Proverbs 2:6 – For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

Year 3


Year 3 is taught by Mrs Jeffrey who is supported by Miss Natalie and Christos


Friday 22nd September - Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

We are settling down to a working week and working very hard.

During English, we planned and started to write our own detailed descriptive pieces from a ‘bug’s eye’ view. We have working hard on paired adjectives and making our work interesting by using conjunctions and some of us have been using fronted adverbials.  Next week, we will write our first Year 3 story based on the class reader Omnibombulator and try to include our homework spellings ‘ou’ words which make an /ow/ sound and an /u/ sound.  I’m looking forward to reading tales of Kyle the Caterpillar, Florence the Butterfly, Speedy the Spider escaping the clutches of birds, mean bugs and climate change!  We are also still enjoying the antics of Mr Gum who can’t seem to keep out of trouble.

In Maths, we continued our work on number and place value. We built upon last week’s work, finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than given numbers. We then compared and sequenced numbers up to 1000 and developed our understanding of the terms ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’. We have been using 100 squares, counting beads and Dienes to support our work.

In our RE lesson about Sikhism, we learned about a special symbol called the ‘ik ongar’ and that it means ‘theirs is only one god’.  We drew symbols which we thought reflected our beliefs and ideas.

In Science, we learned about balanced diets and what we should eat more of as well as what we should eat less of.

In Geography, we learned about countries of the world and in DT we looked at seasonal foods from around the world.

In Computing, we finished our posters on staying safe using SMART as the starting point.

Please remember homework books back in by Wednesday (but house points for early returners), library books on Thursday (or Monday lunch library) and reading folders on Friday.

This week’s homework is spellings, comprehension and Mathletics tasks.  Please follow the handwriting guide and use the handwriting sheet provided so we can encourage the children to use ‘tall’ and ‘short’ letters. The children’s spelling groups may change as the term goes on – this will depend on their spelling scores.  Their reading comprehension will be their English group ie. blue, yellow or green.

As Year 3 will be swimming for two weeks, we will not follow the timetable as per our website page.  We may teach Maths in our classes rather than in groups.  The children need to be in their PE kits every day for the next two weeks.  We aim to be back at school about 3:30pm but we may be a few minutes late so please just wait at the front reception area.  Please check your ParentMail for swimming information.


Almost definitely time to pack away those Summer clothes!  Have a good weekend.


Mrs Jeffrey


Friday 15th September - Such a distant memory....

We’re all settling in to the year quickly and have been busy.  We have democratically voted for our class school councillors, prayer group and librarians.

This week’s homework is spellings practise using the handwriting sheet attached inside the homework book (spelling group for your child can be found in the inside cover of homework book), Mathletics tasks and times tables practise which should be shown in the back of the book.  Please let your class teacher know if you experience problems with accessing Mathletics.  Homework is given out on a Friday and due back in by Wednesday but children are encouraged to bring it in sooner for house points!  Reading folders go out on a Monday and are not due back in until Friday – please encourage children to re-read the books if they finish them quickly.

During Maths, we built upon last week’s work, using number lines for numbers up to 100. We have also made practical use of our newly-refined number and place value skills by starting to solve number and place value-related partitioning problems.

During English, we enjoyed Dick King-Smith’s ‘The Omnibombulator’ as a reference text for our work on stories with familiar settings. Next week, we will plan and start to write our very own descriptive pieces from a ‘bug’s eye’ view. As part of the writing process, next week we will be sure to re-read our work with a view to improving it, a key part of the Year 3 English Writing curriculum.   In our GPS lesson, we jumped straight in with learning how to use a dictionary which is an essential skill. We are still enjoying the hearing about the antics of Mr Gum and some of us have chosen a book from the series to read in class or the library.

During Geography, we identified and located continents on a world map and enjoyed singing the continents song we learnt in Year 2.

In our RE lesson, we designed a wisdom poster based on Year 3’s value of ‘Wisdom’.

During Science, we started work on Animals including humans learning how we need food for growth and energy and sorted foods into groups.

In our Computing lesson, we started to learn about the importance of online safety practices signing a contract and designing a poster using SMART as a reminder of how to stay safe online.

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday 20th September 2023.

Our poem for the half term can be found on our class page.

Please practise this with your child/ren on a regular basis ahead of us performing it as a class at the end of the half term.

Almost definitely the last weekend before the Summer wardrobe gets put away!  Enjoy!

Mrs Jeffrey


Friday 8th September - Welcome Back

Welcome to Year 3!

It was lovely to see the children looking smart, healthy and tanned from their holidays.  We have been sharing tales of our travels to Lyme Regis, the Lake District, Dorset, Somerset, Rye, Swanage to name but a few places in the UK as well some of our adventures further afield including mainland Europe, America and Asia – what a well travelled bunch we are!

We have been busy working on self portraits and our links with the other countries.  We have also practised our Bible verse and written prayers based on Year 3’s value of wisdom.

We are also enjoying our class book Mr Gum and hearing about what happens in Lamonic Bibber.

Please refer to the ParentMail for more details about life in Year 3.

Gymnastics and PE will be on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively so please send your children into school in the PE/Gym kits – which they can stay in all day.  Children who have sports clubs before or after school are expected to change into their school uniform for the school day.

It’s been lovely to have an extended Summer – enjoy the warm weather this weekend.

Mrs Jeffrey



Times tables practise....




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