Year 1

Welcome to Class 1 McNaughton. The class teacher is Mrs Foster and the teaching assistant is Miss Karen.  Miss Anya is our LSA. Please check on the website every Friday for weekly updates but also for the weekly homework. Enjoy!

Class Updates

Friday 22nd January

It’s Friday, you made it! Well done for all of your excellent hard work this week! Did to listen to Mr Schumm reading his latest chapter of George’s Marvellous Medicine? How about Alistair’s assembly? And don’t forget Good Work Assembly today!
Here’s todays joke from Mrs Wordsworth

Life Skills

To reward yourself for all of the hard work you have done this week why not make a yummy, but healthy lunch? Maybe you could make a cheese and salad sandwich, or avocado on toast (Mrs Foster’s favourite) or baked tomatoes on toast? Check out this recipe.

Active Time

Alastair has another challenge for you. Watch the link below to find out more.


Watch Mrs Foster’s introduction for today’s activity:

Today we will be continuing our work on the suffix -er. Read the PowerPoint saved in JIT from yesterday to review suffixes, then complete the work saved in JIT-English- Week 3 – Friday. First of all rewrite some of the root words so they have the –er suffix. Then look at the photos of the old and new teddies and write a sentence comparing them using some of the words given, but make sure they are words with the –er suffix! Check your sentences make sense, they have capital letters and full stops and the letters sit on the line.

Spelling Test Video Link


Today in Maths we are counting back on number tracks and number lines to help us solve subtraction sums. You will notice that we are crossing ten with our subtractions today so although you will have started counting back from a two-digit number, many of your answers will be one-digit numbers. There is a video, presentation and activity sheet saved in JIT – Maths – Week 3 – Friday. In the Math’s Week 3 folder you will also see that there are some subtraction extension activities which would be suitable as a follow on from today’s lesson. They are optional and should only be used if you feel that your child needs a challenge.


This week we’re looking at who can help you feel better.

Sometimes we can feel nervous, worried or scared about something, for example, trying something new or worrying about lockdown. When we feel like this our body tells us that it’s having these feelings because things happen to our body that don’t normally happen. Can you think of some of these sensations? These can include:

  • butterflies in the tummy,
  • feeling hot or sweaty,
  • feeling sick,
  • shaky hands,
  • feeling that you need the toilet or
  • going red in the face.

On JIT under Foundation Subjects – RHE – Week 3 – you will find the Gingerbread Man Feelings sheet. (You can always draw your own gingerbread person outline if you can’t print this out – it’s pretty simple!) On your gingerbread person draw or write all the ways you can think of that your body shows you when you are feeling nervous, worried or scared.

Next, think about who you could talk to if you are feeling nervous, worried or scared about something. What would you do if the person you turn to for help is busy and doesn’t notice? Perhaps you could try again when they are not so busy or find another safe person to talk to. The important thing is not to give up but to keep trying. At school along with your teachers and helpers you also have the Worry Monster where you can add your concerns – the monster is really missing you all and feels rather empty!

On JIT you will also find the Gingerbread Man Who can help? Sheet (or simply draw another gingerbread person). Use this to write the names of all the people you could talk to if you were worried, nervous or scared about something – try to think of at least 4 safe people so you can fill up each limb of your gingerbread person.

The story on the link below – Jack’s Worry – explores what to do when your Worry just won’t go away! Jack loves playing the trumpet. For weeks he’s been looking forward to playing in his first-ever concert. But on the morning of the big day, Jack finds he has a Worry..…

Jack’s Worry –


Today we will be making Robot Words using a word bank to create simple sentences.

Go to Busy Things and you will see 2 new activities pinned up on Computing.

Start with Word Robot where you can drag words in and out of the grid. You can make proper sentences or complete nonsense! Press the play button to hear your work read out and use the arrow buttons to find new word banks.

Once you have mastered this you can move onto Make a Caption. Look at what’s on Cat’s table or Dog’s easel and drag the right words onto the wall.

Have fun and send us pictures of your best sentences!

Well done for a fantastic week, see you on Monday!

Mrs Foster

Thursday 21st January

Mrs Foster’s joke of the day ‘Where do cows go on a Friday night? They go to the moo-vies!’

Life Skills

Give your toys a wash! Fill a sink, plastic bin, or bowl with water and wash your toys! Ask the adults at home for some towels to dry your toys with once you have washed them. Anything plastic can be washed, provided it isn’t electric. When you have finished you’ll have some lovely shiny new looking toys!

Active Time

Why not have a go at a different Comic Yoga activity? This Fairy Floss one looks fun!


Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s activity:

Today we are going to be learning to add suffixes to the end of root words. Read the PowerPoint saved in JIT-Week 3- Thursday which will explain what a suffix is. A suffix is a group of letters that can be added on to the end of a root word to slightly change the meaning of the word. For example ‘soft becomes softer’. On the second page of the PowerPoint you will see a picture of what happened at Sports Day. Can you write some of the adjectives/root words with the –er suffix added to them and put the word into a sentence? For example ‘The boy jumped higher than the girl’. When you have finished play the –er suffix matching card game saved in JIT-Week 3- Thursday. If you don’t have a printer, draw the root word and matching suffix on a piece of paper.


Read Write Inc Set 3 ‘ow’


Today in Maths we will use ten frames and pictures to help us answer subtraction sums. Remember to cross out the counters or shapes that you are taking away. There are blank ten frames (or you can draw them) to help you with question three. Today we are not crossing ten with our subtractions so you should notice that the number of tens will stay the same and only the number of ones will get smaller. There is a video, presentation and activity sheet saved in JIT – Maths – Week 3 – Thursday. When you have finished today’s activity, you might want to look at the subtraction games pinned to the Maths folder in Busy Things.


This week for our Materials topic we will be describing materials according to their properties. Some materials are hard and some are soft. Some are bendy and some are not. Look at the presentation on JIT under Foundation Subjects – Science – Week 3 to see more descriptions of different objects.

With your grown up, collect a variety of materials and objects around the home to explore. This could include tin foil, corrugated cardboard, elastic bands, marbles, plastic cups etc. Hold each one in turn and describe it saying the object, the material it is made from and how it feels. For example ‘This is a marble. It is made from glass. It is hard and smooth.’

You can use the worksheet attached on JIT to record your answers. If using the sheet try to write your OWN describing words too OR you can write out your descriptions neatly on a separate piece of paper just like the marble description above with 3 sentences – object/material/describing words.

Using the Question cards attached on JIT (on the worksheet) can you organise your objects into different groups, e.g. objects that are hard and objects that are soft?

Question challenge:

  • Why do you think pillows are made out of feathers and fabric instead of plastic?
  • Why do you think bottles are made out of plastic or glass instead of wood?
  • Why do you think coins are made out of metal instead of cardboard?

Wednesday 20th January

Good morning! Here’s a link to Mr Schumms’s assembly for today to wake you up. (Yes there is dancing involved!)

Life Skills

We all need a chuckle at the moment so let’s tell some jokes! Think of your best, funniest joke and send it in! Either write it down or film yourself performing it. Everyday we’ll pop one of your jokes onto our daily blog to make you chuckle! Here’s Mr Schumm’s.

Active Time
Alistair’s here with a Wednesday Workout for you! Don’t worry if you can’t do everything but do have a go. We’ll be trying it too!


Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s activity:

Today we will be learning to add the correct punctuation marks to sentences. To do this read the PowerPoint saved in JIT- English- Week 3- Wednesday. Read the sentences and select either Captain Capital or Full Stop Girl to make the sentences correct. Challenge! Write the correct punctuation for each sentence on a whiteboard or a piece of paper?

Your task today is to read the sentences, based on our non-fiction book ‘All About Toys’ and re-write them with the correct punctuation marks. It’s really important that you write your work as neatly as possible, with letters the same size and facing the correct way. 10 house points for the neatest handwriting! The activity is saved in JIT-English- Week 3-Wednesday.


Read Write Inc set 3 ‘er’


Watch Miss Williams’ lesson introduction here:

Today we will be starting looking at subtraction and for our first lesson on this you are going to make up your own sums! Now remember that subtraction means ‘less’, ‘minus’, ‘take away’ and that your answer is going to be smaller than the first number in your sum. You can count back in your head, on your fingers, on a number line (or ruler) or you can cross out counters on a ten frame to help you. Number lines and blank ten frames are saved in JIT – Maths – Week 3 along with Wednesday’s activity sheet. On today’s activity sheet you will see that you have two sets of numbers. Your task is to make as many different subtraction sums as possible by taking away the red, one-digit numbers away from the green, two-digit numbers. How many different sums can you make? Can you write out your sums neatly remembering to use the subtraction sign – and the equals sign =? I’m looking forward to hearing how many sums you made at 3pm! As a super duper challenge, you could try taking away two red, one-digit numbers at a time!


This week as part of our work on Creation we are thinking about how we, as Christians, can follow God’s instructions for taking care of His Creation – our planet.

In JIT under Foundation Subjects – RE – Week 3 – you will find an extract from the Bible to read together. The link below also shows Mrs Wordsworth reading this extract and explaining the work for today.

Next, watch the presentation saved in JIT – Looking after God’s Wonderful World. Think about what we can all do to help look after our school, our homes, our local community and each other so that we are caring for our world in the way that God would want.

Write a list of ten actions that you can try to follow to help look after our planet. You could use these ideas to create a poster which we can display on our class RE board encouraging everyone to take care of God’s Creation.
And here’s a link to Denis’s assembly from yesterday to give you and your family a chance to reflect and pray.

Tuesday 19th January

Happy Tuesday Year One. Here’s Alistair’s assembly today to keep us all on the road of PERSEVERENCE!

Life Skills

In RE this term we are thinking about how we can look after God’s World and lots of you said you could help by recycling so today help your adult at home to sort the recycling!

Active Time

This links very nicely to our topic all about how toys have changed. Play hide-and-seek with Forky from Toy Story!

Draw Forky on a piece of paper and get an adult to help you cut him out. One player hides Forky while everyone else closes their eyes. Open your eyes and hop your way around the room to try to find Forky. The player who finds Forky is the winner. Everyone celebrates with 10 star jumps. Let the winner take a turn to hide Forky, and play again!



Watch Mrs Foster introducing today’s activity:

Re-read the ‘All About Toys’ PowerPoint and answer the questions saved in JIT- English- Week 3- Tuesday. Some of the questions are multiple choice, where you need to think about what you have read and circle the correct answer. Some questions ask specific questions and you need to write the answer and say which page has the answer. For example if I wanted to find out about construction toys I would turn to page 4. When you have finished have a chat with your adult about which you prefer old or new toys and share your thoughts with us at the end of the day!


Read Write Inc Set 3 ‘ur’


Watch Miss Williams’ lesson introduction here:

Today in Maths we are going to be making 10 to help us with addition. Again, our super knowledge of number bonds to 10 will come in handy with this. Making 10 means that if we were working out the answer to 7 + 8, we would add 3 to 7 straight away as we know that 7 and 3 make 10. We would then add the remaining 5 from the original 8 in the sum to get the answer of 15. This is best explained visually, I think, with ten frames and number lines. There is the presentation to look at again as well as the activity sheet, saved in JIT – Maths – Week 3 – Tuesday. For the activity, there are two questions on the first page. On the second page, there are two extra challenges which are completely optional. Some children may find making ten on the number line too tricky at this stage but that is absolutely fine and they can stick with using a ten frame instead.


We will continue our work on landscapes flying over to Africa to look at some safari scenes – just like those in our English story this term. Take a look at the PowerPoint in JIT on Foundation Subjects – Art – Week 3 entitled African landscape examples. You will see that, like the Van Gogh painting from last week, some of the items shown are in silhouette as it is night time. This time the colours are brighter to show beautiful sunsets – what colours can you see?
Now have a go at creating your own African sunset landscape. Read the instructions given in JIT –African landscape instructions and, if you can, print out the Silhouette cuts outs sheets or create your own using black paper or paint. We can’t wait to see your masterpieces – don’t forget to sign them as all the great artists do!


Watch Miss Rachel’s lesson introduction here:

The link for this lesson can be found here:


Monday 18th January

Hello and good morning Year One. We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Now let’s get cracking with this week’s learning!

Life Skills

Follow Harrold the giraffe’s daily diary.

Active Time

Head outside for a walk, even if it’s a quick walk around the block, fresh air does you the world of good! What did you see? Tell us on our 3pm Zoom!


Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s activity.

Today we start a new unit of work in English based on our Humanities topic about how toys have changed over time. To start you need to read the non-fiction text called ‘All About Toys’, which is saved as a PowerPoint in JIT- English- Week 3. Once you have read it with an adult have a chat about the title, the contents page and index. What are they? Why are the helpful? What do you notice about the order of the words? Why are they in the particular order? When you have done this we would like you to think about the information you read and have a think about your favourite facts, was there any bit of information that surprised you? If so, what? Have your favourite fact ready for our 3pm Zoom!


Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 ‘are’



Throughout the week practise writing Long Ladder letters. Worksheets can be found in JIT- English – Week 3- Handwriting.



You’re all experts on the pairs of numbers that make 10 now and are really speedy at adding together two one-digit numbers, which is fantastic. Today, you will be able to use this knowledge to help you with your work as we are finding and making number bonds to 20. You will use ten frames to see how number bonds to 10 help you enormously with number bonds to 20. You will also complete addition sums and bar models. There is a fun activity to make a number bond to 20 puzzle when you have finished all of the questions. Today’s video, presentation and activity sheet are all saved in JIT in Maths – Week 3 – Monday.


This week we’re finding out what toys were like at different times in the past. Watch the presentation in JIT – Foundation Subjects – Humanities – Week 3 entitled Toys past and present.

You will see that the toys children like to play with have changed over time as new toys are brought out and with advances in technology. However some classic toys continue to be popular including Star Wars. How I wish I’d kept hold of my Death Star as it would be worth a pretty penny now!

Once you’ve watched the presentation take a look at the worksheets saved in the same area on JIT. The first worksheet – 3A – shows the five decades with pictures of the toys that were popular at that time. Cut the decades out and arrange them in the right order before sticking them at the top of a big sheet of paper like a heading. (You can just choose to focus on one decade or all 5 if you like a challenge!)

Using the information sheets to help you, write down the names of the toys popular in each decade and draw some pictures.

Think about the toys that we play with today.

  • Which toys from the past remain popular?
  • What do you think are the most popular toys today?
  • What do you think children will say about these toys in 50 years’ time – will they still be popular?

If you’ve enjoyed this work we’ve included an extra presentation on JIT describing more toys from the past. Have a look to see why teddies are called teddies!

As promised we’ve added our (new) morning prayer and our well known afternoon prayer onto JIT under Foundation Subjects – RE – Week 3. Every day we will ask if one of you would like to lead the prayer so do have a practice if you can. And if you’d like to have a go at writing your own prayer for us then send them in to us!

Friday 15th January


Life Skills

Help the adults at home to sort the laundry into different colours ready for them to go in the wash. If the clothes are dry why not help to neatly fold them and put them away!

Active Time
We know you’ve been missing your PE sessions with Alistair so here’s a challenge from the man himself. There’ll be another one along next week too!


To finish our work based on We All Went on Safari you have a choice of two activities (or those keen beans out there can do both if you like). Either perform your own version of the story and put your video or photos into JIT! Alternatively write up your poem into JIT, like the example saved in JIT titled Friday Example. Instructions explaining how to do this can be found below. As soon as you save it your teachers will be able to see your amazing stories!

Accessing JIT 2write

Spelling Test 

Watch Mrs Wordsworth Spelling clip here.


For our final Maths lesson of the week, we are going to carry on using number bonds to 10 to help us with our number bonds to 20. We will be using part whole models to show how adding two one-digit numbers can help us to add a teen number to a one-digit number. In JIT there is a PowerPoint and an activity sheet for today saved in Maths – Week 2 – Friday. Don’t forget the challenge on the back on the activity sheet!


This week in our Healthy Lifestyles topic, we are looking at SLEEP! Sleep is really important for all of us but especially for children as your bodies are still growing and need to rest. Can you guess how much sleep you need – tell us what you think is the answer at our zoom catch up today!

Look at the sheet saved in JIT under Foundation Subjects – RSHE – Week 2 – of Harold the giraffe’s bedtime routine. Cut out the pictures and stick them in the correct order for YOUR bedtime routine. You may have additional activities that you want to add – such as giving your family a kiss. Think about what helps you to sleep well and tell us any tips you can share with the class. It’s not always easy to sleep well so it’s important to have a good routine that you stick to. For example, I always try to go to bed at the same time each night.

If you have time you could make a film of yourself getting ready for bed showing your routine. There’s a lovely gentle piece of music saved in JIT under Foundation Subjects -RSHE – Week 2 – (Sleep and Stars) that you could play whilst doing so.


We know that Year 1 love to use computers and that you have lots of favourite online games and websites. Today we are going to meet Smartie the Penguin who loves to play on his new computer but sometimes he finds it hard to make the right choices when online. On JIT under Foundation Subjects – Computing – Week 2 – read the story all about Smartie and, with your parent or carer, help him to make the right choices.

Have a lovely relaxing weekend and well done for all of your fantastic work!

Mrs Foster

Thursday 14th January

Morning Year 1 on this rainy day so lets bring the outside inside….

Life Skills

With the help of an adult why not build an indoor den using cushions, old towels and sheets?  Once you’ve made it, send your teacher a photo of you in it!

Active Time

Wake yourself up with a jungle jig with Nala and Simba from the Lion King!


Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s activity.

Today in English we would like to write your own woodland story based on We All Went on Safari using repeating story language.  You can use the plan you worked on yesterday to help you.  Make sure you include capital letters and full stops, capital letters for people’s names and spaces between words.  Your challenge is to use verbs ending with –ing to describe what the animal is doing.    For example ‘We all went on safari and Ines saw eight deer running in the forest’.  A template has been saved in JIT-English- Thursday.  If you don’t have a printer you can write your work on a separate piece of paper.  When you have finished re-read your work to check it makes sense, ready to perform tomorrow!


Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 aw

If this link doesn’t work, try this …


After yesterday’s work on getting really quick at your number bonds up to 10, you’ll be all set to use that knowledge for adding up to 20. For example, you know that 2 + 3 = 5 so I can use this to solve 12 + 3 = 15. You will notice that the number of ones is the same in both sums. You just need to remember that you also have a ten in the second sum. In JIT you will see that there is a video, presentation and activity sheet for today saved in Maths – Week 2 – Thursday.


We’re continuing with our Materials theme this week by exploring the difference between an object and the material it is made from. Watch the presentation in JIT under Foundation Subjects – Science – Week 2 for suggestions and then look around your house (rather than the classroom as the presentation asks!) and make a list of as many objects as you can made from each of these materials – wood, plastic, metal and fabric. (Challenge – Try this for stone, glass, paper and cardboard too.) Some of you have already made your lists so instead you could look outside or turn the task into a scavenger hunt with your grown up! Let’s see who can come up with the biggest list!

For more Materials practice there is a sorting game saved on JIT. Cut out the Materials cards and sort them into the materials listed as words. Challenge – some objects may be made with more than one material. Think about how you could fit these into the right groups.

And if you’re hungry for more check out the Materials game and quiz on BBC Bitesize – Materials“>

Have a great day!

Mrs Foster

Wednesday 13th January

Life Skills

Today can you help your grown-ups out by laying the table for either lunch or dinner? You will need to put the cutlery, plates, glasses and napkins very carefully on the table. Remember that the fork goes on the left and the knife goes on the right.

Active Time

How many star jumps can you do in one minute? How many hops can you do? How many karate kicks can you do? Ask your grown-up to time you for one minute doing each activity. You can tell us at 3pm how many you managed to do. As a super challenge, can you stand on one leg with your hands on your head and your tongue almost touching your nose for one minute? Good luck!


Today we would like you to plan your own version of We All Went on Safari. Your stories can be set in either a woodland or a farm. Use the pictures of the animals on the word bank to help you saved in JIT- English- Wednesday. Draw pictures of your setting, people and animals on the sheet saved in JIT-English- Wednesday. You can add your favourite animals and maybe some of your characters can have the same name as your friends! If you don’t have a printer, draw each of the things on a piece of paper. You will use your plan you have written today to write your own version tomorrow. Challenge! Can you add adjectives to describe each character or animals?


Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 u-e

If this link isn’t working try this one…


Watch the lesson introduction here:

I hope you still have the dice that you either found at home or made on Monday for our Maths lesson as today we want you to use it again to practise adding 2 one-digit numbers as quickly as you can. Roll the dice twice to get two numbers and then add them together. You can record the addition sums on a piece of paper, with the answers of course! On Busy Things you will see that in the pinned Maths activities there is a game called Number Jump to have a go at as well as some optional, printable addition activities. It is important that you know your number bonds up to 10 really well as tomorrow we will be using this knowledge to learn our number bonds to 20.


This week’s objective is to think about how people look after God’s creation. Watch the clip from BBC Planet Earth showing different scenes of the natural world in all its beauty.

Planet Earth II: Official Extended Trailer | BBC Earth – YouTube

Next watch the clip of Sir David Attenborough talking about how the world looks today.

BBC One – A Perfect Planet, Series 1, A message from Sir David Attenborough

With your parent or carer think about what has changed about the world since it was first created and why? The clip below will give you some ideas.

How do human beings affect the environment? – BBC Bitesize

Read Genesis 1:26 from the Bible below which tells us how God gave instructions to the people He made to look after His creation –

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

With your parent or carer talk about:

In what ways are people looking after creation?

In what ways are people not looking after creation?

Cut out the Earth circle saved on JIT under Foundation Subjects – RE – Week 2 – (or make your own). On one side add to and colour in the picture of Earth as God made it. On the other draw a picture of how Earth looks today.

Think about one thing YOU can do to help look after creation and bring this idea with you for our 3pm catch up.




Tuesday 12th January

Life Skills

Last week many of you did a great job at making your bed. Gracie you washed up so beautifully! Today we’d like you to have a go at tidying up your bedroom. Can you make sure that all of your toys are neatly put away? Can you put all of your books in a tidy pile or on the shelf, making sure that the spines are facing outwards? Have you carefully folded your clothes and put them on your chair or bed? Looking forward to getting some photos of you in your immaculately tidy bedrooms that we can mention at 3pm. We might even have some Stars of the Day for great tidying!

Active Time

We had some lovely photos of some of you doing fantastic yoga poses last week so why don’t you try out some more Cosmic Yoga today?


Watch Mrs Foster’s video introducing today’s activity.

Today we would like you to read the alternative version of ‘We All Went on Safari’ saved in JIT- English- Tuesday. This version is set in a woodland. Once you have finished talk to your adult about the good features. For example can you spot the capital letters and full stops? Did you notice that the suffix –s or –es was added to plurals and capital letters for names? Challenge! Can you add your own woodland animal and write it in a sentence using the repeating story language? Can you keep going to ten? If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry just write your sentence on a separate piece of paper.


Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 o-e


Today in Maths we are going to carry on with adding by counting on. We would like you to use a number line to help you do this today. There is a number line template saved in JIT in Maths – Week 2 or you could use a ruler. Remember when you use a number line not to count the number that you start from as one of your jumps. For example, to solve 11 + 6, put your finger of 11 and the first jump you count will be when you land on 12. You then stop jumping when you have made 6 jumps and you should get an answer of 17. There is a video and PowerPoint for you to look at before you complete your work. All are saved in JIT in Maths – Week 2 – Tuesday. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry. You can write down the answers to the questions on a piece of paper. Just remember to number your answers!


Our Art topic for this half term is THE VIEW and our first artist is Vincent van Gogh, born in 1853 in Holland, who painted lots of brightly coloured landscapes. He is one of the most popular Post-Impressionist painters although he was not widely appreciated during his lifetime.

Look at the PowerPoint saved on JIT under Foundation Subjects – Art – Week 2 – called Landscapes and Cityscapes to find out more about van Gogh’s work including one of his most famous paintings Starry Night from 1889. You will use this as a guide to create your own night-time cityscape. If you don’t have paints to hand then you can use pens or pencils. If you don’t have black card you can use the worksheet entitled Building Silhouettes saved on JIT with black buildings to add to your scape. On JIT you will also find a copy of Starry Night that you can print off for inspiration. We can’t wait to see what you create.


Mrs Foster

Monday 11th January

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you were able to get out on this bright (but chilly) weekend and are now raring to go!

Life Skills

Wash your breakfast bowl and spoon. Remember to dry them up afterwards!

Active Time

PE with Joe is coming back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with 20 minute workouts for all the family at 9am. Try and have a go!


First of all remind yourself of the story by either re-watching the video clip of Mrs Foster reading the story which can be found here.

Or read the PowerPoint saved in JIT titled English-Week 2- We All Went on Safari Story. This will be helpful when completing today’s activity.

Watch this clip of Mrs Foster introducing today’s work.

Today we will be writing sentences about what each of the children saw and counted when they went on safari. For example: ‘We all went on safari and Arusha counted one leopard’. A video clip explaining today’s lesson can be found here.

Start sentences using the same sentence starter: ‘We all went on safari and…’. Remember to start proper nouns with capital letters. Remember to keep letters sitting on the line! Read the PowerPoint English- Week 2- Monday to review when we use capital letters then complete the activity saved in JIT- English Week 2- Monday. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, just write the sentences out on a separate piece of paper.


Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 i-e


Throughout the week practise writing one-armed robot letters. Worksheets can be found in JIT- English – Week 2- Handwriting.

Alphabet tracing and Write Now activities have been pinned to the Busy Things homepage -Handwriting.

Busy Things

In Busy Things you will see activities have been pinned into the English folder. Activities include ‘Sound bites, Buried Treasure and Searching for sounds’. There are also some activities in the Spanish folder to help you remember your numbers up to 10. In the Maths folder there are some ordering numbers to 20 activities (recapping last week’s work) for you to have a go at as well.


Today in Maths we are adding by counting on. By this we mean that to work out 12 + 5 you would start at 12 without counting up from zero (you could use a number line for this, a ruler or put 12 in your head) and count on 5 more to get the answer.

Watch Miss Williams’ Maths introduction:

Today’s activity is to make up your own sums to solve by counting on using number cards and a dice. You may already have some number cards to 20 at home and a dice but if not you could make your own number cards or print out the ones saved in JIT in the folder Maths – Week 2 – Monday activity. There is also a dice template on the second page in case you don’t have a dice at home or if you just fancy making your own one. A challenge would be to write out all of the sums you make and solve remembering to use + and = signs. Have fun!


Watch the presentation on JIT- Humanities – Week 2 which describes toys that were popular in the past such as a space hopper!

My favourite toy was a dolly which you’ll see in the photo I enjoyed dressing up and take out for a walk!

Next ask a family member to tell you about their favourite toy when they were a child – what materials were they made from? How did they play with them? You’ll find a worksheet on JIT – Humanities – Week 2 where you can draw a picture of their toy and label it but if you don’t have a printer just draw this on a plain piece of paper. As a challenge write out your list of questions for them first so that you are prepared – remember your question marks!

Have a great week,

Mrs Foster

Friday 8th January

Good morning Year One and happy Friday!

Life Skills

Have you made any New Year resolutions yet as Mr Schumm suggested in his assembly this week? Try to think of one thing you could do. Mine is to go for a walk every day!


Today in English we will be thinking about the characters from the story ‘We All Went on Safari’. We would like you to draw a picture of the characters from the story and then add labels for their names. Remember to use capital letters!Details can be found in the video link.

The PowerPoint titled English- Week 1 – Friday will help remind you about capital letters for proper nouns. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry just draw your pictures on a piece of paper.

Spelling Test


Today we will be ordering non-consecutive numbers to 20 from smallest to greatest. First try the Ordering Numbers powerpoint activity for practice before moving onto the Number Ordering game worksheet.

Relationships and Health Education

This half term our topic area is Keeping Myself Safe. We’ll start today with Healthy Me.
Think about what sort of things we can all do to stay healthy? Why are each of these things important? Next look at the Healthy Me activity sheet saved in JIT. Cut out each of the pictures and stick them in the right boxes – the things we need to stay alive, stay healthy or have as occasional treats. If you don’t have a printer just draw them yourself and think about where they should go.


Today you will need to login to Busy Things. This can be accessed on the myuso homepage. Simply click on BusyThings-Year 1 and you will see some activities pinned at the top of the homepage. Click on Computing and complete ‘Body boggle’ where you need to stretch the characters to create your own crazy characters! Once you have finished save it and your teachers will be able to see what you have done!

Homework- Spellings and Mathletics will be saved on the website in the usual place. Spelling test will take place next Friday via video.

Well done for all of your fantastic work, you all deserve a rest this weekend.  See you on Monday,

Mrs Foster

Thursday 7th January

Good morning,

Life Skills

Have you said thank you to friends and family for your Christmas gifts? Make a list of who you need to thank and either send them a video/text message or send them a thank you card.


Today we will be completing reading comprehension questions about the story ‘We All Went on Safari’. Details can be found in the video link.

Think back to what happened in the story and complete the questions found in JIT English- Week 1 – Thursday.

Phonics Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 a_e


Today in Maths we are going to practise writing numbers to 20 as numerals and as words. Remember to use the number word bank to help you with your spellings and to make sure that your digits are the right way around. Today in Maths we are going to practise writing numbers to 20 as numerals and as words. Remember to use the number word bank to help you with your spellings and to make sure that your digits are the right way around. Complete the worksheet saved in JIT – Maths – Maths Week 1 – Thursday where you will also find a ‘Guess my word’ numbers powerpoint game to carry out.


This half term we will be learning about everyday materials. Read the pdf titled Week 1 saved in JIT- Science- Week 1 and then go on a materials hunt around your house to find objects made from wood, plastic, stone, glass, metal, paper and fabric. After you have done this draw the items on the worksheet saved in JIT- Science- Week 1.

Have a great day.  See you at 3pm,

Mrs Foster

Wednesday 6th January

Good Morning Year One,

Life Skills

Today is the very last day to take down Christmas decorations as we have reached Twelfth Night. Can you help take down the decorations carefully and recycle/create art projects with your Christmas cards?

Active Time

Fancy a bit of exercise? Why not try one of these?


Today we will start our new topic in English based on stories from other cultures. Watch the following story.

Then watch this clip with details of the activity we would like you to do.

When you have finished can you act out the story? Talk to your adult at home about your favourite part. Why did you like it? What phrases were repeated? Why not create a picture of your favourite part? Or create a puppet show of the story?   You could draw your own characters and make them into puppets and create a Tanzanian background. When you have finished put a photo into JIT so your teachers can see what you have done!

Phonics Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 oi


We’ll start Maths today with another song! Remind yourselves of the greater than and less than symbols by listening to the Number Gators song on YouTube.

Today we will be using the greater than > and less than < symbols to compare simple addition sums. For example: 4 + 2 > 1 + 3.

Watch this video.

Now complete the sheet saved in JIT – Maths – Maths Week 1 – Wednesday. If you don’t have a printer, then you can write your own sets of addition sums to compare using > and <. When you have completed your Maths, upload your finished work onto JIT. Again, you could also record yourself singing the Number Gators song, if you like singing!


This half term we will be learning about Creation. Read the Christian Creation Story PowerPoint saved in JIT-R.E. -Week 1. Then make a creation wheel using the template saved as RE week 1, you will need a split pin for this. If you don’t have access to a printer, don’t worry draw your own creation wheel. Extension Why not create a collage of your favourite day from the Creation Story? For example if day 4 is your favourite day create a picture with the sun, the moon and the stars.

Have a great day,

Mrs Foster

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning Year 1,

Life Skills

Make your bed! Make sure you make it neat and tidy and remember to make the pillow nice and straight.

Cosmic Yoga

Fancy a bit of a break throughout the day? Why not choose a clip from this website for a bit of calm?


Christmas may have been a little different this year however we’d like you to have a think about the things you did in the Christmas holidays and write a letter to your teacher telling them all about it! What did you eat? Where did you go? What did you see? What did you watch on TV?

Complete the worksheets saved in JIT- English- English Week 1 Tuesday- Sheet 1 then complete the worksheet titled English Week1 Tuesday Sheet 2.

Try to remember to use capital letters and full stops and time connectives such as first, next, then, after that, finally to start each sentence.

If you don’t have access to a printer don’t worry, draw a picture of the things you did and write the letter on a separate piece of paper. When you have completed it upload your finished work onto JIT.

Phonics– Read Write Inc YouTube set 3 ea

Handwriting– Throughout the week practise writing curly caterpillar letters. Worksheets can be found in JIT- English – Week 1- Handwriting.

Alphabet tracing and Write Now activities have been pinned to the busy things homepage -Handwriting.


Remind yourselves of all the number bonds to 10 by listening to the Friend of Ten song on YouTube.

Then choose how to record on paper all the pairs of numbers that make ten. You could draw butterflies with dots on their two wings, draw ten frames with two sets of different coloured counters or draw Numicon pairs. Remember to write the sums underneath each representation. For example: 2 + 8 = 10. Before you start look at the ideas sheet saved in JIT – Maths – Maths Week 1 – Tuesday. When you have completed your Maths, upload your finished work onto JIT. You could also record yourself singing the Friends of Ten song!


This half term we are learning about the history of toys. Read the PowerPoint saved in JIT- Humanities- Week 1 then think about your favourite toy and use adjectives to describe it. What material is it made out of? What can it do? How do you play with it? Now draw a picture of your favourite toy and describe it. Complete the worksheet found in JIT- Humanities Week 1. If you don’t have access to a printer don’t worry, draw your favourite toy and describe it on a separate piece of paper. When you have completed it upload your finished work onto JIT.

I look forward to our chat at the end of the day,

Mrs Foster


Monday 4th January Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a rather strange start to the school year. I hope you managed to have some sort of a Christmas albeit a bit of a different one I’m sure.

At the beginning of each week we will upload an overview for each day for the coming week.

We will provide daily English (including Phonics) and Maths activities to be ideally completed in the morning and a foundation subject (including Science, R.E., Computing, Art and Relationships and Health Education) for the afternoon session.

All of the activities will be saved in JIT, just head towards the ‘myfiles’ folder on the homepage. We aim to provide a blend of online and offline activities. Some activities will link to BusyThings which can be accessed on the myuso homepage. Please email your child’s class teacher if you need a reminder of the myuso login details.

We will register your child at 9am via Zoom at the beginning of each day, followed by a Zoom at 3pm to see how you have got on. We will also upload pre-recorded videos throughout the week.   Please do bear with me when we Zoom, I haven’t done it before with quite so many people!

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Mrs Foster

Friday 18th December... Merry Christmas!

Friday 18th December 2020

Dear parents,

Holidays are coming! Hooray!

Firstly a huge thank you to all parents for your generous gifts!  They are all so greatly appreciated.

We’ve had a lovely Christmas crafty week this week making beautiful angels to adorn the top of your Christmas tree and pop up Christmas cards for friends and family.

The children have written their letters to Santa. They have copies of their letters to bring home just in case but we’ve promised to send them off to Father Christmas in time. My favourite request was from Casper for a suit and bow-tie to look like Mr Schumm!

The class performed their Christmas song in the church on Tuesday and behaved beautifully. We were so proud of them all. We hope you enjoyed it.

We then relaxed by watching the documentary Chitty Rides Again with David Walliams which stars our school prominently. You can watch this on Channel 4 over the Christmas holidays.

We dressed up for dinner on Wednesday wearing our sparkly Christmas jumpers where crackers were pulled and songs were sung.  We watched our socially distanced Christmas carol concert in church from the comfort of our classroom.

Finally thank you once again from myself, Miss Karen and Miss Anya.  Have a restful and Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

P.S.  Extra optional homework is for the children to draw a picture of their favourite toy and ask adults at home what they played with when they were young.  The sheet for this can be found with the spellings.  Apologies the reading books didn’t get handed out this week, this will return to normal after the Christmas holidays.

Mrs Foster

Friday 11th December

Dear parents,

One week to go until the Christmas holidays!
The class performed their Christmas song on film in the church in just one take yesterday – I’ve worked with trained actors who haven’t achieved that so well done McNaughton! Watch out for information on how to purchase the full Christmas DVD including Year 1’s performance next week.

We hope you can join us at 9.15am next Tuesday when the children will be performing their songs outside the classroom. As they will be wearing their costumes without coats could you please check that they are wearing vests to avoid the shivers!

A reminder that Christmas jumper day is next Wednesday as is our Christmas lunch. We’re really looking forward to sampling Christmas dinner St Stephen’s style! And our Year 1 bubble Christmas party will be next Thursday with plenty of fun and games.

Despite all the Christmas shenanigans the children have been working really hard in all their lessons. In Maths this week, we’ve been finishing our work on place value finding one more and one less of and comparing numbers up to 20.

In English this week, we’ve started a new book ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen where Jasper the cat finds a bean and each day tries to help it to grow so he can climb his own beanstalk. We used the story to look at the days of the week ensuring the class could sequence them in order and remember to use capital letters at the start of each word.

In RE we finished our work on the Nativity finding out more about King Herod and comparing him to that grumpy Christmas naysayer The Grinch!

This week in our Science topic of ‘The Body’ we focused on our sense of hearing with the children correctly identifying lots of different sounds including a baby giggling and a toilet flushing!

Our last Humanities lesson in our travel topic looked at space travel with the first landing on the moon of the Apollo 11. We thought about how Neil Armstrong must have felt to be the first person to walk on the moon and utter those eponymous lines -“That’s one step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
In our Relationships and Health Education lesson ‘It’s not fair!’ we thought about what it means to be fair/unfair and kind/unkind. We looked at various situations the children may come across and thought about whether they were fair or unfair. Although some children felt very strongly that it was unfair of a mother to call her child in for dinner if they were playing outside! We have been looking out for random acts of kindness this week and it’s been wonderful to see what kind children we have in our class – giving compliments, asking friends to join in at playtime if on their own and giving hugs when friends are upset
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the Scavenger Hunt!
Mrs Foster

Friday 4th December

Dear parents,

Two weeks to go until the end of term – how can that be!
Despite lockdown and now Tier 2 rules we still have a jam-packed schedule to celebrate this special time of year including Christmas jumper day and Christmas lunch (on Wednesday 16th Dec), our Year 1 Christmas party (Thursday 17th) and of course the Nativity.

This term Year 1 will be performing their two Christmas songs at 9.15am outside our classrooms on Tuesday 15th December. A reminder that all costume pieces (black leggings/thick black tights, black plimsolls and a black long-sleeved top) need to be in by next Wednesday 9th December at the very latest please in a clearly labelled bag.

In Maths this week, we have moved on from 2D to 3D shapes and have been really impressed with how well the class have understood this topic. We’ve also been making and writing numbers up to 20 focusing on 10’s and 1’s.

In English this week, we’ve continued to look at ‘The Three Little Pigs’ focusing on adjectives, plurals and the suffix ‘un’. This work will help us to create our own ‘Wanted’ poster for that fiendish character the big, bad, wolf with some wonderful describing words next Monday.

In RE we continued our work on the Nativity looking this time at the role of the shepherds. We talked about why we thought shepherds were chosen by God to be the first people to receive the good news that Jesus was born and the class re-wrote the message themselves.

This week in our Science topic of ‘The Body’ we looked at our sense of taste and while sadly this year we couldn’t sample different foods to tickle our tastebuds, the children had no problem in choosing their favourite foods and describing how they tasted – salty, sweet, sour or bland. Ice cream seemed to be the favourite amongst our class although a few did vote for fruit and I even saw broccoli described as yummy – what discerning palates our class have!

We went up in the air in our Humanities lesson looking at the history of flight and learning about the Wright Brothers and their amazing invention of the aeroplane.
And we had a heart-warming Relationships and Health Education lesson thinking about who the special people in our lives are and how they make us feel. (Mine were Miss Anya and Miss Karen for always being so helpful!) The class drew their special person writing down why they are special to them and later gave these to their chosen one. This ranged from family members, friends and football teams!
If you’re feeling lucky do support the school by buying raffle tickets to be in with the chance of winning some fabulous prizes. More info here –

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Foster

Friday 27th November

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….’
The Christmas lights are twinkling away through our classroom window today and putting us all in the Christmas spirit. Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to decorate the school entrances so beautifully. Look out for information coming your way regarding our Christmas bauble competition and the costume pieces that we would like you to bring in for this year’s Nativity. McNaughton class require black or brown leggings/thick tights, black plimsolls and a black or brown long-sleeved top please! This needs to be brought in (in a clearly labelled bag) by next Friday 4th December.
If children wish to send Christmas cards this year these need to be exchanged within our year bubble only please.

In Maths, we have started our new topic of 2D shapes in which the children have really enjoyed identifying and sorting shapes. There’s a catchy song that they have enjoyed available here –

In English this week, we started work on the traditional classic ‘The Three Little Pigs’ which the class acted out on Wednesday. Our class Wolves were very realistic!

In RE we continued our work on the Nativity looking at the role of Mary & Joseph and why we thought they were chosen by God to be the parents of Jesus. The children had some great ideas on the qualities needed to be the perfect parents!

This week in our Science topic of ‘The Body’ we looked at our sense of touch and how it is an important sense to warn us of dangers. We used feely bags to touch different objects and thought of describing words for them such as ‘squashy’.

We had a great Humanities lesson looking at how cars have changed over time. We noticed that old cars didn’t have roofs or number plates and we were glad to find out that cars are more environmentally friendly these days.
And on Sunday 13th December the Great St Stephen’s Scavenger Hunt will be taking place – more information to follow but save the date!.

Have a great weekend!
Mrs Foster

Friday 20th November

I’m writing this after a fantastic Movie Night where Year One watched the film Klaus to get into the Christmas spirit and were even allowed to lie on the carpet!
In Maths, we have carried on our subtraction work finding the difference between two numbers (1-10 or 1-20) remembering to start with the biggest number. More practice work in Mathletics this week.
In English this week, we wrote our own questions to Duffy Driver from his wife which were hugely entertaining. Our favourites were ‘What time do you call this?’ and ‘Why didn’t you buy ME an ice cream?!’ We also looked at using the suffix ‘ed’ at the end of a word to change the sentence into the past tense.
In RE we started one of our favourite topics listening to the Nativity Story and discussing the good news given to Mary and Joseph by Angel Gabriel.
This fits in perfectly with our Music lessons as Miss Rachel has helped us learn our Christmas performance songs where Year 1 McNaughton will be the best animas!
In Relationships and Health Education we discussed the difference between being unkind, teasing and bullying with generic instances of each and what we could do if faced with these situations. We were really impressed with the thoughtful solutions that the children came up with.
This week in our Science topic of ‘The Body’ we started to look at the five senses starting with sight and found out how good we all are at spotting things.
And if that has whet your appetite for more science fun at home Imperial College, London have collated a bundle of hands on science aimed at 5-11 year olds and available here –
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Foster

Friday 13th November

Dear parents,
It’s been lovely to have the chance to catch up with you (albeit virtually) at parents evenings this week.

And the winners are…as announced by our school council reps….the results are in for the new school lunch choices and the unanimous winners are Chicken drumsticks/cauliflower cheese with Yorkshire pudding and Chicken/veggie korma. We’ll look forward to sampling both dishes soon.

In Maths, we have started work on subtraction to 10 or 20 using part-whole models and number bonds. More practice work on this in Mathletics this week.
In English this week, we wrote our own instructions on how to make leaf people extending our sentences with time connectives. We even put last week’s work on ‘un-‘ words to good use by adding the word ‘undamaged’ into our sentences – good job! We have started to look at our new story book ‘The Runaway Train’ by Benedict Blathwayt sequencing the parts of the story into the correct order and writing accompanying sentences with describing words. My favourite included a very wriggly helicopter!
‘The Runaway Train’ tells the story of a steam train so fitted in perfectly with our topic work in Humanities on ‘Transport’. This week we learnt how train travel has changed through the years.
This week in our Science topic of ‘The Body’ we explored what parts of the body we use for different activities and in RE we have been finding out about the lives of different Saints (including Saint Nicholas) and what we can learn from their work.

And a reminder from Miss Karen that reading books need to be in on Friday in order for new books to be sent out on Monday.

Have a great weekend and we’re looking forward to movie night next Thursday!
Mr Schumm (on behalf of Mrs Foster)

Friday 6th November

Dear parents,
It’s been a great week back to school after a lovely half term holiday.

Our new poem for this half term is SO WHAT! by our class author Colin McNaughton and can be found attached to this blog. Paper copies will be sent home next week. Please do take time to read and enjoy this with your children.
This week we celebrated UK Parliament Week and learnt all about Guy Fawkes. We also had the chance to vote ourselves for two new meals to be included in the school menu for the rest of the term learning how our vote can really make a difference. Results announced next Monday.
In English this week, we read instructions for making leaf people before making some ourselves using the leaves collected over the half term – thank you very much and we now enough to keep us going. Next week we will be writing our own instructions on how to make leaf people.
In Maths, we have been learning that addition can be completed in any order and we have been writing number sentences. Next week, we will start to work on subtracting numbers to 10 or 20.
In Humanities our new topic is ‘Transport’. This week we identified different types of transport and thought about how modes of transport have changed over time. We discovered that in the olden days people used animals such as horses, donkeys and oxen to get around. Next week we will be learning about how train travel has changed.
Our new Science topic is ‘The Body’ and we have been identifying and labelling different body parts. Time for an adapted game of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ this weekend.
In RE we have been discussing what attributes make a Saint special and the importance of All Saints Day which took place recently.
A reminder as the weather turns colder that children need to come to school in their winter uniforms and with coats. Thermals under their PE clothes will also help to keep the chills away.
As you may have read my latest missive, several Year 1 children have come down with chickenpox so please be on the lookout for spots. Children with chickenpox need to stay at home until the spots have crusted over – this is usually 5 days after the spots first appear. Get well soon those of you affected!
Parents Evening is next Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th November. Please do sign up if you haven’t already – instructions in last week’s blog. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you then!

Have a great weekend,
Mr Schumm (on behalf of Mrs Foster)

Friday 23rd Oct 2020

Dear parents and carers,

The whole week has been dedicated to Celebrating Black Voices! We carried out activities linked to our special book (So Much by Trish Cook and Helen Oxenbury) such as drawing our family trees.

Our celebrated artist was the multimedia figure Hank Willis Thomas and in homage to his work we created our own special ‘Hands’ piece joining our hands together as a symbol of our unity.

Our historical and truly significant figure was Rosa Parks. We learnt about her brave actions and how these changed history. There is a great song that your children can teach you on the BBC website –

And if you are in the Hammersmith area over half term check out this wonderful exhibition on the big screen at Lyric Square commissioned to celebrate black arts.

Original digital exhibition commissioned to celebrate Black Arts

During DT Day on Thursday we designed and made BAGS from old t-shirts which look amazing! We hope your children carry them with pride during half term.

Mr Perry and Miss Rachel helped us to learn the Lord’s Prayer in song which the class all sang beautifully.

Apologies that the Mathletics homework was not uploaded last week – normal service now resumed!

Whilst outside during half term please could you collect Autumn leaves for our latest English project – Leafman. You could use your newly created bags for the task!

Finally, thank you for a great first half term in Year 1. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the class. They are a lovely bunch and have settled in so well. Roll on Autumn 2 and all that it will bring.

Mrs Foster

PS – HOT OFF THE PRESS. School Council have asked children to design their own poster over the holidays with their idea for a new addition to the school lunch menu. We will vote on our two favourite new dishes to be added to the menu during the first week back as part of our Parliament themed week. Good luck!

PPS – Some parents have been asking about Parents Evening. You should have received information about this through school communications. These will take place via live video on Wednesday 11th November and Thursday 12th November 2020 between 3.45pm – 6.30pm.

We currently use the online appointment booking system for Parent’s Evening. This allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers and you will receive an email confirming your appointments.

Appointments can only be made from 7pm on Monday 2nd November to Monday 9th November 7pm.

Please visit to book your appointments.

If you require any assistance with logging in please contact the school office who will be happy to assist.

Friday 16th October 2020

Firstly thank you to Miss Karen and Miss Anya for holding the fort in my absence. I hope to be back with you again after half term.

Today saw the whole school join together to celebrate our annual Hispanic Day. Well done to Year 1 McNaughton for dressing up magnificently in the colours of our nominated country, Bolivia. Today we located Bolivia on a world map and discovered that it is a land locked country. We have been learning the song ‘El Bodeguero’ which we sang beautifully and learnt new moves in a Sevilliana dance workshop. Our theme continued at lunchtime as Cookie and co prepared a delicious Hispanic feast. Watch out for our next newsletter so that you can share in our great day.

Yesterday we proudly wore red to show our support for Red Card to Racism Day. Thank you for all of your contributions to this deserved cause so far. (Details in last week’s blog).

In English we began reading one of our favourite books – ‘Five Minutes Peace’, by Jill Murphy. We sequenced pictures from the story and retold the tale using phrases from the book such as ‘sneaked’ and ‘flung’. We will continue work on this book after half term.

In Maths we have continued to work on adding. We used the tens frame and yellow/red counters to find all of the number bonds to 10, for example 6 + 4 = 10. Then we wrote number sentences including the + and = signs. There is a catchy song called ‘Friends of 10’ to share together here –

In Humanities as lockdown prevented our usual walk around the local area, we have been looking at maps of Shepherds Bush on google earth and creating our own keys.

Next week is our final week of Autumn 1 and in true St Stephen’s style we have a jam packed week including DT Day on Thursday and Celebrating Black Voices Week! We have some great activities planned based around a book (So Much by Trish Cook and Helen Oxenbury), an artist (Hank Willis Thomas) and a historical figure (Rosa Parks). There is a video of the book recorded by a familiar face on the link below.

This time the DT Day theme is BAGS and we are asking for children to bring in an old T shirt (cotton/polyester). Any colour or pattern will do and please feel free to donate more than one if you can. These T shirts will be turned inside out and repurposed to be given a second life as a stylish (hopefully) bag made and designed by the children. Please send t shirts in a labelled bag to the class teacher.

Thanks and have a great weekend,
Mrs Foster

Friday 9th October

Well what a week we have had! All we can say is Miss Anya and Miss Karen – you are all stars!
In Maths, we have been learning to order numbers from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest. We have also been learning to use ordinal numbers such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Towards the end of the week we learnt to place numbers on blank numbers lines (which will come in handy for our Homework this week!)
And before we leave Maths, can we ask parents and carers to make sure that your children complete their Mathletics homework. We do not want to go back to setting work on paper. The children should be: reading the questions online; accessing the animated ‘help’ if required; working out their answers on rough paper; entering in their final answers. Thanks indeed for your help and understanding on this matter.

In English we completed our work on ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ by writing our own poems (using capital letters, punctuation and spaces between words of course!). We learnt how to make new doing words by adding the suffix –ing, such as ‘playing’.
In Science (as the darker nights draw in) we have been finding out how the day length is affected by the seasons.
In Humanities we have been finding out about our locality of Shepherds Bush and drawing fabulous pictures of our town.
In RE we have been learning all about the ceremony of Aqiqah and how babies born as Muslims are welcomed into the world. We made our own Aqiqah cards to celebrate a new birth.

On Thursday 15th October, we have ‘Red Card to Racism’ day for the third year in a row. All children are encouraged to come in and wear something red to show their allegiance to the anti-racist movement. We will be having a special (streamed) assembly and all children will carry out an anti-racism activity in their classes. Next term, our ‘Relationships and Health Education’ learning unit is ‘Valuing Difference’, which will continue the conversation from Thursday. ​We can’t collect with the buckets this year due to Covid but should you wish to/are able to donate via text.
Please text ‘RED’ to 70470 to give £1, ‘RED5’ to give £5, ‘RED10’ to give £10 or ‘RED20’ to give £20.

Thanks very much and have a great weekend,
Mrs Foster

Friday 2nd October

As the weather turns colder we have been making snowman and Autumn leaves to decorate our Seasons display in the classroom. Denis presented our harvest festival assembly via zoom on Thursday and aptly our Science work looked at seasonal food and what can be grown in each season. Expect lots of questions about what’s on your plates this weekend!

In English we began a new unit of work based on ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle. Brown Bear is asked lots of questions and we have been practicing writing our own questions complete with capital letters and a question mark at the end. We also started our Phonics lessons which will help your children when it comes to reading stories with you.

In Maths, we have been learning to use mathematical language such as more than, less than and equal to when comparing groups and numbers. For example ‘7 is more than 3’ and ‘1 is less than 8’. We also learnt ‘The Greater Than, Less Than Crocodile’ song, to introduce the more than >, less than < and equal to = for example ‘5 > 1’. Next week we will be learning to order numbers in objects and on number lines.

In R.E. we have looking at what stories can teach us about Muslim beliefs and how these can share messages with Christian stories. We read ‘The Prophet & the Ants’ and ‘The Crying Camel’ both available on BBC Bitesize if you would like to take a look.

As an additional piece of homework this week and linking in with our Humanities theme, please take a photograph of your child in the local area (perhaps including local landmarks in the background). This can be uploaded onto JIT.
Thanks very much and have a great weekend,
Mrs Foster

Friday 25th September

Dear parents,

In English this week, we have been learning to identify the features of sentences, including capital letters to start sentences and full stops to end them. We also talked about remembering to put spaces between each word and sitting letters on the line. We read some sentences about foods some children liked and disliked to eat and talked about the good things we could see in each of the sentences. We learned to use the word ‘and’ in sentences to make them longer. Finally we ended this unit of work by writing our own sentences about what we like and don’t like to eat using amazing capital letters and full stops! Next week we will start our next unit of work based on ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.

In Maths this week, we have been learning to find one more and one less of numbers to 20. The children did this by selecting number cards and Numicons and adding 1 more or 1 less to the original number. The children loved playing the Chopper Squad game on the Top Marks website to recap on learning. We also continued to practise writing our numbers from 0-20 in words. Next week we will be learning to use ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ language to compare and order numbers to 20.

In Humanities this week we learned to identify the four countries of the UK and the characteristics of each one. We were fascinated to find out about the national animals and flowers for each country. The national animal of Scotland, the unicorn proved a hit! Next week we will begin to look at where we live.

In Science, as the weather grows sadly colder, we looked at how some animals adapt to the changing seasons by hibernating, migrating or changing their appearance altogether.

Just a reminder to ensure children come to school dressed ready for Gymnastics and Kick London on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so they can participate in the lessons. Children also need water bottles bringing in each day and Homework needs to be uploaded by Tuesday so that it can be marked in time.

Thanks very much and have a great weekend,

Mrs Foster

Friday 18th September

Dear parents and carers,

Week 2 of the new school year has gone brilliantly and the sun has shone every day! The children have been getting used to their new routines and have really impressed us with their attitude towards their learning.

Homework for this week is available here and is to be completed in the blue/green Homework books that were sent home last week.
Please complete the spellings at the front of the Homework Book and the arithmetic at the back of the same book. Photos of the homework are to be uploaded into JIT by Tuesday each week. Homework books are to remain at home. Thanks to all of you who managed to complete all your homework last week. We hope you had fun remembering and reciting your poems with actions!

In English this week we have read ‘Eat Your Peas’, a story about a little girl who doesn’t like peas but her mum tries to persuade her to eat them. We acted out the story, thinking about what happened at each stage and became very good at repeating ‘I don’t like peas!’ We completed sentence work based on the story and identified features of sentences including capital letters, full stops and spaces between words.

In Maths we have been revising counting objects to 20 and learning to read and write numbers in numerals and in words. We have learnt some handy rhymes to help us remember how to form our numerals. Please keep practising this at home!

In R.E. we have been learning about the faith of Islam and the Qur’an, the Islamic holy book. We discovered how Muslims treat the Qur’an with great respect, making sure hands are washed before touching it and keeping it covered.

In Humanities, we have been learning to identify the 4 countries that make up the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We worked in partners to match the capital cities to the correct country and learnt to identify the flags of each country. Our ‘We Are Britain’ display is now proudly up in the classroom – we have such a rich and varied cultural heritage in our school spreading far and wide!

Thanks and have a great weekend.
Mrs Foster

Friday 11th September

Dear parents,

What an amazing first week we have had in Year One McNaughton. The children have settled back into school life superbly well and have embraced the ‘new normal’! It has been wonderful getting to know each and every one of them over the last few days.

This week we have been adjusting to new routines including playing in the KS1 playground, sussing out the Year One classroom, attending a Year One bubble assembly with Denis, taking part in Hymn Practise and watching Mr Schumm on Zoom for Good Work assembly!

In class this week we have been completing work ‘All About Me’. We introduced ourselves and talked about the foods we like, our favourite colour and favourite book. After our discussion we wrote sentences about ourselves remembering to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces between each word.

In Maths, we have been revising counting objects to 20 and reading corresponding numerals.

As a class we have brainstormed rules we think we ought to have in place to help one another as well as the adults in our class. Our rules included tidying up, putting our hand up, listening, using kind words and sharing. We wrote a list of our rules and added a picture of ourselves to say we agreed with them.

We also had our first Computing lesson of Year One and were delighted to create a funny face on Busy Things!

Homework Books have been sent home today. Homework for this week is available below and is to be completed in the blue/green Homework Books sent home today. Please complete the spellings at the front of the Homework Book and the arithmetic at the back of the same book. Photos of the homework are to be uploaded into JIT by Tuesday each week. Homework books are to remain at home. Instructions on how to upload photos to JIT can be found here.Uploading to JIT via phone

Poetry homework for this half term, linked to our class name, has been sent home tonight, which is to be practised ready for our recital during the last week of this half term. Homework Week 1 SF autumn 1 poem

Well done to those children who remembered to come to school on Tuesday and Wednesday with their P.E. kit on for Gymnastics and P.E. Please remember them next week along with water bottles as the forecast is for sun!

Have a restful weekend, see you on Monday.

Mrs Foster

Monday 7th September

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a restful summer and are all ready for the new school year. It has been a very strange time for us all but we are keen to get back to the new normal. We have been working hard to make sure that the school is clean and safe for us all. Over the next few days we will be talking to the children about how to keep themselves and others safe.

Reading Books
Starting from next week, two reading books will be sent home on a Monday and need to be returned on the Friday. Please make sure that you sign the reading diaries when the books needs to be changed. Books will not be changed if your child’s reading diary is not signed. Returned books are to be placed in the Reading Folder box inside the classroom. Books will not be sent home over the weekend as they are to be cleaned. Please take the time to read with your child daily, remembering to ask comprehension questions such as: ‘Why was Chip happy?’ and ‘Where did Kipper go?’

Weekly English and Arithmetic homework will be uploaded onto the school website on a Friday, as of Friday 11th September. The work can be completed in the green Homework Book, which stays at home, and a photo of the work should be uploaded onto JiT by Tuesday to be marked. The English homework will consist of spellings and sentence writing. Arithmetic homework will review the maths skills covered during the previous week.

Mathletics homework will also be set on a Friday, to be completed by the following Friday. The login details will be attached to the Homework Book.

Both classes have a designated poet and will be given a poem to learn each half term which we will recite in class. Poems for this half term will be sent home this Friday.

Gymnastics and P.E.
Gymnastics will take place on Tuesdays, commencing tomorrow. P.E. sessions will take place on Wednesdays. Please make sure that your child comes into school wearing their P.E. kits on these days. Earrings must be taken out on the days your child has P.E. and long hair should be tied up.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Year 1 Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Timetable 1 McNaughton

Many thanks,

Mrs Foster

Spring Homework Week Two

Homework Week 2

Spring Homework Week One

Homework Week 1

Homework Week One

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