Year 1

Welcome to Class 1 McNaughton. The class teacher is Mrs Foster and the teaching assistant is Miss Karen.  Miss Anya is our LSA. Please check on the website every Friday for weekly updates but also for the weekly homework. Enjoy!

Class Updates

Friday 1st April

Pinch, punch first day of the month…

Happy April and happy last day of Spring term – the holidays have officially started.

We’ve had a lovely last week together singing Easter hymns, going on Easter egg hunts and eating chocolate! The children created some stunning bonnets on Wednesday – it was very hard for our judges to choose the winning hats. You will be able to see pictures of the children in their creations shortly via Parentmail.

In Maths we completed our weighing topic focusing on capacity with the children working carefully to ensure not a drop was spilt whilst measuring using the terms – full, empty, half full and nearly empty. Next term we’ll be revising counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s if you want to have a practice over the holidays.

In RE we learned about the events of Easter Sunday and drew pictures from the Easter Story that really stood out for each child. To test their recollection you could ask your child what the word resurrection means.

In Science we completed our Plants topic by identifying the different parts of a plant – leaves, stem, flower, petal and roots. We learnt that roots act as an anchor to hold the plant in the ground securely and help collect water from the soil.

In Art we learnt about the artist Piet Mondrian and created our own fabulous block picture collages in primary colours inspired by his work – Trafalgar Square.

No homework over the holidays – hooray! We hope you have a wonderful break and enjoy the (slight) easing of lockdown restrictions to travel, see loved ones and relax.

Happy Easter and see you on the other side.
Mrs Foster & Mr Schumm

Friday 26th March

Dear parents,

The last Friday before Spring term comes to an end with our 4 day week next week! It was great to see you all (albeit virtually) at Parents Evening this week. It’s been such a short and unusual Spring term but your children have settled back into school life really well despite the circumstances.

In English we continued our work on Mr Magnolia writing our own poems with silly sentences making sure they contained –ing words and lots of ‘oo’, ‘u-e’ and ‘ew’ words. Our favourites so far are Mrs Magnolia is visiting a stinky zoo with a tiger on the loo and Mr Magnolia is feeling in a mood!

In Maths we started our mass topic and had great fun using scales to weigh objects in the classroom finding out which objects were heaviest and lightest.

In RE we learned about the events of Good Friday and the significance of the cross. We decorated our own crosses and chose words to describe why Jesus died on the cross.

In Science we found out the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and sorted trees into the different categories on Busy Things. Test your children this weekend to see if they can remember the difference!
As part of homework this week, if your child has been growing a plant at home, please use one of the Identifying Plants observation sheets attached so they can record their findings and bring these into school on Monday.

One of the previous artists we studied in our Art classes during lockdown – Lubaina Himid (who created Carpet which we used for inspiration) – is the focus of an exhibition at Tate Modern this November. There’s an interesting short film to watch at
The whole film may be rather advanced for our Year 1’s but they may enjoy watching a short extract.

In Humanities we learnt about the work carried out on farms during the different seasons and made our own seasons wheel to reflect these activities.

RHE – This week for our Rules and Responsibilities topic we learnt about why First Aid is important and studied various scenarios thinking about what we could do to help.
We then role played what we would do in an emergency and what to say to an operator after calling 999. Fingers crossed the children never have to do this in reality… It would be useful to show your children how to call 999 on your home phone or mobile as a follow up.

Dates for the diary…
Wednesday 31st March – Please ensure your children bring in their creations for our Easter bonnet parade. We will share photos with you later next week.

Our whole school Easter service will take place virtually on Thursday, 1st April at 9.10am. Links to attend will be sent out shortly via Parentmail. If you have time over the weekend you may want to help your children practice the songs we have been learning for the Easter Service – Lord of the Dance and Colours of Day.

Lord of the Dance

Colours of Day

There is still time to donate Easter eggs and buy your raffle tickets via parentmail – all proceeds going towards Friends of the Earth charity and Year 6 final trip to Whitby.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mr Schumm & Mrs Foster

P.S.  A message from Mrs Foster

Great to see Year One McNaughton on Zoom this week and to start Zooming my phonics group!  I look forward to seeing you next week!

Friday 19th March

Spring feels like it’s finally here this week with blossom on the trees on our daily walk to school. We hope your children have been pointing out all the plants we have been learning about!

In English we started work on a new rhyming book by Quentin Blake called Mr Magnolia with lots of ‘oo’, ‘u-e’ and ‘ew’ words. We wrote our own silly sentences with these sounds which included a lot of writing about poo!

In Maths we continued our Measuring topic using a ruler to measure objects in the classroom and working out adding and subtracting measuring problems.

In RE we read about the events of the Last Supper and looked at the famous painting by Da Vinci. We thought about what the disciples may be saying to each other when they heard Jesus tell his news.

In Science we identified different wild plants, such as a daisy, using a classification key with questions including ‘does it have white petals?’ We hope your seeds at home are growing well with your children’s love and care!

Dates for the diary…
Parents evening takes place next Wednesday and Thursday so please book your appointment, using the online booking system, if you haven’t done so already. We’ll ‘see’ you then (as they are still taking place on our screens..).

Next Monday we are supporting Down syndrome awareness day by all wearing odd socks. To help this cause please could each child bring in a £1 donation. Thank you for your continued support.

We have an extra PE lesson next Friday so please could children come to school in their PE kits on that day (as well as Tuesday and Wednesday).

Please start saving recycled materials from home that would look spiffing on the Easter bonnets that we will be sporting for our virtual Easter bonnet parade on Wednesday, 31st March. Our whole school Easter service will take place virtually on Thursday, 1st April at 9.10am.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Foster & Mr Schumm

Friday 12th March 2021

Welcome back! It has been wonderful to have all the children back in the classroom again and they have all adjusted so well to school life after such a long time at home. Thank you to all you parents and carers out there who have kept the children going.
We hope you enjoyed seeing all the wonderful costumes for World Book Day and the Arts Week gallery sent out by Miss Bell via Parentmail earlier this week. The children made some amazingly imaginative creations. We knew Year 1 were a talented bunch and they really proved this with their fabulous work.

In English this week we have been learning to sort sentences into question and exclamation sentences such as ‘Suddenly out popped a turnip!’, and ‘Please can you help pull?’ We have also been learning to add -ed to root words to change their meaning for example pull becomes pulled. In addition to this we have been learning to add missing capital letters and full stops in sentences. We put all these skills to good use when writing our alternative stories with different vegetables and characters.

In Maths this week, we have started our new topic of length and the children have been busy measuring things with unifix cubes and anything they can lay their hands on in the classroom. The tallest item measured was a chair at 20 cubes and the smallest was a rubber at 1 cube. Next week we start measuring with a ruler!

We hope your seeds are growing nicely at home as part of our term-long Science Plants topic. This week we have been learning to identify different garden plants and have sorted flowers and trees including poppies, tulips, daffodils, apple trees and weeping willow trees. Watch out for your child being quite the plant spotter on your way home from school.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mums out there!

Mrs Foster & Mr Schumm

Welcome Back!

Dear parents,

I hope you’ve had a restful weekend in preparation for the children’s return to school tomorrow morning. Thank you for all of the amazing work you have done with your children throughout Home Schooling, we couldn’t have done it without you.

As was the case in the Autumn Term the Year One children will be dropped off at the main gate and will walk round to their classroom. Children need to come to school with their book bags, water bottle and coats as usual. Please send any reading books and reading records issued before Christmas into school tomorrow morning ready to be changed. As was the case in the Autumn Term, reading books will be handed in on a Friday to be changed and handed out on a Monday.

The Arts Week Homework set on Friday was for the children to design a square to form a quilt about what they are looking forward to on their return to school. This is to be handed in on Monday or throughout the week. Spellings, Arithmetic and Mathletics homework will continue to be set on a Friday. Completed homework is to be uploaded into JiT as usual by the following Wednesday for Mrs Foster to mark.

Gymnastics will continue to be on a Tuesday and PE will continue be on a Wednesday so please send your child into school wearing their PE kit on those days.

We’re all really looking forward to welcoming all of the children back into school and have lots of fun activities planned and ready to go.

Tomorrow we will start the day talking about what we have done in lockdown and how we are feeling about returning to school. Then it will be all systems go with English, Maths and Humanities possibly with a touch of choosing which I’m sure will go down well with the children!

I would like to say thank you to parents for the kind words regarding my baby news, we are delighted! It will feel strange not being in school to greet your children back into the classroom on Monday morning however I will be regularly Zooming into see them all. I know they will have a great time with Mr Schuum, Miss Karen and Miss Anya.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Mrs Foster

Spelling test - Week 2

Mrs Wordsworth reads out this week’s words for your spelling test. Good luck!

Arts Week 2021

Welcome to Arts Week and what a fun week we have in store! As you already know this year Arts Week is based on the book and artwork found in Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold.

This week we have lots of activities lined up for you to complete from staff across the whole school. All of the activities will be uploaded by Miss Bell under the Arts Week page on the school website. Activities planned by KS1 teachers can also be found in JiT. Once you’ve completed an activity upload a picture of it into JiT so your teachers can see your amazing creative work!

During each 9am Registration Zoom your class teacher will share the Arts Week page on the website and will suggest activities to do for the day, but ultimately the decision is yours. We just ask you to do at least 10 activities for the week and recommend you do around 2 a day, spacing them out throughout the week.  It might be worth looking through the activities before you come to do them as you may need specific materials, although staff have tried to plan activities using materials readily available at home. If you need to make adaptations by all means do so, for example use felt tips instead of oil pastels. At the end of each day please bring along work to share in our 3pm Catch-up Zoom so we can see your masterpieces!

Please note Guided Reading and Maths Key Skills sessions will continue to run throughout the week.  Mr Schumm’s History Zoom with our class will also take place at the usual time of 10am on Monday. This week he steps away from the Tudors and explores New York!

Enjoy this creative week and don’t forget World Book Character costumes for our 3pm Thursday Catch-up Zoom! I can’t wait!

Mrs Foster

Friday 26th February

We made it to Friday guys – one week to go until we are all together again!

Good Work Assembly with Mr Schumm.
Who will be our stars of the week?

Life Skills
Mind your p’s and q’s! We know you are ALWAYS beautifully polite but today be extra specially so. Remember to say please and thank you, ask before leaving the table and check in to see how your family are feeling. Manners cost nothing but mean everything.

Active Skills
Another Alistair challenge for you!

Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s lesson:

Today we would like you to retell the story of The Enormous Turnip. Think back to what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Make sure you use capital letters and full stops in your writing, the word and as well as words ending in –ed. Use the word bank saved in Jit to help with spellings. You can also use The Enormous Turnip themed lines saved in JiT to write up your sentences in best!

Spelling Test Clip

In Maths today we will be following on with our work on counting in 5s. Hopefully after all of yesterday’s practice, you are able to count forwards and backwards to 50. Remember you can use your skip counting in 5s number grid from yesterday to help you. Today’s video, lesson presentation and activity sheet are all saved in JiT in the Maths Folder – Week 1 – Friday.

This term’s topic is all about our Rights and Responsibilities starting with our morning routine.

You will find the accompanying sheet called Harold’s Wash and Brush Up in JIT – Foundation Subjects/RHE. Cut out the squares showing Harold’s routine and sequence them adding your own actions in the morning.

Today we are going to create some graphs using computer software! Watch Mrs Wordsworth’s film below first to find out what to do:

You will find the instructions and information that you need to fill in your graphs on JiT under Foundation Subjects/Computing.

Thursday 25th February

Life Skills
To tie in with our new science topic on Identifying Plants take a walk around your area to see how many different plants you can spot. You’ll find Spring spotting sheets in JiT under Foundation Subjects/Active and Life Skills to print off if you want some guidance.

Active Time
Try this dance from BBC Schools Radio called Roots and Shoots. The dance session starts with preparing the ground and planting seeds. This is followed with the need for water and the warmth of the sun to promote growth. This is then developed into the shoots growing upwards creating leaves and buds, as the roots spread down into the soil where they draw in the water and nutrients.

Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s lesson:
The word pulled has been used lots in the story we have been reading this week. The root word for pulled is pull. Today we would like you to cut out the root words and match them to the words containing –ed. If you don’t have a printer choose 6 words to write down and create your own matching game!

Revision of Read Write Inc Set 2 ‘or’

Today we will be counting in 5s. Watch Miss Williams’ lesson introduction here:

Why is it useful to be able to count in 5s? What things can you count in 5s? For our first lesson on counting in 5s, we will be practising skip counting using a number grid to 50. First of all colour in all of the numbers that you say when you count in 5s and then you are ready to practise reciting them. Can you count forwards in 5s all the way to 50? Can you also count back in 5s from 50 to 0? Today’s lesson presentation and activity sheet are both saved in JiT in the Maths Folder – Week 1 – Thursday. There is also an optional challenge that I’m sure many of the children will enjoy as they have to complete mazes to help the rabbit find the carrots by counting in 5s.

New term, new Science topic on Identifying Plants. Watch Mrs Wordsworth’s introduction below:

Look at the PowerPoint attached on JIT – Foundation Subjects/Science/Spring 2/Week 1 to find out more about plants. Next, you are going to plant a seed and watch how it grows over the next few weeks. If you don’t have a suitable seed at home you can pick these up from school – we have marigolds, nasturtiums or broad beans.

The accompanying worksheets are all attached in JiT along with a Growing Seeds video. Lets see who can grow the tallest plant!

Wednesday 24th February

Life Skills
Inspired by Margaux, today we would like you to help your grown-ups clean the floors in your home. You could help out by vacuuming the rugs and carpet, sweeping the kitchen floor or maybe mopping the bathroom floor. Send us in your pictures of you being busy with your chores!

Active Time
Time for Alastair’s Wednesday workout!

Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s lesson:

Your activity today is to answer reading comprehension questions about The Enormous Turnip. The activity can be found in Jit-Wednesday.

Revision of Read Write Inc Set 2 ‘ar’

In Maths today we will be following on with our work on counting in 2s. Hopefully, after all of yesterday’s practice, your child is able to count up to 50 in 2s using their number grid from yesterday with all the multiples of 2 coloured in. Today’s video, lesson presentation and activity sheet are all saved in JiT in the Maths Folder – Week 1 – Wednesday.

Today we will look at the story of Noah’s ark. Watch the film below which tells the story:

Mrs Wordsworth goes through today’s work below:

There is a beautiful rendition of the hymn Amazing Grace, mentioned in Mrs Wordsworth’s lesson, on the link below:

Can you think of a time when you have shown grace to someone or been shown grace by someone yourself? For example if you forgave someone for breaking your toy? Talk about this with your grown up and bring this to our 3pm zoom.

Tuesday 23rd February

Life Skills
Curl up with a good book in a cosy place. At our afternonn Zoom you can show us and tell us about the book that you read.

Active Time

Try out your Cosmic Yoga farm animal moves!  Who can do the best horse pose?

Watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s lesson:

Today you will be sequencing pictures and sentences from the ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Can you remember the order? This activity can be found in JiT- English- Tuesday. If you don’t have a printer, draw 6 pictures from the story in the order they happened and write sentences for each picture you draw.

Revision of Read Write Inc Set 2 ‘oo’

Today we will start counting in 2s. Watch Miss Williams’ lesson introduction here:

Why is counting in 2s important? How many things can you find around your home that you can count in 2s? For our first lesson on counting in 2s, you can play ‘Whisper, Shout’ with someone at home and then you can practise skip counting using a number grid to 50. First of all colour in all of the numbers that you say when you count in 2s and then practise reciting them. Can you count forwards in 2s all the way up to 50? Today’s lesson presentation and activity sheet are both saved in JiT in the Maths Folder – Week 1 – Tuesday. There is also an optional challenge sheet to count pairs of socks and write the missing numbers on the pairs.

You may know of London based Irish artist/author Chris Haughton’s work from his wonderful books ‘Oh No George’, ‘Shh, we have a plan’ and ‘A Bit Lost.’ Make your own collage owl like the owl in Haughton’s book after watching the presentation saved on JiT under Foundation Subjects/Art/Spring 2/Week 1.

Miss Rachel goes through this week’s lesson all about Tiddalik the Frog!

Watch the link below to access the lesson itself:

Monday 22nd February

Good morning Year One, we hope you had a great half term holiday and you are ready and raring to go for Spring 2!

Alistair has another cracking assembly for you today continuing the theme of compassion:

An email has been sent out via ParentMail with details of our Zoom links and groups for the Guided Reading and Maths Key Skills Sessions. Please note some children’s days have changed.

Life Skills
What did you give up for Lent?

Active Time
Let’s start the new term with a new dance to the song Old Town Road. Time to put your cowboy hat on!

First watch Mrs Foster reading ‘The Enormous Turnip’.

Then watch Mrs Foster’s clip introducing today’s lesson:

Today we would like you to use the puppets saved in JiT to act out the story. Can you remember the beginning, middle and end of the story? Can you remember the order of the characters who pulled the turnip? Save your pictures and videos into JiT for your teachers to see!

Revision of Read Write Inc Set 2 ‘oo’

Complete The Enormous Turnip pencil control sheets saved in JiT.

In Maths today we will be ordering non-consecutive numbers between 0 and 50 from smallest to greatest and from greatest to smallest. Today’s video, lesson presentation and activity sheet are all saved in JiT in the Maths Folder – Week 1 – Monday. Your child may also find either the number grid or number line to 50 that we used before half-term helpful for today’s work. There is also an additional challenge sheet that you can complete if you want to. The super challenge on it is particularly tricky so good luck!

Mr Schumm’s lesson
Don’t forget to tune into Mr Schumm’s journey through the ages today at 10.00am!

Today we start our new topic – At the Farm. Mrs Wordsworth goes through the work and the presentation below.

The presentation is saved in JiT – Foundation Subjects/Humanities/Spring 2 called At the Farm looking at the different farms in the UK. Choose either worksheet 1A, B or C (saved in JiT) to draw and label pictures of each farm and/or write short descriptions. There is a word mat attached in JiT to help. Next there is an optional sorting game at the end of the worksheet pdf with cards to cut out relating to dairy, arable and livestock farms.

For more farm facts there is an optional film to watch to find out more about life on a dairy farm.

Spring 2 Homework Week 4

Homework Week 4

Spring Two Homework Week 3

Homework Week 3

Spring Two Homework Week Two

Homework Week 2

Spring Two Spellings Week One

Homework Week 1

Spring One Spellings Week Six

Homework Week 6