Our Nursery class are taught by Miss Quartermaine with plenty of help from Mrs Kazem, Miss Newton, Miss Lucy and Miss Catherine. Our days are busy and full of fun, laughter and learning.

Class Update

14/02/20- Three Little Pigs

This week we’ve been enjoying the story of the Three Little Pigs. We’ve huffed and puffed our way through several different versions and decided which ones we liked best. Most of us are quite gruesome and enjoy the version where the pigs are eaten and then the wolf falls in the hot water at the end.

We are, of course, at the end of another half term (already!)  We’ve been working hard in gymnastics with Miss Lauren. She’s been teaching us to do forwards rolls, hop over benches and dance with ribbons. You’d be amazed at how much progress we make with our gymnastics skills over six weeks and by the time we reach Year Six we’ll be doing all sorts of flips and turns in the air.

31/01/20- Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning all about Chinese new Year. Ao Ran’s mum brought in some wish tags for us to record our wishes on and hang on a plant. Lots of us wished to run faster, some of us wished to hug our mummies more, some children suggested they’d like to spend more time with granny. Lots of lovely ideas all round and great to learn about a tradition from Beijing. Ao Ran and his family had also made us a lovely window decoration to hang up in the Nursery.

We looked at Chinese writing and attempted our own form of Chinese calligraphy. We all had a go at writing rat in Chinese, not as easy as it sounds!

Next week we’ll be reading the story of Red Riding Hood.

Friday 24th January- Who's Been Eating my Porridge?

This week we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We were scandalised by Goldilocks’ behaviour and thought she was very cheeky to walk into a house without being invited. We were intrigued by the word ‘nosy’ and discussed what it means.

We’ve used our story to explore concepts of size and practised using size vocabulary- big, medium and small.

We were introduced to lots of new vocabulary this week and practised hiding bears according to instructions. All our instructions contained prepositional language that we had to listen carefully to in order to understand the instruction. For example, hide baby bear under something.


Next week we will be exploring Chinese New Year.

Friday 20th December- Run, Run as Fast as you Can

This week saw a much more confident and probably, taller group of children return to class. It’s amazing how much we change over the course of the year and once our teachers had stopped exclaiming, “haven’t you grown,” we got down to the serious business of playing and learning.

Our story this week was The Gingerbread Man. It was great fun and we all helped to read the story. We were a bit sad that the fox kept eating him. When we read a different version, one of the children said, “well, I hope that fox is good today.” Alas, he was not and the poor old Gingerbread Man was eaten again!

I might add that when we made our own real gingerbread men we had no such empathy for him and we all gobbled him up, just like that sneaky fox!