Hello and a huge welcome to our class webpage.

Our Nursery staff team are: Miss Quartermaine, Miss Newton, Miss Lucy and Miss Elena.

Here, you can find out what’s been happening in Nursery this week.

Class Update


What a week we had! Such excitement for the start of December.

This week we have been learning all about the Nativity Story. We should  all be able to tell you the story now. We’ve read lots of different versions and had fun discussing how the story can be told slightly differently. We’ve also had a go at being an author and writing our own Christmas story. They are taking us a long time, so we will continue next week too.

In class we have been making some secret goodies for our Christmas goody bags.

We’ve listened to Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Candy Canes. and danced along.

Next week, we have our Nativity DVD and Christmas Lunch event for you to come to on Thursday- please check parentmail for details.  The children have been working very hard, filming their part of the Nativity and this weekend they will all be edited together to make the whole story for you to come and watch. You’ll also be able to buy a copy in the last week of term.

Have a lovely weekend.

26/11/21- Stick man

This week we have been enjoying the story of Stick man.

We made our own stick people from sticks and decorated them with scarves and eyes etc. They look fabulous.

We’ve helped Stick man learn to count and helped him count out the correct number of sticks from a larger group.

On Wednesday afternoon we were treated to a Mr Benn theatre show.

The biggest event of the week was on Thursday morning when most of us managed to film our parts for the class nativity. Now all the bits of film will be edited together and made into a DVD.

On Friday 10th December, one parent/carer for each child can come to school and watch the Nativity and have Christmas Lunch with us.

Next week we will be learning the Nativity story.

19/11/21- Autumn Days

This week we have been learning all about autumn.

We learnt that the leaves change colour and fall off the trees and come back again in the spring.

We have read some lovely autumn stories; with Leaf Thief and Tap the magic Tree being our favourites.

Our word of the week was crunchy and we explored lots of crunchy things- crunchy leaves, crunchy paper, crunchy cereal etc

next week we will be reading Stick Man. We’d love everyone to find a stick and bring it to school for next week to make their own Stick Man.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

12/11/21- Woodland week

This week we have been learning all about woodland animals and our word of the week was woodland.

We all have a special group that we belong to in our class. There’s badgers, hedgehogs, foxes, moles, squirrels, and owls. We have enjoyed learning about our group animals and reading lots of stories with them in.

We’ve made clay hedgehogs, built craft nests for pretend owls and made chocolate bonfire apples.

Our music piece for this week was Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture. We conducted the piece with our dancing scarves then zoomed around the classroom with them pretending that they were fireworks.

For cookery we made chocolate apples on sticks- yum! Needless to say we all enjoyed those!


We also made poppies for Remembrance day and took part in a two minute silence, in fact, we were so diligent with our silence that it went on for about five minutes.

We had a big step forwards with our social skills and discovered group humour! We made up silly songs about the teachers (with their permission) and fell about laughing.

We’ve continued to enjoy rhyming and read a very silly book called; The Who’s Whonicorn of Unicorns.

Our counting challenge this week was to count woodland animals.

Phew, busy days, but lots of fun!

05/11/21- welcome back

Hello and welcome back to another busy half term.

This week we have been learning all about Diwali and bonfire night.

Our word of the week was; celebration, see if you can fit that into a conversation this weekend and talk about what it means. This is a really handy word for us to learn as there’s lots of Celebrations to learn about at the moment.

For our Diwali topic we made clay diyas, chalk rangoli patterns and made coconut barfi to eat. We had a look on google earth and found India and talked about how the festival originated from there.

Our main topics for the half term are Autumn and Celebrations.

We’ve started to learn to rhyme in our phonics sessions and played an excellent game called Willoughby Wallaby woo. Rhyming is a really important step towards reading as it helps us play with the sounds of words and hear that some words have similar sound patterns.

For maths this half term, we are working on representing numbers with our finger. We’re singing lots of fun number songs and learning how to add on and take away on our fingers. We’ve also started the much trickier task of learning how to find different ways to make a number with our fingers i.e. three fingers on one hand none on the other or two fingers on one hand and one on the other.

Fun times!


Phew, what a busy half term we had!

Such a great start to Nursery life. We’ve all settled in well and we’re finding our voices and personalities.

We’ve had a jam packed Black Voices Week. We learnt about Mae Jemison and how she became an astronaut and flew to space. We did lots of brilliant space themed activities including making space sock puppets and junk modelling space rockets and planets.

15/10/21- Hola!

Hola! It’s been Hispanic week in Nursery.

We’ve been learning about Peru.

On Monday, we found Peru on Google Earth and pretended to fly there. We had a good look at the ariel view and decided that we could see the sea and some beach and some mountains.

We read a lovely book called, Carolina’s Gift about a young girl who goes to market to find a present for Granny. She looks all around the market and finally decides that Granny would like a walking stick so that she can come to market too!

We made cacti from clay and decorated them with match stick prickles and Miss Lucy bought us a big llama balloon that we dressed in numbered scarves.

It was a very fun week and next week we have lots more fun to come- Black Voices week, DT Day and Red card to Racism Day.

We’d love lots of bits for junk modelling please and a sock that can be made into a sock puppet.

Have a great weekend!

08/10/21- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We counted all the fruits and worked out how many things he had eaten.

We played lots of dice games and practised recognising (subitising) or counting the spots on the dice then counting out the correct amount of things from a big group.

We learnt the days of the week and Miss Quartermaine and Miss Newton taught us their favourite days of the week songs.

We printed pictures of the Hungry Caterpillar and made observational drawings of his fruits.

In the garden we’ve been exploring the climbing apparatus and painting conkers pink for one of our maths games.

Next week we are off to Peru for Hispanic week. We will be taking part in lots of Peruvian activities!

01/10/21- Dear Zoo

We’ve had a lovely week reading the story of Dear Zoo.

On Thursday we made up our own version of the book using the toy pets we had brought to school. We had all sorts of animals in our story and we thought of ways to describe them: big, jumpy, fluffy, cuddly etc.

Those of us that felt inspired made our own pet carriers to take our animals home in.

We’ve also made jumpy frogs, elephant masks, pictures of the animals and our own playdough.

All in all it was a very busy week!

24/09/21- We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Hello and welcome to another week of Nursery fun.

This week we have been reading, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ It’s been so much fun. We’ve all enjoyed reading along.

On Thursday morning we made a big Bear Hunt in the garden and put our wellies on and stomped through the mud, snow, forest, river etc and found the bear in the cave.

We’ve made bear faces and paw prints and we’ll pop them up on display for you to see.

We also did some magic painting (marbling) and all made a lovely cover for our own special books.

17/09/21- And so we begin!

Hello! A massive welcome to our first update of the year!

Our littlest people are settling in well to school. They have found their feet in the classroom and made a good start to school life. Some of the class have found their voices already and others are still a bit reserved, but we are very sure that won’t be for long.

It was our first full week this week and we have done mightily well.

We’ve all stayed for lunch and worked out how to feed ourselves, wait for our friends to finish eating and scrape our own plates and put our things away. Monday and Tuesday lunch were rather busy whilst we worked out our new routine, but now we are like lunch time professionals and we’re even learning to line up at the bin to dispose of anything we haven’t eaten! Though there’s not much waste as most of us eat quite well. Lunch highlights this week were sausages and burritos (not at the same time!)

There’s still a few tears from time to time which is to be expected, but they are always short lived and we manage to keep busy and (usually) enjoy ourselves.

We had our first music lesson on Monday with Mr Yusef. It was great fun. We learnt lots of new songs.

We’ve read Brown Bear, Brown Bear together and enjoyed working out which animals come next. The children are far better at this than the adults!

Just a reminder to send in plenty of spare clothes- the messy activities are very popular! (some of us also forget to run to the loo in time.)

We’d be grateful for donations of:

  • kitchen roll tubes
  • green plastic bottles (to make 10 green bottles!)
  • conkers, acorns, pebbles, short sticks (roughly 20cm or less- no big ones at the mo!)


We can always make use of envelopes, cards, paper plates etc if you have any random ones left over from a pack that you’re not going to use.


Hope you have a lovely weekend. We’ll see you all next week for lots more fun.


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