Year 4

Isaiah 26:4 – Trust in the Lord forever, the Lord, the Lord himself is the Rock eternal.


Welcome to Rosen Class – this is where you’ll find news about what we’re doing in class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Jeffrey who is supported by Miss Tracey and Miss Kaisa.



Friday 23rd July - We're all going on a summer holiday...


We made it ! In full glorious  technicolour glory but who could have guessed we would have experienced such a rollercoaster of a year.

Zoom was no longer just a song by Fat Larry’s Band (for those of you who are old enough or bold enough to admit you remember) but an important part of lockdown 3.0 where I joined some of you at breakfast time.  Google Classroom played its part bringing Miss Tracey into the 21st century and bubbles were no longer confined to the bath tub or Aero/Wispa chocolate bars.  The children were no longer welcomed into the classroom with a cheery morning greeting but the holler of ‘Sanitise your hands!’.  This year, I had a new teaching partner who is thinly veiled as a grizzly bear but turns out to be more like  an oversized teddy bear.  But we had the reliable Miss Kaisa to counter balanced the mix.

We hope you had the opportunity to see your amazing children in the summer performance and felt the overwhelming pride that I did.  Miss Whiting and Miss Aisla have to take all the credit for that.  The unfortunate absence of class assemblies and school choir has meant the children haven’t been able to showcase their performing skills until this week.  It has been a thorough joy to watch them pick up the moves, grooves and words in the last few weeks.  For me, it reinforces the fact that singing/performing as one, really does lift the spirits which has been so sadly lacking in the last year.  Their little faces literally lighting up when they are rehearsing and performing simply fills me with pride and joy.

So, as always, the last day of term is always bitter sweet.  Whilst I am looking forward to the holidays, I reflect on the year and marvel at how the children have grown, blossomed, matured and adapted to the changes.  Sadly, we have had to say farewell to two of our children who are leaving The Bush to have adventures further afield.  The rest of the class have been duly promoted to year 5 to be with Mr McInroy.  It has been a privilege to have taught your children this year – I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them ‘warts an’ all’ and will miss them.

Thank you for your support throughout the year and to those of you (I know Rosen has many) involved in all the activities FOSS-side who help to make our school community the most amazing place to teach.  Thank you for your wonderful gifts throughout the year – my home has been filled with candles, flowers & plants, my waistline is a little thicker with all the sweet treats and the summer evenings will be all the more more merrier with the other!  There is still bounce in the tennis balls and I now also have a tennis towel so there’s no excuses for not getting out the racquet.​

There have been lots of highlights but I think it has to be the foot stamping and clapping of Amarillo in last night’s finale which captures the spirit of Rosen class of 20-21.  I’m looking forward to being in ‘my happy place’ this summer which will be in nature (Wales this year) and on the courts where I will claim game, set and match against my opponents so on that note I will sign off for the last time as your class teacher and hope you will reach in your ‘happy place’ very soon.

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 16th July - The Final Countdown....

Well, we are racing to the finishing line which holds the promise of a welcome break from school routines.

Alistair delivered an assembly about coping with disappointment early this week after Sunday’s football results.  As part of our RHE curriculum we try to educate the children about ways and strategies to cope with disappointment.  This year, in particular, has held more challenges than ever both in school and at home.  Children have had valuable lessons in this term’s topic ‘Growing and Changing’ – understanding change can be small (changing our minds about what we wear) or big (moving school/house).  Changes can be made by ourselves or maybe forced upon us (wearing masks).  What the children have learnt whilst some changes are welcome other changes are not – they happen – it’s how we deal and cope with them that will make us accept, understand and cope with change.  On that note, the children will be spending time with Mr McInroy, their new class teacher on Thursday afternoon.

In Maths we have been looking at Geometry and recapping on angles and triangles.

In English, we are still looking at persuasive language and will complete the writing next week.

Unsurprisingly, the week has been dominated by rehearsing – this week’s homework will be to practise the songs and the actions ready for the performances next week.  All children’s costumes should be in school ready for them.  Children should be back in school at 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.  Please note they will be given a snack whilst they are here and will not be allowed to find their parents during the interval.  We have been advised that the performance will finish about 8:30pm but check ParentMail to keep up-to-date.

No formal homework this week – except complete any unfinished Mathletics tasks and practise songs for next week.

Definitely time to get the sun hat, sun cream and the barbecue this weekend – just a few more days until those summer holidays!

Mrs Jeffrey





Friday 9th July - Euros, Wimbledon & Summer Fair

What a week!  It might be nearly the end of term but that only means we crank up the speed here at St Stephens.  No slacking off here…business and then some until the 23rd.

There was much excitement in the air as football dominated the atmosphere in school and yes – regardless of the results on Sunday night – children can come in late on Monday (10am).  Fingers crossed it’ll be in a celebratory mood…

This week, we have finished the short topic of graphs and completed the assessment with pleasing results.  We’ve also completed the arithmetic assessment and next week will do the reasoning and problem solving paper.

In English, we have been discussing the book Zoo by Anthony Browne and discussing the pros and cons of zoos.

Miss Whiting and Miss Aisla have been rehearsing with the children and they are practically word perfect and step perfect in the performances.  Keep your eyes peeled for costume details, performance and ticket details.  They’ll get a chance to see some of the dress rehearsals in the next week or so.

Last homework for Year 4 yay! Mathletics, Spellings and Comprehension.

Thank you for your contributions to the Summer Fair – I am looking forward to seeing some of you there – remember it’s not at school but at the Old Laundry Yard, Shepherds Bush Market.

Enjoy what promises to be a exciting weekend with Wimbledon and Euros final and our own Summer Fair.

Mrs Jeffrey






Friday 2nd July - A 3 Day Week!

English – We did lots of work into zoos this week because we are working up to a persuasive text in the next week or so. We have listed arguments for and against zoos which are displayed on our learning wall.
Maths – We have started the topic of Statistics this week. We have looked at bar charts and line charts and used ‘Sheets’ in Google Classroom. We input the data and then choose the type of chart we want to use. I have shared the results of the Government MTC with children and personally am thrilled with the results. Children need to stay on top of this going into Year 5 as it will really help them in other areas such as fractions and area.
We finished the topic of the Mayan civilisation by discussing theories about the downfall of the Mayan people and next week will start on the River Nile.
Sports day was the highlight of the week. The weather was kind and the conditions perfect for events including the hurdles, javelin, long jump and running. I’m so proud of everybody for taking part, encouraging each other, modest in winning and gracious in defeat. The highlight for me was keeping children company in the 400m race. A good opportunity to catch up with some news whilst I sauntered past the finishing line with some girls. I hope they had a tale or two to share with you after the day.
I’m not sure if Mr Perry intentionally booked our class trip for day immediately following sports day but we had a blast. We mixed up the classes and each group got to play rounders and cricket. We had a short but energetic play in the adventure playground and Mr P treated the children to some ice cream treats before we marched back to school.
Homework this week is spellings and Mathletics.

Well, the sun came out to play for us this week, let’s hope for some sun this weekend – have a good one.

Mrs Jeffrey


Friday 25th June - Time's Up!

Gosh – it seems as if we’ve raced through this week. We have written our information texts about endangered animals, spent a lot of time focussing on the success criteria, editing and improving our own work before we made suggestions for our friends. Reading through other children’s work is useful as it exposes us to work at a similar level and makes us think about the success criteria again and how important it is if we are going to make sure our work is the best it can be. The work looks great – clearly laid out, clear headings and sections, facts, opening paragraph and closing section as well as a glossary and fun fact section.
In Maths – we’re finishing the topic of Time and completed the assessment (which all the children did very well).  They can take their watches home and hopefully use them to tell the time. We will move onto shapes next week starting with angles. Time to remember to use rulers and use the gridlines in our books as guides. We completed the optional times tables checker and I will update you with any results that we get.
We’ve been rehearsing both the class song and the finale with Miss Ailsa and Miss Whiting. The children are also learning some dance moves for the performances.
In RE – we’ve been looking at the difference between miracles and magic. The children watched a short animation about Jesus turning wine into water at the wedding at Cana.
We’re breaking with tradition for this week’s homework which is spellings, Mathletics and Maths word problems on time. Please complete the Maths in the homework books and NOT on Google Classroom.
Next week:-
Thursday 1st July – Sports Day – details to follow
Friday 2nd July – Holland Park – remember to bring packed lunch
Of course, this is always subject to change – I will always notify you as soon as I know of any changes.
Well, I’m not sure whether or not to wear wellies this weekend…enjoy!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 18th June - got that Friday feeling?

We’re racing towards the end of Year 4 and it’s getting ever so busy.
As part of RHE – we had a workshop on Red Card to Racism – Paul delivered a very informative workshop about racism and stereotypes which generated some worthwhile discussion in class. We learned that children from as young as 10 years old can be charged with a hate crime. This underlines the importance of why we all need to understand and appreciate this community we live in. In one activity we had to choose what religion, job, culture or nationality of a person based on a one photo – when Paul did the ‘reveal’ we discovered women can be billionaires, ride horses and be rappers which surprised many of the children.
We’ve enjoyed using our watches to tell the time and we’ve learning about am/pm and converting the time into the 24 hour clock. The watches will theirs to keep next week.
In English, we’ve been researching facts for our endangered species and writing our introductions which was challenging because we didn’t want to repeat information that we were going to use in the rest of our explanation texts.
We have been looking at Sandra Silberzwieg in Art and looking at using bright colours and bold lines in our work. We thought her use of skulls in her pictures linked in well with our Mayan work.
Homework this week is spellings focussing on co-ordinating conjunctions (and, but, or) and subordinating conjunctions (because, since, although etc;) and Mathletics tasks. See the advice to deal with problems on our class page.
Remember to practise for the Government times tables checker using the link on our class page. The children will do the test on Wednesday morning – their individual scores will not be given to them but the Government will send on details to Mr Schumm towards the end of the summer term.
Keep an eye on important dates – the end of the term is upon us and in typical St Stephen’s way – there is always another event to remember. Next week, rehearsals – Monday but business as usual otherwise.
After last weekend’s glorious weather, the sun seems have gone all coy on us…never mind…good for the ducks…good for the garden.
Have a good one!

Friday 11th June - Happy Friday!

It’s another four day week but you know the way it is at St Stephen’s…so fun packed learning all week.

In Maths, we have been given analogue watches (donated kindly by FOSS) and are learning how to read the time (o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and even by 5 minute intervals). The children will wear their watches at school, return them at the end of the day but get to keep them once we finish teaching time (next week). We’ve also learnt about activities we do in ’am’ and in ‘pm’. We continue to practice our times tables and will do the Government times tables assessment this month – date to be confirmed. We urge you to encourage the children to do as much practice as they can using the similar online checker that’s on our class page.

In English, we’ve started our information texts and the children will work towards writing a text about an endangered species. This week, they looked at features of those texts identifying sub headings, paragraphs, technical vocabulary, glossary etc;

We’re completing our Topic of Mayans and founding out more about how they lived – their food (we know a little bit about that from our DT day!), their clothes, their homes etc;
We’ve just finished our RE topic of Buddhism and the children have reflected on what they have learnt – some of them came up with some meaningful questions and ideas.

This week, we familiarised ourselves with the new library system by logging onto:-
We created our own profiles. The children have been encouraged to use the system at home too – not simply to count as many friends they have on the system (!) but they can enter in ISBNs of their own books onto the system so children can arrange book swaps if they want to!
Rehearsals will start with Miss Whiting next Monday for the Summer performance of Bugsy Malone and we will practice in class.
Next week, we have a Red Card to Racism workshop on Thursday organised by Miss Mahon.

Homework is Spellings, Comprehension and Mathletics this week.

A few housekeeping points:-
– Make sure your child has a water bottle in school (and hat) especially now the weather is warmer
– School hoodies are part of PE uniform and not to be worn on non-PE/gym days
– Toys are not to be bought into school for break/lunch times

Looks like a hot one this weekend – dust off those barbecues and get some friends round!

Mrs Jeffrey


Friday 28th May - Food Glorious Food

It only took place on Tuesday but it feels like it took over the whole week. Cutting, chopping, peeling, grating, slicing, mixing, rolling, measuring, stirring, mashing, seasoning and tasting….we loved being in the kitchen preparing, cooking and eating our Mexican inspired foods. We made our own tortillas, tomato salsa, guacamole, red onion and pepper salad, tomato salad, grated cheese and carrots for a Mexican feast. It was all hands to the deck as there was so many activities going on but we had a brilliant time acquiring new skills and tasting some new flavours. Maybe timetabling it with Gymnastics wasn’t such a good idea…
We have finished the money topic in Maths and have briefly looked at Time. After half term, each child will be given their own ‘teaching’ watch which has an analogue face and colour coded. They will keep them in school to use in Maths – then they will be able to take them home.
We have also finished our Poetry unit in English which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. This week, they have read Talking Turkeys and The British (that’s two poems not one!) by Benjamin Zephaniah and enjoyed seeing him recite his poetry.
Mrs Pereira and her trusty team of library volunteers have completed the mammoth task of manually recording every book in the library for our new library system. The children were introduced to the system in class and will be able to login at home to personalise their own page, invite friends, recommend books and read other people’s recommendations. The children will be able to visit the library after half term.
In Science, we have been investigating sound travelling through different materials. We walked around the school listening to different sounds being made and discussed which materials sound travels through more easily. We also came to the conclusion that the thicker the material, the more difficult it is for the sound to travel through. We discovered we could change the pitch and the volume by spinning faster/slower or by shortening/lengthening the resources.
Homework for the half term is Spellings, Mathletics. We are aware there have been glitches in the Quest section of Mathletics. We have informed our Mathletics contact. We suggest you complete what you can and contact your Maths teacher after half term if you have had consistent problems. If you want to get ahead of the game, you can practise telling the time (using analogue watches) with the children.
In other news, Year 4 are practising Fat Sam’s from Bugsy Malone for the end of year rehearsal. They practised their dance routine with Miss Whiting on Monday and are already looking good – please practise both the words and the dance routine over the holidays.
Year 4 – Fat Sam’s

You Give a Little Love

So with sun finally looking more reliable, I wish you all a happy half term. Remember Monday 7th June is an INSET day so see you all on Tuesday.
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 21st May - Haikus, tankas, cinquains, kennings galore!

Well done to our class who completed over 100 walks to school this week.  I hope you all enjoyed some of the benefits of the fresh air and reconnecting.

In English, it’s been all about syllable counting in our Poetry unit.  We revisited haikus from year 3 and learned about cinquains, tankas and kennings.  We really loved the riddle aspect of kennings poems and got the opportunity to read out some of our work.

In Maths, we’ve continued with Money and have been learning different ways to add/subtract money.  We have also looked at how to calculate how much change we get – even though most people use cards to pay for things nowadays.  We had a practise run on the Government Times Table Check and the children will attempt it again next Wednesday morning.  All seems well but please encourage the children to keep practising.  Next week we will start work on Time – reading time from analogue faces, am/pm and the 24 hour clock.

In History, we learned about how the Mayans used a pyramid like system in their societies with the kings ruling states at the top of the pyramid and slaves at the bottom.

In Science, we had a fun afternoon making vibrations to demonstrate how sound travels from the source to our ears using rice/beans on drums, elastic bands, rulers and tuning forks in water.  It was a noisy afternoon but hopefully the children got to learn through practical activities.

Miss Tracey and Miss Cummins brought out the Mayan spirit in the children on Friday as they worked with clay to create Mayan inspired work.  You can see a selection of their work above.



This week’s homework is Spellings, Mathletics (this may be tasks and or quests) and a poetry comprehension.

There a couple of timetable changes for next week only:-

Tuesday – DT Day – Food

Tuesday – Gymnastics (no gym on Monday)

Wednesday – Gov Times Table Check Practise

Just a week to go….


Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 14th May - Fantasy Island

In English, we planned and wrote our fantasy stories – we had to think of something that would act as a portal so story setting would transform from one place to another. What an imaginative group of children we have – penguins and icebergs, come-to-life photos, suck-you-in pictures and mirrors – somebody even managed to include his beloved Emirates stadium.
In Maths, we’ve started Money which follows on well from our Decimal work. We’re continuing to practise times table using a website on this blog. Please practise these whenever you can.
In History, we have been looking at pictures of artefacts of the Ancient Mayans and learning about their lifestyle and culture.
In RE, we have learnt the importance of nirvana to the Buddhist faith and have been looking at similarities and differences to Christianity and other faiths.
You’ll be pleased to hear that Homework this week is Spellings posted on this page and on Google Classroom and look at assignments and quests that need to be completed in Mathletics.
Have a good weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey
Walk to School Week – w/c 17th May
The benefits of fresh air and daily exercise are well documented for keeping us all healthy in mind as well as body. The last year of lockdown has proved that walking has also been beneficial for our mental well-being. Not only is it great for us but also great for the environment.
So as part of a national Walk to School Week – we are encouraging all children to walk, cycle or scoot to school with their families instead of using their cars for the whole week. We will awarding special Walk To School house points for each child who has walked, cycled, scootered to school every day for the week. So set the alarm clock a little earlier, ditch the car and hop, skip and jump to school next week!
Mr Schumm will announce the house who has collected most Walk to School points on during assembly on Friday.

Friday 7th May - Maths All Day? Hurrah!

I could definitely get used to a four day week…this week has whizzed by very quickly especially as we were off timetable on Friday for to celebrate Maths Day.
We made healthy fruit (melon, grapes, tomatoes, pineapple) fraction kebabs and got a chance to make cheeky sweet kebabs with yummy marshmallows, strawberries, brownies, bananas and chocolate bites. The children were also introduced to the idea of parabolic curves which are made using straight lines – some of the children were quite ambitious and created some lovely patterns – check them out on our web page. We estimated objects in different shaped containers and ordered 14 containers in ascending order of capacity.
In English, we looked at the old man’s emotions through the story The Tin Forest and plotted our ‘graphs of emotion’ and justified why he felt a particular way. We have also started to look at simple sentences and compound sentences and been introduced to the idea of clauses which are similar to phrases (but they contain a verb). The children will plan and write their fantasy stories next week.
In Humanities, we have started our new History Topic of Mayans and have been asking ourselves questions as if we were conquistadors discovering ruins deep in the forest. The topic looks like it is going to be an exciting one this term. The children have a reading comprehension on the Mayans for homework this week.
In RE, we are looking at the significance of the eight fold path in Buddhism and discussed the similarities and differences between Buddhism and Christianity.
Only a four day week but we fitted in just as much fun and learning – I shall be glad when the weekend comes! Hope you manage to dodge the showers that are forecast – see you on Monday.
Have a dry weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 30th April - Lovely Sporty Arty Friday

Another busy week in school. Some of the children went to a cricket match and enjoyed the sweet smell of victory over their opponents!
In English, we worked with partners and wrote poems based on the rainforest. Some of the children were influenced by Michael Rosen’s Down Behind the Dustbin and called their poems Down in the Rainforest. We also did some drama with Miss Kaisa and stepped into the shoes of the main character in our story – we put him in the ‘hot seat’ and asked him questions so we could get a better understanding of him. We used all this information to do some shared writing then we wrote our own diary entries. It was interesting to read about a wide range of ideas from robots to new metallic friends. I’m already excited about the fantasy story that they will be planning and writing next week.
In Maths – we are working with decimals – ordering and comparing values. The children have completed a times table test online using
We’ll be tracking their progress for the rest of the term so it’s vital that the children continue to practise their times tables. The order of learning is :-
2, 5, 10 (an expectation for end of year 2)
3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (an expectation for end of year 3)
11 and 12 (an expectation for end of year 4)
Do use the above link to practise, practise, practise. Each test is 25 questions long and timed so only takes a few minutes each time.
We completed the Geography topic about Plants of the World by completing a quiz and finished learning about organs in the human digestive system and of course that came with lots of toilet humour.
The children impressed me with what they had remembered about Buddhism from the Autumn term. We have started the second unit of Buddhism this week and have tried, with varying success, to make origami lotus flowers. The good thing is, at least paper flowers won’t make us sneeze!
Miss Tracey took the Art lesson on Friday. The children had a good time making pictures of junkyards using cardboard, paint, wire, foil, dried rice/pasta and all sorts of junk. Some children were inspired by Jackson Pollock. The class was bubbling with chat and laughter as the children worked – it was a truly lovely session.
Class daffodils have been dead headed but there are lots of flowers coming into bloom, I hope you get a chance to see some colours over the long weekend.
Homework this week is Spellings, Mathletics and Earth Day project.
Mrs Jeffrey

PS Highly able is on Thursday mornings from now on.  Paul is certainly keeping us all on our toes!

Friday 23rd April - Happy St George's Day

Welcome to the Summer term! It was good to hear the children’s news about what they did during the Easter holidays. Many of them grabbed the opportunity to meet up with family and friends, visit the seaside, see animals at the zoo, have sleepovers and playdates. Whatever they did – they were certainly recharged and have settled back into school and have been working hard all week.
In English, we have started a new book (the title of the book has yet to be revealed) and the children had to draw a scene based on the opening extract of the book. ‘There was once a wide windswept place, near nowhere and close to the forgotten, that was filled with all the things that no one wanted.
Right in the middle was a small house, with small windows, that looked out on other people’s rubbish and bad weather.’ They have written about a dream scene based on what they know about the old man in the book.
We learned more about St George on Friday.
In Maths, we have consolidated our knowledge of bonds (of multiples of 10) to 100 and continue with Decimal work. Please make sure they complete their Mathletics tasks.
The children enjoyed meeting the new music teacher this week and started the unit ‘Being My Best’ in RHE this week.
We are finishing the last few lessons of our Science topic. We had a very messy but fun Science activity where the children delighted in crushing bananas and crackers in orange juice & water and then pushed the contents through tights and a paper cup. Hopefully the activity re-inforced what they know about the human digestive system.
Another change in the timetable which I’ve included on this page:-
Gymnastics on Monday afternoon (HA Gymnastics Wed mornings)
PE on Friday mornings
Well, the sun is becoming almost reliable so fingers crossed we all see some of it over the weekend. Have a good weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

Thursday 1st April 2021 - Happy Easter!

We have been practising our hymns for the Church service – we spotted a few of our parents and grandparents watching on Zoom – maybe you had a cheeky bop to “I Give Thanks” along with the children.

The whole school was filled in glorious technicolour yesterday as the children came in with their fabulous Easter bonnet creations.  In our class, we had a Mad March Hair (sic), Angry Bird, Willy Wonka themes as well the traditional floral/Easter egg/chick and rabbit bonnets.  There will be a gallery to view the children’s creations on the website.  Ms Bouwman and Miss Hardy came round to judge and chose the Mad March Hair, a lockdown themed and Easter eggtastic hats as worthy winners.

In English – I’ve learnt that, even though our book is set in the jungle and our hero has been captured by gorillas – there’s always an opportunity to include a game of football!  I’ve enjoyed reading many of the stories where the children have had to hatch plans so Charlie can make his escape.  Fortunately, the children were very generous and Charlie does escape the clutches of Thrak, the silverback gorilla.

In Maths – we will continue with Decimals after the Easter break.  The children will be taking the national times tables tests at the end of the school year so continue to encourage the children to keep up their times tables practise.  Check out the links below for more information and practise.  There is no set homework but children can complete any Mathletics tasks that they have been assigned.

Multiplication tables check: information for parents – GOV.UK (

Hit the Button – Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (

In RE, we have been discussing the legacy that Jesus has left behind and what legacy we would ourselves like to leave. In Science – we have been learning about our digestive systems. In Geography, we learned how we use plants in a variety of ways.

We finished the term with a Maths quiz and an awards ceremony with a difference which the children found mildly amusing…Then there was the constant stream of Easter egg raffle prizes…

Thank you all for your donation of Easter eggs to the school raffle.  I hope the Easter bunny brings you some chocolate and some sunshine. As our Spring term draws to a close – I want to thank you all for your ongoing support, energy and enthusiasm.  The cakes, cookies, flowers, cards and gifts are always appreciated.  I’ve just unwrapped some tennis balls which I’ll be using tonight at the first tennis match of the year.  It’s been great to have all the children back in school and I’m already looking forward to the Summer term (yes – honestly!)

Right now – I’m looking forward to a roast dinner and a few days in Whitby, wherever you spend yours – enjoy your children and the break!

Mrs Jeffrey

PS Our class timetable has changed – click the link on this page –  PE is now on TUESDAYS so children in PE kits on the first day back.

Friday 26th March 2021 - Can you hear me?

Firstly, thank you for your contributions to Downs Syndrome day on Monday.
And although we had a gremlin in the system, I managed to honour most of the appointments for Parents Evening – thank you for taking 10 minutes to chat with me. It was good to catch up with you albeit virtually.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our first school outing for a year.  After several failed attempts, Alistair and Claire managed to organise a cross country activity at Ravenscourt Park.  Both children and teachers were excited to be ‘out of the office’ for the morning and enjoyed a stroll on a lovely Spring morning to the park where the children energetically did a circuit.


In English – we’ve been enjoying reading about the scrapes of our intrepid explorer and now reached the part where Charlie has been captured by a gorilla. As he says, it doesn’t seem right, after his escapades with crocodiles, metallic rhinos, hungry hyenas and the electric blue spider that he’s now been reduced to a silverback gorilla’s plaything. Well, at least along the way, he was able to name a new species of animal after himself – the Charliesmallicus. This week, we’ve been planning and writing up Charlie’s great getaway from Gorilla city and I’m looking forward to reading about their madcap plans – hopefully full of rich vocabulary and adventure. I will be encouraging the children to think about their writing targets to uplevel their work.
In Maths – we continue with Decimals linking it to tenths – please encourage the children to keep up their times tables practise as this is critical key to lots of Maths concepts. The children will also be taking the national times table test at the end of year 4.  Also remind the children to keep up to date with their Mathletics tasks.
In Science – we have been learning about how to look after our teeth. In Geography, we learned how a seed of wheat becomes a loaf of bread and were reminded about the process of how a cocoa bean becomes chocolate.
Just some housekeeping notices:-
Remember you can donate Easter eggs and buy your raffle tickets via Parentmail – all proceeds going towards Friends of the Earth charity and Year 6 final trip to Whitby. Here’s a video you can watch – thanks.

Virtual Easter bonnet parade Wednesday, 31st March – please encourage your children to use recycled materials and wear their hat to school. Miss Bell will visit each class and film the children and stitch it together and put the film on the website.
Virtual whole school Easter service Thursday, 1st April at 9.10am
I wish you all a restful weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 19th March 2021 - Business as Normal

This week we celebrated the homework on Inspirational Women and heard about Serlina Boyd (founder of Cocoa Magazine), Rosa Parks, Coco Chanel, Ella Fitzgerald, Mary Anning and lots of year 4 Mums! Your children love you very much and find you inspirational! What a lovely timing with Mothers Day.
We had the last of our castles showcased in class – with one extra blingy silver castle with lots of foliage and a ‘metaphor’ castle – castle fort representing the NHS, doctors and nurses replacing the soldiers to protect us from the enemy virus. Very original and creative indeed.
In English – we’ve used rich vocabulary to create description settings and write a paragraph (or more) full of tension and excitement. The children have really enjoyed experimenting with onomatopoeia, short sentences and ellipses.
In Maths – we have started Decimal work linking to Fractions – please encourage the children to keep up their times tables practise as this is critical key to lots of Maths concepts. Also remind the children to keep up to date with their Mathletics tasks.
In Science – we have been learning about different types of teeth and their different functions. In Geography, we learned that the word ‘desert’ can apply to both very hot environments as well as very cold environments and discussed how plants adapt to survive in these very harsh conditions.
We are learning about the significance of The Last Supper in RE and discussed the sharing of bread and wine. We thought about how it felt to share a meal with other people and when we drank some juice and had some chocolate together we agreed it felt special and made us feel united.
Just some housekeeping notices:-
Parents evening Wednesday and Thursday next week – please sign up online if you haven’t done so already.
Virtual Easter bonnet parade Wednesday, 31st March – please encourage the children to use recycled materials and wear their hat to school. Miss Bell will visit each class and film the children and stitch it together and put the film on the website.
Virtual whole school Easter service Thursday, 1st April at 9.10am
Also Down syndrome awareness day on Monday so we are wearing odd socks and asking for a £1 donation from the children – I’ve got that one covered with the number of odd pairs in the laundry basket at home….
Well, the children thought it was warm enough to sun bathe as they lay in the playground…I don’t quite agree but as long as it makes them happy – maybe a warm weekend ahead – whatever the weather – enjoy!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 12th March 2021 - Yay - we're all back!

It’s a welcome back of sorts…. Well done on surviving the home schooling period with good grace and thank you for your continued support and kind words. It’s a joy to have the children back in school where they belong. They have wasted no time catching up with the friends (and teachers) and have settled down to lessons without any hitches at all.
And in true St Stephens style, we have had a busy first week back. We celebrated and admired last week’s Art by showing every individual piece of work in class. They were resourceful, creative, and imaginative and produced some lovely pieces of art. I hope you enjoyed the break from the usual onslaught of assignments on Google Classrooms as much as we enjoyed seeing them. They have also been proudly showcasing their work on Castles and I’m looking forward to reading their written work. I understand there a few late castles and projects to come in – please do email or send them in early next week.
Maths – we continue with Fractions and finding fractions of quantities. This area of Maths is best de-mystified when the children have a solid recall of their times tables. Again, I have to emphasise the importance of rehearsing their times tables facts and their corresponding division facts. We’ll be moving onto Decimals when we finish Fractions.
In English – we’ve started our new class book, The First Charlie Small Journal Gorilla City. The children are loving the action packed drama of young Charlie’s adventure. We made inferences and predictions this week about how Charlie is going get out of a ‘tight spot’ with a rampaging rhino with angry red eyes!
We have been learning about inspiring women (Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Jane Goodall)
In Science – we are learning about Animals including Humans and this week looked at food chains.
I’ve attached an updated timetable with Drama replacing Music until further notice otherwise the school week is pretty much unchanged.
I hope you all took advantage of a homeschool free week and are ready to enjoy their company again.
Enjoy Mothering Sunday if you are celebrating it…. Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey
PS Almost forgot – Homework can now be found on Google Classroom and this week is Spellings, Mathletics and a Factfile/PowerPoint (or similar) on an inspiring woman. Spellings and Factfile to be completed in Homework book. Files can be emailed to me. Good luck!

Friday 8th January - Happy New Year - Lockdown 3.0

Week 1 – Happy New Year – Lockdown 3.0
Firstly, a very happy new year to you all! Seems so strange to be wishing you a Happy New Year when our world is so quiet at the moment. I do hope, despite the last minute changes made before Christmas, you and your families enjoyed some of your festive traditions. I’d like to thank you again – for your all support and kind words last term and your generous gifts. I’m sharing the chocolates and biscuits reluctantly…..and as Westfield is closed…can only dream of how to use my voucher. At least, it’s something to look forward to….
So, we find ourselves teaching remotely again so thank goodness for Google Classroom and Zoom. It’s been lovely to see most of the children virtually and a few in person around the school. It looks like you’ve been able to access the online learning fairly successfully. Mr Perry and I are working together to hopefully give Year 4 lessons which are meaningful and fun. As we get into swing of things, we plan to include some short (pre-recorded) video lessons and do some ‘live’ teaching. As you know, Mr Perry is already mastering those skills. Next week, I hope to get my camera working properly to record some videos – until that time, we’ll have to rely on our morning and afternoon Zoom. Thank you for your patience and co-operation for the (now aborted Google Meet) Zoom meetings. I daresay, those hitches and glitches will rear their ugly heads again and try and thwart our efforts. Please do not worry if you can’t make Zoom (the 9am and 3pm) – the meetings are there for the children to connect to school and each other. I will let you know when there is a Zoom lesson.
The children have settled in and are completing work regularly. Miss Tracey and Miss Cummins will be helping us with the marking. I’ve enjoyed watching videos of some of the children performing poetry and hope some more of the children have done so in the privacy of their bedrooms/homes even if they haven’t sent in any films. Mr Perry was a little disappointed with the effort put into the History task this week especially as he had tried to make the lesson interesting for the children. We discussed this and decided that the children probably needed more time to do the task justice. In future, we’ll give the children longer to complete those tasks to allow them really think about it and produce (hopefully) a higher standard of work. We’re not encouraging you to submit work late but we would prefer a high standard of work a day late rather than a rushed piece of work on time. We don’t want this to sound like a grumble so early on in the year – it’s just something to think about.
I’m looking forward to reading some of those nonsense poems this weekend – next week we’ll be talking about dragons – look on your bookshelves and see if you can find any books on dragons – fiction or non-fiction.
On the strangest of Fridays….stay safe…see you on Monday.

PS Miss Tracey and Miss Kaisa also pass on their wishes and thanks for their gifts.
Links for assemblies are being sent by ParentMail
Links for story telling are being sent by ParentMail

Friday 18th December - Ding Dong Merrily on High

Well, we finally made it – Christmas holidays are now upon us.  Thank you all for your cards, generous gifts, kind words and good wishes.   Miss T and Miss Kaisa also pass on their thanks.  I will look forward to opening them on Christmas Day as is tradition in our household with a few festive nibbles wrapped up like a pig in a blanket!

The children kept working hard right up to the end – we’ve finished all our topics finishing by learning about condensation in Science.

I’ve really enjoyed reading their explanation reports on their Santa sleighs and other inventions.  They certainly have the makings of engineers, eco-warriors, innovators and philanthropists.  Many inventions were unique, some were time-savers and a few even saved the planet from plastic for future generations.  The children came up with impressive technical vocabulary including DNA, face recognition, prototype, titanium, dispenser, satnav, sanitiser etc;

In Maths, the children did really well in both the Arithmetic paper and the Reasoning and Problem Solving paper.  Those word problems can be tricky and there is always lots of room for improvement in both Maths groups.  While there is no homework for Christmas, work will begin on the 11 and 12 times tables immediately in the Spring term.  Be warned!

DT Day – We had masses of fun with spilt pins and made various cards using different levers and linkages – in fact the children had far more creative ideas than me when it came to how they could be used.  We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again.  We had an ‘alternative’ celebration ceremony this morning which amused the children and this afternoon, we had Christmas fun doing quizzes and making crackers.  We were treated to a performance by the dance troupe Girls Aloud Plus One Boy who jiggled, jived and flossed to a song about chicken wings and chicken macaroni…I’ll leave that to your imagination…

We enjoyed the very much ‘live’ Christmas Carol service this morning and admittedly were a little distracted spotting all our parents zooming in.  Our class parents were out in number and we yelled greetings to our absent friends.  Good to see so many of you this morning.

It’s been a joy getting to know each one of your children (and indeed the parents) and pleasure to teach them.  After the unpredictable end to their year three, they have all done you proud and settled into school smoothly without any fuss to the new rules and routines.   We’re handing each of your angels back to you for a wonderful (and maybe ‘quieter than usual’) Christmas and wish you all a peaceful Christmas – wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

Peace be with you all this Christmas time…

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 11th December - Almost there...

Tuesday’s filming went like a dream.  Two takes and not a hair or a note out of place.  The children did themselves proud with their performance of Good King Wenceslas.  Mr Schumm and Miss Bell were there to applaud them all.

In English we have started a new topic, that of explanation texts and I can see that some children have drawn up some unique inventions in their homework books which included a present giver, a car which runs on aloe vera fuel.  I am looking forward to hearing in more detail some of their ideas.

We have finished multiplication for this term and the children have worked really well learning a particular times tables and recalling the corresponding division fact.  After Christmas we start with the 11 and 12 times tables so keep practising.  I’ve mentioned this before – times tables is one of the most important skills, the children can practise – it helps them with so many other areas of maths including time and fractions.  We are revisiting subtraction and discovering more efficient ways of subtracting rather than using the traditional column subtraction method such as ‘adjusting’ and the number line.  Next week they’ll do an Arithmetic and Reasoning and Problem solving assessment.

We continued on the theme of peace for RE which linked well with our weekly RE assemblies.

Mr Perry took the class to finish off our ‘Village Settlers’ topic with a task the children really enjoyed which was to design their own village.  The children designed and drew a bird’s eye map of their village, used a key to include symbols to represent buildings, farmland and other features and then some descriptions of their choices. They were some weird and wonderful designs out there!

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 will take part in the Cross Country Challenge so will need to be in their PE kits.  We shall have our DT day on Wednesday when we will create cards using the concept of pivots and linkages to make moving parts.  Christmas jumper day and Christmas lunch will be on 16th December.

Time to get those presents wrapped….enjoy…

Mrs Jeffrey


Friday 4th December - It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

So the children have been practising their Christmas carol and with a little more practise at the weekend they should all be set to go for filming next Tuesday – full smart clean school uniforms for everybody please!
In English, we’ve planned, written and edited our narrative story as if we were Gregory travelling to Tobago for the first time for a long holiday. We looked closely at how his emotions change over the course of his first day – recognising that he was anxious and nervous when he first arrived but was exhilarated by the end of his first day there – no wonder! He saw dolphins when he swimming in the sea, drank coconut water fresh from its shell and loved getting to know his cousin Lennox.
In Maths, we are doing brilliant work with our 6 and 9 times tables. Next week we will look at the 7 times tables and their corresponding division facts and then look at some efficient strategies in addition and subtraction. We spent Friday morning solving lots of challenges using reasoning.
In Science, we planned a fair test investigation on melting. We made predictions and discussed what variables we could change to test different theories. We resisted the temptation to eat the chocolate and had fun waiting and watching the white chocolate, dark chocolate, ice, cheese and wax melt. We worked in groups and our results were different so we discussed what factors would affect our results such as size and shape of material and the strength of heat. I’ve never seen children get so excited about melting food before!
With the help of Miss Amelia, we finished the week by making personalised paper baubles which we’ll take home next week! Phew – just in time to start a weekend of Christmas shopping! It’s definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas.
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 27th November - Jack Frost is here!

Christmas preparations are well under way with Miss Rachel organising class songs and solo performances and Miss Bell rehearsing with readers for our Christmas Carol Service. We shall be practising our class carol ‘Good King Wenseslas’ so that they are pitch perfect and ready to be recorded.
In English, we’ve looked at the two characters in our book more closely and shall be writing in role next week before we write a longer narrative piece. We’ve done some dictionary work and some comprehension based on the story. The children wrote reports on Tobago and presented their Powerpoint presentations. They discovered that Tobago has lots of festivals and carnivals and they enjoy watching goats race!
In Maths, we continue with multiplication and division and will be doing work on 6 and 9 times tables next week.
In Science, we investigated whether air had any weight by using a deflated and an inflated balloon and looked at different materials and decided whether they were solid, liquid or gas.
In RE, we looked at the word ‘peace’ and discussed what it means to each of us, internal and external peace – I hope you find some peace this weekend – wrap up warm and enjoy!

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 20th November - It's Getting Nippy

Well it seems that quite a few children took home Magic Boxes which were fashioned as football pitches last Friday!  They were having such a good time it seemed a futile task to ask them to think about the poem they had written in English.

This week we have started a new book, Gregory Cool, which is based on a city boy who spends some time with his Grandma and Grandpa in Tobago.  We have been researching the country to find out about Caribbean culture.  We have tried writing ‘haikus’ – 3 line poems which follow the syllable pattern of 5-7-5.  Some of us have found it a bit tricky but there has been some very lovely ideas amongst our work.

In Maths – we have started multiplication and division.  We have been using our place value knowledge to multiply and divide by 10 and multiples of 100.  Again, another reminder that practising times tables is so important to our Maths work.  The children are doing well but can always practise more.  If they’re secure in a particular times table, learning the inverse should be the next step.  e.g. 3 x 4 = 12, so 12 ÷ 4 = 3, 12 ÷ 3 = 4

In Science, we have learnt about particles being closely packed together in solids and spread far apart in gases.

In RHE – we have started a new topic on Valuing Differences.

The children enjoyed Over the Moon on Thursday’s Movie Night with drink and snacks – I’m going to have a Movie night this weekend – with the Beaujolais bundle – can’t wait!

Have a good one!

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 13th November - The Magic Box

It was a pleasure to ‘meet up’ with most of you this week for Parents Evening with just the occasional technical hitch. If you didn’t get a chance to speak to me – please email me and let me know.
On Wednesday Mr Perry led a Remembrance Day assembly and the school observed the two minute silence at 11. The children have a comprehension in their homework based on Remembrance Day this week.
The children really enjoyed writing their own versions of The Magic Box and came up with some wonderful original ideas. They have copied their poems out in their best handwriting and you can find them in their own Magic Boxes. In their poems, they used their senses, alliteration and lots of their spelling words. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. A big ‘Thank You’ to Miss Tracey who has organised all the painting and the decorating of their boxes this week. Throughout the week, the children have brought in various things to help them personalise their own Magic Box – I hope they can share the contents with you over the weekend…
In Maths this week, we have been tackling Perimeter and Length. The children are beginning to understand that 10mm = 1cm, 100cm = 1m and 1000m =1 km. They are also learning how to calculate the length of missing parts of rectilinear shapes though some of them are finding that part trickier.
We have just started our History Topic of Village Settlers (Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Romans) and our Science Topic of States of Matter.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 6th November - Poetry and Parliament Week

Was half term break only a week ago?
We’ve had a great week reading and discussing The Magic Box by Kit Wright. The children started the week by looking at various poems by TS Eliot, Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah, Edward Lear and Ken Nesbitt. We discussed verses, rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and what we liked (or disliked) about the poems. We found Talking Turkeys (Zephaniah) really funny and enjoyed Halloween (Nesbitt). We all read or performed either a verse or a whole poem. We let our imagination run riot as we planned our own Magic Box poems with an abundance of creative, funny and wonderful ideas. We’re really looking forward to writing our poems next week – hopefully including alliteration and expanded noun phrases. For Art – please send in any (shoe box sized) boxes (and decorations, printed pictures) which the children can use to decorate as their ‘Magic Box’ next week.
In Maths, we consolidated our skills with exchanging understanding that one ten can be exchanged for ten units, one hundred can be exchanged for ten tens etc; It’s tricky but we are getting the hang of it. We have just started to look at Measurement – Perimeter and Length.
Parliament this week so the children have been learning about Parliament and how this country is governed. They all had a chance to vote for an extra dish to be put on the school menu demonstrating democracy – a British Value.
While we were learning about the rivalry between Protestantism and Catholicism in a History lesson about Bonfire Night, we reflected for a moment to think about groups of people who are persecuted today in 2020. We recognised that we should be grateful for our liberties we have in this country.
We have tested the Parents Evening system earlier this week so I’ll be looking forward to seeing you (albeit virtually) next week.
The colder days and nights are drawing in – wrap up warm this weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 23rd October - Bags of Fun!

We’ve had a brilliant week this week and deserve our half term break! It’s been Black Voices week at school this week. Every day we have learnt about a significant person. We read Look Up! and learned more about Dr Mae Jemison who was an astronaut, engineer and physician. Then we were treated to a presentation on ‘First Black British…’ and Ethiopian athletes by one of the students. We also learned more about footballer and army officer Walter Tull and tennis player Althea Gibson. On Friday, we did some art work based on Kara Walker, an artist introduced in year 3.

In English, we wrote the next chapter to Varjak Paw – there were lots of fight scenes with a very unfriendly dog and descriptions of magic powers and lairs – very dramatic indeed! We tried to include fronted adverbials, detailed description and conversations to bring our stories to life.

In Maths, we are getting more confident exchanging (when a number in a column exceeds 10) and will use this for subtracting (with exchanging).

We finished our History and RE topic on Celts, Picts and Saxons and Buddhism and reflected on what we have learnt.

It was DT day on Thursday and we had bags of fun making t-shirt bags. We had to design, cut, sew and decorate our bags so they were strong enough to hold a ball and attractive to look at. I hope you were impressed by their sewing skills.

On a more serious note, I needed to remind our class of the Computing agreement they had signed at the beginning of the term because some of them had accessed and shared inappropriate material. I have discussed this with all the children and reminded them about the importance of online safety. Whilst the school has filters and firewalls in place, they do not 100% effective, so both teachers and parents/carers need to keep reminding and impressing on them the importance of online safety. Thank you for your support on this matter. Mr Faith will be delivering an assembly on this after half term.

We’ve all worked really hard this term and what a great start we’ve made to year 4 especially given the circumstances. I hope you enjoy the half term break!

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 16th October - Uno, dos, tres

On Thursday, every child wore something red in support of ‘Red Card to Racism’. We watched a thought provoking educational film about racism featuring famous footballers, sports athletes, adults and children. We also listened to a special performance of ‘This is Me’ sung in dedication to our school. This led onto to some interesting discussion about how we live in a very multi-cultural part of multi cultural city. We learned that we are all individuals and have the right to be proud of our heritage regardless of race, religion or culture. We looked at ‘Our World’ display and embraced our differences.

In RE, we discussed why Buddha was a good role model and how he set an example to his followers. Some of the children also named people in their lives who they thought to be good role models.

In English, we have been looking at fronted adverbials and planning the next chapter of Varjak Paw. Plans have included friendly dogs/unfriendly dogs, beasts and lairs. I’m looking forward to reading their stories and will be encouraging them to use fronted adverbial, inverted commas and expanded noun phrases in their work.

In Maths, we have started looking at adding using the column method and completed an assessment on Place Value.

On Friday, we brushed away the cobwebs with a very energetic bop to a Spanish song El Bodeguero. Almost everyone joined in with their own moves and grooves and the front of the classroom resembled a moshpit by the end! We learned about Costa Rica and enjoyed an energetic dance workshop led by Veronica who showed us some basic dance moves – there was lots of wrist twisting, posing and foot stamping.

We’ve had busy week and have Black Voices week to look forward to. Our class book is Look Up! We’ll be doing some work around themes raised by the book.


I’m sure you’re ready for this weekend – I know I am!

Have a good one.

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 9th October - Down Behind the Dustbin

Who needs Shakespeare or Wordsworth when you have a classful of poets. The children rose to the challenge of writing their own poems based on Michael Rosen’s Down Behind the Dustbin. They did a tremendous job – we had poems featuring lots of different animals (cheetahs were quite popular), cats, dogs, dolphins, gerbils, pythons down in the ocean, behind dustbins, TVs, dishwashers, over rainbows and one on the end of a nose! Some poems had rhymes, others alliteration and all of them captured the silliness of the original poem. We’ve loved reading every single one of them and they make a wonderful display in our book corner.
We’ve started our class book Varjak Paw which is a tale of a Mesopotamian Blue cat who is belittled by his older brother and teased by his three brothers. Fortunately, he has an ally in his Grandfather, Elder Paw. We’ve discovered he’s quite brave and has a mischievous streak in him as he has ventured beyond the house and into the Outside where none of his family have gone before. He’s on a mission to find a Monster, which we understand to be a Dog to help the family. We’ll be reading more of the story before we write own chapter.
In Maths, we’ve finished Place Value this week and ended the week with some Roman numeral work. Please complete any outstanding Mathletics tasks before we move onto Addition and Subtraction next week. Parents and carers are reminded to make sure the children complete their Mathletics homework. We do not want to go back to setting work on paper. The children should be: reading the questions online; accessing the animated ‘help’ if required; working out their answers on rough paper; entering in their final answers. While Mrs Bouwman does run a Mathletics Homework club on Thursday lunchtimes, this is primarily aimed at children who might have difficulty accessing the internet at home.
Thanks indeed for your help and understanding on this matter.
We enjoyed hearing the story of Beowulf in History this week and we learned about conductors and insulators in Science.
Next Friday is Hispanic Day so the children have some extra fun to look forward to.
Time to fetch our the winter woollies.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Jeffrey.

Friday 2nd October - Very Wet and Windy

It’s been another really busy week at school.
We planned, written and edited our persuasive letters for the release (or the continued imprisonment) of the Iron Man. We tried to include some of our homework spellings (homophones and prefix words) and expanded noun phrases in our letters as well as rhetorical questions, dramatic claims, emotive language and intensifiers. Later in the year, we will be writing a balanced argument using a lot of these features.
In Maths, we’ve been ordering and comparing four digit numbers and doing lots of challenge work. We’re really getting used to seeing numbers represented in different ways.
In Science, we used batteries, wires, light bulbs, motors and buzzers to create complete working circuits. We were thrilled to see bulbs light up, buzzers buzzing and motors whirring around.
We finished the week with some an unexpected drama session which the children enjoyed.  We also held a vote for our new school councillors.
Homework can be found in the Homework section of this page. I’ve also set the task of writing a poem in the style of Michael Rosen’s ‘Down Behind the Dustbin’ because our display board would look great with some children’s poems.
I’ve had messages regarding Mathletics homework for my Maths groups. Internet access at home can be an occasional issue for some and Mrs Bouwman will run Homework Clubs for anyone who might need access. Mathletics can be accessed by PC/Mac, iOS and Android devices as well as Windows tablets and Chromebooks – on the laptops at school we find that it works best using either the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. See for more details and if you experience difficulty in loading the Mathletics website at home please contact Mathletics ‘LIVE Chat Online’ help or email via Do let me know how you get on and if you can’t find the work.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 25th September - Wet and Windy

We’ve worked really hard this and tried to pack in as much learning and fun as we can.
In Maths, we’ve been working with number lines up to 100 and some of us are finding it quite challenging. We’ve also looked at different ways to partition 4 digit numbers e.g. 3981 = 3000 + 900+ 80 +1 or 3981 = 2000 + 1900 + 80 +1. We’re practising times tables and learning that practise, practise, practise certainly helps.
In English, we’ve done a really good job writing a persuasive paragraph and next week will plan and write a letter. We’ve also read Chapter Three of The Iron Man where he re-appears from under the earth to disturb a family picnic. Oh dear!
During our Computing lesson, we remembered how to access Google Classrooms and the children also looked at Google Meet where they were able to see each other and see where they would have ‘live’ lessons should our ‘bubble’ or our school have to go into lockdown. This is merely a precautionary step and some forward planning should we need it.
Homework can be found in the Homework section of this page. Please remember that Mathletics tasks should also be completed. This week my Maths group have been set three tasks but please complete any outstanding tasks.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 18th September - Getting into the Swing of Things

Week 2
We’ve enjoyed the lovely hot weather and remembered to keep ourselves safe by following all the new guidelines.
We’ve had an extremely busy week learning about place value in Maths (working with 4 digit numbers) and looking at different representations (place value grids, counters, number line, Base 10 equipment). In English we have really enjoyed the first two chapters of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We’ve got to a very exciting part and we have been discussing the very important matter of whether to keep him (our metallic giant) in the great big pit. We held a debate with speakers for and speakers against the motion “The Iron Man should be released.” This work will help us write our persuasive letters next week. We’ve done some work on replacing pronouns with more interesting noun phrases which are on our display.
We finished the week by listening to some of Year 6 candidates trying to persuade the children to vote for them to be House Captains. I have to say, the Year 6 children have produced some very professional persuasive arguments to win votes.
Homework can be found in the Homework section of this page. Please remember that Mathletics tasks should also be completed.
Enjoy the last few days of sunshine.
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 11th September - Week 1 Done!

It was lovely to welcome all the children back to school and into year 4. The children looked smart in their uniform and ready to start the school year. In fact, we’ve had a really busy week. I’ve listened to all the children read and their reading books will go home next Monday.
They’ve have worked on creating family shields which will adorn our Art display board in class and had an Art lesson with Miss Tracey, our unofficial resident artist on Friday. We turned detective during our History topic of Anglo Saxons, Celts and Picts and looked at (pictures of ) objects found by archaeologists and discussed what we could learn from them. In Science – we have started to look at what makes electric appliances work and even rubbed balloons on our hair to produce static electricity.
School has been the ‘same but different’ – we’ve even been able to hold our school assemblies via Zoom and celebrated our ‘Stars of the Week’ on Friday. The children have settled down to the new procedures quickly.
After such a busy week at school (especially after 3 PE sessions!) – I’m sure they’re all ready for a relaxing weekend. Homework books went on Friday (please use the sticky back plastic to cover the books) – you’ll find the comprehension on web page to download. Mathletics tasks have been set and focuses on times tables this week. Please email me if you have any questions.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

First Day Back

Welcome to Year 4 Rosen!
I hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready to start the new school year. It was lovely to meet all the children today and we spent the day getting to know each other. They have shared their holiday news of going to parks and beaches, visiting friends and family, swimming, snorkelling, sailing, camping and caravanning, crafting and gaming. Some of them made it as far as Barbados and Ethopia – some of them visited Dorset and Eastbourne.
We also discussed what would be the same and what would be different in school because of new and ever changing Government guidelines about keeping us all safe. The children have been following the new guidelines sensibly.
Our timetable will look similar to previous Year 4 timetables and the new timetable will be published on this blog in the next day or so. In Maths – Year 4 will be split into two groups. Mr Perry will be teaching the more independent group and I will be teaching the other group supported by additional adults. On Mondays (Gymnastics), Tuesdays (Cricket) and Fridays (PE – Kick London) the children should come into school in their PE clothes which they will keep on for the rest of the day. The weather looks fine and warm this week but make sure your child has long track suit trousers/joggers and a school cardigan or jumper for the cooler days ahead. . There will be no trips planned until further notice.
Reading books will not be issued this week but will go out every Monday and should be returned by Friday when they will be ‘quarantined’. Children will visit the school library every 2 weeks for 15 minutes only. Homework will be issued every Friday and should be returned by Tuesday. Mathletics tasks are part of the weekly homework and should be completed weekly.
I am looking to meeting you all properly but at the moment, all adults are encouraged to leave the school site as soon as you have picked up your children. Please do email me with any questions. If you would like to discuss anything in detail – we can arrange a face-to-face meeting or a Zoom call.

Mrs Jeffrey


Useful links for times tables :-

Multiplication tables check: information for parents – GOV.UK (

Hit the Button – Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (

Please complete any unfinished Mathletics tasks.

Mathletics can be accessed by PC/Mac, iOS and Android devices as well as Windows tablets and Chromebooks – on the laptops at school we find that it works best using either the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. See for more details and if you experience difficulty in loading the Mathletics website at home please contact Mathletics ‘LIVE Chat Online’ help or email via

Bible Verse

Children should learn the following bible verse:

‘Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself is the Rock eternal’

Isaiah 26 vs 4