Our Nursery class is taught by Miss Quartermaine with plenty of help from Mrs Kazem and Miss Elena. Our days are busy and full of fun, laughter and learning.

Class Update

18/06/21- On Safari!

Wow, such a fun packed and busy week, it feels like two weeks rolled into one.

This week we had a safari and learnt all about big cats. We made suitcases and binoculars and trotted off into the garden for a safari adventure.

We’ve made safari maps, drawn some amazing big cats and learnt lots of facts.

On Thursday we were super grown up when the little children from next year’s class came to visit. We got the class ready for them and then went off on an adventure with Mrs Bowman. When we came back, we did all the tidying up and made the classroom spick and span within a few minutes. Our hard work was rewarded with an ice lolly!

On Friday we excelled ourselves again and managed to have our first class photo taken. Everyone was so good we were able to make it to our gymnastics class on time. Then we came back from gymnastics and set about the task of making cards for Fathers Day. Miss Quartermaine was very proud of us because we made them all by ourselves.

Have a great weekend!

11/06/21 - Off to the Polar Regions

This week we took ourselves on a quick adventure to the polar regions. We  found out about polar bears, penguins and explored ice.

It was a very hot week for it, so we learnt that ice melts very quickly in the heat!

We’ve started working on Segmenting and Blending words in our phonics sessions. We all have a baby robot and we have to teach it to sound out a word i.e. c-a-t or b-oy.

We are doing extremely well and with a teacher we can identify the beginning, middle and end sound of words.

Next week the adventure continues with a trip (in our imaginations) to meet the big cats of Africa, South America and Asia.


Phew, what a busy old term we had. We’ve had so much fun working our way through all the topics the children have chosen.

This week was DT week in Nursery. The focus was on food preparation (and definitely eating!)

Each teacher taught us how to make something.

Mis Elena kicked off the week with mini pizzas. We all designed our own and helped make the dough before adding our toppings.

Next, we made apple pie with Mrs Kazem and had it with custard for snack time.

Mrs Bowman had loads of fun with the smoothie maker and we all whipped up our very own special blend of fruits etc to enjoy. Jack was the last child to have a turn so he got to make smoothies for the teachers too. Apparently his secret ingredient of a few mint leaves was a real hit.

Next, Miss Quartermaine wrestled with the bread maker. The first batch was a disaster, but batches two and three were much better. Miss Quartermaine now claims to be Mary Berry. We cut up the bread to make sandwiches and all designed our own topping combinations. Some of us were very sensible and enjoyed classics, such as marmite and cheese and some of us were rather unconventional and went for jam, honey and marmite.

Miss Miguel ended the week with wonderful blueberry and lemon cupcakes and cream cheese frosting.

What a yummy and very exciting week we had!

21/05/21- Vets, pets and a pony!

We had a fab week in the Nursery. The children had suggested the brilliant topic of pets, so we spent the week learning about cats, dogs and anything else we might keep as a pet.

We made a vets practice in our home corner and we have lots of aspiring vets on our hands. We have been bandaging the pets and giving them vaccinations etc. Miss Quartermaine had a fright when one of the boys turned up with a snake to be treated (good job it was a toy one!)

Jack’s lovely puppy, Olive, came to visit on Tuesday and we all had a turn to stroke her and watched her do some tricks. She is learning to sit and fetch a ball. She was one of our many highlights of the week, we love her!

Mrs Periera’s tortoise, June, came on Wednesday morning to visit the class. She was also a super star and we made lots of pictures of her.

On Friday we got a rocking horse! A lovely lady called Lucy donated her to us. We were delighted and we all spent the day taking turns to ride her. We had a list of names and all had to wait for our turn, we managed very well and when our turn was up, we got off and went to tell the next person on the list that they could ride her. So lots of excitement and some brilliant sharing.

Next week we will be holding an election to name the rocking horse- we’re never too young to learn about democracy!

Next week is also DT week across the whole school. We’ll be cooking every day and designing our own smoothies, pizzas, pies, sandwiches and cakes.

14.05.21- Our body

This week we have been learning about our bodies.

We have named lots of the parts we already knew about on the outside and learnt about what is inside us.

We’ve been learning about our brains, our digestive system and our hearts.

We drew around ourselves and labelled the bits we knew and thought about ways to keep ourselves healthy.

Our home corner has become a doctors practice and we’ve been busy fixing all our teachers with bandages, pretend medicines and good advice- apparently to cure my headache I needed to have a chocolate bar and a glass of wine!

We definitely have some future doctors in the making!

07/05/21- caterpillars

Another jam packed week has flown by. We’ve been learning all about caterpillars and butterflies and their life cycle.

Most of us now know the following words:

  • egg
  • caterpillar
  • chrysalis
  • pupa
  • butterfly

I wonder if your children can explain them to you? We’ve been practising all week and I’ve told them you’ll all be very impressed if they can explain those words. We also talked about metamorphosis and some of us have had a jolly good crack at saying it.

Perhaps if you speak another language at home you can teach your child the same words in your home language too?

We have our very own live caterpillars in the classroom and we’re eagerly awaiting their next stage of development.

We continued to look at the photos you all sent in and talk about our past experiences.

Next week, we are learning all about the human body which is another topic the children have chosen to learn about.

Library books have been sent home today, please return them on Monday in you child’s book bag.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

30/04/21- What a Roarsome week!

Happy Friday!

What a roarsome week we had (sorry for the terrible pun!)

It was dinosaur week. We’ve been astounded by the knowledge of some of our friends. We’ve been learning the names of dinosaurs and facts about them. Some of us can even explain what herbivore, omnivore and carnivore mean.

We made clay fossils of dinosaurs, created our own dinosaur land, made an erupting volcano, told stories about dinosaurs, baked biscuits with dinosaur footprints and filmed facts we know. All in all quite a busy and very noisy week.

Here’s our biscuit recipe if you fancy having a go at home… (ours didn’t look quite the same, but they were made by the children!)

We’ve also managed to find time to fit in some alliteration: words beginning with the sound w (whale shark, well, Willa, Wellies)

Finally we did a bit of counting practise.


23.04.21- back to school!

Welcome back! We had a lovely first week back in class. It was so lovely to catch up with all our friends.

The week kicked off with a very exciting music lesson with Mr Alex and Mr Yusef. It was a very lively and entertaining 45 minutes. We learnt some great songs and had a turn on the xylophone.

We’ve been practising our Russian words with Miss Elena. We’re remarkably quick at picking up new vocabulary, much quicker than Miss Quartermaine who is still on the basics and can only consistently remember “elephant.” If she ever goes to Russia she will have to go to a zoo so she can use her one word!

We celebrated St George’s day with scone making (and eating,) read the story of St George and made paper armour, swords and shields.

All in all it was a busy week, but had a lovely sense of calmness about it.


Next week, it’s the week of the dinosaurs. We’ll be educating our teachers on the correct pronunciation of each dinosaur name, so perhaps we’ll be the teachers and they’ll be the learners.


Happy Friday folks!

Our week flew by!

We’ve been busy learning about the Easter story and discussing what happened to Jesus. The children were very keen to discuss the baddies that made him carry the cross up the hill and they were scandalised that anyone would treat anyone else in that way. So I think we can safely say we have some good citizens in our class.

We’ve made all sorts of lovely Easter bits and bobs to bring home, they’re all inside our paper bags, along with anything we won at the Easter Raffle. I think we can safely say that Rose and her brother will have enough eggs to last until next Easter!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday 20th April.


We’ve had a busy week in Nursery. We’ve been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and talking about different versions of the story. We’ve made a big beanstalk in the garden, smaller beanstalks at the craft table and made our own mini versions of the book. Why not have a go at retelling the story together at the weekend?

Next week we will be in full Easter festivity mode. There will be an egg hunt and lots of lovely Easter themed activities to take part in. Remember we only have four days at school next week as the Friday is Good Friday.

Easter Bonnets are on Wednesday- please send your child to school in whatever fab creation you have made.

We’d love donations of:

  • ​egg boxes
  • seeds we can plant after the holidays
  • see-through yoghurt pots or similar small containers that we can plant a seed in and see the roots form.
Have a lovely weekend.

19/03/21- The Elves and the Shoemaker

Happy Friday!

Welcome to everyone! We are all finally back together and enjoying our learning in class.

We have had a great time reading the Elves and the Shoemaker. Miss Hardy has lent us a fabulous bag of shoes and we had a great time talking about them and trying them on.

We’ve really been enjoying our junk modelling. Thank you to everyone who sent bits in. We’ve made all sorts! Binoculars and telescopes were the highlight of yesterday and we played with them all morning. We have a good amount of junk for now, we’ll let you know when we are ready for more.

We have the Easter Bonnet virtual parade coming up. Please get creative making an Easter bonnet! Why not see what you can construct from your recycled materials at home?

Today Mrs Kazem is teaching us about Nowrus (Persian New Year.) It’s a festival that welcomes the spring. We will be jumping over a pretend fire to say goodbye to the sadness of winter and making wishes.

Next week we are reading Jack and the Beanstalk.

We’d be grateful for donations of:

  • ​​disposable cups for planting seeds in
  • any cress or bean seeds we could plant
  • any long cardboard tubes that we can make into beanstalks!
  • a big cardboard box that we could make into a castle.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Friday 12/03/21

We have had a super week in Nursery and it has been great to see the return of all 26 children. As part of our traditional tales focus we have looked at The Gingerbread Man this week – we have tasted gingerbread , made puppets of the characters, retold the story. We have also been thinking of our wonderful mummies and how they help us. We all hope you have a wonderful Mother’s  Day on Sunday – apparently there will be lots of donuts made, flowers galore and some of you are going to be invited to play with some action figures!  Ms Quartermaine has been off sick for the week- we will keep you posted on her progress.
Mrs Bouwman, Ms Kazeem and Ms Elena.

Arts Week

Here’s Tar Beach. This is the book our Arts Week activities are based on.

Here’s a video about mixing your own paint colours.

Here’s a fun story about colour mixing paints.

Learn how to print ice cream pictures:

How to make a Wax Resist night sky:

There are lots more activities that you can join in with on the Arts Week main page too.

Have a happy Arts Week.



Friday (26.02.21)

Happy Friday folks!

Here’s our story for the day: Goldilocks and just the one bear. Once you’ve read the story can you make the bear a map to get back home to the woods?

Today, we all need to make a pair of bear ears on a headband, ready for World Book Day next week. Here’s some instructions on how to make them.

Our number of the day is;


We have another music lesson this week from Miss Rachel. Take a look at the Tilddalik the frog lessons from the BBC and work your way through the sessions. 

Now, we have two fine motor skills activities:

In our listening corner:


Have a great weekend. Next week is Arts week. You’ll find all the exciting activities you can choose from on our Arts week page.




Thursday (25.02.21)

Wednesday (24.02.21) Online Nursery

Today we have the story of Baby Bear’s Chair. Once you’ve listened to the story, can you design a chair for baby bear?


Today’s number of the day is;

Here’s Miss Rachel with our music lesson:

We also have some physical skills to practise today. Download the cards and see which ones you can do: action cards

In our listening corner today we have:

BBC Radio: Spring


Tuesday 23/02/21- Online Nursery

Happy Tuesday!

Today we are listening to a different Goldilocks and the Three Bears book. See if you can spot any differences in the story today.


Now let’s see who can draw the Three Bears.


Our number of the day is:

I wonder if you can spot any number 17s when you are out and about?

Next, we are going to listen to the treasure champs. They are going to teach us about sharing. For those of you in class, the teachers will be watching this afternoon to see who is good as sharing! For those of you at home, see if you can do some good sharing with your brothers and sisters.

It’s time to take our pencils for a walk! Can you choose pencil control sheet form the link below and see if you can follow the path through the woods?


In our listening corner today we have:

22/02/21 - Online Nursery

Hello and welcome back to online Nursery. I hope you all had an enjoyable half term.

This week we are reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Click here to listen to the Ladybird version of the book.

Now, lets have a go at the following activities:

Our number of the day is:


Now have a go at retelling our story of the day. Can you find some bears and retell the story of goldilocks? If you don’t have bears at home you could use these:



Can you remember all the parts of the story and all the things that characters say?

In our listening corner today we have:

A cbeebies retelling of Goldilocks


Have a lovely day!

Friday (12.02.21) Online Nursery

Next Tuesday is Pancake day, so I thought we’d get ourselves in the mood with some fun pancake stories.

Here’s our first story of the day: Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. See what happens when Mr Wolf asks his friends for help.

Then, we have two activities to start our day:


Next, it’s the story of the Big pancake. Will anyone ever catch him?


Our number of the day is 15:


Now try this number hopping game.


Here’s our listening corner for the day:


Now it’s time for half term! Thanks for joining us for our learning. I hope you all have  a lovely break.

Thursday (11.02.21) Online Nursery

Hello, welcome to Thursday’s learning.

Let’s start off with the book: Dragon Dance

Then we can take a look at how to make a Chinese Dragon. Craft supplies at the ready!

And see how to play a fun game with chopsticks.


Here’s the story of the Runaway Wok. See what you think about the Li family, are they kind? Do they remember to share?

Now, let’s see the shadow puppet retelling of the Chinse Zodiac story.


Our number of the day is 14:


Now let’s have a look at Chinses numbers.

I wonder how many of you can copy the Chinese numbers? T2-G-114-Numbers-0-10-in-Mandarin-Chinese-Flash-Cards


If you’re ready for listening we have these in our listening corner today:


See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday (10.02.21) Online Nursery

Morning. Happy Wednesday!

Today we are learning about Wishing Trees as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Take a look at the video and then decide what you could wish for.


Our number of the day is 13, unlucky for some, but lucky for us because we have these fun 13 clips to watch:


Now we have a little recap on our positional language:

Now you can print the cards and have a go at hiding your own teddy.

Teddy positional language cards: positional teddies.

In our listening corner today we have:

Have a happy Wednesday, I’ll see you back here tomorrow for some more learning fun.




Tuesday (09.02.21) Online Nursery

Morning! Welcome to Tuesday’s learning.


Today we have a short story about celebrating Chinese New Year: Lanterns and Firecrackers.

Next we have the next video clip of Let’s Celebrate. You’ll need to watch Part 2: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Now, let’s have a go at making our own lucky packet.

Our number of the day is 12:



Now we have an exciting craft for the day: How to make a fire breathing dragon!


In our listening corner today, we have:


See you tomorrow for some more Chinese New Year fun!



Monday (8.02.21) Online Nursery

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. A very exciting week this week. It’s Chinese New Year.

Let’s start our learning with this little introduction and video:

Now have a think about your house/our classroom today, is there anything you can help to clean or tidy up.

Let’s have a go at making a Chinese New Year lantern today.

Back to our number of the day learning. I hope you’re all really good at numbers 1-10 because here comes our next number:


Here’s our story for today, it’s about Chinese New Year and how the years got their names.

After you’ve watched the story, you can have a go at this number sequencing activity:


For those of you at home that would like to join your big brothers and sisters with DT week , here’s a sheet with ideas: DT Bird Feeder Ideas.


In our listening corner today we have:


Friday (5.02.21) Online Nursery

Today we start off with our last Red Riding Hood inspired book: The Deep Dark Woods. see if you can guess what will happen in this story.

Now, if you’ve finished all our lovely learning activities for the week, you could have a go at this fun craft activity.

Then we have a couple of guest stories with a frog theme:

Next up, we have maths. Take a look out our fun game for the day.

You can make your own or print this one: T-T-15985-Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Missing-Numbers-Worksheet

Our listening corner today has:

Have a lovely weekend.



Hello and a happy Thursday to you all.

Our next version of our story this week is: Little Red Reading Hood.

Now I’d like you to have a go at making a new end for our story. What could happen after Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf in the forest? Here’s the start of the story, you draw the next picture and tell and adult the end of the story: Little Red Riding Hood alternative ending

Our next activity for the day is another Powerpoint Game: Where is Mr Wolf. Check your email for this game.

Next we have some shape work with Tangranimals from Busythings. Click the link and use your MYUSO log on, then follow these instructions to find the game: Accessing Busy Things via My USO


Today we have another music session with Miss Rachel:


For those of you that have already finished making your books this week, we have a cutting skills activity.

Here’s a download for those of you that don’t have a magazine to hand: t-tp-2549243-little-red-riding-hood-cutting-skills_ver_1

Finally, in our listening corner we have:

I hope you have a lovely day.

Wednesday (03.02.21) Online Nursery

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday.

Today we have our next version of Little Red Riding Hood; Little Red By Bethan Wollvin. This is one of my favourite versions, have a listen and see what you think.

Your first task of the day is to have a go at making your own story book of Little Red Riding Hood. 

Here’s the pictures you’ll need; RRH sequencing pictures


Next up, we have maths. Here’s a fun action game to practise your numeral recognition. 

Here’s the action cards to play the game: Bingo card layout 6 squares (1)


Now, on with our artwork for the week. This bit will take longer and you might need to wait for some bits to dry out as you go along. Here’s part 2 of our collage.

And finally, in our listening corner today we have:

Have a very happy Wednesday.

Tuesday (02.02.21) Online Nursery

Happy Tuesday!


Today we have another version of Little Red Riding Hood. This Version is by Lari Don.

You’re first challenge of the day is to retell the story. Here’s the stick puppets for those of you at home: t-t-586-little-red-riding-hood-page-stick-puppets-_ver_2

Next, we have the story of Where is the Green Sheep.

Now, have a go at the Where is the Green Sheep Power Point game that I emailed to you. See if you can use all those special words to say where the sheep is.

Then we have a video to help you make some characters for out art activity this week. You’ll need to keep your characters safe for tomorrow.

in today’s listen corner we have:

I hope you have a lovely day.



Monday (1.02.21) Online Nursery

Good morning, happy Monday and happy February.

This week we are reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Let’s start off with the the Ladybird version of the Story.

Now, here’s a video to help you learn how to draw the characters. That’s your first challenge of the day; I’d like to see some fearsome wolves and some lovely Red Riding Hoods.


Next, let’s recall our prepositional language. Can you tell me where Teddy is hiding in the  power point game I sent to you?

If you can’t access the game, can you find a teddy bear at home and take turns to hide it? You can hide it:

  • under something
  • behind something
  • on top of something
  • next to something
  • inside something
  • in front of something
  • in between two things


Once you’ve revised all those useful words, your next job is to; watch this and recap your numerals recognition.

Then you can try this activity to develop your mathematical skills:

In our listening corner we have:

Friday (29.01.21) online nursery

Today we are having a different story. It’s called While We Can’t Hug:

Once you’ve listened to those, I’d like you to make a picture today. Either for a friend that you haven’t seen for a while or for someone in your family. Try really hard to make it your best drawing. For those of you at home, you can upload your pictures to Tapestry with a message for a friend and I can tag them so they can see.


Next up, we have a number story called: Counting Creatures by Julia Donaldson.

Then, we have the last in the series of our Numeral lessons for the week:


Now, let’s have a little recap of our number language for the week.

And a look at how to measure things.

In our listening corner today we have:

Hope you have a lovely day and a great weekend.

Thursday (28.01.21) Online Nursery

Happy Thursday!

Let’s start off with a radio show about the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Make sure you are comfy and doing your best listening.

We’ve had a lot of activities to work through this week, so today, I’d like you to look back and see if there’s anything you’ve missed that you’d like to do. Did you retell the story yet? Did you play all our maths games?

If you’ve done everything, then perhaps you’d like to do one of these extra activities whilst we give our friends time to catch up:


Now we have our music lesson with Miss Rachel:


Today’s number is 9:


Then we have a game to play with tweezers or tongs today. It’s a very important game to help you develop the muscles you need for drawing and writing. 

In our Listening corner today we have:

Have a happy day of learning.

Wednesday (27.01.21)

Happy Wednesday!

Here’s a slightly different version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff for our story today. See if you can spot the difference between this version and the others we have heard.

Now, see if you can make a map for the Billy Goats to help them across the bridge to the lush green grass.

Last week, Edgar asked a very interesting questions; why do bats hang upside down? Here’s the answer!

Here’s an animation if you want to find out more about bats.

If you fancy making yourself a bat, watch and I’ll show you how. 

Have any of you got a good question for next week?


Today’s number is 8:


Then, we have a make and play Billy Goat dice game.

In our listening corner today we have;

I hope you have a lovely day of learning.

Tuesday (26.01.21) Online Nursery

Good Morning, I hope you are all well.

Today we have this brilliant retelling of the Three Billy Goats Gruff from Barnsley Museum.

Now, for your first challenge, can you make the story of the Three Billy Goats with some toys, like the lady in the video? See if you can have another go at retelling the story. Remember, you can upload a short clip of your story to Tapestry so I can see it.

Next, we have a little story all about waiting: I’ll wait Mr Panda.

We have an extra little story today; Over and Under the Snow because we finally had some snow!

Our Number of the day is:


Here’s our maths challenge for the day.


In our listening corner today we have:

I hope you have a lovely day.

Monday (25.01.21) Online Nursery

Hello and welcome back to a new week of learning.

This week we are going to be reading the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and doing lots of fun activities based around the story.

Here’s our first story: A Ladybird version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Now you’ve listened to the story; here’s your first learning challenge.

Now, our next spot of learning is all about the size language used in our story today. Click to watch your next activity.


Today’s number is 6:


Next, I’d like you to have a go a writing numbers today in a sensory tray.


In our listening corner today, we have:

Friday (22.01.21) Online Nursery

Today’s story is: One Snowy Night. Find out what happens to Percy the Park Keeper and his friends in the snow.

Now, see if you can use some of your toys at home to build a new shelter and a much bigger bed for Percy.

Next we have a rhyming recap with Oi Cat. Can you have another go at making rhyming groups again today? See if you can think of some rhymes for:

  • pan (man, fan etc)
  • Pin (pin, bin, tin etc)
  • Snail (whale, tail, pale etc)

Then see if you can think of words that rhyme with the names of your family members or school friends.

Our Number of the day is number 5:

Now can you put all your number knowledge into practise and order and match these cards?


If you don’t have a printer, you can make your own numbers to order using squares of paper to make number cards.

Here’s a brilliant dice game to play today (or save it for another day if you don’t have time.) This is lots of fun and you can play by yourself or with someone else:

DadLab Duplo maths

Our listening corner today has:

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday for some more fun activities.

Thursday (21.01.21)

Today’s wintery themed story is the Storm Whale in Winter.

It’s the follow on book from Storm Whale which you can also watch if you like.

Maybe you could try making your own storm whale land today and see if you can retell one of those lovely stories; Making a small world.

Our Number of the day is 4! A special number for many of you:

Now, see if you can find things you have four of today.

Miss Rachel has our music session:

Here’s our listening corner for the day:

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Wednesday (20.01.21) Online Nursery

Morning! Hope you are all well.

Today we have a classic story for Early Years: Oliver Jeffers: Lost and Found.

Once you’ve watched the story I have two challenges for you:

Today’s number is number three. Here’s some of or favourite characters to teach us about three:

Now see if you can find collections of ‘three things’ today. What can you find three of? Do you have three pencils? Three balloons? Three chairs?

Can you see if you can find a tray/plate and some sand, flour or lentils etc and practise writing number three in a sensory way.

Our sand tracing tray – Every Day Begins New



We have a screen based maths game for those of you that want to give it a go. It’s lots of fun, we’ve played it before at Nursery. It’s called Busythings and we access it via MYUSO.

Here’s a guide as to how to find the activity i’d like you to try:Accessing Busy Things via My USO

If you’d like a non-screen task you could try this instead:

Order penguins to 10


Order to penguins to 20


If you are ready for some listening we have:

Cbeebies: Enna Gee’s A Special Sleep

Elmer and the Hippos

Hope you have a lovely day.


Tuesday 19.01.21 Online Nursery

Happy Tuesday!

Today we have a beautiful book called Snowflake by Benji Davies.

Then, we’ll learn how to make our own snowflake designs by placing and arranging objects.

Next, we have our phonics work with Oi Dog. Once you’ve watched the story please see if you can Match the rhyming groups:


We want children to be able to make strings of rhyming words i.e. bat, cat, rat, hat, fat, tat.

If you don’t have a printer, you could practise the same skills as a simple game: Put a selection of objects in a box or a bag and pull one out, then think of words that rhyme with it. They can be made up words too, don’t worry about thinking of real things.

Our next number is number two. Here are some videos for number two and a follow up activity:

We also have a squiggle sticks guide to drawing a snowman. For those of you that would like to practise drawing and making pictures. 

And some things to listen to:

Monday (18.01.21) Online Nursery

Good morning welcome back to our online Nursery. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This we are going to be learning about the seasons and winter. We’ve got lots of books set in cold, snowy places to enjoy.

Our first story is Tap the Magic Tree.

Then you can have a go at making some pictures of the seasons. See what you can tell a grown up about how the seasons change.

Next we are going to start learning numerals. Today we will start with number one. Take a look at these clips to learn what number one looks like, then try drawing a one in the air:

Now you’ve seen the number one can you find some things that you have one of? i.e one head, one jumper, one duplo block etc.

Then, we have this simple maths game for you to try.

If you are off for a walk today, you could try out this simple winter hunt sheet-t-t-4836-winter-hunt-checklist-_ver_1

And if you like some things to listen to, we have:

Hope you all have a lovely monday.

Friday (15.01.21) online nursery

Happy Friday! Give yourselves a pat on the back for making it this far.

Let’s start with our story for the day; Penguins can’t Fly

Now we could all think about being kind to the people we live with. Why not print off this kindness chart  Things I can do to be kind and helpful at home. 

For those of you without a printer you could have a go at making your own. Think about the things you can do to be kind to others and the ways you can help around the house.

We have a special treat today…..

….it’s Miss Rachel with our weekly music lesson. Here she is:

Here’s the last in our series of shape books: Circle

And a video about how to draw circle

Here’s a fun counting game for the day. You can use either of these options:

For those of you who would like to spend some time listening to audio we have two choices for today:

I hope you all have an enjoyable day and a lovely weekend.

Thursday (14/01/21) - Online Nursery

Happy Thursday.

Today we have an information book about penguins. see what fun facts you can learn.

We have the story of Blue Penguin who is finding it hard to make friends.

Once you’ve listened to Blue Penguin you could have a go at making a card for a friend or a relative.

Now, we have the next in our shape series, the book of Square. See if you think he is a genius or not.

Then you can learn how to draw square.

Perhaps you might like to go on a hunt around your house today and see if you can spot some of the shapes we have been learning about this week- Shape Spotters

Our Radio show today is one of my favourites- Raa Raa the Lion

I hope you have a lovely day.


Wednesday (13/01/21) Online Nursery

Today we are going to find out about the life cycle of a penguin.

We’ll start with this book called Egg to Penguin.

Once you’ve listened to the information, you can have a go at drawing the life cycle. Here’s a video to show you how.

We also have this fun Rockhopper challenge for you, you’ll need to view the next three clips in order;

Then, we have another shape story. Today we find out about Triangle.

Here’s how to draw a triangle.

Here’s a yoga session for those of you that need to move.

Then today’s radio show is at the Furchester Hotel- Happy listening

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday (11/01/21) Online Nursery

Happy Tuesday!

Today we have a funny story; Poles Apart, about how a polar bear once met a group of penguins.

Once you’ve watched it you could draw them a map or watch this tutorial with Miss Quartermaine about how to draw the world and add polar bears and penguins on.

Then we have some shape activities today:

Watch the story of Mouse Shapes

and then try making a shape picture.

Then we have a Penguin loo roll craft-t-t-4847-make-a-cardboard-tube-penguin-activity-_ver_1

A radio show to listen to.

And a clip of some penguins learning to ice skate!



Monday (11/01/21) Online Nursery

Hello and welcome back to another week of online fun.

This week we are heading south to find out all about penguins.

Introduction to the week

Now, let’s find out about Emperor penguins with the book The Emperor’s Egg

Then you could have a go at drawing your own penguin.

If you’d like to watch some Emperor penguins in the wild, you could Join Andy for his adventure.

We have another good book, this time about an Adelie penguin, One Day on Our Blue Planet in Antarctica.

In today’s radio show, Sarah and Duck meet some penguins!

If you are feeling crafty, you could follow this guide to finger print your own penguins:


Finally, if you have a long time for watching TV (maybe as a family later) there’s an interesting programme on iplayer called: Meet the family. You can learn about all different types of penguins. It is very long though, so you might want to skip this, watch it in installments or have a movie night with popcorn!

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a lovely day.

Friday 08/01/21 - Online Nursery

Hello and a happy friday to you all.

Today we have an interesting Video clip about Polar bears and the Arctic:

Cbeebies Our Planet

After that you could watch this clip about ice play.

Perhaps you could use the idea above to set up your own ice play experiment.

As it’s been very cold this week you could try leaving a cup/container of water outside overnight and see what happens to it. Why not have a go at our Freezing experiments.

Now you could try out Andy’s Wild Workout.

Or try out one of our Arctic craft ideas.

We also have a radio show and some other stories you might like to listen to:

You Choose

BBC school radio-Mittens


The Tree

Have a lovely day!

THURSDAY (7/1/21) online Nursery

Happy Thursday!

First we have some stories:

Ice bear 

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

Then I’d like to practise your rhyming. Here’s the story of Oi Frog, one of our favourites at Nursery.

Then, if you have a printer you could print out the picture cards (page 4) from this pack and try and match them together- Oi-Frog-Teaching-Notes-v3a-web

If you don’t have a printer, you could look for the following objects at home and see if you can think something that rhymes with them:

  • bear (Chair, hair, stair etc)
  • shoe (loo, two)
  • mug (rug, bug)
  • hat (bat, cat, rat)
  • socks (box, fox)

Then you could play Guess the Arctic Animal with Andy

Try out some Cosmic Yoga

Or watch the Nature of Thingies explain the Northern Lights

06/01/21 - Wednesday Online Nursery

Hello, Hope all is well.

Here’s our Wednesday Activities….

Let’s start with this lovely story by Catherine Rayner (Click the link below)

Iris and Isaac

Once you’ve listened to the story you could have a go at making your own Iris and Isaac inspired picture.

Click and i’ll show you how

Then you could join Andy for his Arctic Radio Show and see which animals you can hear

And here’s a few other activities you might like to try if you have time (and energy):

Don’t forget that you can always go back and try ideas from another day.

Have a lovely day!

05/01/21- Welcome to Online Nursery

Hello and welcome back to the new term. Not quite the start we had in mind!

For today the work will all be found here, on our webpage. As we move forward we’ll be using Tapestry too. I’ll let you know how that works once I’ve sussed it all out.

With the home learning, please do whatever you like, it’s not compulsory and it’s totally up to you if/when you do it. Do what works best for you.

Let’s start with a quick hello…

Now we have our first story. The key concept is hibernation, great word to practise and see how many times you can slip it into conversation this week.

Now we have another story about the Arctic. It’s got some great new vocabulary to learn. See how many animals you can remember.

Now you can choose some activities to do:

Draw a polar bear, see if you can make it better than mine!

Have a go at some counting with this sheet


If you don’t have a printer at home, line up some groups of objects for your child to count and see if they can tell you how many are in each group. The learning focus is on accurate counting- saying one number name for each item. You can make this as easy or hard as is needed for your child.

Now we have a link to Andy’s Wild Adventure in the Arctic ( you can also search for this on Iplay if you want to watch on TV. A nice way to learn more about  polar bears…

Click here to join Andy!

Other ideas to keep your small person entertained today:

  • build the arctic with toys/lego/building bricks/boxes etc
  • dress up in winter clothes and get them role playing an arctic adventure
  • make a ‘small world’ with toy animals if you happen to have a toy polar bear to hand.
  • Freeze some water to make ice to explore another day.
  • send them off on a colour hunt, can they see something white, blue, yellow etc.
  • Build a den to hibernate in!

Hope you all have a great day. I’ll be checking in with emails most days, let me know if you have any issues, queries, need a chat!

Any work or things you have done and want to share with me can be uploaded to your child’s Tapestry account.












It was the busiest of all busy weeks for us. On Tuesday we dressed up in our nativity costumes and did our very best retelling of the story to camera. WE WERE FAB! We can’t wait for you to see it. Definitely the best thing on TV this Christmas!

For the rest of the week our teachers tried very hard to maintain order and help us with our learning! We pretended to be shepherd’s and count the toy sheep in each field, then we matched a number to them.

There was a lot of rhyming to be done and we’re pleased to report that we are all very good at it now.

We practised using prepositional language to hide a bear and a frog- in, on, under, next to, in front, behind, in between. Miss Quartermaine tried to catch us out with her instructions, but we’re too good!

On Thursday we had an excellent class party in the church hall. Once we were all fully sanitised, we dressed up as elves and had a great time joining in with all the elf duties! Some of us had some excellent dance moves.

Next week we have lots more festive fun up our sleeves!

27/11/20- Stick Man

This week we have been enjoying to story of Stick Man. We made our very own little stick men from sticks we had collected outside.

We have been busy learning to recognise numerals and match them to groups of objects. Today we were so good at counting we managed to count all the way to 100.

We have been learning prepositions- in, on, under, next to, in front and behind and following instructions to hide things.


20/11/20- Autumn days

This week we have been learning even more about Autumn.

We can now talk about what we might expect the trees to do in autumn and name lots of autumnal objects- leaf, conker, acorn, fir cone, squirrel etc.

We’ve read some brilliant autumn books about squirrels- Leaf Trouble and Leaf Thief. Both lots of fun and lots to discuss as both squirrels didn’t understand autumn and were worried about their trees. We were all able to explain what was happening and found the squirrel’s antics very entertaining.

We went on an autumn leaf hunt with Miss Morton and found all sorts of autumn treasures to talk about.

For our mathematical learning we practised counting and played dice games. Lots of really good counting this week- quite a few mathematicians amongst us!

We had a fun Russian lesson with Miss Elena, she’s been teaching us how to say ‘hello’ to each other and we’ve been learning a few animal names too.

Our phonics sessions this week were lots of fun. We laughed our way through lunch as we couldn’t stop rhyming. It was another week of reading the Oi Frog collection and the Elephant Welliphant collection.

Now we’re all keen to make friends we’ve started discussing friendships and how to be a good friend. We sorted pictures into groups of friendly and unfriendly things to do and talked about how we can be kind to others.

If any of you are off to the park this weekend we’d love some more sticks. We’d also like shoeboxes or any boxes you have that are roughly shoebox size.

See you on Monday!

13/11/20 - Diwali

We have had a very exciting and very busy week learning all about the festival of Diwali.

We made our very own clay diyas and learnt that Diwali is the festival of lights. Miss Quartermaine and Miss Elena were on hand to help with rolling and shaping the clay, but mostly we could do it for ourselves.

Miss Morton taught us how to make Rangoli patterns. The playground looks beautiful!

Mrs Kazem taught us how to decorate mehndi hands and we made our own patterns on them.

We have also started working on rhyming activities for our phonics phase one. This lead to many raucous carpet times as we played an excellent rhyming game called; Willoughby Wallaby Woo.

We’ll see you all on Monday for some Autumn fun.


NEEDED – We are setting up a role-play Post Office in the EYFS playground and need envelopes and postcards for the children to play with. If you have any spare we would be extremely grateful if you would donate them to us.  Many thanks!

06/11/20- Autumn

Hello and welcome back for another term of fun. We’ve had a lovely first week back.

This half term we are learning about autumn and celebrations that take place in autumn.

We’ve been reading a lovely, and very magical book, called Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson. It’s a great book, lots of fun because we all think we’re doing magic by joining in with the actions, and there’s a lot to talk about- it exercises our brains, vocabulary and, speaking and listening skills.

We’ve talked about how the seasons change, what changes we could look for outside and named all the parts of the tree- branches, leaves, buds, trunk etc.

We had a virtual fireworks display in class and listened to a story about bonfire night. We made some lovely firework pictures on black paper.

Next week, we’ll be learning about the festival of Diwali.

If you are out and about in nature this weekend, could you collect us a few nice leaves and as many sticks as you can find?


Have a lovely weekend!


Hola! Today has been a day of high energy. We started off with a journey to Spain with the aid of Google Earth and a video clip from BBC schools. We watched some children teach us how to flamenco dance, then we practised saying ‘hello’ in Spanish.

We enjoyed a Hispanic themed lunch and then had a Spanish story about Ferdinando the bull. Mrs Hardy was very good at reading in Spanish and we learnt the words for bull and flowers as the story progressed.

We made our own castanets with bottle tops and card.

On Thursday we came to school dressed in red to show racism the red card. We read a lovely story called, All are Welcome and talked about the importance of being kind to people and remembering to use kind words.

At the beginning of the week we read Dear Zoo and drew pictures of our ideal pets- Watch out parents, some of us made some interesting choices for pets! One or two of you may find you child would like to bring a crocodile or a dinosaur home.

09/10/20 We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This week we have been reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We set up our own Bear Hunt in the garden and went off hunting for the bear. Luckily, only friendly bears were found!

We’ve been busy with our gravel pit in the garden. We have been moving loads of gravel from outside the office, washing it and filing up the gravel pit. Lots of heavy labour!

Next week we are reading the story of Dear Zoo.

02/10/17 Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

This week we have been reading the book; Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? It’s been a lot of fun learning all the colours and trying to remember which animal comes next. So far, Harry has the best memory. He’s better than Miss Quartermaine and she’s been reading that book for years!

We practised our cutting skills and cut out some photographs of ourselves and then stuck them into a book that we made together. Our book will be called Mr Schumm, Mr Schumm Who Do you See? And we’ll see if Mr Schumm can spot all the Nursery children.

We cut out a second picture of ourselves and made a beautiful display of all our gorgeous faces. Now they’re up on the wall, we enjoy nothing more than looking at ourselves!

We’ve been busy in the garden making a gravel pit that we’ll be able to play in with the toy trucks and diggers when it’s finished. For now we have the very important jobs of washing and transporting gravel. If any of you have any spare toy trucks and diggers that we can have for our gravel pit, we’d be very happy to give them a new home.

Have a great weekend!


Another week has flown by and we’re definitely getting into the swing of school life.

We’ve been busy making lots of pictures and exploring the craft area.

In the garden we have been playing with the big wooden blocks and making some huge constructions.

We’ve had music with Miss Rachel, PE with Alastair and gymnastics with Miss Aisha.

Today’s gymnastics class was rhythmic gymnastics with ribbon streamers.  We had to copy Miss Aisha’s moves, a few of us got in a bit of a tangle, but it was great fun.

We’ve been reading our way through our extensive collection of books. This week we’ve been enjoying You Choose, Stick Man and The Cave.

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you all back here on Monday.

18/09/20 - Our first school dinners!

Hello! Welcome to our class webpage. Here you can find our weekly updates and see what we have been up to.

This week was our first longer week, with all of us staying for lunch and many of us staying all day.

We seem to be very good at eating and some of us have been asking for thirds! This we  had spaghetti, tuna pasta bake, Chinese rice, garlic bread- all sorts of delights!

We have got ourselves into a good routine and are starting to form as a class. We can sit and listen to stories together and we’ve started enjoying music sessions with Mis Rachel. We’ve started to explore new friendships and begun to learn each others names.

There has been lots of gardening to do this week. We started off with a bit of gentle, hanging basket planting on Monday and finished this afternoon with some very heavy manual labour- we tried to dig up two 11 year old bamboo plants, they nearly got the better of us, but the Reception children came to help and we finally won the battle.

Next week we will have some lovely bee friendly plants to pot up. Let’s hope the children still have some gardening energy left!

On Fridays we have our gymnastics class. It’s so much fun and we have some very good gymnasts in the class. What a bendy bunch we are!

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and we’ll see you all back here for lots more fun next week.

Friday 17th July - Online Nursery

Hello! Today is the last day of term. The last day of the strangest year of school. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all and I’m very sorry our year was so disrupted.

Here is today’s story: Odd Dog Out, it’s about a wonderfully unique and beautiful dog that learns she’s perfect just as she is, for all you wonderfully unique and beautiful nursery children, who are perfect just as you are! I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.

Once you’ve watched it, you could take a look at Rob Biddulph showing us how to draw a sausage dog. Then see if you can draw a dog. It doesn’t have to be the same as his, you draw your dog however you can.

Here’s our last phonics session: Oggy Dog.

Thank you for a wonderful year together, I hope you all have the best summer break possible. I’ll look forward to seeing you back at school in September.


Thursday 16th July - Online Nursery

Today we have a story about Henri Matisse called: Henri’s Scissors.

Once you’ve listened to the story, you could have a go at making a Matisse inspired picture.

Then it’s back to BBC radio for our phonics session: Funny Bunny.

Have a lovely day.

Wednesday 15th July -online Nursery

Welcome back.

Today we are listening to the story: A colour of his own. It’s all about a chameleon searching for his colour.

After you’ve listened to the story you can have a go at this: Making a chameleon camouflage picture.

You’ll need this-Chameleon for painting activity

Once you’ve had fun painting, you can listen to our Phonics story of the day:

Jiggy Pig

Happy Learning. I’ll see you again tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th - Online Nursery

Hello again.

Today we have a lovely story about mice that learn to mix colours. It’s called Mouse Paint.

And then a nice colour mixing activity to try. See if you can remember how to mix all the colours.

After that we have phonics – Ishy Fish.

Have a lovely day.


Monday 13th July - Online Nursery

Well, here’s the strangest end of term week we’ve ever had at the end of the strangest school year we’ve ever had.

This week we have some activities to help us prepare for our move to Reception and then some nice arty crafty bits.

Today we are starting with a stories about starting school:

Once you’ve listened to a story we have a getting ready for Reception cutting activity, you might need a little bit of help from a grown up.

Can you cut out and decorate the paper dolls so that they look like you, then cut out the clothes and dress one paper doll for school and one for PE?

Please check your emails for the paper dolls the file is too big to post! I sent it out last Thursday.

Our phonics lessons this week are made by BBC schools radio. They’re well worth a listen as they’ll help you to learn segmenting and blending skills.

Today we have Rappa Tappa. Make sure you are comfy and have a nice quiet place to do your best listening.


Happy learning!

Friday 10th July - Online Nursery

Today it’s Friday! Have you watched Mr Schumm’s assembly yet?

Here’s our story for Friday; Roaming in the Rainforest.

Today the children at Nursery will be playing picture pairs. Do you have a picture matching game you could play at home?

We will also be practising our addition skills with this sheet: T-T-28480-Rainforest-Themed-Up-to-10-Addition-Sheet

I hope you have a lovely day and an even better weekend! See you back here on Monday for our last week of Nursery!

Thursday 21st June - Online Nursery

Some counting fun for today!

Let’s start with our Number of the Day:

Number 5 introduction

Number 5 podcast

You can make a number 5 afterwards or find things you have five of in your home.

Then we have some fun themed Caterpillar maths:

You can watch Miss Q explain a couple of maths activities

Or print these sheets from Twinkl


Wednesday 20th May - Online Nursery

Tuesday 19th May - Online Nursery

Hello everybody, I hope you had a good day yesterday.

Today we have an information book for you about caterpillars and butterflies.

Once you’ve listened to the book, you could take a look at what is happening inside our caterpillar pot:

Caterpillar Watch 2

Then we have some nice caterpillar and butterfly activities for you:

Hungry caterpillar playdough

Whatever you get up to, have a lovely day.

Monday 18th May - Online Nursery

Hello and welcome back to another week of online learning. This week we are learning all about caterpillars and butterflies.

Let’s start off with this video

Then Miss Bell is reading us The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I bet lots of you have that book at home, maybe you could get it out and have a look.

Now for some activities:

  • you could try drawing a caterpillar
  • you could retell the story with your toys
  • build a cocoon for a toy caterpillar using building bricks, toys, junk
  • Have a go at printing a caterpillar. You can substitute marshmallows for bottle tops, corks, potatoes, whatever you have to hand.
  • If you have the story at home, why not try reading it to me, make a video and post it onto your Tapestry page.

Have a lovely day, pop back tomorrow for lots more fun.

What the Ladybird Heard Stories

Friday 15th May - Online Nursery

Hello again. Another week has past us by.

Today we have a few ladybird things to do and some Phonics Phase one.

Let’s start with Phonics:

Watch our Phonics Phase 1 session

and listen to the S song.

Now perhaps you’d like to look for S things or try writing the letter S.

We also have some ladybird things to do today:

A video of an information book

and a minibeast hunt you could do outside.

Happy learning everyone. I’ll see you back here on Monday for some caterpillar fun.

Thursday 12th May - Online Nursery

Today is Maya’s birthday. Happy Birthday Maya, we all hope you have a very happy day!

Here’s the wiggles singing Happy Birthday to you.

Here’s a 4 video for your special day.

We are all going to be working with the Number 4 today. Here’s some more 4 videos, if you need them:

The Count introduces the Number of the Day.

Here’s the 4 podcast

Once you’ve found out what the number four looks like, it’s time to hunt for groups of four. Can you find some things in your home that you have 4 of? Maybe 4 socks, four lego bricks? Have a look and see what you can find.

We have the story of What the Ladybird Heard Next to listen to

And if you are in the mood for craft, here’s how to make ladybird potato prints.

Have a lovely day.



Wednesday 13th May - Online Nursery

Hello everyone. I hope you all continue to be well and are making the best of your days.

For those of you joining us for online learning today, we have a fun ladybird story. I think you might already know this one……

What the Ladybird Heard

Once you’ve listened to the story, why not try the following:

  • draw a map or a picture of the farm
  • make a prison for Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh- you could use a box, lego, toys etc whatever you have to hand.
  • Make a farm from your toys
  • retell the story
  • Watch Miss Rachel’s music class

Print out for music is below.

That’s all for today. Have a good day, whatever you choose get up to!

Tuesday 12th May - Online Nursery

Monday 11th May - Online Nursery

Morning all!

This week we are learning about ladybirds. Let’s start off with a story:

Here’s Miss Q reading the Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

And a short clip about ladybirds from cbeebies

After that you could do any of the following:

Bank Holiday Fun

Hello, happy lockdown Bank Holiday!

Here’s some fun ideas for your Bank Holiday weekend:

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 7th May - Online Nursery

Happy end of Bee Week!

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday (apparently those still exist,) so just some stories and suggestions for entertainment tomorrow, but no work.

Today we have some number work:

A bee maths game

Minibeast counting

Find the bees maths game

Number of the day

Number three podcast

Once you’ve watched the number 3 videos you could:

  • look around your house and find things you have three of
  • make a number three to decorate.

And if you’re missing the bees, here’s a little Maddie Video

Wednesday 6th May - Online Nursery

Day three of bee week. (Say it in your best Big Brother voice!)

Today we have:

A little home made video explanation of what jobs bees have to do in the hive. I went on a bee keeping course a few years ago and I’m still incensed that the boy bees have no jobs.

A Bee Story Book by Britta Teckentrup, read by Miss Q

Watch the story of the Bee Man read by Miss Q

Here’s some ideas for making a bee friendly garden for those of you with outdoor space:

Maddie’s how to make a bee cafe

Or try this bee hotel

DIY Bee Hotel

Bee Home ideas

For those of you that want an indoor task you could try these:

Have a lovely day!

All the bee books for the week.

Click on the book covers to hear Miss Quartermaine read you a story.

This one is coming soon….

Monday 4th May - Online Nursery

Hello! Welcome back to Online Nursery. This week we are learning all about bees! I love bees they are amazing little creatures.

Let’s start off with a little introduction for the children:

Miss Q introduction to the week.

Now you can choose what to do next:

We have this amazing video by Maddie, she’s a very enthusiastic beekeeper, you might recognise her from Cbeebies.

Or you can listen to this Usborne information book read by Miss Quartermaine

Bee information by Miss Q

Once you’ve had a chance to learn a little about bees, you can get busy with the following activities:

How to draw a bee by Miss Q

Bee facts from Twinkl

Independent learning challenges for Bees

Bee craft ideas to keep you busy like a bee!

Come back tomorrow for more exciting bee activities!

Miss Q reads Oi Frog

Miss Quartermaine reads an information book about frogs

Story - You're Called What?

I’ve filmed you one of our favourite stories from Nursery, I hope you enjoy it.

After you’ve listened to it, you could draw a picture of your favourite funny animal and see if you can find out some more about it.

You can find some facts about some of the more common animals we see at the following website.

National Geographic kids

You can use Kiddle Safe Search to find facts online

Stickman Story


Here’s one of our favourite stories- Stick Man!

If you fancy some more Stick Man related activities after you’ve watched it, you could click here to go to The Gruffalo website.


Story of You Choose

Guide to name writing

Here’s a little video tutorial on name writing. I’m sorry about my dull voice in the video, it’s not boredom, it’s terror of being filmed!

Whilst we are all at home, you could be practising this up to once a week, if you have time. The most important thing at this early stage in your child’s development, is having a go, rather than getting it right.

Hmmmm, I think I should get this video sponsored by hand cream- they’re a bit dry!


Simple Playdough Recipe

Here’s how to make really quick, no cook playdough. Keeps little (and big) people occupied for ages!


You will need:

  • 2 cups (measuring cup, mug, beaker) of plain flour (you can usually substitute with any kind of flour, but only need bog standard plain stuff-so save your posh stuff in case we all have to learn how to make bread!)
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil (again, most oils will substitute, including baby oil, melted coconut oil etc)
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar, if you have it (if not, skip it out.)
  • 1 or 1.5 cups of boiling water (obviously the adults need to do this bit)
  • a little food colouring (if you have some, if not skip it.)


  • mix flour, salt and cream of tartar together in a bowl (everything dry is mixed first.)
  • add oil and any food colouring to the boiling water, then mix it into the dry ingredients (everything wet is added now.)
  • stir, stir, stir- until everything is combined and sticky- remember it is hot!
  • let it cool a little, enough so you can knead it.
  • knead, knead, knead! This is vital to form the correct texture. Keep going until you have the perfect consistency.
  • Now play (and try not to think about the mess!)


  • if your dough is too sticky, see if more kneading is required. If not, add a little more flour, a little at a time.
  • if it’s too wet, add more flour in small increments.
  • you can add in all sorts of things to make your playdough more interesting- cocoa powder (chocolate dough, mmmmm), herbs, spices, essential oils (nice calm lavender!)
  • you can use most tools that are safe for children from the kitchen- an easy garlic press is great for playdough hair, just remember to wash it before any residue playdough sets hard!
  • if you have a garden, you can add in leaves and sticks for some fun nature play. Leaves will print nicely into dough.
  • if you make a successful batch and want to share your creations, email me.
  • playdough might be a tad messy but it’s very good for developing hand-eye coordination, helping the muscles we need for writing and fine motor skills.
  • it’s often quite a calming activity when we are feeling emotional. A lot of our children tend to naturally gravitate to dough when they are upset.


Here are some useful links for home learning:

My uso


BBC schools radio