Hello and a huge welcome to our class webpage.

Our Nursery staff team are: Miss Quartermaine, Miss Newton, Miss Lucy and Miss Elena.

Here you can find out what’s been happening in Nursery this week.

Class Update

24/09/21- We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Hello and welcome to another week of Nursery fun.

This week we have been reading, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ It’s been so much fun. We’ve all enjoyed reading along.

On Thursday morning we made a big Bear Hunt in the garden and put our wellies on and stomped through the mud, snow, forest, river etc and found the bear in the cave.

We’ve made bear faces and paw prints and we’ll pop them up on display for you to see.

We also did some magic painting (marbling) and all made a lovely cover for our own special books.

17/09/21- And so we begin!

Hello! A massive welcome to our first update of the year!

Our littlest people are settling in well to school. They have found their feet in the classroom and made a good start to school life. Some of the class have found their voices already and others are still a bit reserved, but we are very sure that won’t be for long.

It was our first full week this week and we have done mightily well.

We’ve all stayed for lunch and worked out how to feed ourselves, wait for our friends to finish eating and scrape our own plates and put our things away. Monday and Tuesday lunch were rather busy whilst we worked out our new routine, but now we are like lunch time professionals and we’re even learning to line up at the bin to dispose of anything we haven’t eaten! Though there’s not much waste as most of us eat quite well. Lunch highlights this week were sausages and burritos (not at the same time!)

There’s still a few tears from time to time which is to be expected, but they are always short lived and we manage to keep busy and (usually) enjoy ourselves.

We had our first music lesson on Monday with Mr Yusef. It was great fun. We learnt lots of new songs.

We’ve read Brown Bear, Brown Bear together and enjoyed working out which animals come next. The children are far better at this than the adults!

Just a reminder to send in plenty of spare clothes- the messy activities are very popular! (some of us also forget to run to the loo in time.)

We’d be grateful for donations of:

  • kitchen roll tubes
  • green plastic bottles (to make 10 green bottles!)
  • conkers, acorns, pebbles, short sticks (roughly 20cm or less- no big ones at the mo!)


We can always make use of envelopes, cards, paper plates etc if you have any random ones left over from a pack that you’re not going to use.


Hope you have a lovely weekend. We’ll see you all next week for lots more fun.


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