Welcome to Milne Reception’s homepage. Our teacher is Mrs Ghoul, our Early Years Educator is Ms Johnson. This page will be updated every Friday where you can see what the children have been learning.

Class Updates

Friday 18th September

It’s been a lovely week here in Reception. The children have coped amazingly doing full days and there is lots of fun and laughter being had throughout St Stephen’s Early Years.

This week you can really feel the children are getting to know one another and the play and chatter is really developing. As Mr Schumm commented on our Zoom meeting, both classes have settled notably well and we have had lots of comments from staff as to how calm and happy everyone is. We hope they are sharing some of their experiences with you at home and that you are feeling reassured that they are happy and settling well within their classes.

This week, as well as learning our full time routine, we have been working with the children to see how their fine motor skills, name recognition, number recognition and confidence in counting is. This week during Religious Education we discussed all that is precious to us and tried to explain why we thought so. The children offered some really well considered answers and as you can imagine we had some super fun ones too! Next week we will be starting our Mathematics, Literacy and Phonics sessions and will be sending home some ‘Red Words’ for the children to learn.

Just a quick reminder that on both Thursday and Friday the children need to wear their full P.E kit as we have sports on both of these days. Please remove any earrings on these days also. If your child’s hair is longer than shoulder length it needs to be tied up every day.

Next week, we will be continuing our ‘All about me’ topic and we will be discussing our similarities and our differences during our Relationships and Health Education session. We will also be reading ‘Little Red Hen’ and will have lots of activities alongside this book.

Please check your child’s bag for their first piece of homework today. These trees are to go onto our display board and will move through the school each year with your child.  Please fill in the tree yourself and discuss what you have written with your child. Your child can then decorate the tree with some pencils or crayons.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Mrs Ghoul and Ms Johnson

Friday 11th September

Well done to all of the children for completing their first week in Reception. You may notice that the children are  a bit more tired and require a little more rest this weekend.

This week the children have done a fabulous job getting to know us, finding their way around the Early Years and beginning to learn their new busy routines. They have had their first Kick London session with Mr Alastair, their first music lesson with Ms Rachel and their first Gymnastics session with Ms Eisha. We are so impressed with how well they have adapted and we are enjoying getting to know them.

Also this week, we have been trying to get to know each other a little more and over the next few weeks we will be focusing on building these relationships and each child’s confidence. We have been learning how to ask others to play with us and how to say a firm, ‘Stop, I don’t like it,’ if in a situation where another child is wanting their toy or similar. We have been teaching the children that they should always talk to a teacher if they feel sad, as well as some other ways in which they can help themselves, such as taking a deep breath, having some quiet time in the reading corner or asking to have a chat to a teacher if they need to.

Next week, we will be continuing to get to know each other and learning our routines a little more. We will also be having lots more fun!

Please ensure that next Thursday and Friday the children wear their P.E kits to school so that they can attend their sports sessions. If your child wears earrings then please remove them on P.E. days.

We sometimes notice that during the 2nd and 3rd week of school some of the children will get a little more tired, possibly teary and definitely more aware that Reception is a full time thing now. Please try not to worry.  We will let you know if any of the children are upset when in school and find that this stage is short lived.  Please do let us know if you have any big concerns though as we are more than happy to chat.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Mrs Ghoul