Our Nursery class is taught by Miss Quartermaine with plenty of help from Mrs Kazem, Miss Newton, Miss Lucy and Miss Catherine. Our days are busy and full of fun, laughter and learning.

Class Update

Friday 20th December- Run, Run as Fast as you Can

This week saw a much more confident and probably, taller group of children return to class. It’s amazing how much we change over the course of the year and once our teachers had stopped exclaiming, “haven’t you grown,” we got down to the serious business of playing and learning.

Our story this week was The Gingerbread Man. It was great fun and we all helped to read the story. We were a bit sad that the fox kept eating him. When we read a different version, one of the children said, “well, I hope that fox is good today.” Alas, he was not and the poor old Gingerbread Man was eaten again!

I might add that when we made our own real gingerbread men we had no such empathy for him and we all gobbled him up, just like that sneaky fox!