am noticing that they have much more confidence in their writing.

In our Maths unit, ‘Perimeter, Area & Volume’, the children have been focusing on the area of triangles and parallelograms using their times table knowledge to help them. They whizzed through their work without any problems so today, we moved onto volume of cubes and cuboids today. Next week we will consolidate all they have done, before looking at the end of unit test.

In Art this week, we looked at artist Kathe Kollwitz who drew portraits of people showing different emotions. We looked at some of her work, then using charcoal we created some of our own. The results were excellent, you could really see the effort they had put into drawing a face in correct proportions.

George, who is training with The Philosophy Foundation, held the first of her five weekly sessions on Tuesday afternoon. He ran through several scenarios and asked the children to consider every side of the situation. The children thoroughly enjoyed their discussion, bouncing their thoughts and ideas backwards and forwards.

Next week is Parents’ Evening. Thank you to those that have signed up already, there are still some slots left if you haven’t booked in yet. It will run the same way as it did last November so please log in to the booking system just before your appointment time and I can start the meeting. These run for 10 minutes and will cut off after that time. I look forward to catching up with all of you and if you have any questions, please do email me.

Next week is our half-termly mock SATs week. The children have been working really hard and we are hoping to see their best results yet, please do email me if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 11th March 2022

Another busy week has just flown by in 6 Zephaniah, topped off with the excellent Arts Café this afternoon. Hopefully you got a chance to see the great works done by your children, Miss Charrington and I were so impressed by their work.

In English we started a new topic which the children are thoroughly enjoying: journalistic writing. This will involve us eventually writing a newspaper report based on a clip from the film Madagascar. Before writing our own, we have learnt all about the type of vocabulary journalists use, created our own word banks containing words specific to the story and refreshed our memories of direct and reported speech. Next week they will be planning and writing their own.

Following our assessment on converting units of measure, we started our new topic based on area and perimeter. To start off, we looked at the difference between the two and then worked out the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. The children seemed so confident at remembering the process, so we moved on to finding the area of compound shapes – a much trickier concept! They still did very well and were flying through some very hard challenges by the end of it.

RE this week saw us starting learning about hope at Easter. We started this new unit by thinking about forgiveness and how it is shown in the Easter story. For our activity, we read other extracts from the Bible, including The Prodigal Son and Jesus treating the paralysed man, and linked these stories to forgiveness as well.

An interesting lesson in RHE saw the children looking at money. The children looked at the value of items, how to save up money and where we can keep our money. First, we looked at different ways to save money. These included: a piggy bank, a savings account or in a junior ISA. We then looked at the pros and cons of each saving method. Finally, we looked at the value of items and imagined we were organising a second-hand sale at school. We had a list of items and decided what we would sell each item for, taking into account the size, the brand, the quality and the target market. The children found this a very interesting and useful topic.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 4th March 2022

This week was Arts’ Week and what a great week we have had! This year it was inspired by the Turkish artist Fahrelnissa Zeid, best known for her large-scale abstract paintings with geometric patterns. The children immersed themselves in her work through drawing, painting, printing and music. First up was scribble art, followed by Islamic tile printing, a collage using bright colours, calligraphy and jar painting. They had a fantastic week and their work looks great. Please come and see it on display at our Arts’ Café next week.

Despite the busy week, we still managed to squeeze in a small amount of English and Maths. In English we compared two poems – The Fringe of the Sea and Island Man – and we finished off converting units of measure in Maths.

In PE this half term, Alastair is teaching the children boxercise. These lessons will involve learning boxing techniques to get fit through a variety of games and boxing to music. If you have any questions please email one of us.

Finally, I should mention the children’s maturity in their considered conversations about secondary schools. With the uncertainty of not knowing which secondary school they will be allocated over, if anyone would like to talk about what their child has been offered to drop me an email to arrange a chat if needed. From what I have heard, everyone has done very well and should be so pleased with themselves.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 25th February 2022

Welcome back and I hope you all had a lovely half term. We have had a very busy start to Spring 2, with a delayed DT Day from last term as well as our usual lessons.

For DT Day we made our own automata toys. For this, we sawed pieces of wood to certain lengths and made a frame that would work as the base for our toy. The design brief was to create a toy that advertised a certain shop, so once the frames were glued together using the hot glue gun, the children fixed characters or objects onto a ‘follower’ which then moved when the axel was turned. They had great fun and I am sure you have seen their amazing toys.

In English we have started a new unit: Comprehension through Poetry. In this unit, we are going to examine two poems written by A.L Hendricks and Grace Nichols. Our poets were born in the Caribbean and later moved to England. Both poets explore ideas of identity and culture in their poetry. They ask questions about how important our surroundings are and what impact they have on our sense of belonging and cultural identity. These two poets share a common experience of immigrating to Britain from the Caribbean. They are both interested in telling stories about living a migrant’s life in Britain today, and of the challenges of living with a dual identity. The two poems, that we have been considering, specifically speak of the importance of the sea in Caribbean culture. We have analysed our first poem, The Fringe of the Sea, by looking at the language A.L Hendricks used and how this selected language highlighted how important Jamaica is to him. Next week we will look at Island Man by Grace Nichols and compare the two poems.

In Maths, we finished off our work on algebra and started looking at converting units of measure. This saw us looking at the length of a door for example and giving its measurement in m and then cm. We will go into more detail on this topic next week.

Computing today had us planning a party and using spreadsheets. The children listened very carefully and were able to create a simple budget model to show what food they would buy for a party and how much it would cost. This was a lot of fun and the children really began to get to grips with how to use a spreadsheet.

Finally, a ParentMail went out yesterday asking for some materials for Arts Week next week. If over the weekend the children could gather up any empty glass jars (with no label), coloured scraps of paper for collaging and any kitchen roll tubes, that would be very helpful.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 11th February 2022

Happy half term! Another 6 weeks down and rather alarmingly we are half way through the academic year – how time flies.

Back to our usual routine this week and in Maths we have been working on our knowledge of algebra. We looked at function machines and then moved on to working out the value of letters in an algebraic formula – for example, if c=4 what does 4c + 17 equal? The children have grasped this idea and even managed a few word problems to end the unit, an aspect that frequently comes up in SATs papers.

In English, we have looked at how to use bullet points and relative clauses as well as finished off our non-chronological reports. The children wrote excellent pieces of non-fiction text and I have learnt a lot about many sports. Well done Year 6.

In Science, we investigated shadows and devised an investigation to measure how the length of a shadow varied depending on its distance from a light source. Keeping it a ‘fair test’ was key, so the children ensured that there was only one ‘variable’ and gathered some impressively consistent results. We concluded the lesson by finding out that the closer the light source is to the object, the bigger the shadow will be.

We have finished off our other topics with end of unit quizzes to see all that the children have learnt this half term.

A message from Mrs Pereira:

Spanish spelling test: The Spring 1 Spanish spelling test will take place on the first week back to school after the break. Make sure that you practice the words before your next Spanish lesson. Remember; words will be called out in English and you need to write it down in Spanish remembering any accents!

For homework, the children have a range of SATs papers – the English have been printed off and given to them, the reading booklet is on Google Classroom and the Maths papers have been set on Mathletics. For the Maths, please remind your children to do this with a piece of scrap paper so they can work out the answers properly.

Finally, once we return from half term, a reminder that the SATs booster sessions start on Tuesday 22nd.

Have a great week off.

Miss Marchant

Friday 4th February 2022

Our third mock SATs week is over and I am so impressed with the results – particularly in the English Comprehension. The children have worked really hard and are making progress every time we do another mock week. With this in mind, you will have all received your booster class letters now, these are aimed to help the children chosen to reach the next level. If you have not yet returned your slip, these need to be in early next week.

As a celebration of the hard week, we went to Ravenscourt Park this afternoon to watch those playing in the Mayors Cup and have a run around. It was a great way to unwind.

Despite our exam heavy week, we have managed to start a new unit on algebra in Maths, continue researching our chosen sport for our non-chronological reports in English and in Science, learnt about how a range of surfaces can reflect light differently. For example, the shinier the surface, the more the light will reflect.

Back to our regular timetable next week, where we will be writing up our non-chronological reports and finishing off our algebra unit.

Finally, a message from Miss Hall:

Something creative for a rainy weekend? Entries are now open to the ​Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2022 | London City Hall 

The deadline is March 12th. There is lots of information and inspiration on the website.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 28th January 2022

The weeks are flying by and I cannot believe we are close to half term – it feels like we are only just back after Christmas.

In Maths we have continued to learn about percentages with the children learning how to convert them into decimals and fractions before moving on to finding percentages of an amount – for example finding 40% of 250. They have worked hard this week to finish our work on this topic and this was reflected in their end of topic results.

In English we started a new topic, non-chronological reports. We started the week by looking at what a non-chronological report is and the features that make up this type of writing. Once we had analysed some examples, I put 26 sports in a hat and each child had to pick one out at random, the aim being the children research and write about a sport that they don’t know that well. So far we have started our research and are looking forward to writing up the start of our information reports next week.

The children learned more about light in Science this week, more specifically that the light they see travels in a straight lines. They discussed how light can be reflected using mirrors and, after a bit of theory on the law for reflection (the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection). They had lots of fun in a darkened classroom shining torches on to mirrors, seeing if they could bend the light around certain objects using mirrors.

RE on Wednesday afternoon saw the whole of Y6 gather in our church as we continue our learning about the Liturgy of the Church of England. Ruben Hunter (a Free Church Minister) came to talk to us about how the liturgy is interpreted in their services. Using questions prepared in our last RE lesson, the children then bombarded him some very well considered questions; recording Reuben’s responses. It was a great opportunity to get answers about an aspect of Christianity that we know less about.

Next week the children will be sitting practice SATs papers to build on their experiences so far and further familiarise themselves with what they’ll see in May. This time around the classes will be divided into smaller groups, so that their particular needs can be catered for in order to give them the best possible working conditions. The assessments will be condensed into three days, from Wednesday to Friday, so I would ask that all children arrive on time and rested.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 21st January 2022

Another busy week which has seen us finishing off our English unit based on the video to David Guetta’s song ‘Titanium’. We started thinking about the boy in the video and how he got his superpowers as this was going to form part of our final piece of writing – a prequel to the video. Once we had decided how he got his powers, we planned what would happen in the build up to the video where we see the boy sitting on the floor of his destroyed school corridor. Once planning was over, we wrote up our prequels making sure to include elements of SMARPOPS, vary our sentence starters, use inverted commas to show direct speech and use ‘show not tell’ to make our description even more exciting. Having marked their work, the prequels are excellent and the children should be very proud of themselves.

In Maths, we have finished off our unit on decimals. We looked at converting decimals to fractions and back again and did an end of topic test yesterday and I was so impressed with the results. Everyone has worked very hard over the past few lessons and it is really paying off – next up is percentages which leads on nicely from what we have learnt so far.

In History, we have carried on with WW2 this week looking at shelters and evacuation. During our shelters lesson we learnt about Anderson and Morrison shelters and how families from the war used them. We then looked at their measurements and made our own versions using items around the classroom.

We have continued to learn about online safety in Relationship and Health Education, talking about what we should and should not be sharing online. For example, it is not safe to be sharing our personal information online as you never know where it can end up.

With this in mind, as the children in Y6 turn 11 and it is right after Christmas, it might not be unusual for them to be the proud new owners of shiny, very inviting smartphones especially now so many are walking home alone, so with the help of SaferInternet I thought I would share a few snippets of information, beginning with the age limits set for users by various social media platforms. It wasn’t until I checked the SaferInternet website that I realised that WhatsApp announced a change to their terms and conditions for users based in Europe last April and that users of its App now need to be over 16.

Nearly all other social media services require users to be at least 13 years of age to access and use their services. This includes Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Toc and Skype. Whilst there is no age restriction for watching videos on YouTube, users need to be 13 or older to have their own YouTube account (enabling them to subscribe to other channels, like videos, post comments, share their own content and flag inappropriate content).

Obviously it is entirely down to you as to whether your child accesses these social media sites, but they must not be bringing this into the classroom to share with friends.

In Computing and RHE we have been talking about what is safe to share online, so hopefully the children know how to behave in a safe way on said sites but it is important to be aware of the dangers.

I have spoken briefly to my class on this subject and suggest that, if you haven’t already, you sit down and talk with your child about their phone usage. Do have a good look at the SaferInternet website first, there is loads of great information and advice.

Finally, an email has gone out on ParentMail about The Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer Show.

You have a chance to have your art displayed in a famous London art gallery!

The Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer Show is now open to children between the ages of 5 to 19 and if your work is chosen it could be displayed online or in the Royal Academy itself! There is no theme so you can submit a painting, sculpture, photograph, video, drawing, or a combination of anything that inspires you.

The deadline is 30 March 2022 at 5pm. Happy creating!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 14th January 2022

Back to a full week, which has meant we have gone full steam ahead with all our lessons. Despite the busy week, we still managed to squeeze in a session run by Coram Life Education. This was a Zoom session entitled ‘What’s the risk?’ where the children looked at and assessed the risk in various situations from crossing the road whilst looking at our phone to sending photos of ourselves to different groups of people. The children discussed and began to appreciate how their emotional needs can influence decision making/choices and how they can potentially impact our view of risk in making decisions. Sarah, the leader of the session, introduced them to skills to help them recognise and reflect upon their emotional state – suggesting that the development of this emotional awareness in relation to decision making could help their mental wellbeing.

In English, we have continued working on our creative writing, based on David Guetta’s hit ‘Titanium’ which the class have really enjoyed. This week we have looked at figurative writing through ‘show, not tell’; metaphors and similes; character analysis as well as higher level vocabulary and punctuation. They ended the week excitedly planning a prequel to the video, explaining how the main protagonist got his super powers.

Both Maths groups are working on decimals to three places, looking at all four maths operations. We have had a big focus this week on multiplying and dividing decimals by integers before moving on to word problems.

For our Science lessons this term, we have moved on to looking at light and how we see. Lesson one saw us understanding how shadows are formed and how the shadow can be affected depending on whether the object is transparent, translucent or opaque.

We finished the week with our first lesson in our new RE topic: the Liturgy of the Church of England. We explored the children’s knowledge of the various objects used at a typical Sunday service, before they then examined a couple of ‘Order of Services’ and finally discussed as a class the key elements of Sunday Holy Communion. This is an interesting topic which will see the whole year group ending up in church later in the month asking questions to Denis and other visitors.

Thanks to all who made it along to our Zoom meeting about SATs on Wednesday, I hope you found it informative. If you were unable to make it, an email has been sent out on ParentMail which explains what we discussed as well as gives you more information about the upcoming booster sessions.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant


Friday 7th January 2022 - Welcome back

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Before a quick run-down on our first week of 2022, Miss Charrington and I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderfully generous Christmas gifts – we really appreciate them. We hope you had a great Christmas and managed to avoid any COVID!

A rather short week this week, but that didn’t stop us getting straight into our new topics. In English, we are starting a new unit based on Sia and David Guetta’s song ‘Titanium’ and its accompanying video. The video is about a boy with supernatural powers who loses all control of them and manages to destroy the inside of his school – this lead onto a great discussion about what super powers we would like to have and why. For our first two lessons, we watched the first part of the video and inferred what might happen next, before watching the rest to see if we were correct. We paused the video after each event unfolded to discuss it further using our comprehension skills – thinking about the 5Ws. We then moved on to looking at why the video was chosen to accompany the song concluding that the song is a metaphor for being strong and rising up against people being mean to you. The song uses symbolism that extends throughout, using guns and bullets as a metaphor to the hateful words that people will say to us.  For the final part of the lesson, we used our inference skills to work out how the boy might be feeling and what he could be thinking throughout the rest of the song. Using iPads, we recorded what we thought the boy would be saying at different parts of the film.

In Maths, we started work on decimals. For our first lesson we looked at the place value of numbers with up to three decimal places and compared different decimal numbers, noting that the number of digits after the decimal point does not necessarily mean the number is bigger. Once we had consolidated our knowledge of decimals, we moved on to multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 using our place value grids. This can be tricky but everyone did very well and seemed very confident.

We have started our new History topic this week as well, where we will be looking at the events of World War II. The first lesson saw us looking at the leaders involved during the war and what they stood for.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 17th December

We made it! We have had a busy week filled with festivities including: Christmas games, watching Christmas films, singing Christmas carols and finished off with a fantastic Christmas quiz. Whilst it has been a great term, it is definitely time for the children to have a well-earned break.

Thank you for such a great autumn term, I have loved teaching the whole class and am looking forward to everything that is to come in the New Year.

Despite the festivities, we have managed to squeeze in a couple of lessons. We finished off the Ancient Greeks in History, learnt how to break down stereotypes in Relationships and Health Education and have written a descriptive paragraph based on a snowy scene in the Polar Express.

Finally, we had a fantastic DT Day on Monday where we made heaty winter soup for our local charity Streetlytes. Streetlytes is a charity which provides homeless people, people who suffer from food poverty and even lonely people a chance to socialise and be given some warm food and a chance to get to know the community. In preparation for making the soup, we met with Gary – a local volunteer for Streetlytes – he showed the children how anyone can be affected by poverty and as an example he told his own story and how similar charities had helped him.

This visit made the children even more excited to start making the soup as they knew that it would go to a great cause. Whilst making our soup, they learnt different cooking techniques and all helped in the kitchen. After having created the soup, Cookie gave them the opportunity to taste a small amount. Whilst tasting it, they critiqued what they had made and thought about what they would change next time. All in all, it was a great day. Top work everyone, especially Miss Charrington and Cookie.

Please note, we have set some more SATs style papers to do over the break as we need to keep practising!

I must also say thank you so much for your gifts, they were all so lovely. I am incredibly grateful and touched by your generosity.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you in 2022!

Miss Marchant.

Friday 10th December 2021

A change from our usual routine this week – we had our second SATs practice. Despite the number of tests they have done over the past few days, the children have remained in good spirits and worked very hard. The Maths papers kicked off the week, followed by spellings, grammar and the reading comprehension. We peer marked a few of these in class and went through the mark schemes so the children know what is expected in their answers for future assessments. Thank goodness that’s out of the way.

I have stressed that this run through is just part of our half-termly familiarisation process, so that by the time May 2022 is here, every child will be completely comfortable with what to expect and experienced in working carefully through each paper. As teachers, they also help us to identify individual needs so that we can work out which topics need more practice. Overall, Mr Gane and I were pleased with the results and progress shown from our last mock week. However, these results will mean that some of our Maths groups will be changing, so please look out for that in the New Year.

We also had a fantastic trip to Eton College on Monday where we visited the Museum of Antiquities and their own Natural History Museum. This trip was focussed on our History topic, The Ancient Greeks, where we were able to see some authentic Greek pottery and understand more the Greek alphabet. We finished off the trip with a drama session, where the children acted out some Greek Mythology. It was a great day out and everyone was very well behaved.

We of course still managed to find some time to do some English work, where have started a new unit based around the film The Polar Express. We have only done a couple of lessons so far, but we have still managed to recap our knowledge of descriptive techniques and looked at how to vary the way our sentences start. Between Carol Concert rehearsals next week, we hope to write our own descriptive paragraphs based on this Christmassy film.

We have kept up the festive spirit by continuing to practise for the Carol Concert next Thursday, having our St Stephen’s Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day and by making rocky road to be sold at the Christmas Fayre tomorrow. Make sure you grab a bag, it looks delicious!

Have a lovely weekend – one more week to go!

Miss Marchant


Friday 3rd December 2021

The 1st of December is upon us and we are well and truly in the Christmas spirit now that our classroom has been decorated so beautifully with paper snowflakes and we have been practicing our song for the Christmas Carol Concert in two weeks’ time.

Yesterday we had a great tag-rugby tournament at Play Football. Despite the cold weather, the children played well in their teams, demonstrated great sportsmanship and remained in good spirits all afternoon.

We of course still managed to fit in our regular lessons and in English we continued with our poetry unit based on Benjamin Zephaniah’s work ‘No Problem’. This is a poem that talks about the racism Benjamin Zephaniah received and how he does not let it affect him in his day to day life. As a result, the children have planned and written their own poems based on issues that are important to them. Once they were written, the class performed them to the rest of the class. They had some really great ideas about climate change, animal cruelty, coronavirus and racism and spoke really passionately about each subject.

In Maths we have looked at multiplying a fraction by an integer and then another fraction, before moving on to dividing fractions by integers and then fractions using the KFC method (keep, flip, change – so 1/5 divided by ½ is the same as 1/5 x 2). Fractions has been a very long topic, but we only have a few lessons to go and then we can move onto our new unit!

Next week, the children will be completing a number of assessments based upon the SATs. This will help us continue to identify gaps and to help the children get used to the SAT format and test conditions. We will use these practice papers as our assessments every half term. We have been doing lots of work in class so I know the class will get higher results each time we do them. If you have any questions on this, do let me know.

Please remember that Mathletics is as important as homework we send out in the green books. Sadly, some of Year 6 do not do their Maths homework. This homework is to help consolidate what they have learnt in Maths that week and really does help their learning. This is set every Friday and due back the following Friday. Thank to you those that consistently do it – you do not go unnoticed!

Finally, a reminder that we are off to Eton on Monday for a visit. Please remember to wrap up warm and bring a packed lunch. We will be leaving at 9am sharp.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 26th November 2021

Another busy week, what with our trip to the Panto where we saw Aladdin. The children really enjoyed it and we left the theatre feeling all Christmassy.

In English this week we finished off our work on Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Kraken by editing and then performing to the rest of the class. They performed confidently to an audience and really thought about their intonation as they spoke. Next up we looked at a new poem called ‘No Problem’ by Benjamin Zephaniah. We started off by analysing the more spoken language he uses and discussed how he has picked a topic important to him to talk about through his poem.

In Maths we are still working with fractions, this week adding and subtracting mixed numbers. This can be a tricky concept but the children have done so well this week and Miss Charrington, Miss Williams and I have been so impressed. I can tell they have been practising their times tables and this is showing through their work, please keep it up!

In Science we looked at creating our own scientific experiment; investigating how we can improve the brightness of a bulb. The children loved doing this as they were able to test out different theories and discovered that the thicker the wire, the brighter the bulb, but that the longer the wire, the dimmer the bulb. This is because wires have a certain amount of resistance and as the energy travels around, some of it gets lost along the way, resulting in a dimmer bulb. Once they had finished the experiment, they had a go at creating a giant circuit around the classroom – always great fun.

In RE, we have moved on to our unit on Advent (much to the children’s excitement) with this lesson seeing us looking at how Christmas is portrayed in adverts we see on TV today. Excitingly, we were able to watch some in class, which then enabled the children to ‘analyse’ the ads to find their messages. Of course there was lots of generic ‘goodness’, ‘kindness’ and anticipation of gifts, however very few mentioned anything about Jesus being born. We used this to talk about the difference between a secular or consumer Christmas and a religious one, which we will continue working on over the next three weeks.

In two weeks’ time we will be doing another SATs practice, again this is nothing to worry about, it is just there to tell Mr Gane and me what we still need to teach and to get the children used to sitting exam style questions.

Have a good weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 19th November 2021

In English this week we started a new topic based on poetry. We looked at Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘The Kraken’, first identifying all the tricky old English words and then looking at the description used by Tennyson. We used this description to inspire our own sea creatures. Once designed, the class wrote their poems, making sure to include a range of excellent words and phrases to create imagery – I really felt like I could see every one of their ‘beasts’.

In Maths, we have continued with fractions, this week putting all we have learnt about adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators into practice by attempting some word problems. These can be tricky but the class got into the swing of underlining the key vocabulary that helped them identify what the question was asking. For example ‘total’ tells them they need to add and ‘more…than’ means subtract. They did really well and I feel they have grasped this concept. We are now beginning to look at multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

We have continued with circuits in Science and our lesson on Monday saw us learning the symbols for each component so we could draw scientific circuits. Electricity is always a fun topic as the children love using the resources to create their own circuits to see how bulbs and buzzers work.

In Relationships and Health Education we started the lesson by looking at cultural norms from different countries and how it can appear disrespectful to behave one way in a country, even if this is normal in our own. We then spoke about how we should react to people perhaps displaying behaviour or saying things we do not agree with. Instead of being aggressive towards this person, we can be respectful and speak calmly as we do not know what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes – maybe there is a reason for the way that they are acting. We thought the quote from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird really supported this idea – ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it’.

We finished off a good week by looking at advertising during advent in RE. We watched many well-known Christmas adverts and discussed how they show the Christmas message. Whilst not many adverts showed the story of Christmas, they still focused on family, love, kindness and sharing, which are still key values at Christmas time.

Next Tuesday we have our outing to Aladdin, please bring a packed lunch for this trip.

Have a good weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 12th November

Thank you to all those I saw at Parents’ Evening this week, it was lovely to see you all. The two evenings went ahead with very few technical problems so that was a huge relief! Do let me know if you have any other questions and I will be happy to help.

In English we finished off our unit on persuasive writing by drafting a letter to Mr Schumm, hoping to persuade him to install something in the school so the current cohort can be remembered for years to come. Their letters have been great – packed full of expressions of conviction, powerful adjectives and adverbs to ‘sell’ their idea and many reasons to support their argument. They worked hard on this unit and should be proud of the work they produced.

In my Maths class we started to work on fractions – always a tricky topic, but so far the children have remembered all they learnt last year. They successfully managed to simplify and compare fractions with different denominators.

For RE we finished our two week topic on Remembrance by talking about peace and how it can help the cause of Remembrance. The children made ‘origami peace cranes’. These were created by a 10 year old Japanese girl who had developed leukaemia some years after the Hiroshima bomb in 1945. She had planned to make 1000 but sadly died before completing them. Inspired by her courage and in memory of all who died due to the atom bomb, children across Japan raised money for a monument in her memory at the Hiroshima Peace Park with the inscription ‘paper crane, I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world’. People all over the world now make these paper cranes and send them in to the monument. We have boxed ours up and will be sending them to the peace park.

The boys were very lucky to have a football tournament on Monday this week, where two of the teams were awarded second place in their section – well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 5th November

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term. It has been lovely to have the children back and feeling ready to learn.

In English we have been introduced to different examples of persuasive writing and came up with a list of features we think should be included in every piece. These included: using verbs in the present tense, forceful language, modal verbs, reasons for viewpoint and powerful adjectives just to name a few. The class exemplar was then introduced, which is a letter to Mr Schumm persuading him to let Year 6 paint the blue wall in the playground. Next week, we will be analysing more persuasive texts and planning our own letters to Mr Schumm.

My class finished off our four operations unit by looking at prime numbers and square and cube numbers, before we moved on to the end of topic test. Everyone has worked really hard on this unit and I believe the children have really got to grips with some of these tricky methods – I am sure the results from today will reflect this.

For our History work this half term, we are very lucky to have Mr Schumm helping out. This week he gave a lesson on the different philosophers and scholars. The children learnt about Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Aristotle and Archimedes. It was a very interesting lesson and the class loved being taught by Mr Schumm!

This week Miss Charrington and I planned a fun Art lesson where we looked at using oil pastels on black card to create pieces of art. As it is the 5th of November today, we used the oil pastels to create drawings of fireworks using a range of different techniques. The work the children produced looked lovely. We are very lucky to have Miss Charrington with us during Art, as she is much more creative than me!

Next week is Parents’ Evening, so do sign up if you haven’t already. We have tested the new video system and all seems to be working well, so fingers crossed for no technology problems.

As always, well done to those that are signing their homework diary regularly. This will really prepare the class for secondary school. A gentle reminder to parents that you are meant to be signing that they have read a certain number of pages and this needs to be noted down in the homework diary.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Marchant

Friday 22nd October

And just like that our first half term together has come to an end. The past eight weeks have flown by and I have loved teaching the children. This week has been very busy, what with Black Voices week, DT Day and Red Card to Racism today, so it has been a fun end to the first half term.

For Black Voices Week, we focused on many notable voices in the black community in science. This was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the significant contributions the Black Community has always made to UK culture. In Year 6, we had two talks: one from Christiano Caccato who spoke to us about the architect Zaha Hadid and one from scientist and DJ Mark Richards who specialises in researching the rates of air pollution. Both talks were really inspirational and we all learnt a lot about their journeys to success. This week is a step in the right direction for our school, however we endeavour to make every subject, every week reflective of all our pupils not just in these very special five days.

Our class read ‘The Golden Carp’ from Jamila Gavin’s book Blackberry Blue in English, where we wrote some amazing fairy tales of our own. They were full of all the literary techniques we have been learning about this half term and I really enjoyed reading them.

For DT Day, as a class we made our own string puppets. The class worked really hard and produced some great work that I hope you have already seen. They designed their puppets at home and in class created string puppets of the Ancient Greek Gods using recycled materials. We then discussed the importance of using recycled materials as this helps limit waste.

Today saw all of the children wearing red as we focused the day around the Show Racism the Red Card campaign. We watched a powerful SRtRC film and reading through some scenario cards, followed by a discussion – I was hugely impressed by the maturity of the children’s discussion as they independently shared their experiences, thoughts and ideas.

Despite the busy week, we still managed to squeeze in some Maths. My class carried on with our four operations unit by looking at common factors and multiplies. We will finish this unit next half term before moving on to fractions. Everyone has worked really hard on this unit and I believe the children have really got to grips with some of these tricky methods.

For homework over half term, the children have been sent home with five practice SATs papers as well. The papers are all due back on Monday 1st November – there is more detail about this on Google Classroom.

I hope you all have a lovely peaceful half term and I will see you all in November!

Miss Marchant

Friday 15th October 2021

Quite a quiet week here in 6 Zephaniah, a nice change from the SATs practice last week.

In English we started our new class book in aid of Black Voices Month. Blackberry Blue by Jamila Gavin contains many short fairy tales and we have chosen to focus on one called the Golden Carp which is a fairy tale all about magic and dreams. We started the week with a comprehension and then moved on to talking and writing about our own dreams. The class loved this lesson and we all laughed a lot about the randomness of some of them. Laughter aside, their written dreams were full of great description and really painted a picture of what was happening – well done Year 6.

In my Maths class, we have persevered with long division. The class has worked so hard on this aspect of division and are really understanding what to do, because of their strong understanding we have moved on to word problems which puts what they have learnt into practice. At this point I should mention that following our first assessments last week, Mr Gane and I are pleased at the current levels of Maths understanding, although there is no room for complacency. There will be some movement between our two Maths groups when we come back after half term in an effort to ensure that every child is receiving the most suitable tuition for their needs. I will contact the parents concerned next week. After half-term, we will also be starting some in-school Maths interventions. In the New Year, after school SATs Booster Classes for both Maths and English will start for the majority of pupils – more about that later.

On Tuesday this week we had a special visit from Abigail’s mum Jo, as well as Sasha & Rachel, producer & head writers respectively of the latest CBBC series ‘Malory Towers’. They gave us a crash course in script writing for TV, while also opening the children’s eyes to the vast amount of work that goes into making every episode. It was really interesting to listen to.

To end the week today we then had our famous Hispanic Day where the whole school celebrates all Spanish speaking countries. Year 6 had the country Guatemala and the class enjoyed researching this country, making Guatemalan worry dolls and weaving their own friendship bracelets. We ended a great day of all things Spanish with a Spanish dance lesson. I took a lot of pictures throughout the day, so keep an eye out for them being uploaded to the website!

Next week we have DT Day, so the children have been set some extra planning and collecting homework over the weekend. More information on this is on Google Classroom.

….and finally, next Friday the 15th October, we’ll be getting behind ‘Red Card to Racism’ day once more. All children across the school are encouraged to come in wearing something red to show their support for the anti-racist movement. There will be a collection with buckets at the entrances but in case you miss them you are invited to donate via text. Please text ‘RED’ to 70470 to give £1, ‘RED5’ to give £5, ‘RED10’ to give £10 or ‘RED20’ to give £20 if you are able to.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant


Friday 8th October 2021

A change from our usual routine this week – we had our first SATs practice. Despite the number of tests they have done this week, the children have remained in good spirits and worked very hard. The grammar paper kicked off the week followed by the reading comprehension. We then moved on to our three Maths papers – the arithmetic and two reasoning tests. We peer marked a few of these in class and went through the mark schemes so the children know what is expected in their answers for future assessments. Thank goodness that’s out of the way.

I have stressed that this run through is just part of our, half-termly familiarisation process, so that by the time May 2021 is here, every child will be completely comfortable with what to expect and experienced in working carefully through each paper. As teachers, they also help us to identify individual needs so that we can work out which topics need more practice. Overall, Mr Gane and I were pleased with the results.

As a break from SATs practise, the children have enjoyed Gymnastics, Music and PE, while also preparing for Hispanic Day next Friday by staring to learn the Mexican folk song La Bamba. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9LP71ypf2qg.

Also during Hispanic Day, Phil’s mum from the other class is going to come in and read the Y6 book ‘El Tapiz de Abuela’ and there’ll be a focus on all things Guatemalan with some craft work too in the afternoon. The children are asked to dress in the blue and white colours of the flag or as Hispanic dancers…

Of course we have also started to prepare for our class assembly next week! The final versions of the scripts are up on Google Classroom so please get practicing. We will tackle costumes next week, but there will be nothing too ‘extreme’ for anybody to bring in. Due to PGL, we have had very little time to rehearse, but so far they have impressed me with their line learning so keep it up this weekend!

Finally, there is a huge focus on Times Tables now, especially with the new statutory Y4 test. The practice SATs have highlighted that a good few children need to put in a bit more work. There are lots of sing-a-long songs for younger children but perhaps as Y6s, they might be motivated by something more interesting:





Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 1st October 2021

What a week we had last week! PGL was excellent and the children all had a fantastic time – I am sure you have heard all about the wonderful activities we did.

In English, the children finished off our autobiographies unit by writing about their life so far. I have marked most of them and they have been a pleasure to read – full of fantastic descriptive techniques, a range of punctuation, as well as all those conjunctions we have been learning about this term. Well done Year 6!

In my Maths class we have started looking at long division. This can be a tricky concept to grasp so we have been taking it slowly and as a result everyone has been doing really well. We have been dividing 3 digit by 2 digit numbers, as well as looking at some more challenging word problems. Because everyone has worked so hard in Maths, we finished the week by playing a partner division game which everyone enjoyed.

And before I move on from Maths, can I ask parents and carers to ensure that your children have completed their Mathletics homework, which you are signing to confirm they have completed in their homework diaries. We do not want to go back to setting work on paper. The children should be reading the questions online, accessing the animated ‘help’ if required, working out their answers on rough paper and then entering in their final answers.

For Relationships and Health Education (RHE), the children were discussing how friendships can have ups and downs which are a completely normal thing that can happen. They spoke about the problems that can arise and how they could solve them to make sure our friendships are positive, happy and balanced. They worked through six scenarios that are very common of typical friendship problems and decided how we would deal with them to improve the situation. In small groups, the children ended the lesson by acting out each scenario as a radio call-in helpline – much fun was had.

In our other subjects, we have looked at classifying plants in Science, discussed the differences between Sparta and Athens in our Ancient Greeks topic and continued our Art work inspired by artist Chris Ofili.

Next week, we will be having our first mock SATs week. These ‘mock’ tests are based on the SAT format and will help us identify gaps as well as help the children get used to this type of question paper. We will use these practice papers as our assessments every half term and they will also help determine your child’s group for Maths.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Marchant

Friday 17th September 2021

A busy week here in 6 Zephaniah, I can’t believe we are three weeks down already!

In English, the children continued their work on autobiographies, re-reading the first part of Floella Benjamin’s life in Trinidad in preparation for their own writing. They examined how she spoke about the key events in her life, before planning what they would write in their own autobiographies. It will be very exciting to read their thoughts and find out even more about them when they write their own! In grammar, they learned all about co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions – how to identify them and use them. I expect to see many of these in their own work.

My Maths group have kept working on the four mathematical operations, revising addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplying 4-digit number by 2-digit numbers and word problems. These are tricky concepts but the children are working really hard to try and consolidate what they learnt in Year 5. I have set some Mathletics activities around these topics so the children can practice over the weekend. Next week we move on to division.

In History the class discovered more about the Ancient Greeks, this week looking at Democracies and Monarchies, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of both. This topic promoted rich discussion from the children, which is always nice to see.

On the subject of democracies, Mr Gane and I counted up the House Captain votes and announced the winners to a very excited bunch of Year 6s. Congratulations to the following:

Liddell: Columba, Rory, Isabelle and Nyla

Wesley: Jemima, Louis S, Ernie and Aurelia

Aylward: Elena, Joe, Agnes and Alex

Crummell: Harry C, Milad, Caterina and Kit

I must say well done to all that ran for House Captain, everyone did a fantastic job and the votes were very close!

This means that Kyle and Isabella are now confirmed as Y6 Zephaniah’s School Councillors and Ronnie, Taff, Romilly, Isla and Savannah are Sport’s Captains.

Finally, as I am sure you are already aware, next week we are off to PGL! This is very exciting and will be a really fun trip. A packing list has been sent out, please remember to bring a spare outfit that you don’t mind getting wet/muddy for when we are raft building. As well as what is on the packing list, PGL has informed us that the children need to bring sleeping bags as well – sorry for the late notice on this. We will be heading off at around 10am on Monday 20th and will be returning before the end of the school day on Friday 24th so pick up will be at normal time. If however you would like to come and collect your child for when we arrive back, you are welcome to do so.

Regular updates will be sent on a WhatsApp group so that you can see what we all get up to. This is my first time at PGL as well, so I am really looking forward to it.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 10th September 2021

A very busy week here in Year 6 Zephaniah, but it has been lovely to really get into teaching our first topics of Year 6. I am so pleased with the children’s enthusiasm and hardworking attitudes, which I am sure will continue over the year!

In English we were introduced to our topic on autobiographies and have been reading about actress and author Floella Benjamin’s life in Trinidad. We started the week by identifying the key features of autobiographies and then moved on to writing a short summary about Floella’s early life. Next week we will look at planning our own autobiography based on our lives so far. I am already looking forward to reading them.

In Maths we started our unit on place value, revising place value of numbers up to ten million – this included rounding and negative numbers. Next week we will have our end of topic test before moving on to column addition and subtraction.

The children have begun the first Y6 Science topic of the year, ‘Classification of Organisms’ as well as continuing their work in RE by looking at the different faiths in our community. We then travelled back in time to the Ancient Greeks and have started learning what their lives were like.

However it hasn’t been lessons all week! Today we held the ever popular House Captain elections. This is my first time being involved in the ‘in person’ elections and I have been so impressed by the confidence every candidate showed. It is not an easy task standing up in front of one’s peers and teachers, but everyone did so well. The standard of presentations was very high and I must congratulate all of you who put yourselves forward – win or lose, you all did yourselves proud! Votes will be in by next week so watch this space.

Data permission sheets for PGL were sent home earlier this week. Thank you to those that have returned them already, those that haven’t please could they be in by Monday. We will also be sending a packing list next week, so those of you keen to get started will have an idea of what to bring.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Friday 3rd September

Welcome back and welcome to Year 6 Zephaniah! I’ve heard many lovely stories of your summers full of exciting adventures, so I hope you are well rested and ready for the chaos and fun of the new school year and final year at St Stephen’s. The first week back is always very busy for the pupils, parents and teachers and before you know it, it’s Friday and the first week is done.

So far this week, we have talked about our hopes and aspirations for the year, created self-portraits and discussed how having a growth mind-set will be critical to succeeding. Despite it being the first week back, we have still managed to include a little bit of English where we looked at exciting sentence starters when writing about our summer holiday. I have been impressed by their first piece of writing and look forward to reading much more of their future work.

I am excited to be back teaching and am looking forward to the challenging yet fun work ahead – the pupils tell me they are too. As you may know already, the children are expected to sign their homework diaries every week day as this will prepare them for next year. The children are expected to read every evening (even if only a couple of pages) and if you could sign saying they have done this, which would be great. They will bring them home Monday night so it will start from then.

Finally, we will be having our house captain elections soon. Each house will have four Year 6 Captains who will help lead their houses in certain events and activities. Candidates will make a presentation to their Y6 Housemates on why they should be elected, which will presented to all of the lower years. Votes from each house will then be collated. This will take place next Friday afternoon (10th), so they might like to start planning now – email any supporting PowerPoints to me on z.marchant@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk or upload to Google Classroom. Below is a job description and a few ideas that might help.

House Captain’s Job Description

  • Each House will fundraise for a specific charity. In the presentation you should put forward your recommendations for your chosen charity and ideas for fundraising.
  • Lead regular House meetings
  • Help to organise your House for certain school events i.e. Sports Day
  • Representing the school at particular school events i.e. Grandparent’s Day
  • Acting as a role model for your House/ School
  • To meet regularly with the Headteacher
  • To present House Captain Awards at the end of the year.
  • Any speech or talk they give should be no more than five minutes.



Gymnastics is on Mondays and Kick London is on Thursdays. Please come in wearing PE kit for the whole day.

Homework will be set on a Monday and a Friday – please see the homework section on the class page for more information on this.

Library sessions are on Tuesdays (please encourage children to bring and change books)

Water bottles must be brought and kept in the classroom.


Please feel free to email me with any queries or issues and I’m looking forward to teaching this class again, I know we will have a great year.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant


Welcome back

Hi everyone and welcome to Year 6.

There will be a full blog entry on here on Friday, but in the meantime do please take a look at our Timetable Y6 Zephaniah and the Y6 Curriculum Map 2021 – 22 for the year.

Please note that the children will need to come in to school wearing their PE Kits on Mondays for Gym and Thursdays for PE, which they will wear all day. They will NOT need their uniforms on those days.


Summer 1 Poem – Confessions of a Runner

Summer 1 – Confessions of a Runner

Spring 2 Poem – The British

Spring 2 Poem – The British

Spring 1 Poem – Be Cool Mankind

Spring 1 Poem – Be Cool Mankind

Autumn 2 Poem – Grand Old Duke of York

Aut 2 poem Grand Old Duke of York

Autumn 1 Poem – Voices for Choices

Aut 1 poem Voices for Choices


Homework will now be set on Google Classroom both Mondays and Fridays.


Homework in Year 6 is set twice; on Mondays which is due on Wednesday morning and then on Fridays to be handed in on Monday mornings.

Y6 Curriculum Map 2021 – 22