Year 4

Isaiah 26:4 – Trust in the Lord forever, the Lord, the Lord himself is the Rock eternal.

Welcome to 4 Rosen’s blog – this is where you’ll find news about what we’re doing in class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Faith who is (very capably!) supported by Miss Amy.

Class Updates

Week Commencing Monday 21st November 2022


Another busy week as the race to Christmas continues!

During our English lessons, we finished off our unit of work on ‘The Dot,’ writing our short stories using the plans we created last week. We also improved these using our green pens, with a particular focus on alternative words for ‘said.’ We also had a standalone dictionary-based lesson where we sharpened our skills (I was very impressed!) Add ‘Book Talk’ to the mix and we fit a lot into our week!

In Maths, my group finished their unit of work on length and perimeter, completing their end-of-unit tests related to the same. Beforehand, we explored the perimeters of both rectangles and rectilinear shapes. When it came to the latter, I made it clear to the children that as a concept, they are nowhere near as complex as they may sound – simply put, a rectilinear shape is one that is made of straight lines, all of which form a right angle. Reminding your children of this whenever you can would be most useful – thank you! Also, ask them to show you their ‘right angle checkers!’

During our Science lesson, we explored the concept of reversible changes by conducting a hands-on experiment where we checked how a range of materials do / do not change properties when left at room temperature. A fun time was had by all and herculean restraint was displayed by 4 Rosen’s members in not eating the chocolate buttons and ice cream that was placed in front of them.

In our RE lesson, we started our new unit of work on Peace At Christmas by reflecting upon what the term means, as well as thinking about how we can be peaceful during the festive period.

During Computing, we continued to work on the Logo programming language, this time moving onto Level 2! Increasingly complex programming lies ahead…

In RHE, we looked at the importance of respecting each other’s personal space.

For Geography, we explored the rivers of India, focusing on the Narmada and Ganges in particular.

During our Art lesson, Miss Amy started to work with the children in helping them create the pavilion structures they designed last week. They will finish doing this next Friday – hooray!

Here is this week’s homework:

Spellings and Homework for 251122

Please note our Class Collective Worship is this coming *Thursday 1st December* – we look forward to seeing you there! (Simple) guidance will have also been given to your child re: costuming (for the most part, festive jumpers will do on your end and we’ve got the rest covered – but if you require further clarification, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!)

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 14th November 2022


A rather sedate week by our usual standards (and if you believe that, I’ve got a few bridges that need selling…)

In our English lessons, we continued to study ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds. In doing this, we analysed the use of speech in the short story and created our own imaginary dialogues between Vashti and her parent / carer. Later in the week, we annotated an exemplar short story, reflecting upon its use of language, structure and other techniques in creating a compelling piece of writing. We rounded out our week by planning our own short stories inspired by ‘The Dot.’ Oh, and we even had some time for Book Talk!

During Maths, my group took another look at counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 9, moving onto jumps of 25 and 1000. We also completed a ‘times tables rush’ – times tables tests for all of the tables from 2x to 12x. After doing this, our scores were collated and areas of improvement were identified, which we will work upon in the coming weeks. As the week drew to a close, we started to work on length and perimeter, working on converting metres to kilometres (and vice-versa) and calculating perimeter on a grid.

Here is this week’s homework; please note that there is a reading comprehension component:

Spellings and Homework For 18/11/22

Reading Comprehension – Three Girls

During Geography, we continued to study India, learning about its various mountains and mountain ranges.

In RE, we continued to reflect upon the Beatitudes, thinking about what they mean to Christians. After doing this, we created our own sets of Beatitudes.

During our Art lesson, we started to design pavilions. I don’t know about you, but I struggle to use that term without mentally adding ‘Brighton’ as a prefix. Happy university memories… Distant memories mind – almost 20 years ago! Wow…

In our Computing lesson, we started our unit of work on Logo programming by creating shapes using experimentation and gave clear sets of instructions. In doing this, we started to understand the importance of giving and writing clear instructions.

The class continue to get better and better in terms of their chess skills; Tony was very impressed with their efforts this week!

The class continue to do well in terms of squeezing in our Class Collective Worship (class assembly in old money) practise sessions this week – just under two weeks to go!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 7th November 2022


It’s been another busy week!

During Maths lessons, my group finished off their unit of work on Addition and Subtraction, completing end-of-unit assessments related to the same. Before moving onto Length and Perimeter next week, we had a few ‘catch-up’ lessons where we explored the concept of negative numbers and counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 9 (we will take this further in looking at jumps of 25 and 1000 next week.)

During English, we moved onto our new unit of work on Short Stories. In doing this, we have been studying the (extremely!) short story of ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds. Just because a story is short doesn’t mean that it lacks substance though – it packs a real emotional punch in its 32 illustrated pages, teaching the children about the importance of accepting one’s emotions, managing them, finding ways of persevering and moving forward positively. This week, we reflected upon the feelings of the main protagonist (Vashti,) reflected on how anger is portrayed in different media, storyboarded the tale and answered VIPERS-related reading comprehension questions about it. We crammed a lot into our four days of learning (we were away on Monday on a trip – more on that later.) Furthermore, we even fit in some time for Book Talk!

Here is this week’s homework (as mentioned last week, please note that our spelling homework has changed; if you haven’t already done so, please be sure to read our letter about it – reattached below – and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about it:)

New Spellings Letter From Mr Faith

Year 4 Rosen Homework for 11/11/22

During our RE lesson, we started to learn about the Beatitudes, reflecting upon all eight of them and individually choosing our most significant three, explaining our thought processes behind our choices.

During our Geography lesson, we started to study the country of India, learning many of its key features, particularly its climate.

Tony was back in for another cracking Chess lesson; we have a few budding Kasparovs on our hands (I’m showing my age there!)

During our Art lesson, we started work on our new Design Technology unit on structures, creating eye-catching mini buildings using toothpicks and sweets!

In terms of class assembly prep, we had our first full run-through on Friday and it was superb. I have every confidence that your children will put on an outstanding performance on Thursday 1st December. Please help us by having your child practise their lines, memorise the song lyrics and also have a working knowledge of the rest of the script (just in case we need to make any last minute substitutions due to absences.) Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of you for our parents’ / carers’ evening meetings on Wednesday and Thursday – it was fantastic to speak to you and tell you all about the wonderful things your children have been doing in and out of class!

Finally, on Monday, we had a lovely sports trip to Sunningdale Prep School. A great time was had by all (despite the delays incurred during the journey there!) and a huge ‘thank you’ goes out to our very own Clare, who did an awesome job arranging the trip. Another huge thank you goes out to Sunningdale head Mr Dawson and his team, whose hospitality was absolutely first-class!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 31st October 2022


I hope you all had a fun and (hopefully!) restful half term!

After a week of Black Voices Week activities that were fun and thought-provoking in equal measure, we moved back to ‘regular’ English lessons. In doing so, we finished off reading ‘The Last Bear’ (talk about a powerful ending!) We started our week by using our retrieval and inference skills to make predictions based on stated and implied details. We then moved on to working on our understanding of how to use a formal tone in our writing. From there, we planned and wrote formal letters to Mr Schumm echoing the environmentally-conscious message that underpins the entire ‘Last Bear’ book. We also had an interesting ‘book talk’ session where pupils shared their current favourites (humorous fiction is pretty popular in 4 Rosen!)

During Maths, we started to finish up our unit of work on Addition and Subtraction. We did this by working on increasingly-trickier forms of column subtraction, then moved onto using estimates and inverse operations to check our calculations.

In our Science lesson, we started our new unit of work on States of Matter by exploring the differences between solids and liquids, while in RE, we finished off our unit of work on Buddhism by thinking about how Buddhists reflect and respond to the world around them.

We also had an abbreviated Computing lesson where we looked at how the online advertisement system works, and an RHE one where we reflected upon ways in which our feelings about a person may change.

During History, we had a double-header where we started to understand the impact the spread of Christianity had on Britain and Anglo-Saxon history, then used our accumulated knowledge and research to find out just who was buried at Sutton Hoo (spoiler alert – it was likely King Raedwald!)

Here is this week’s homework (please note that our spelling homework has changed; please be sure to read the letter about it and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about it:)

New Spellings Letter From Mr Faith

Spellings For Friday 4th November 2022

Reading Comprehension – On The Move

4 Rosen Class Poem for Autumn Term 2 2022

At the time of publication, we have just come back from a fabulous trip to the Natural History Museum. A huge ‘thank you!’ goes out to parents Lucila and Nathalie, who did a marvellous job helping us out on the trip, and Year 4’s very own Mr Perry, who planned and booked it all.

Finally, you may have heard rumblings from your children that we have started preparing for our upcoming class assembly. As it is on December 1st, to avoid burnout, I am planning on doing this lightly for the next week or two, then ramp up things during our final fortnight. As such, I expect I will send the children home with their scripts next Friday!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 17th October 2022


This year’s Black Voices Week has been an amazing one! It started with a whole-school assembly led by a tall, charming, well-spoken man who, despite his baldness, remains ruggedly handsome and looks at least ten years younger than his 42 years of age (*ahem*)…

In-class, 4 Rosen worked on a series of activities based around our chosen poets, Guyana’s John Agard and St Lucia’s Derek Walcott. With our work on John Agard, this ranged from a celebration of humorous language (‘I Am Googol’) to a more serious look at the meaning of flags and the importance of knowing one’s heritage and celebrating the achievements of those who modern British interpretations of history may have overlooked (‘Flag,’ ‘Checking Out Me History.’)

In studying Derek Walcott’s ‘After The Storm,’ we learned about the history and beauty of his (and indeed, my late father’s) St Lucia. A great time was had by all and I was able to dust off my impression of my father talking effusively about Walcott (“Son, you know that Derek Walcott is St Lucian? You know he won the Nobel Prize for Literature? Etc etc…”)

We were also visited by the wonderful Maggie (Year 4 parent,) who spoke about her childhood / teenage life in Zambia and how life changed for her when she moved to London 20+ years ago. I loved having Maggie in, as it showed the children a living, breathing example of what Black Voices Week is all about – showcasing people of African and Caribbean descent who have made a real difference to our community, and Britain in general. Thank you for all that you do, Maggie!

In other BVW-related events, performance poet Kat François visited the school and delivered a stirring whole-school assembly, Mr Gane and Miss Williams’ class shared their amazing class assembly with us showcasing the impact that Black people have made over the years to the Hammersmith and Fulham area, and Miss Hall (RHE Coordinator) delivered an assembly showcasing the good work that ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ do, powerfully showcasing the reasons behind their message. Thank you to all of those mentioned in this paragraph for your contributions this week!

In terms of other lessons, during Science, we recapped everything we already learned about electricity this term (different components, how circuits work, conductors and insulators.) We then designed our own simple circuits to include simple switches made from paper clips and drawing pins, understanding that bulbs will only light up when a circuit is closed.

In RE, we looked at the story of ‘Buddha and the Angry Elephant’ and used it to explore how Buddhism sets an example for others in terms of remaining calm and kind, especially in the face of adversity.

During Maths, we focused on column addition, first performing it with no exchanges (AKA ‘carrying over,’) then with one exchange, and finally two. To end the week, we started to work on column subtraction.

In our RHE lesson, we explored the range of feelings we can have and the purposes they all serve.

Here is this week’s (well, a week today’s homework if we’re being specific!) homework:

4 Rosen Homework For Friday 21st October 2022

Here is a YouTube video of our class performing our poem for the half term:

Please remember that we have a class trip during the first week back; if you haven’t already done so, please provide payment and permission for the same via ParentMail.

Finally, thank you for all of the support you have offered me during our first half term together; I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the class (after dipping my toes in the water somewhat last year teaching some of them Maths!) and long may it continue!

Have a great half term,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 10th October 2022


Surprise, surprise, 4 Rosen have had a very busy week !

We had a ‘book talk’ session where I discussed my most recent reading choice (‘Stuck on You: The Rise & Fall… & Rise of Panini Stickers’ by Greg Lansdowne for those of you who are interested. If you were a sticker album nerd like me back in the day, I highly recommend it!) After doing this, various other members shared their thoughts about their current reading books, explaining why they were enjoying them.

In our English lessons, we continued to read ‘The Last Bear.’ Over the course of the week, we inferred how a character felt through their words and actions, then planned and wrote a descriptive paragraph. In doing the latter two tasks, the concept of DADWAVERS (Description, Action, Dialogue, Where, Adverbial, Verb, Estimation of time, Rhetorical questions, Similes or metaphors) was introduced, which allowed children to craft a wide range of highly descriptive sentences. We finished off our week by plotting a key storyline event from the book and reflecting upon one of the main character’s (The Bear) motives.

In our Maths lessons, my group finished our first unit of work on Number and Place Value by rounding numbers to the nearest 10 / 100 / 100 and completing our end-of-unit test. We then started our new unit of work – Addition and Subtraction – by adding and subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. We did this by using physical place value charts and counters to work through multi-part questions that involved adding and removing counters, then noting the numbers that have been made. A great time was had by all and the use of concrete resources allowed group members to visualise their workings-out and calculations more easily!

During Science, we continued to look at conductors and insulators, this time investigating the purposes of both type of material.

In our RE lesson, we learned the Buddhist tale of Siddhartha and the swan, using it to explore the true meaning of kindness, and the important role it serves in all of our lives.

During our History lesson, we used information texts to find out about Anglo-Saxon life, using these to create our own information texts.

In our Art lesson, Miss Amy led the class in the first part of a lesson where they create a ‘wax resist’ picture.

During Computing, we took a look at search engines, exploring the science behind how a search engine works and how websites are ranked. In doing this, we looked at the concept of indexing.

In RHE, we learned about the importance of working successfully in a team, creating ‘Human Machines’ (ask your children!) to pantomime completing tasks in highly amusing fashion.

On Tuesday, the children also enjoyed a Key Stage 2-wide cross country run across Wormwood Scrubs! Thank you to Miss Marchant, our PE Coordinator who, well, coordinated it all!

Here is this week’s homework (please note there is a reading comprehension component:)

Year 4 Homework for Friday 14th October 2022

Year 4 Reading Comprehension for Friday 14th October 2022 – The Eagle and the Turtle


Some messages from other St Stephen’s staff:


From Mr Gane, one of our Maths Coordinators:


Mathletics is our eco-friendly homework setting system for Maths and children’s weekly work is monitored and assessed in exactly the same manner as traditional written homework.

Homework tasks set on Mathletics are expected to be completed on rough paper, with the final answers then entered in to the device – unless specifically stated, it is NOT mental Maths, so ‘workings out’ are expected/required at home, but not to be handed in. Remember that most questions have an animation that explicitly explains the method, demonstrating each step to solve the problem, if your child needs a reminder of how to complete the task.


We have checked that your child’s login details are correct, if in doubt do ask the teacher to check again. That means that for any other issues, parents/carers should contact the Mathletics helpline, as it will be an issue with your internet set up at home, or iPad setting or browser or any other number of issues – we can’t help there. See the information below that might help.

Mathletics can be accessed by PC/Mac, iOS and Android devices as well as Windows tablets and Chromebooks – on the laptops at school we find that it works best using either the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. See for more details and if you experience difficulty in loading the Mathletics website at home please contact Mathletics ‘LIVE Chat Online’ help or email via

Thank you again for your support.


From Miss Hall, our RHE Coordinator:

On Friday 21st October, we will be holding our annual ‘Red Card to Racism’ day. For those of you unfamiliar, this is an opportunity to show support and raise money for the UK’s largest anti-racism charity. On the day, children can wear their own clothes and we encourage them all to wear something red. If you are able to, we ask that children make a contribution to the charity in the buckets that will be in the playground before school that morning.


With regards to Miss Hall’s message, it is also Black Voices Week next week, and I very much look forward to celebrating it!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith


Week Commencing Monday 3rd October 2022


I’m sure you’ll be stunned to hear that 4 Rosen have, in fact, had a very busy week!

Here are some of our highlights:

We kicked our week off with two two-hour Science sessions with our scientist-in-residence, Mercedes. Over the course of the day, the class was split into two groups of 16, with one having an AM session and the other an afternoon one. During these sessions, both groups explored the following learning objective: To be able to plan and carry out an experiment to see how to change the brightness of a bulb. In doing this, they enjoyed a range of fun activities and even created moving vehicles!

During RE, we took a look at the Buddhist story of the Monkey King, exploring the concept of sacrifice as we studied it.

In our RHE lesson, we learned about the importance of being assertive and practised ways of saying ‘no’ to a friend in a polite fashion that is unlikely to cause offence.

During English, we moved onto a brand-new unit of work, Letter Writing, doing this by reading and studying the book ‘The Last Bear’ by Hannah Gold. We got off to a great start this week, using the text to make inferences about characters’ thoughts and feelings, write from the main character (April)’s point of view and construct detailed answers using evidence from a given chapter.
In our Maths lesson, we began the process of finishing up our first unit of work for the year – Number and Place Value. This week, my group compared numbers to 10,000, ordered numbers of similar value and worked with Roman numerals. With regards to the latter, I went to great length to emphasise the difference between Roman numerals and numerals (if your child is in my group, ask them and say it with us now, “Also known as numbers!”)

In our History lesson, we learned about the Picts and Scots, using information texts to answer a range of questions about them both.

Here is this week’s homework:

Homework For Friday 7th October 2022

As there is no reading comprehension element, please practise our poem – ‘Down Behind The Dustbin’ by Michael Rosen We will be performing it as a whole class (just in the classroom mind!) next Friday:

Down behind the dustbin
I met a dog called Ted.
‘Leave me alone,’ he says,
‘I’m just going to bed.’

Down behind the dustbin
I met a dog called Roger.
‘Do you own this bin?’ I said.
‘No. I’m only a lodger.’

Down behind the dustbin
I met a dog called Sue.
‘What are you doing here?’ I said.
‘I’ve got nothing else to do.’

Down behind the dustbin
I met a dog called Jim.
He didn’t know me
And I didn’t know him.

Down behind the dustbin
I met a dog called Sid.
He said he didn’t know me
But I’m pretty sure he did.

As a prelude to Black Voices Week, I headed a whole-school assembly talking about the importance of the event, getting children excited about it and encouraging them to share their / their parents’ and carers’ experiences during the week, which begins on Monday October 17th.

We rounded off our week in grand style with our annual Hispanic Day! This year, we explored the Hispanic world through art and Mexican folk dancing. We enjoyed singing our school song, ‘La Cucaracha,’ participated in a Mexican folk dance workshop with Ilusion Flamenca and watched a mini concert performed by a mariachi band. In the classroom, we focused on our given country, Peru. Miss Amy prepared and delivered one of her fantastic Art lessons, where children created works inspired by Victor Delfin, one of Peru’s most internationally acclaimed artists. We also had a visit from 4 Rosen parent Mauricio, who read to the class (in Spanish, naturally,) led the class through a traditional Mexican bingo game and hosted an extended Q&A session. A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to Mrs Pereira, who organised the whole event, Mrs Hardy, who assisted her in doing this, and Mauricio, for planning, resourcing and delivering his activities in the class! Further shout-outs go to 4 Rosen parent Fernando, who baked us delicious Alfajores De Maicena – South American biscuits – and our very own Miss Tami, who arranged to have famous Peruvian Paddington Bear make a guest appearance – thank you!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 26th September 2022


Another fun-packed, busy week for 4 Rosen!

In our Maths lessons, my group continued to work on Number and Place Value. This week, we flexibly partitioned numbers to 10,000 (for example, splitting 1,340 into 1,000 + 200 + 140, as opposed to the more conventional, place value-focused 1,000 + 300 + 40.) As the week progressed, we took numbers and looked at making them 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more or less and worked with number lines to 10,000. We rounded out the week by comparing numbers to 10,000. In a nutshell, lots of working with numbers up to 10,000!

During English, we finished off our unit of work on Varjak Paw. After starting the week with a GPS-focused look at fronted adverbials (don’t forget the comma at the end!) we planned, wrote and improved our own stories told in the Varjak Paw universe. A lot of effort was put into these across the class; well done 4 Rosen!

In our Computing lesson, we finished looking at how emails work, demonstrating how confusion can often occur in their use, and simulated the use of email via Google Classroom.

During Science, we learned the difference between insulators and conductors, then conducted a fun, circuits-based experiment to ascertain which category various classroom items fell into.

For History, we explored the difference between settlers and invaders, and looked at a range of images of Anglo-Saxons, identifying whether they were, in fact, settlers or invaders!

During RE, we learned about the concept of suffering and how Buddhists perceive it.

In our RHE lesson, we reflected upon the various aspects of a healthy, positive relationship.

This week’s homework can be found at the link below:

Year 4 Homework for Friday 30th September 2022

Year 4 Reading Comprehension for Friday 30th September 2022

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday, 5th October 2022.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 19th September 2022


Somehow, we managed to have an even busier week than the last, and it was only a four-day one!

During English, we continued to look at Varjak Paw. In doing this, we both answered and wrote a range of VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarise) questions related to the text, used it to define and identify pronouns and identifiers, shared exciting vocabulary and phrases contained within the story and practised our paragraphing.

During Maths, my group continued to work on Number and Place Value. This week, we worked with numbers to 10,000. We initially represented numbers to 10,000 using a range of means, then partitioned similarly-sized numbers, both regularly and flexibly.

In our Science lesson, we investigated the differences between mains- and battery-powered circuits, and consolidated our understanding of the same by creating electricity safety posters.

During our (unplugged) Computing lesson, we started to look at how emails work, cutting up pictures, distributing them to other class members, who then reassembled the images to the best of their abilities. This was done to demonstrate the concept of email packets.

This week’s homework can be found at the link below:

Year 4 Homework For Friday 23rd September 2022

Please note that there is no reading comprehension task this week.

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday, 29th September 2022.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 12th September 2022


A busy week for Year 4 Rosen; we’ve crammed a lot into the last five days.

During Maths, my group started to work on the Year 4 learning for the unit on Number and Place Value. As part of doing this, we identified place value up to the thousands, sequenced numbers according to their value, partitioned numbers and worked with thousands.

In English, we looked at SF Said’s modern classic, Varjak Paw, and in doing so, predicted and inferred the content of the story by looking at its front cover, inferred character traits of the book’s main protagonists and practised our weekly spellings and inverted comma (altogether now: “Also known as speech marks!” – ask your child about this) use.

In our Science lesson, we started to work on Electricity by constructing and testing simple circuits.

During RHE, we explored how our emotions affect our physical state.

In Buddhism, we learned about the origins of the faith.

During History, we started to look at Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots.

Our Computing lesson was related to the Reading Cloud software that we use in the school library. Extra-keen class members have brought the related worksheet home to do as extra homework. If that’s the case, please supervise them in completing the task. Please note that when searching for the school, you have to type st stephen’s into the search box, then select the school with the postcode W12 8LH. Thanks!

This week’s homework can be found at the link below:

Week 2 – 160922 – Homophones 2 Persuasive Features – Rosen

Week 2 – 160922 – Reading Comprehension – Sutton Hoo

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday, 22nd September 2022.

Please note that our sports trip, originally planned for this coming Monday, has been rescheduled; all the pertinent information can be found in the ParentMail message that Clare sent out earlier today.

Finally, please take care of yourself over this short-notice bank holiday weekend – I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones and mourn / celebrate the late Queen’s life however you most deem fit.

Have a great (three day) weekend, and I will see you all on Tuesday.

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 5th September 2022


4 Rosen have settled in well and we have been having a lovely time together!

Our first week together has been a most excellent one – the class have worked extremely hard in getting our new room in tip-top shape (lots of display material has been produced and mounted) and completing beginning-of-year tests, and I am delighted with the work they have produced.

This week’s homework can be found at the link below:

Homework for 090922 – 4 Rosen

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday, 15th September 2022.

Also, please find attached a copy of our current timetable:

Rosen Year 4 2022-23 for parents and carers

Our poem for the half term can be found at the bottom of this week’s homework sheet.

Please practise this with your child/ren on a regular basis ahead of us performing it as a class at the end of the half term.

Finally, my thoughts go out to all of those affected by The Queen’s passing – whether you are mourning her death directly, or it has triggered memories of the death of a loved one, my thoughts are with you (and The Queen’s family, of course.)

Have a great weekend, and please ensure that your children have a good rest – they’ve certainly earned it!

Mr Faith