Welcome to Milne Reception’s homepage. Our teacher is Mrs Ghoul, our Early Years Educator is Ms Kazem. This page will be updated every Friday where you can see what the children have been learning.



‘Sing him a new song

Play skillfully and shout for joy’


Class Updates

Friday 30th September 2022

September seems to have flown by and the autumnal leaves have begun falling in our Early Years playground!

The children enjoyed their St Stephen’s Church Service on Thursday and it was lovely to see so many parents and carers able to come along and celebrate Harvest with our school community. Next week in RE as part of our learning in class about Harvest the children will be considering what they are thankful for. This could be a discussion topic for the dinner table this weekend to prepare the children for sharing in class.

In Maths this week we introduced the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The children learnt lots of different ways to represent these numbers such as unifix cubes, pictures or numicon. They ended the week by learning to form the numerals correctly. Next week, we will introduce the numbers 4 and 5 and explore different ways of representing them.

In Literacy this week we have been reading ‘The Little Red Hen’. We discussed how stories are made up of a beginning (where the story setting and characters are introduced), a middle (where there is a problem) and the end of a story (where there is often a resolution to the problem). The children then sequenced the story by cutting out pictures and sticking them in the correct order. During this activity we encouraged the children to talk about the story and recall the key events. Next week we will continue exploring traditional stories and sequencing key events using the story, ‘The enormous turnip.’

In our Relationships and health lesson this week we have been talking about our special people using the family photos you have sent in. We discussed and celebrated all the different types of families we have in our community. Next week the children will be drawing family portraits using different mark making tools.

In Phonics this week we learnt the sounds n, p and g. The formation rhymes for each sound are below. There is also a link to a website which has the RWI formation sheets that you may find useful at home.

n – Down Nicky and over their net

p – Down the pirates plait and around its face

g – Round her face, down her hair, give her a curl

RWI formation worksheets

An important message

In the mornings our priority is to settle the children quickly and this in turn makes it easier for the children as the period of separation is not prolonged. To assist us with this please do only pass on key information or ask urgent questions so that a queue does not form outside the class door. If it can wait until pick up time this is often easier as the class pick up is slightly more staggered. Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Lost property

Lost property often finds its way back to us in Reception via the lovely Ms Annora, if it is named! Lost property that does not make its way back to the classroom might be in the lost property box by the school office.

Hispanic day

On Friday please send your child in the colours of the Colombian flag or Hispanic dress. The children do not need to bring in their gymnastics kit or wear it to school. They will just take of their shoes and socks for their gymnastics lesson.


We would like to post photos on the weekly blog of activities your children do through out the week in Reception. However in order to do this you have to have given GDPR consent. If you would like to see photos of your child on the blog then please let me know.

We hope everyone has a lovely restful weekend.

Mrs Ghoul and Ms Kazem

Friday 23rd September 2022

It’s been a lovely week here in St Stephen’s Early Years. The children are settling well, beginning to work as a team and are becoming familiar with their daily routines.

In Phonics this week we learnt the sounds d, t and i. We have put the sounds chart in the homework box on this page. The formation rhymes for this week’s sounds are below:

d – Round his bottom (dinosaur’s), up his tall neck, down to his feet.

t – Down the tower, across the tower

i – Down the body and dot for the head

In our Relationships and Health lesson this week we have been discussing all the things which make us special. We have been looking at the many ways we are similar and also celebrating the ways we are unique. The children really enjoyed their circle time and were keen to share their thoughts.

During R.E this week we have been learning about how Christian’s believe the world began and  the children have been thinking about different beginnings, such as a new day or the beginning of a story. Next week, we will thinking about how wonderful the natural world is. We will be encouraging the children to identify aspects of nature as in the creation story from the bible. The children will have the opportunity in class to draw and paint pictures of natural things that ‘wow’ them such as a beautiful beach or tall mountains.

In Maths, we have been learning how to count efficiently. The children have learnt that it is always best to put objects in a line first, to touch and count each object only once, to stop when they have counted the last object, to count slowly and to always ‘check it’ by counting the group of objects twice. Ask your child to teach you how ‘to do good counting’ at home. We have also introduced the concept of ‘Zero’ this week and the children have been learning that ‘zero’ means ‘nothing’ and not to use it when counting objects. We have also introduced ‘Zero Zero Superhero’ a number song you can find on YouTube. Next week, we will be introducing the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and discovering different ways to represent them. The children will also learn rhymes to aid them in the formation of these numerals.

Next week, we will begin Literacy carpet sessions and a related activity. We will be reading the traditional story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and the children will be recalling the characters, setting and what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. The children will have a go at sequencing pictures from the story in the correct order.

Please send in your photos

Each Year group at St Stephen’s has a bible verse and word to reflect our vision statement. In Reception our word is, JOY. We would like to explore this with the children and to do this we would like you to discuss with your child what brings them joy in their life and then send in a photo to reflect this. We will then discuss and display these photos in class. Examples of photos to bring in could be: spending time with a special person such as a grandparent, spending time at a familiar place of worship, a special family celebration or an activity that you do as a family such as puzzles on a Sunday. Please bring these photos in as soon as possible.

Our class poem

Each half term each class at St Stephen’s has a poem to learn. Our first poem is by Alan Milne our class author. It is called, ‘Us Two’ and it is a poem about friendship. The children have listened to and talked about the poem. We will focus on learning just the first verse (in bold below).

Us Two by AA Milne

We hope everyone has a lovely restful weekend.

Mrs Ghoul and Ms Kazem

Friday 16th September 2022

The children have had another great week in Reception. They have had their first PE lesson with Mr Josh, their first music lesson with Ms Rachel and their first Gymnastics session with Fiona and Sharon. They also had a library session with Mrs Pereira. We are so impressed with how well they are adjusting to life at St Stephen’s.

This week we have been busy painting self-portraits to display in class. The children have enjoyed looking in a mirror and describing themselves. The children have also been learning how to use the EYFS garden correctly and how to use their whole body to listen during carpet sessions. The children have enjoyed played some games and singing some songs to learn and remember each other’s names. We have been discussing our feelings and what the children can do if they are feeling sad or angry including, telling an adult, taking deep breaths, having a drink of water, looking at a book in the reading corner or having a snuggle with a class soft toy.

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on developing our relationship with each child and helping them to form good relationships with other children in the class. We have been learning how to ask others to play with us and how to say a firm ‘Stop, I don’t like it’.

This week we have started our Phonics sessions and introduced the sounds m, a and s. Please do use the link on the Phonics Presentation to check the correct pronunciation. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Phonics Presentation. We have included the presentation on the blog for those of you who were unable to join us.

Reception Phonics Information Evening 2022-2023

The rhymes for each sound are:

m – Maisie, mountain, mountain

a – Round the apple, up and down the leaf

s – Slither down the snake

We suggested purchasing a chunky writing pencil for using at home such as these which have an option for left or right handed writers:

Handwriting pencil

In our Religious Education lesson (RE) this week we began our first unit, ‘Who made the wonderful world?’ We listened to the story ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes and the children shared with the class things that are precious to them and why.

In our Relationship and Health Education lesson this week we began our first unit, ‘All about me.’ The children thought about some of their favourite things and shared them with the class. We considered how there are things that are the same about us and things that are different. The children were introduced to Harold our giraffe that helps us learn during these lessons.

Please continue to send in at least a change of pants and socks in your child’s book bag for them to use if they have a toileting accident.

We sometimes notice that during the 2nd and 3rd week of school some of the children will get a little more tired, possibly teary and definitely more aware that Reception is a full time thing now. Please try not to worry. We will let you know if any of the children are upset when in school and find that this stage is short lived. Please do let us know if you have any big concerns though as we are more than happy to chat.


Please remove your child’s earrings for gymnastics on Fridays and hair that touches your child’s shoulder needs to be tied up.

Homework & Homework folders

We have sent home a task for you to complete with your child and return by Thursday 22nd September. It is about your family’s heritage. You will find it in your child’s new ‘Homework folder’.


Each class has a spiritual identity and word. In Reception ours is JOY! And we would like you to think about this with your child and send in or bring in a photo of a family activity that brings your family joy. We will discuss these and display them in our class. For example it could be spending time with grandparents, Sunday lunches altogether, a particular game you all enjoy playing or going to the beach!

Please find below our goals for this half term:

Autumn 1 All about me

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Ghoul and Mrs Kazeem

Friday 9th September 2022

Welcome to St Stephen’s! We have had a lovely week getting to know your children and seeing them beginning to settle into school life. The children are all working on remembering each other’s names and are gradually becoming more confident within their new environment and getting used to walking in all by themselves each morning. We promise it will get less daunting as the weeks go on and the children become more used to their routines. It is very normal for children to feel unsettled and a bit anxious when starting full time Reception and we will let you know if we think your child is finding it hard to adjust.

Next week, the children will attend school all day from 9am until 3.25pm. The school gates open at 8.45am. Please remain with your child until we open the doors at 9am.

We will continue with our settling in period and we will be playing lots of games to get to know each other. We will also be introducing our ‘All about me’ topic, as well as Phonics and some other fun learning sessions.


The children will have Kick London on Tuesdays and gymnastics on Fridays. On these days they need to come to school wearing their PE kit. They do not need to bring their school uniform with them even if they have a club afterschool.

For Kick London the children need to wear the school PE shorts, PE T-shirt and black plimsolls/or trainers. As the weather gets cooler the children can also wear the school PE tracksuit or school hoodie.

For gymnastics the children MUST wear shorts and T-shirts, so if you choose to send them in the school tracksuit please ensure they have the school PE shorts and T-shirt on underneath. Long hair must be tied up and earrings removed. If your child’s earrings are recently pierced we can cover the earrings with tape.  They can wear black plimsolls or trainers. They take them off to do gymnastics.

Water bottles

Please send your child to school each morning with a water bottle filled with fresh water. Please label their water bottle.

Change of clothes

It’s important your child has a change of clothes in their book bag each day. We recommend at least a change of pants/knickers and a pair of socks. A change of shorts/trousers or a skirt is also useful.

Medical and allergy needs

If your child had a medical condition or allergy that requires medication then please drop this off to the school office as soon as possible. You will be required to fill in and submit a medical form.

Scooters and bikes

Scooters and bikes can be left in school down the Early Years alley. This is locked during the day.

FOSS class WhatsApp group

Each class has a WhatsApp group run by FOSS. Please speak to your class representative if you would like to be added. It is a really useful way for you to have up to date information from the school.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday.

Mrs Ghoul & Miss Hannah

Reception Timetable

Reception Timetable 2022-2023



Phonics Set 1-3

RWI set 1-3 sounds

Autumn 1 class poem

Us Two by AA Milne