Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Rosen’s class page. This is the place to find out everything we’ve been up to during the week, as well as find out what the homework tasks are.

The class teacher is Mrs Jeffrey supported by Miss Kaisa and Miss Michelle.

Friday 27th March - Fabulous Friday

Morning Scamps!

Well, it’s the end of a week.  I hope you all enjoyed doing some work or at least enjoyed being at home.

Thank you for keeping in touch.   I’ve watched a lovely short video of wildlife that one of you has sent in this morning.  It’s set me up for the day!

Tasks have been set for today and with the tasks already set this week, you should have enough to keep you busy until Monday.

If you find you have idle hands, offer to help tidy your room, do the laundry, lay the table, clean and clear up.  Maybe you can make your parents, brother/sister a snack or a drink.  Go on, be nice, be helpful – we’re all in this together.

Stay safe and healthy, have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jeffrey

Thursday 26th March - Troublesome Thursday

Morning Tinkers!

Why troublesome? Because it has taken me numerous attempts to add the blog this morning but finally…

Thank you for sending in work and messages.  It’s good to keep in touch.  I’ve seen a motte and bailey created in the garden and some lovely colourful homework.

Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the fine weather whilst it’s still here.

Mrs Jeffrey



Wednesday 25th March - Wonderful Wednesday

Morning All

Another glorious day of weather.  Hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

It’s been lovely to hear from you so do get in touch when ever you like – it doesn’t even have to be about work.

Our class has grown in number – there are some kittens in our number!  They are very sweet and black – maybe you can think of some names for them!  I can always suggest them to the family!

Enjoy Wonderful Wednesday!

Mrs Jeffrey



Tuesday 24th March -


Hope you are all well, staying safe and healthy in these strange times.

I’ve had emails from parents about not being able to access USO logins and the clarity of some of the tasks.  Both Miss Marchant and I will try to make sure the information we upload is as clear as possible.  The work we set is optional and will not be marked formally and is for your child to do if they can.  Please do not worry if they don’t understand what to do or are unable to complete it.  I will answer any questions by email.

Mathletics is always available and we will set tasks 2-3 times a week.  In fact, my Maths group have plenty of uncompleted tasks from previous weeks.

We have restricted remote access to the school directory so it might take us some time to find the right answers!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Jeffrey



Monday 23rd March - Happy Mondays

“Good morning Year 4!”   To which, you all chorus back, “Good morning Miss Jeffrey, good morning Miss Kaisa, good morning friends!” Alas, not for the next few weeks… I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend and were extra nice to everybody.

You will find your home schooling tasks on this page – it will be updated regularly. We’ll find work for you to do to keep your little minds/hands busy and well-oiled as well as including some project based tasks which you can complete over a longer period. In such times, please do not worry about completing them, they have been set so you can have some learning time at home if you wish to (and give your parents a breather!). Remember you can email me and I will reply (during school hours).


Beautiful weather again, today. Maybe a good day to be screen free and stretch those little legs if you can.


Happy Mondays!


Mrs Jeffrey


Let it Be – The Beatles

When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

And in my hour of darkness

She is standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be


Let it be, let it be

Let it be, let it be

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be


And when the broken-hearted people

Living in the world agree

There will be an answer, let it be

For though they may be parted

There is still a chance that they will see


Let it be, let it be

Let it be, let it be

Yeah, there will be an answer, let it be

Let it be, let it be

Let it be, let it be

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

Let it be, let it be

Ah, let it be, yeah, let it be

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be


And when the night is cloudy

There is still a light that shines on me

Shine on until tomorrow, let it be

I wake up to the sound of music,

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be




Friday 20th March - Extraordinary Times


The people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.  And listened more deeply.  Some meditated, some prayed, some danced.  Some met their shadows.  And the people began to think differently.  And the people healed.  And in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.  And when the danger passed and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.  Kitty O’Meara –

Well, it’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks and instead of gearing up towards Easter holidays, we all find ourselves prematurely finishing the school term. So it is with sadness, I write this week’s blog, unsure of when we return. It wasn’t so long ago the children (and the odd teacher) were excited at the prospect of school closing, now it has become reality, coming to school doesn’t seem that bad – be careful what you wish for! No trips, Easter bonnet parade…. though we did finish the week with a session delivered by RAW drama which the children thoroughly enjoyed.
Alas, there is work which can be done to maintain some structure and normality to their days (and keep you sane)! Please check on the school’s webpage and our class page for work to be completed at home. Miss Marchant and I have put together some tasks and activities for the children. Both classes will have the same work, it will hopefully keep the children busy. We will check and mark children’s work on Wednesdays and Fridays but we will be able to answer any emails sent to us during school hours – (use our normal school email addresses).
The children have all been given letters with USO logins and shown in class how to access various resources. Please do not worry if your child cannot do the work – it is optional. Mathletics will be set by your Maths teacher. For all other work please check our class page. Work can be completed and saved online (within USO resources), or in homework books (and photographed, uploaded or sent by email) or photographed and uploaded or emailed. As always, keep up with the daily reading and times table practise.
It’s been a privilege and a joy to teach your children this year – thank you for your support especially during these uncertain times.
Stay safe and healthy.
Mrs Jeffrey

Tuesday 17th March - St Patrick's Day

If you and your family are self-isolating at this time, here are some links that you can follow to some educational games and activities.

If you would like to do any independent work following up on things we have learnt in class (write a story, make a poster, do some research), that is great and you can bring them in to share when you’re back again. These activities are not compulsory and obviously you need not do them if you are feeling ill.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon but, if we are forced to close the school, we will be posting a more comprehensive educational program and providing all children with their USO logins so that they can access more specific activities set by their teachers.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Royal Albert Hall have also notified us that all performances have been cancelled from today.

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 13th March - International Women's Week

The children have proudly bought in and sent in presentations, posters and fact files as part of their homework. They have showcased their work this week and we have learnt about Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, Linda Chapman amongst others. Local author Louisa Young was our guest speaker during Monday’s assembly. She had an instant rapport with the children and gave us an interesting assembly.
In Maths, both classes had a Fractions assessment – it is evident that those children who practise their times tables and can recall them quickly have found Fractions easier to tackle. Twinkl Go is a good place to practise their times tables! The password is on the homework sheet. This will prepare them for the statutory end of year times tables test. A few minutes every day will make a noticeable difference to their knowledge and the speed of their recall. Both classes have now moved onto working with hundredths and thousandths in decimals and fractions.
We go back to a book published in 1968, The Iron Man, for our English class reader. We will base our persuasive text on the story in the next few sessions – that is whether the Iron Man should be released from the hole or remain firmly underground. The children have learned the relevance of REARR in their paragraph work – Reason, Explain, Argument, Rhetorical Question and Repeat. It’s a lot to remember but they are trying hard and will plan and write their persuasive letters next week.
We will be looking at using Excel as part of Computing next week and inputting weather data which will tie in to our Geography lesson of Plants of the World.
The sign up sheets for Parents Evening are now live – please sign up for your slot.
I hope you enjoyed looking at your (and other) children’s work on Friday afternoon – it’s a pity the pieces can’t stay up for longer. Your child will be able to take home their work.
The weather forecast for the weekend, as the children will tell you, is looking promising – so enjoy.
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 6th March - Arts Week & Book Day

Well done Rosen ! Our class took the Best Class Effort award out of the whole school which speaks for itself. The children got a mini box of mini eggs as mini prizes so that’s pretty fabulous. We had impressive creations which included (prizewinner) Grandma Josephine (complete with bed!), the two part Long Dog, colossal cardboard creations of Mr Bump (prizewinner) and Icarus, witches and wizards, political figures (Emmeline Pankhurst) and Moonface. Miss Kaisa was Fairy Godmother, Miss Michelle – Mary Poppins, I dressed up as Cruella De Ville (or an ugly sister depending on which child you asked…). After all the excitement of the parade, they still found enough energy to decorate biscuits with Grace. She prepared a cake replica of the Tree of Life and the children got to decorate biscuits which made up the complete picture. Thank you Grace!
We have been a hive of very very busy bees. We have been learning about the Viennese artist, Gustav Klimt and used pieces of his iconic work to design and create pieces of our own. You’ll get a chance to view their art on Friday 13th in the Main Hall.
Thanks to Miss Bell and Mr Cookson for organising the week’s timetable – the children have had a lot of fun.
Monday – Children watched some foot stamping, thigh thumping, swashbuckling pirate fun in a performance of Treasure Island.
Tuesday – Using alliteration, the children crafted poetry with Miss Pereira and then had a banging drum session with Miss Rachel.
Wednesday –The children used kitchen foil, glue guns and oil pastels to make some lovely nature inspired artwork.
Friday – the children had two sessions of PE so should be exhausted – just in time to recharge their batteries over the weekend.
The 8th March is International Women’s Day which we celebrated last year to great success. This a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This week, we would like you to research and create a poster/fact file/presentation about a female author or journalist.
• where they were born
• age
• how many pieces they have written
• what is your favourite piece by them and why
• what you enjoy about their work
• where can you find their work
• don’t forget to include a picture of your author
We look forward to seeing your fantastic ideas and learning more about the impact of female authors.

Have a creative weekend!

Mrs Jeffrey


Friday 28th February - Back to School

The half term holiday seems a long time ago! We started the week building bridges – the children’s brief was to build a bridge 50cm long, strong enough to take a load and look beautiful. The children worked in groups and made beautiful strong bridges – the strongest was able to hold more than 20 books before the tower of books collapsed (so not the bridge). Future engineers in class? Maybe…
In Maths – recapping of fractions and calculating fractions of amounts. In my class we have been looking at how bar models can help us visualise fractions of amounts. We have also been tackling word problems with fractions of amounts, recognising whether a problem has more than one step.
English – we have started Poetry and all the children chose a short poem to perform – the use of facial expressions, body language and tone of voice have all helped bring the poems to life. The children counted syllables to help them write their own haikus, tankas and cinquains.
On Wednesday, we had a SMSC day on the theme of ‘Health and Well Being’. Our class learnt about ‘Keeping Safe & Healthy’; the people who help us do that and how, we in turn, can make their jobs easier. We also did an activity where we discussed unsafe, potentially dangerous, situations. We talked about how we could keep ourselves safe and who we could talk to.
RE – We will be learning about Holy Communion this term and started this week by discussing the relationship (if there is any) between fame and being a Christian.
Next week is Arts Week – Miss Bell has given us plenty of ideas and organised activities for each class to do including Creative Writing, Raw Drama, Treasure Island, Storytime and our class will be doing some cake decorating thanks to parent volunteer. The ideas be central to Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life. So next week the children will be busy bees creating wonderful pieces of art ready for the whole school exhibition on Friday 13th March.

And remember it Book Week Day next Thursday…time to get thinking about those costumes.


Stay dry and warm this weekend!

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 14th February - Woodrow House

It’s all about Woodrow House this week! Storms Ciara and Dennis threatened to ruin our trip but we went ahead with all the planned activities. We had some wet and windy weather – but not enough to dampen our spirits. The children (and teachers) have been excited and excitable about the week’s activities (and finding out who they’re sharing bedrooms with!).
We arrived in glorious sunshine and lost no time orientating ourselves on site. Then in four different groups we did our activities. It was good to see them running around in the open, working as teams and mixing with children they wouldn’t usually be with. There were lots of activities. They encouraged each other and cheered each other in every activity. Wednesday night was campfire (named Finley the fire by our children) night with tales and songs led by Woodrow House staff. Thursday night was disco led by the dance diva Miss Marchant who knew all the moves and grooves.   Friday morning, we had to avoid sharks under the parachute and the cat had an impossible task of chasing the mouse.  Miss Marchant and I got into action by tackling the children in hockey and football – we’re not competitive at all! The children have had a brilliant time and we were all well looked after, enjoying lovely healthy meals.  For more details, check the main website where you’ll also find a random selection of photos.
Earlier in the week in RE, the children listed six things they would take into a Buddhist’s sanga. Most of them chose practical items such as clothes and food, a lot of them included a teddy, a few chose books and a couple of them couldn’t resist wanting their Ipads or money quite contrary to a Buddhist’s simple way of life.
Now, we’re half way through our school year – time flies when you’re having fun and the last term and a half have been such fun – I’m handing them back to you for half term frolics – enjoy your week!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 7th February - Science Museum

Another week, another trip!
On Wednesday, we went along to the Wonderlab at The Science Museum where the children are encouraged to be ‘hands-on’ with as many different activities as possible. The space is divided to different areas and included Electricity, Light, Sound, Matter and Maths. There were electrical circuits to be completed, a demonstration on how lightning can be created indoors, indoor slides (to demonstrate friction), coloured tiles and lots more besides. There was so much to do and although most of the children had visited before, it was good to hear that they wanted to go again. We finished our visit off with a Wonderlab show that demonstrated slow and quick chemical reactions (using a catalyst to create elephant toothpaste!), introduced to ‘exponential growth’ (ask them about the chess story) and a fire and sound display (where the size of flames got bigger or smaller according the music played). The children had a very productive morning and thoroughly deserved their lunches which, I know for some, will always be the highlight of the trip. As always, thank you to the parents who came along to help out on the trip.
We have been reading The Saga of Erik the Viking and the children have been totally captivated by the beautifully crafted short chapters – tales of mystery, magic and the unknown. The children have finished their stories and will be typing them next Monday ready for the competition.
In Maths – it’s been all about equivalent fractions. In my class, the children have been using fraction strips to represent equivalent fractions. We’ve identified a rule which is “Whatever we do to the numerator, we do the denominator.”
In RE, we have been looking at where Buddhists practise their faith and know what Nirvana means.
On Friday, we had coding day and were introduced to ‘algorithm’ and ‘decomposition’ and told how everything in the modern world is influenced by algorithms. From our routines of getting up in the morning and coming to school to travelling in outer space. We learnt that algorithms used for coding are important for car design, food production and for saving animals in the world.
As both year 4 classes have had so much on this term, we’ve decided to push back our DT day to the first week after half term. This will give the opportunity to look at other year group’s work and also collect more loo/kitchen rolls.
Woodrow House trip next week – children will find out on Wednesday morning which activity group they’ll be in and who they are ‘bunking in with’. I’ve looked at the programme of activities and if your child doesn’t come back exhilarated but tired, I’ll be surprised. The children have been talking excitedly about the trip and I only hear good things about it so all stations go!
So, enjoy this weekend in the knowledge that you have fewer excuses not to go to Cabaret Evening next Thursday! (We shall have our own disco at Woodrow House…)

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 31st January - What an Exhibition!

How cultured we are here at St Stephens! As part of the national Steve McQueen Year 3 project, Year 4 went along to the Tate Britain to see their class portraits as part of the whole exhibition. The children and our parent helpers were thrilled to see their class photo incorporated into the larger exhibition of over 70,000 London school children from 300 schools (from both state and independent sector, mainstream and special needs). 4 Rosen assembled themselves in the same positions as they had done for the original photograph, with Mrs Jeffrey, replacing Mr Faith for a comparison. The visit was well organised by the Tate Britain who encouraged the children to complete specially designed activity packs about other notable pieces of art around the gallery (to include paintings and sculptures). It was a great day out!
Our assembly did indeed inspire the children in writing their own versions St George and the Dragon. We’ve been listening to some of the children telling their tales. In more than one version, we have a female hero. In other, a basilisk or a griffin represents the evil beast. Their descriptions of both the setting and the beasts have conjured up some great visions. One of my favourite lines is “a horse a day keeps the dragon away”. We certainly have the makings of some decent authors in our class.
Next week, the children will create their own stories based on the Vikings so they can enter the 500 word BBC Short Story competition. Again, they’ll get a chance to use all the rich and varied vocabulary they’ve been using already but hopefully their work will reach a wider audience!
In Maths – we’re still learning all about fractions – adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. The children have been using fraction bars to represent equations which has been really helpful and converting improper fractions (top heavy) into mixed numbers. Next week, we will be exploring equivalent fractions.
In RE, we learned about the 8 fold path that Buddhists follow and created our dharma wheels and wrote down some of the rules we follow at home and at school. Seems to me – there are universal rules which apply to all our homes – no playing on other people’s beds, no devices upstairs, ask to leave the table, leave shoes at the door…The rules the children suggested were mostly practical or reinforced good manners – makes sense to me.
Science trip next Wednesday – please make sure you give your child a healthy packed lunch and remember NO NUTS (this includes hummus).
DT day is looming and the theme is bridges so if you have tubes (of the toilet roll/kitchen roll variety) which the children can use – please send them into school.
Well, the weekend can’t come too soon for me – time to shake off this cold. Enjoy yours!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 24th January - What a Performance!

O-M-G! As our children said in yesterday’s assembly. OMG indeed – what a stellar performance from every single child in our class. I’ve no doubt that you are as proud of the children as indeed I am. They were so professional, learning their words off by heart (even children who had not been very well didn’t shirk away from rehearsing). Thank you for all your support with them – couldn’t have done it without you. I hope the children remember their Year 4 assembly with great fondness. It’s right up there, as one of my favourites. With the assembly done – it’s now back to the business of learning.
The children have planned and are beginning to write their own story set in an historical setting based on St George and the Dragon. They have been encouraged to include ‘sc’ and ‘ous’ words, expanded noun phrases and inverted commas. I’m looking forward to reading their stories and hoping the book and their assembly have inspired them in equal measures.
In Maths, we have started fractions. In my group – I’ve been impressed by how much they already know. They are finding patterns, using their times tables knowledge to count on, understand how many fractions make a whole and how to convert improper (top heavy fractions) into mixed numbers. Remember to practise, practise, practise those times tables and complete the Mathletics homework set each week.
Next Tuesday, we are visiting the Steve McQueen’s project at the Tate Britain. I went to the Tate yesterday but couldn’t find our school so I’ll have to wait until Tuesday when we will have a session with Tate staff. I’m sure the children will be excited to try and find their faces in the big picture. We already have two parent volunteers for the trip – thank you.
I shall be celebrating Chinese New Year with my family this weekend – I hope you will be celebrating the success of the assembly with those talented children of yours!
Have a good one!
Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 17th January - Preparing for Assembly

This week, as you can imagine, we’ve very busy practising our class assembly. I’ve learned that St Stephen’s children are born ready for rehearse and it’s been a joy to watch them practise their lines and songs. I’ve also been reminded that boys this age are very reluctant to demonstrate any feelings to girls even if they know it’s only acting – so we have had a wife shy Henry VIII and a heroic George who definitely does not want to marry the Princess! Oh well – I’m sure it’ll be all right on the night – as they say. Final version of the scripts are on the website, along with the lyrics and the music score.
In other news – the Lifebus was here on Wednesday and the children spent time learning how ‘It’s Great to be Me’. They discussed physical, social and emotional ways to keep themselves healthy.
In Maths – we have been learning about correspondence and scaling and tackling word problems. The children quickly identified that they needed their all multiplication knowledge (multiples/factors) and corresponding division facts to solve the problems. I can not stress how important times table are because it supports so many areas of Maths (fractions, time, shape, decimals, position/direction) so please practise, practise, practise.
We’ve been practising our expanded noun phrases by adding ‘with’ i.e. wild green dragon with the evil looking eyes. The children are really getting a good idea of how to improve their work using different vocabulary.
Please encourage the children to practise for the assembly – I hope you will be able to join us on Thursday!
Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs Jeffrey

Today’s home learning tasks are:

Week 1 27.03.20


Week 1 26.03.20

26.3.20 Year 4 – The Iron Man Tasks


24.03.20 2

Week 1 25.03.20

C4 p1 C4 p2p3 C4 p4p5 C4 p6p7 C4 p8p9 C4 p10-11

Ch 4 Comprehension

We will be keeping each day’s task up for a number of days so don’t worry about getting them all finished. You can come back to them on another day.

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to show me anything you have done!