Year 5

Welcome to Class 5 Silverstein.

Our teacher is Mr Cookson and our TA is Miss Charrington.

17th January 2020

17th January 2020

Hello again and welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein webpage.

We’ve had a good week here and our timetable has been slightly amended to incorporate a Science activity with resident scientist Beth, who has been teaching small groups of children about the wonders of space! They’ve had such a lot of fun building rockets and then investigating other planets.

We’ve carried on our work on area and perimeter in Maths this week with some investigations of irregular shapes. The children made some rather accurate estimations of a few very ‘un-mathematical’ shapes before measuring the areas of their feet and hands!  They ended the week with some further calculations of rather more conventional shapes’ areas- namely that of trapeziums, triangles and parallelograms.

In English, the children have almost finished the first drafts of their myths. These stories aim to make sense of something in the world. They have done a great job so far imagining a mysterious world which is lacking in some natural phenomena and it’s the job of their hero to return it to his land! There is danger a-plenty in some of these stories and their poor heroes and heroines certainly have a tough job ahead!

Our learning in Science has caused a few gasps this week as the children discovered just how enormous the Sun is and how far away it is. The videos they were shown did a tremendous job of making this clear and they were eager to find out more when given ipads to carry out further research.

We’ve ended the week with a study of perspective in Art. The children were shown several paintings where the laws of perspective had been rigorously applied before composing their own rather more abstract perspectives using floating objects they had drawn.

Homework this week can be found in the usual place and is due in on Thursday 23rd January.

I have also sent out a quick parentmail about the cycling training which is starting this Monday and which continues throughout the week. The children will need their own working and roadworthy bike, a helmet , warm clothing and if possible, a bike lock.  It’s a great programme, suitable for all levels, where the children will be taught important cycling skills starting from basic bike handling and balance through to cycling along planned road routes on the final few days.  I have received most of the consent forms, but if you have not signed this I’m afraid your child will not be able to participate.

I hope you all have amazing weekends. See you next week!

Mr Cookson



Friday 10th January 2020

10th January 2020

10th January 2020

Happy New Year! And what a lovely new website we have for our school.  I hope all your holidays were fantastic and once again, a huge thank you for your kind gifts and messages which made my Christmas all the more marvellous!

So we’re back to action here in Year 5 Silverstein, where we have certainly hit the ground running. The children are straight back to their regular timetable and have now begun their new unit on myths and legends in English. We have so far re-familiarised the children with the language of myths and their purpose in attempting to explain something in the world. And what better question to try to answer than ‘how did we get here?’ So we began by reading a range of creation myths from around the world to see how different they were and to see how the stories tried to answer the big question. We then read a well-known myth (Pandora’s Box) where the children pretended to be Pandora and put her ‘stream of consciousness’ down on paper as eloquently as they could!  Today, we’ve been looking at some of the terrifying monsters which the Greek myths describe before inventing a new one, which the children will aim to include in their own myths next week!

Our Maths lessons so far this term have focused on measurement- specifically the measurement of perimeters around shapes . The children have done extremely well understanding this and have been furiously  measuring and drawing shapes to calculate and show their perimeters.

In Science this term we will be studying space. We began the unit with an examination of our own planet and its ‘neighbours’ in space- namely the sun and the moon. The children discussed their current understanding of this before we drilled down to the facts which were recorded in their books.

Our R.E. work focuses on the journey of life this term and we began this unit with an explanation of what ‘milestones in life’ were. Once established, the children set to work considering what their future milestones in life might be.

Homework this week is back to normal and can be found in the usual place.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends and see you next week!

Mr Cookson

Class Updates

Friday 20th December

It’s the end of term!

And what a term it’s been. The children have been amazing and a real pleasure to teach and I felt so proud of them while watching their excellent performance at the Christmas carol service this week.

Thank you so generous Westfield voucher which I was given this afternoon. It is hugely appreciated and will certainly come in useful during these last few shopping days before Christmas!

As your children have probably already told you, there is no homework over this holiday, so they should be feeling especially refreshed when they come back in the New Year.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing you again in 2020.

Mr Cookson

Friday 13th December

Welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein page.

We’ve had another busy week here in Year 5, with our DT Day on Thursday being a particular highlight. I’m sure many of you will have seen some rather delightful nativity scenes coming through the door and I hope they have been given pride of place in all your living rooms!

We’ve continued with our multiplication and division work in Maths with a further study of factors, multiples and prime numbers. The children were set some really tricky puzzles and problems calling on their understanding of these.

In English, we have been revising some key aspects of grammar and punctuation and the children have also completed their Autumn term reading assessments, having looked at some practise retrieval and inference questions beforehand.

In Science, we have been looking at plant and animal life cycles. This week, the class learnt about the different ways that animals fertilise and care for their young. The children set out this information in carroll diagrams and were able to group animals according to given criteria.

Our Humanities work on the Industrial Revolution is now drawing to a close, but not without a final look at the grim conditions facing the poor as they spent another day in the awful workhouses.

As we have the Carols by Candlelight concert approaching, the homework is slightly different this week. The children have their regular set of spellings and Mathletics but no comprehension. Instead of this, I have asked them to use careful language to describe the winter scene shown on this week’s spelling sheet. This should be a highly descriptive paragraph which gives a clear indication of what it might be like to be in this place.

I hope you all have fantastic and restful weekends.

See you next week!

Mr Cookson

Friday 6th December

Welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein page.

We had a great trip to the Steam and Water museum by Kew Bridge today. The children learnt a huge amount about the uses of steam and saw some enormous machines which were used in the nineteenth century to pump water around London.

In Maths this week, we have continued our work on multiplication and division. The children have used their knowledge of factors, multiples and prime numbers to solve some tricky problems and have recently been looking at square and cubed numbers.

We’ve been a bit ‘off topic’ this week in English as our lessons have been focused more on comprehension and grammar. We have read a long passage from Roald Dahl’s autobiographical book, ‘Boy’ and the children have been practising using evidence from the text to support their answers. They have also been fine-tuning their grammar skills, with a look at modal verbs and how to use personal pronouns accurately.

Our Science work on life cycles continued, with a look at asexual reproduction in plants. The children were shown a variety of plants which reproduce asexually and were then set to work to link different plants for their similarities or differences.

The life of a monk has been under the spotlight in R.E. We have been discussing how their lives differ from other Christians and how their days are organised between prayer and other recreational activities.

Homework this week is slightly different: The children are to do their spellings and Mathletics as usual, but should also design their Christmas nativity boxes as outlined on the attached ‘design sheet’. They should be getting their materials together, ready for our DT day which is on December 12th.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends and see you next week!


Mr Cookson