Year 1

Welcome to Class 1 McNaughton. The class teacher is Miss Whiting and the teaching assistant is Miss Karen.  Miss Annie is our LSA. Please check on the website every Friday for weekly updates but also for the weekly homework. Enjoy!

Class Updates

Friday 24th September

We ended the week today with a lovely long play outside, making the most of the glorious sunshine. The children were very deserving of some free time after another very busy week in Year 1.

In English, we have been writing instructions for how to make honey sandwiches and thinking about sentence starters such as first, next, after that and finally. The children then made their own honey sandwiches in partners and even got to eat them. More than one child reported it to be the ‘best day ever’! We also spoke about bossy (imperative) verbs and how they tell us what to do.

In Maths, we have been thinking about one more and one less of a number. The children used resources to build towers and visually see what one more and one less than a number looks like. In the latter part of the week we introduced the language greater than and less than and the children had to identify which groups of objects or numbers had more and which had less. We will be continuing to work on this next week and will be introducing the symbols for greater than and less than.

In Humanities, we continued to learn more about the four different countries that make up the UK. We looked at what makes them different and talked about their national flowers, animals and described their different landscapes.

In Science, we continued looking at the different seasons and thought about how animals are affected by each season. I have to say the children were really impressive and articulate using very grown-up language such as adapting and hibernating!

In Art, we continue to use the artist Paul Klee as inspiration. The children all did self-portraits in pencil and then outlined them in black pen. Next week they will be covering their portraits with a mosaic of tissue paper before they are displayed on our wall!

Please do get in touch with any questions.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Miss Whiting

Friday 17th September

We are so impressed with how all the children in Year 1 have settled into their new classes. It is a big change from Reception but the children are doing brilliantly and are happy and focused (long may it continue!)

The major excitement of the week was playing with all our lovely new toys! FOSS (Friends of St Stephen’s) raised enough money for the Key Stage One playground to be replenished with lots of great new things to play with including an obstacle course, an aeroplane, space hoppers, balance blocks and a giant foam Jenga game.

It has been a busy week in English and the children have coped superbly. We continued to use ‘Daisy Eat Your Peas’ as the focus text and learnt all about nouns and how to use ‘and’ as a joining word to extend our sentences. Next week we will start thinking about writing instructions using bossy verbs!

In Maths, we have been counting forwards and backwards to twenty and writing our numbers as words. Once again, we have made sure to keep the Maths very hands on with practical ‘carousels’ set up of different activities on different tables.

In Humanities, we continued to think about the question ‘Where do I live’? This week’s learning was focused on the United Kingdom and the children learnt all the different countries of the UK and their capital cities.

In Science, we continued looking at the different seasons and identified the most typical type of weather in each season. Tricky to talk about summer being hot and sunny when it really hasn’t been!

R.E continues to focus on Islam. This week we have been learning about why the Qur’an is important to Muslims and how it is looked after.

Finally in Art, the children were inspired by Paul Klee and ‘taking a line for a walk.’ Without taking then pencils off the page they created all sorts of exciting doodles which they then coloured in or added extra details to.

Once again the homework set is due in on Wednesday and there will also be Mathletics tasks. Reading books will be handed out on Monday and need to be back in on Friday. Please can you ensure you sign the yellow book so we know your child has read their two books.

Attached to our class blog is the poem ‘The Elibird’ by Colin McNaughton. Over the course of this half term the children will need to learn this poem at home and in school. Each half term we will have a new class poem to learn.

Have a lovely, restful weekend.

Miss Whiting

Friday 10th September

Another fantastic week in Year one with your amazing children. It has been so lovely to have a full week with them and see so much joy and enormous smiles. They honestly are such a wonderful, lovely class.

In English, we have been looking at the book ‘Eat Your Peas’ by Kes Grey. The class have been writing and reordering sentence using capital letters and full stops. This is something we will be really focussing on this term. I got to experience the class’s incredible acting skills this week when they performed this version of ‘Eat Your Peas’. What super stars they are!

In Maths, we have been working hard on our place value skills with numbers up to 20. We have been doing a lot of practical Maths this week where the children have been counting different objects as well as written work where we have been writing numbers and words. We have also been matching objects to the correct number and word.

In Humanities, we have been learning to identify and locate the seven continents of the world including Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

In R.E, we began our topic on Islam. We began reflecting on what we already know about Islam and then thinking about what we would like to learn. We looked at images of Muslims at prayer and we also listened to a recording of the call to prayer. We began to establish important vocabulary (Muslim, Islam, mosque, Qur’an). In partners, we discussed and wrote what we already know and what we would like to find out.

In Science, we have been thinking about different seasons and what we might wear in a particular season.

In Relationships and Health Education, we have been discussing different emotions and who we might talk to if we are feeling a bit sad or worried.

In Art, we have been mark making. The class had 16 different boxes and lots of different inspiration patterns to explore mark making.

The class loved their very first Spanish lesson with Mrs Pereira on Thursday. They also had so much fun in Music, Kick London and Gymnastics! A reminder that on Mondays and Tuesday’s the class will need to come to school in their P.E kit.

Homework will start this week. You will see all the information you need about homework in the previous blog. The children’s Mathletics username and password will be in their homework book and their spelling group will also be in their book. Here is the Mathleics link:

Please do not worry if all the homework isn’t complete in the first few weeks. We completely understand that it is a step up with homework and the transition into completed more homework will take time.


Schools are fortunate to have received funding from the government this year to support children to catch up on missed learning caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). Mrs Wordsworth, as our KS1 Specialist Catch-up teacher, will be working with a number of children from Year 1 who need additional support with their Maths and English. These sessions will take place on a weekly basis as one-to-one sessions and in small groups. More details will follow later on in the term.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Whiting

Friday 3rd September

What a brilliant first two days of Year 1 we have had! Your children are amazing and have made me smile and giggle the whole day long! They’re an absolutely delight and I know we are going to have the most amazing year!

This year P.E is on a Monday and Gymnastics is on a Tuesday so they will need to come to school in the kit for those two days.


Homework will set each week on a Friday and will need to be returned by the latest on Wednesday the following week. Your child will be given a green homework book to complete their spelling homework, sentences and Maths homework in. The homework sheet will be uploaded to the class blog on a Friday which will explain all.

They will have a set of spellings to learn. There will be a sticker at the front of their homework book that explains if they are in green group (6 spellings), red group (9 spellings) or blue group (12 spellings). This will be something that is fluid throughout the year. They will need to learn these spellings for a relaxed spelling test each Friday at 9.30am as well as writing each of words 4 times in the front of their homework book to help them remember how to spell them.

Following this, they will need to write three sentences using words from their spelling list in the front of their green homework book.

There will be a small Arithmetic task set at the bottom of the homework sheet, which is to be completed in the green homework book.

Each Friday we will set tasks on Mathletics, which is to be completed by the following Wednesday. This will start on Friday 10th September.

We are very aware that we don’t want to overload the children with homework at the beginning of the term as the main thing is that they feel settled and happy within their Year 1 environment so the homework above will start on Friday 10th September.

For homework this weekend we have sent home an A4 piece of paper draft for our ‘We Are Britain’ display. Please help your child complete the sentences in the purple box. In the box at the bottom, we would like them to draw a picture of the flag of the country they were born in.

Please ignore the blank space at the top of the page. We will include a picture of your child here for our display.

We have also uploaded a copy of this to the blog in case you need another sheet.

On Monday, the children will be given two reading books. We will be assessing the children next week as reading levels may have changed over the holidays however we will not be able to finish this by Monday so the books on Monday will be based on where they left off in Reception. Reading folders will go out each Monday and will need to be returned by Friday with the yellow book signed so we can change them on Monday. We will only know if the books have been read if you sign the yellow book so please make sure you do so.

Information on blog

I have uploaded a copy of our red word mat on the blog and our class timetable.

What have we been up to?

On Thursday, we practised our handwriting. Following this, we discussed all the exciting things we have in our classroom and the class asked me any questions they had about Year 1. We then had a vote on what we wanted our tables to be called this year. Sea creatures won the vote! After that, we planned and wrote a piece of text all about ourselves. I found out so many great facts! To finish the day the class made birthday cards for each other so when it is their birthday they can each pick a birthday card from the pack to make they feel extra special!

On Friday we discussed our class poet McNaughton and looked at two of his poems ‘The Elibird’ and ‘A Heart Of Gold’. Following this, we came up with some excellent classroom rules. As well as that, we made our Art book front cover and drew a self-portrait of ourselves. To finish the day we talked about the worry monster and what we might do if we are feeling worried about anything.

I hope you all have any incredible weekend!

If you have any questions at all please email me.

Miss Whiting


Please see this week’s homework below:

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Autumn 1 poem

The Elibird

Red Words and Timetable

Red Words

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