Year 5

Welcome to Class 5 Silverstein.

Our teacher is Mr Cookson and our TA is Miss Charrington.


Hello hello!

The blog below (in the ‘weekly updates’ section) is where I will be posting updates, guidance notes and other notices for upcoming homework which I hope is clear. I’ve left the websites here below as they may be useful as additional activities for the children.  This website will be the best place for me to keep you all up to date over the coming weeks.

If you would like to do any independent work following up on things we have learnt in class (write a story, make a poster, do some research), then please do and you can bring them in to share when you’re back again.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and thank you for your continued support.

Mr Cookson

Weekly updates

30th March 2020. Week 2 Day one.

Ok week 2!

I hope you’re all ok and ready for round 2 of our isolation!

It’s been a funny old time hasn’t it, but I’ve enjoyed seeing some examples of your work and in some cases, hearing what you’ve been up to recently.

If any of you are having trouble signing into j2e or Busy things then please do email me and let me know. But from what I’ve seen on these sites so far, it looks like many of you are doing really well.

I’ve also sent a parentmail out today, which explains to Mums, Dads and carers about the Royal Academy Young artists competition. This is a chance to get your artwork hung in one of London’s most famous art galleries! All you need to do is make an amazing piece of art and get mum or dad to send it into me if you would like it entered. So get creating Year 5!

Well enjoy today and I’ll be in touch again tomorrow!

Mr Cookson

Week 1 Day 5

So that was a bit of an unusual school week wasn’t it? Hopefully you’re all well. And it’s been lovely to see some of your work coming through on the email. Keep a record of the housepoints I’ve given out!

I hope you’ve all been keeping in contact with each other over the last few days. Maude has just discovered ‘Houseparty’ which I’m sure many of you know all about . It was rather alarming when I first saw her using it – 10 little heads on s screen, all shouting each others names as loud as they could. Bonkers.

Anyway, at this point I usually say have a great weekend, but it doesn’t quite seem like the weekend does it!

I hope you enjoy today’s activities and hear from you soon!

Mr Cookson

Week 1 Day 4

Hello again Silversteiners!

So that’s Day 3 done then! Are we all feeling ok? I do hope so. And I also hope that you managed to see the video of Mr Schumm and his ‘crew’ doing some rather impressive dance moves in the playground. I ,in the meantime ,am still aching after this morning’s ‘P.E. with Jo’ and wondering why I can’t touch my toes anymore. It’s been lovely to see the sun though after all that rain we’ve been having and I hope you’ve had a chance to get outside.

So the activities are now up and ready to go. It’s a bit of creativity we’re looking for today. And you lot are all fantastically creative. So make sure you put lots of careful detail into your writing and your artwork (which links to your Arts week work). I’d love to see some of your masterpieces!

I hope you enjoy these activities and if you’re stuck on anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mr Cookson

Week 1 Day 3

Hello again Year 5 Silverstein. I hope you’re all ok.

So we’ve been having some lovely weather haven’t we? A bit of a shame that we can’t go to the park though. But no excuse not to get any exercise. I was like a rabbit in the headlights this morning as I found myself in front of ‘P.E. with Jo’, being told to ‘go faster ‘all the time. I very nearly spilled my coffee..

So I’m starting to go through some of the presentations which many of you have put up on the J2e site, which look excellent. Well done folks!  I’m hoping to look through more in the coming days, so keep up the good work.

I hope the activities set are clear. If you are stuck on anything, or would like to send anything to me, please do ask Mum or Dad to do so on the email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you’ve managed to establish a routine for your days and that you are still helping around the house.  I’m sure many of you are beginning to miss your friends, but it’s important now to follow the advice we’ve all been given and to just keep in touch online or on the phone (which I’m sure you’re doing loads of!)

I’ll be in touch again with further updates tomorrow!


Mr Cookson

Week 1 Day 2

So are we bored yet?! I hope not. It’s all a bit of a novelty at the moment, but the sooner you all get into a routine agreed with mums, dads and carers the better.

Looks like we’re in proper lockdown now, so we all need to make sure that we stay in and pay careful attention to the government guidelines. It’ll only for a while and let’s hope it helps in sorting out this virus.

So Day 2 is live and hopefully clear. It’s in the homework section as before.

Have a great day!

Mr Cookson

First day of our isolation!

Hello Silversteiners! How are you all?! I do hope you are all keeping well in these extraordinary times.

I will be keeping in touch on a regular basis on this page.

So here we go on our isolation journey and the first day of a long absence from school. All a bit weird isn’t it!

As I mentioned in my previous blog,  Miss Mahon and I will be putting up some activities for you to do every day. These will be a mixture of on-screen and off-screen activities. I do realise that many of you won’t have the exercise books I’ve called ‘Home-school books’ as you may have been self-isolating earlier, so if you could use either paper or a notebook of your own that would be ideal for some of the activities. (i.e. the grammar work today and the poster.)

It would also be lovely if you could send me a few examples of your work too or some messages to let me know how you’re getting on and what you’re doing!

All this is of course new to us teachers too, so I’m sure that, over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be making changes to our activities , communication channels and ways to display work. So bear with us!

I hope you enjoy the activities set, and as I mentioned in class, please just do what you can. They’re there to help keep you busy but if you’re already too busy on a particular day or not well, or Mum or Dad is asking you to do something else, then don’t worry too much about missing a day.

Good luck folks and I’ll post some more again tomorrow.

Stay safe and behave yourselves!

Mr Cookson


Friday 20th March 2020

Well what a strange week for all of us. It’s been rather peculiar seeing less and less children as the week has gone on, but we’re staying positive and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing them all back as soon as possible!

We’ve persevered with many of our regular lessons this week. In English, we’ve been looking more closely at information texts and identifying some of their key features, before the children begun a short descriptive passage of an animal of their choice. Here they had to keep a careful eye on the success criteria as they were asked to use relative clauses, ‘ough’ words and different methods for parenthesis.

In Maths, we have continued with our study of fractions. This week, the children have been adding and subtracting fractions and finding fractions of quantities.

Our Humanities work on Scandinavia has also begun this week. The children have proven that they already know rather a lot about these countries and they then set to work finding out a lot more about this region’s geography, culture and food.

In Science, we rounded-off our Science unit with a bit of a step back in time. The children have learnt so much about the shape, size and behaviour of the Earth the sun and the moon, so they were asked how ancient scientists might have worked out that the earth was a sphere if there were no spaceships, cameras or satellites! The children learnt all about the indirect evidence which proved these very brainy Greek scientists’ theories and drew diagrams to explain their findings.

The homework situation has been outlined to the children in class today, but if your child was not in class, fear not!  The system will work as follows:

Miss Mahon and I will be uploading different activities each day (which will start on Monday 23rd). The guidelines for these will be on the homework box of the class page labelled ‘Week one, Day one’ for instance..  These should be self-explanatory and accessible for all children and will sometimes link to the software which is on the ‘my USO’ page.  They are there to help add structure to their day and keep them thinking! We will try to vary screen and non-screen activities.

It’s important to note that these activities aren’t like the homework given each week- they’re not compulsory, as certain circumstances may mean that it’s hard for the children to complete them.  We don’t want to add to anyone’s worries!  Just do what you can, when you can.

We will, of course, be keeping in regular contact via the website.

This is all new to us too, so I’m hesitating to put down too much detail of planned activities, as things are likely to change as we get into the swing of all this!

I hope you all manage to find time to do lots of fun things together and do keep in touch over the coming days and weeks.

Mr Cookson

Friday 13th March 2020

We’ve had another busy week in Year 5 Silverstein!

After a hugely successful Arts Week, we’re back to normal and settling back into our regular timetable.

In Maths, we’ve continued our work on fractions. The children have been doing so well comparing these ‘parts of a whole’ and have now moved on to fractions which show values of more than one. They’ve ended the week doing some tremendous work where they’ve brought together their learning on common fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers and methods to add fractions too.

In English, we have ended our work on Stig of the Dump and have moved on to a study of information texts. We began with a careful look at some finished information texts to figure how how they are written and organised. These features were then recorded collectively so as to create a useful list for our English ‘learning wall.’

Our Science work on Earth and space this week has continued with a reminder of what a year is! The children were quick to tell me how many days make a year, but we then established why it is as long as it is. We then established that this journey around the sun differs from one planet to the next. We found out that we would have lots of birthdays on Mercury, but we wouldn’t live long enough to have even one birthday on Neptune.

In R.E. we have looked further into some of the milestones leading to Christ’s crucifixion. We discussed the significance of Maundy Thursday and what happens in church on this special day. We then learnt all about Good Friday and the rather sombre events in church which allow us to reflect on the importance of this day.

I found myself repeating my own teacher’s mantra that ‘latitude is flatitude’ this week in Humanities as we too learnt how to locate certain places on Earth using these imaginary vertical and horizontal lines. The children used atlases to find given capitol and to ascertain just how far up and across the Northern Hemisphere we are in London!

The homework this week is in the usual place and includes a piece of descriptive creative writing to do too. Year Five news people-you know who you are! –  don’t have to do the creative writing.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!

Mr Cookson

Arts Week 2020

6th March 2020

What a fantastic Arts Week we’ve had in Year 5. Your children really are a creative lot and this week they’ve really gone for it not only in the class but in our amazing book character parade! (I’ve never seen anything quite so spectacular as our Midnight Gang this year!)

We began the week with an introduction to our wonderful theme painting for this week,  Klimt’s  Tree of Life.’ After a brief discussion and our first observations about the painting, the children began the first of their activities: a careful study of one part of the painting. The children looked at the figure to the left of the picture and, using a grid of 8 rectangles, transferred the outline of the figure on to an A3 sheet of black cartridge paper. Their careful observations here were amazing and within a few hours, some stunning interpretations of this colourful figure were emerging.  They were then asked to design and include their own backgrounds, using colours which would complement those on the dress of the figure.

We then looked at the tree itself and asked: ‘why would Klimt choose to paint this’. We talked through the symbolism of trees through the ages and the links to many different religions before focusing on the fruits grown on trees. Of those, the one with similar religious connotations was clearly an apple. And so we draw an apple all day on Thursday! The thing was, I asked the children to use 4 different mediums for their observational art: coloured pencil, coloured chalk, oil pastel and then (the tricky one) white chalk on a black background where they had to ‘think in reverse’!

Their pictures were amazing.  When introducing each new medium, I kept thinking to myself, ‘this may be too difficult’ but the children didn’t’ just keep up, they excelled in their work! I was so proud of their concentration, their perseverance and their talent in doing something which one of the children said, ‘should be easy, but is really hard!’

Staying with the ‘nature’ theme inspired by Klimt’s painting, we turned our attention to leaves. The children were shown some simple watercolour paintings of leaves to inspire their own work and once again excelled in their beautifully sensitive studies of plants, using blending techniques with their watercolours.

Finally we referred back to Klimt’s painting and noticed the blackbird sitting on the branches of the tree. The children used oil pastels to draw their own birds, based on further images of stained glass birds which helped to simplify and ‘break down’ the main forms.

We’ve had a great week not only in our Art classes, but also in our activities with other teachers. For instance, Mr Schumm has told the children all about the back story to another of Klimt’s famous paintings in a separate lesson and they got to compose some excellent ‘blackout poems’ with Mrs Pereira! And no Arts Week would be complete without a bit of a performance, so the version of Treasure Island performed in the main hall this week did the job wonderfully well!

It’s back to normal next week I’m afraid so our usual timetable will take effect again.

Homework is in the usual place.  This week it’s Spellings and grammar and Mathletics.

We have also set a piece of homework based on International Women’s Day which is on 8th March.

This a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This week, we would like you to research and create a poster/fact file/presentation about a female author or journalist.
• where they were born
• age
• how many pieces they have written
• what is your favourite piece by them and why
• what you enjoy about their work
• where can you find their work
• don’t forget to include a picture of your author

I hope you all have restful and enjoyable weekends.

Mr Cookson


28th February 2020

Hello again from the Year 5 Silverstein page!

We’ve had a really productive and varied week, starting with a visit to the Urban Studies Centre in Hammersmith, where the children had a chance to talk to a number of experts about the environment, traffic, the benefits of cycling and parental concerns regarding transport. The children were then asked to elect a spokesperson from their group to summarise what they had learnt from their expert. It was a fun morning and it raised some interesting issues.

We then settled back into our regular timetable with a reminder of what Barney and Stig had been up to in Clive King’s classic novel, Stig of the Dump. The children then set to work pretending they were estate agents attempting to sell Stig’s rather unusual home in the chalk pit! We had some fantastic writing here, describing this ‘creative and unconventional property’ with ‘plenty of scope for improvement.’ Some even mentioned how it would be a perfect choice for young families as it came with a lifetime’s supply of chalk!

In Maths, we have continued our work on fractions. The children have been finding equivalence in fractions and have compared values of groups of fractions, making sure they find the common denominators first!

Our R.E. focus this term is on Easter. We began our work on this with a look at the lead up to Easter Sunday. The children learnt the significance of some of the important milestones in the Christian calendar and how they relate to Jesus’ life. These were: Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lent and Palm Sunday.

We have also begun some drama workshops this week with the fantastic Mark from Raw Drama. The children loved their first session this afternoon and found themselves acting out all manner of different situations in this fast-paced, high-energy session!

Homework this week can be found in the usual place and is due back on Thursday 5th March.

It’s Arts Week next week, so the children will be doing lots of lovely art in their classrooms and will be involved in several workshops outside of class too. Don’t forget the Book Character Parade on Thursday 5th too, where the children are invited to dress up as a character from a book.

I hope you all have amazing weekends and see you next week!

Mr Cookson



14th February 2020

14th February 2020

Hello from the Year 5 Silverstein webpage!

Well this week’s highlight for many of the children in the school was our DT Day which this half term was focused on bridges. The children firstly learnt all about the different types of bridges and were shown some examples of some both in the UK and abroad. We then looked at some of London’s bridges and discussed what type of bridge each was.  It was soon time to build and the Year 5’s were rather baffled when told that their challenge was to use just ONE material: lolly sticks!  But armed with a glue gun, they set to work to make their own ‘truss’ bridges, having learnt all about cross bracing and the strength of triangles. We ended up with some real beauties but the real test of their designs came later when we found out if their wonderful creations could span a 50cm gap and support a load. It was a noisy event of ‘oohs’ and aah’s as we found out just how strong the bridges were! One of the designs supported SIXTEEN of our school dictionaries!!  It was a great day  and I hope a lot of children will take a little more notice of London’s bridges now!

In Maths this week we have been looking at fractions, starting with equivalent fractions and then moving on to improper fractions and mixed numbers. I’ve been impressed by how much the children have remembered from last year and how they’ve been able to apply this prior knowledge to more complicated problems.

In English we have begun a unit based on Clive King’s fantastic classic, Stig of the Dump. The children have been investigating the main characters and the setting from the beginning of the book so far. They have been thinking about certain objects Stig might benefit from having (apart from electrical items) and have been making sure that each object has at least two different uses. They have also carefully mapped out Barney’s ‘world’ using references from the text.

Our Humanities work this week has looked at time zones around the world and why we have them. The children have used a map showing time zones to work out differences from one part of the world to another.

Homework is in the usual place and as mentioned last week,  two different children each week will be doing ‘Year 5 News’ in place of one piece of homework. This week, it replaces the comprehension homework for those two children. The randomly-chosen children (they know who they are!) are to research something that is in the news and present it to the class the following Tuesday. It should focus on something of substance, which would be of interest to the rest of the class. It shouldn’t be based around a celebrity or the results of that weekend’s football!  The presentation should be in their own words, not cut and pasted! I’ve suggested powerpoint as the ideal tool to show their research but if this is unavailable Word, or even a handwritten presentation which could be read out would be fine. If possible I would like this emailed to me. It is due on Thursday morning along with the other homework.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends and see you next week!

Mr Cookson


February 7th 2020

February 7th 2020

7th February 2020. 


Hello again from Year 5 Silverstein! 

We’ve had another busy week here in Year 5, with a rounding-off of our English work on newspaper report writing. The children have excelled themselves in writing some outstanding reports based on an alien invasion in Shepherd’s Bush. They were asked to think about so much for these reports including reported speech, quotes,  passive voice, themed paragraphs, the orientation sentence… It was a long list, but they really rose to the challenge and wrote some really convincing reports. HG Wells would have been proud of them! 

In Maths, we’ve now come to the end of our unit on multiplication and division. The children ended the unit with a look at balanced equations and how we need to pay careful attention to brackets in Maths. They solved some tricky maths problems, (making sure the brackets were dealt with first of course) before making some of their own problems up for their partners to solve. 

In Science the question of changing daylight hours was discussed with the children. We asked the question: why is it dark when we get up in the morning in winter but not in Summer? After some rather imaginative suggestions from some of the children we established that the tilt of the Earth might have something to do with it. We looked at a number of helpful videos which aimed to make this clearer and the children then plotted average daylight hours in winter and Summer on a graph so the difference could be clearly seen.


Our R.E. work on the fascinating topic of death and the afterlife this term has led us to look at other religions and their beliefs. The children researched 5 of the major world religions to see how their beliefs about what happens when we die differs from the christian belief.  

It’s coding week this week, so the class was delighted to be told that their ‘hour of code’ was due on Friday. They all really enjoyed using familiar ‘block coding’ methods to make games of varying complexity in class. 

We’ve also been lucky enough to work with Vanessa from Lila Huset this week on an urban studies project. This work will run for the next four weeks and its aim is to ask the children to examine their local area and consider how it might be improved. Much of this focuses on traffic and pollution, so this week the children were out of the streets around our school, conducting their own traffic surveys to see see just how busy Uxbridge Road was. They were really surprised by the results and one one person in the class was close in their estimation of how many vehicles passed our school in one hour!

Homework is in the usual place and from this week on, two different children each week will be doing ‘Year 5 News’ in place of one piece of homework. This week, it replaces the grammar homework for those two children. The randomly-chosen children (they know who they are!) are to research something that is in the news and present it to the class the following Tuesday. It should focus on something of substance, which would be of interest to the rest of the class. It shouldn’t be based around a celebrity or the results of that weekend’s football!  The presentation should be in their own words, not cut and pasted! I’ve suggested powerpoint as the ideal tool to show their research but if this is unavailable Word, or even a handwritten presentation which could be read out would be fine. If possible I would like this emailed to me. It is due on Thursday morning along with the other homework. 

I hope you all have amazing weekends.

Mr Cookson

31st January 2020

The end of January!

31st January 2020.

Hello again from the Year 5 Silverstein webpage!

We’ve turned our attention to non-fiction in English this week as the children have begun their new unit on news reports. They began looking at some real news reports so it was clear how these articles were put together and what sort of language was used. We then carefully analysed a longer news report which made a fictional event sound really realistic by using these same techniques.  This then formed the model for the work the children are now in the middle of- a news report about an alien invasion of Shepherd’s Bush!

In Maths, we have continued our work on multiplication and division. The children have been fine-tuning their skills in 2 and 3 digit long multiplication before tackling some word problems and puzzles. We then moved on the ‘bus stop’ method for short division which the children mastered really quickly!

In Science this week, we have been learning about the reason we have night and day as well as different time zones. The children were asked how things would change if the Earth didn’t spin and concluded that they were happy with things as they are!

Our R.E. work has focused on the afterlife this week. The children finished their pictures showing what they thought Heaven might look like before writing poems about it.

Homework this week is in the normal place and is due back next Thursday (as is Mathletics).

I hope you all have fantastic weekends- January’s over! Well nearly anyway, so make sure you toast its passing!

Mr Cookson.


24th January 2020

24th January 2020

Hello again and welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein webpage.

The children have been busy cycling in between their regular lessons this week as we have been lucky enough to have’ Bikeworks’ training them up on essential road safety skills. The children loved finding out how they should be safe on the roads and listened well to their instructors.

In English this week we have now finished our work on myths and have begun a new unit on newspaper reports. So this weekend would be a good opportunity to encourage your children to read some of the stories in the Sunday newspapers as I will be asking the class to identify some of the ‘key features’ of news reports next week.

Our Maths work this week has focused on the standard written method for long multiplication. The children have done well setting out their calculations using up to four digit numbers and have begun to use the method to solve some tricky word problems.

We’ve had the laptops out for our computing classes too, where the children have been using ‘Scratch’ to compose some of their own computer code. This block coding software is really helpful in teaching the children how to tell a computer what to do and in what order, and they have managed to create their own animated fish tanks using it!

Homework this week can be found in the usual place and is due in on Thursday 30th January.

I hope you all have amazing weekends. See you next week!

Mr Cookson

17th January 2020

17th January 2020

Hello again and welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein webpage.

We’ve had a good week here and our timetable has been slightly amended to incorporate a Science activity with resident scientist Beth, who has been teaching small groups of children about the wonders of space! They’ve had such a lot of fun building rockets and then investigating other planets.

We’ve carried on our work on area and perimeter in Maths this week with some investigations of irregular shapes. The children made some rather accurate estimations of a few very ‘un-mathematical’ shapes before measuring the areas of their feet and hands!  They ended the week with some further calculations of rather more conventional shapes’ areas- namely that of trapeziums, triangles and parallelograms.

In English, the children have almost finished the first drafts of their myths. These stories aim to make sense of something in the world. They have done a great job so far imagining a mysterious world which is lacking in some natural phenomena and it’s the job of their hero to return it to his land! There is danger a-plenty in some of these stories and their poor heroes and heroines certainly have a tough job ahead!

Our learning in Science has caused a few gasps this week as the children discovered just how enormous the Sun is and how far away it is. The videos they were shown did a tremendous job of making this clear and they were eager to find out more when given ipads to carry out further research.

We’ve ended the week with a study of perspective in Art. The children were shown several paintings where the laws of perspective had been rigorously applied before composing their own rather more abstract perspectives using floating objects they had drawn.

Homework this week can be found in the usual place and is due in on Thursday 23rd January.

I have also sent out a quick parentmail about the cycling training which is starting this Monday and which continues throughout the week. The children will need their own working and roadworthy bike, a helmet , warm clothing and if possible, a bike lock.  It’s a great programme, suitable for all levels, where the children will be taught important cycling skills starting from basic bike handling and balance through to cycling along planned road routes on the final few days.  I have received most of the consent forms, but if you have not signed this I’m afraid your child will not be able to participate.

I hope you all have amazing weekends. See you next week!

Mr Cookson



Friday 10th January 2020

10th January 2020

10th January 2020

Happy New Year! And what a lovely new website we have for our school.  I hope all your holidays were fantastic and once again, a huge thank you for your kind gifts and messages which made my Christmas all the more marvellous!

So we’re back to action here in Year 5 Silverstein, where we have certainly hit the ground running. The children are straight back to their regular timetable and have now begun their new unit on myths and legends in English. We have so far re-familiarised the children with the language of myths and their purpose in attempting to explain something in the world. And what better question to try to answer than ‘how did we get here?’ So we began by reading a range of creation myths from around the world to see how different they were and to see how the stories tried to answer the big question. We then read a well-known myth (Pandora’s Box) where the children pretended to be Pandora and put her ‘stream of consciousness’ down on paper as eloquently as they could!  Today, we’ve been looking at some of the terrifying monsters which the Greek myths describe before inventing a new one, which the children will aim to include in their own myths next week!

Our Maths lessons so far this term have focused on measurement- specifically the measurement of perimeters around shapes . The children have done extremely well understanding this and have been furiously  measuring and drawing shapes to calculate and show their perimeters.

In Science this term we will be studying space. We began the unit with an examination of our own planet and its ‘neighbours’ in space- namely the sun and the moon. The children discussed their current understanding of this before we drilled down to the facts which were recorded in their books.

Our R.E. work focuses on the journey of life this term and we began this unit with an explanation of what ‘milestones in life’ were. Once established, the children set to work considering what their future milestones in life might be.

Homework this week is back to normal and can be found in the usual place.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends and see you next week!

Mr Cookson

Class Updates

Friday 20th December

It’s the end of term!

And what a term it’s been. The children have been amazing and a real pleasure to teach and I felt so proud of them while watching their excellent performance at the Christmas carol service this week.

Thank you so generous Westfield voucher which I was given this afternoon. It is hugely appreciated and will certainly come in useful during these last few shopping days before Christmas!

As your children have probably already told you, there is no homework over this holiday, so they should be feeling especially refreshed when they come back in the New Year.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing you again in 2020.

Mr Cookson

Friday 13th December

Welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein page.

We’ve had another busy week here in Year 5, with our DT Day on Thursday being a particular highlight. I’m sure many of you will have seen some rather delightful nativity scenes coming through the door and I hope they have been given pride of place in all your living rooms!

We’ve continued with our multiplication and division work in Maths with a further study of factors, multiples and prime numbers. The children were set some really tricky puzzles and problems calling on their understanding of these.

In English, we have been revising some key aspects of grammar and punctuation and the children have also completed their Autumn term reading assessments, having looked at some practise retrieval and inference questions beforehand.

In Science, we have been looking at plant and animal life cycles. This week, the class learnt about the different ways that animals fertilise and care for their young. The children set out this information in carroll diagrams and were able to group animals according to given criteria.

Our Humanities work on the Industrial Revolution is now drawing to a close, but not without a final look at the grim conditions facing the poor as they spent another day in the awful workhouses.

As we have the Carols by Candlelight concert approaching, the homework is slightly different this week. The children have their regular set of spellings and Mathletics but no comprehension. Instead of this, I have asked them to use careful language to describe the winter scene shown on this week’s spelling sheet. This should be a highly descriptive paragraph which gives a clear indication of what it might be like to be in this place.

I hope you all have fantastic and restful weekends.

See you next week!

Mr Cookson

Friday 6th December

Welcome back to the Year 5 Silverstein page.

We had a great trip to the Steam and Water museum by Kew Bridge today. The children learnt a huge amount about the uses of steam and saw some enormous machines which were used in the nineteenth century to pump water around London.

In Maths this week, we have continued our work on multiplication and division. The children have used their knowledge of factors, multiples and prime numbers to solve some tricky problems and have recently been looking at square and cubed numbers.

We’ve been a bit ‘off topic’ this week in English as our lessons have been focused more on comprehension and grammar. We have read a long passage from Roald Dahl’s autobiographical book, ‘Boy’ and the children have been practising using evidence from the text to support their answers. They have also been fine-tuning their grammar skills, with a look at modal verbs and how to use personal pronouns accurately.

Our Science work on life cycles continued, with a look at asexual reproduction in plants. The children were shown a variety of plants which reproduce asexually and were then set to work to link different plants for their similarities or differences.

The life of a monk has been under the spotlight in R.E. We have been discussing how their lives differ from other Christians and how their days are organised between prayer and other recreational activities.

Homework this week is slightly different: The children are to do their spellings and Mathletics as usual, but should also design their Christmas nativity boxes as outlined on the attached ‘design sheet’. They should be getting their materials together, ready for our DT day which is on December 12th.

I hope you all have fantastic weekends and see you next week!


Mr Cookson


Homework Tasks- We will be keeping each day’s task up for a number of days so don’t fret to get them all finished. You can come back to them on another day.

30th March 2020

Week 2 Day 1

What is a Solar Eclipse