Year 4

Isaiah 26:4 – Trust in the Lord forever, the Lord, the Lord himself is the Rock eternal.


Welcome to 4 Rosen’s blog – this is where you’ll find news about what we’re doing in class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Faith who is (very capably!) supported by Miss Amy and Miss Tracey.

Class Updates

Week Commencing Monday 18th September 2023


Somehow, we managed to have an even busier week than the last!

During English, we continued to look at Varjak Paw. In doing this, we b wrote a range of VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarise) questions related to the text, used it to define and identify pronouns and identifiers, shared exciting vocabulary and phrases contained within the story and practised our paragraphing. We also got some creative writing practice in by writing short, detailed paragraphs that made good use of adjectives, pronouns and determiners.

During Maths, my group continued to work on Number and Place Value. This week, we worked with numbers to 10,000. We initially represented numbers to 10,000 using a range of means, then partitioned similarly-sized numbers, both regularly and flexibly.

In our Computing lesson, we finished looking at how emails work, demonstrating how confusion can often occur in their use, and simulated the use of email via Google Classroom.

During RE, we learned about the concept of suffering and how Buddhists perceive it, while in our RHE lesson, we reflected upon the various aspects of a healthy, positive relationship.

During History, we talked about the end of the Roman Empire and what that meant for Roman Britons. We learnt about the Anglo-Saxon invasion from the East coast which left Britain open to another attack from the Picts and the Scots in the North. We then discussed the impact of the invasion and the consequences of the Anglo-Saxon settlement. Finally, the children worked in pairs to find the answers to a quiz.

This week’s homework can be found at the link below:

220923 – Spellings Homework Sheet

Please note that there is no reading comprehension task this week.

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Thursday, 28th September 2023.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith

Week Commencing Monday 11th September 2023

Week Commencing Monday 11th September 2023


A busy week for Year 4 Rosen; we’ve crammed a lot into the last week.!

During Maths, my group started to work on the Year 4 learning for the unit on Number and Place Value. As part of doing this, we identified place value up to the thousands, sequenced numbers according to their value, partitioned numbers and worked with thousands.

In English, we looked at SF Said’s modern classic, Varjak Paw, and in doing so, predicted and inferred the content of the story by looking at its front cover, inferred character traits of the book’s main protagonists and practised our weekly spellings and inverted comma (altogether now: “Also known as speech marks!” – ask your child about this) use.

In our Science lesson, we started to work on Electricity by looking at currents and appliances that are powered by mains electricity and batteries.

During RHE, we explored how our emotions affect our physical state.

In Buddhism, we learned about the origins of the faith.

During History, we started to look at Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots.

In our Computing lesson, we looked at emailing and how the concept of ‘packets’ works via a hands-on unplugged lesson.

This week’s homework can be found at the links below:

150923 – Homework Sheet

150923 – RC01 – The Eagle and the Turtle

4 Rosen Class Poem for Autumn Term 1 2023 – Down Behind The Dustbin

Year 4 Key Vocabulary List – Autumn Term 1

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Thursday, September 21st 2023.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Faith


Week Commencing Monday 4th September 2023


4 Rosen have settled in well and we have been having a lovely time together!

Our first week together has been a most excellent one – the class have worked extremely hard in getting our new room in tip-top shape (lots of display material has been produced and mounted) and completing beginning-of-year tests, and I am delighted with the work they have produced.

Homework will be set for the first time next week.

Also, please find attached a copy of our current timetable and curriculum map:

Timetable – Year 4 Rosen 2023-24

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2023-2024 v1.1 (slightly revised from initial version uploaded earlier)

Have a great weekend, and please ensure that your children have a good rest – despite only being here for three days, they’ve certainly earned it!

Mr Faith