Year 4


‘Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself is the Rock eternal’

Isaiah 26 vs 4

Welcome to the class page for Year 4 Bloom. Here you can find out everything we’ve been up to during the week, as well as our homework tasks.

Our teacher is Mr Perry  and our TA is Miss Cummings. We also have Miss Tamy and Miss Lisa as our 1:1 teachers.


We hope you are as glad to be back to school as we are and are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

We look forward to getting to know you all as the year progresses.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry


Friday 22nd July 2022 - School's Out!

Dear Parents,

This will be a short one…where have you heard that from before?

It has been an emotional day but a positive one. We really give the Year 6s a good send off in this term and Mr Gane , Miss Marchant and the year 6 team have really done an amazing job with the leavers BBQ last night and service this morning.

All the readers were amazing and a big shout out to the three readers who read prayers and memories from out class. This time of year always makes me think about my job, our school and the impact such a place will have in a child’s life and I always come to the same conclusion -as I say to the children- they are blessed to be in this school. I promise I am not just saying that as my boss may read this blog but because I really believe it. Schools do their best in the situations we have and I have worked in a few, but the experience they get here is both rich and life-building and it is wonderful to see it in its glory as we focus on our Year 6 leavers.

I am going to go now but I would like to say again I have loved teaching your children and am proud of each and every one of them as I am sure you are. They have had a fantastic year and I have had some amazing highs with them and not a little fun! I can not help myself but play the odd joke on them and it is wonderful they always take it well. I will miss them all and I know that they will have  cracking Year 5.

In what has been a tough latter half of the year for me personally with the loss of my mum your support and the children’s attitude has been wonderful and has given me extra incentive to come to work each day (not that I did not need any) so thank you again.

I read your wonderful E card this morning and was truly touched by the messages that gave me great encouragement and support. I think we are all the same in this – adults and children – that it goes a long way to tell someone they have done a good job and it really gives me a wonderful boost. Thank you too for the assorted birthday and end of term gifts I have received as well. I am truly grateful.

Have a blessed and happy holidays and I am sure I will see you around the playground from time to time.

Kind regards

Mr Perry

Friday 15th July - Mr Ps Greatest Hits!

Dear Parents,

Well your children have been Supertroupers this week! It can be quite hard to stay focussed as we come to the end of the year, but your children have been doing really well on that front and are on top form. So please get yourself a beverage, a comfortable seat and Take a Chance on Me as you read my blog.

How are you coping with the weather? I only ask because hot weather is my Waterloo! In my defence, I never moan about the cold, but I am at my most grumpy demeanour with just a little bit of sun. Speaking of which…next week on Monday and Tuesday will be absolute scorchers. I have spoken to the children about being prepared with both sun scream and with their water. As I am sure you will appreciate, it is really important they stay safe and healthy and come to school prepared. Hey we are also expecting thunderstorms on Wednesday (our sports day), so being weather prepared is most definitely our mantra for next week. Mr Schumm will of course keep you appraised of any changes to the sports day- if any.

Oh Mamma Mia, it will be really hard to say goodbye to your children next week. Our time together has been fruitful and exciting and I am very proud of all they have achieved. They have gone home this week with their reports and I hope you all find the feedback both encouraging and helpful. I also had to send an SOS to the staff in Year 4 to help me begin to clear out the class and send home all the children’s work and books. Just to let you know we always hold back a few from each subject for a term or two, so if you are missing a subject book that is why. I have encouraged the children to hold on to their books to reflect back on progress and told them how I have enjoyed digging out old school books from my parent’s garage from time to time, looking back on my work from my days at school which seems about 150 years ago!

Well what a show! I am sure you will all agree when I say that Mr Schumm and Miss Whiting surpassed themselves with the performances this year. The children loved it and there were definitely some really talented Dancing Queens…and kings among them. It was amazing bringing out the children for their number and just watching all you proud parents of St Stephens bopping in time to the songs and looking at your children with such pride and love. What a fantastic show! It almost made me dance my own Fernando as well.

Thank you again for all your wonderful support with the FOSS team. The Money Money Money you raise really helps us, I have told you this before and it will always come up as I see the positive effects on our school and most of all the development and enjoyment of your children’s learning experience. Once again the events of the last few weeks will really help us to deliver another fun and successful year next year as well.

As I am sure you can appreciate, we are beginning to wrap up the learning and topics of our subjects this term. In maths we have continued looking at assorted elements of geometry. We enjoyed measuring angles (a year 5 curriculum target) and coordinates, which had a pirate theme.  A great link to a recent English topic. Today the children had a fun ‘The Winner Takes It All ‘ maths quiz. Well when I say winner takes it all, I meant winner has a packet of sweets, but I am sure you get my drift, There were indeed four worthy winners.

The children have produced some excellent work in geography comparing the River Nile now and at the time of the ancient empire. I was great to see this was actually the learning objective! I did not even have to find a way to bring history into it.  On that note…In English we have been looking at different forms of poetry as the children explored haikus, tankas, kennings and cinquins,. With not a little trepidation, I asked the children to write a tanka about a member of staff in our class. So of course in no particular order a number of factors about me came up repeatedly such as; loving coffee, cricket playing, history fanatic, errm going off topic, being occasionally grumpy… I think I will stop there!  Ah well Knowing Me and Knowing You none of the points in the poems were a surprise.

Well one more week to go and then and school is out for the summer. I hope all your plans are falling into place and you have lots of fun and relaxation to look forward to. So ‘Thank you for the Music’ and I will see you on Monday.


Kind regards

Mr Perry

PS no I have not gone mad but have a bit of ABBA rolling around my brain. I wonder why?

Friday 8th July - It is all change here and ...knight to D6!

Dear Parents,

Ah summer time! The time of the gentle taps of a ball on a willow cricket bat, basking in the gentle afternoon sun of a summers evening, the beverages (and ice creams) with friends, the…bags under the eyes after a long term, the transition of saying goodbye to one class (or teacher) and preparing for the next, the prep for end of year productions. Well the list goes on, yet we are definitely coming to an end. I am grateful that I do the job I do. There is nothing more fulfilling.

In maths we have been focusing on geometry including identifying angles, names of different quadrilaterals and triangles and the features that set them apart. We have been learning to draw them accurately in accordance to the features and have been looking at simple facts that can be mind-blowing, e.g.  Even if a triangle was as big as a planet it would still have all interior angles add up to 180 degrees. All right maybe not ‘mind-blowing’ but you have to admit that is a pretty cool fact!

In geography we have been continuing our work on the River Nile and have understood what a delta is and why deltas are so integral to life for the region it is in. Did you know why the Nile was called the ‘Black River’? I did not either but now we do. It was really good that a child remembered this fact from a book they had personally read and proceeded to tell the class all about it. That for me is proper learning, and no I did not mean it because I could let the children do the work and I could sit and put my feet up. Well maybe just a little bit.

This time of the year is obviously all about endings. Most importantly for our Year 6 children and that we as a school always give them a royal send off, but also as the children transition to a new year group. This can have all sorts of connotations for a primary school family. Change can be hard for all. Be it a parent liking and having a natural connection with a teacher due to said teacher interactions with their children and then having to prepare for a new teacher or indeed a teacher who gets attached to a class and their parents. There are other factors too such as preparing a current year 4 or 5 child’s parents for decisions about high schools, children saying goodbye to a sibling in school leaving as a year 6 or indeed welcoming a new one in September in nursery or reception. I am sure I may have looked a bit scary to some of the children back in September (although I do understand my old class talked a lot to them about the chocolate they got from me which put a few at ease) and they never quite knew what to expect, yet soon became used to me. Then before you know it…they are in Year 5 and have a new teacher. I know they will do well though and I look forward to keeping an eye out on their progress,


As I have stated many times, the children are blessed to have so many opportunities in this school over the years that are above and beyond what a primary school would normally provide. One such example this year was teaching the children how to play chess. I mean who learns chess in class time in a ‘normal’ school? Thanks to Terry who came and taught them this year and well done to the four class champions who played in a chess tournament with four chess champions from next class. Great stuff from Aidan and Micah who came second and third and Maud next door who won overall. Good luck to the ten children who will be attending a tournament next Tuesday.

So remember to get those final dates in your diary of the production, sports day, the St Stephens cricket match and other events yur children may be involved in.


I would love to take the credit for this as an amazingly kind, considerate, thoughtful and compassionate teacher but… we have decided to do it as a whole school so I had no choice :).

However please help and support us in ensuring your children are fully up to date on mathletics.

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Friday 1st July 2022 - Tales as old as time?

Friday July 1st 2022

Dear Parents,

Well pinch, punch first day of the month, our last new month as a current Year 4. Not that I am advocating anyone pinching or punching, but there you go. Three weeks to go. Wow who said teachers count the days to the end of term? Saying that, teaching your children have been a pleasure and it will be sad to say goodbye.

You should be proud of me! No mention of sun, rain or any other weather examples we have experienced this week. I will not mention how I had to bowl in the sleeting rain yesterday (almost straight out of a blue sky) or that the rain ‘made’ me bowl a few wides or drop a catch. Still like I said, no weather report this week.

I know last week we focused on our English story writing, but it was a fruitful wrap up of the topic this week. The children’s stories were just full of krakens, peg-legs, stormy seas and hammocks. It was very satisfying seeing all their learning come together and I have usually been really proud of their end of unit writing pieces this year which have included a report on chocolate making, an entry set in another country, writing the next chapter of a story (Charlie Small) and of course our pirate adventure story. It was very tempting to start talking to the children like a pirate with comments like ‘ahoy there shipmates’ or ‘ooh aaaarhh’ but I managed to control myself.

In RE we continued looking at the miracles of Jesus and have focussed on what we can learn from them today and reasons behind them, not just showing the compassion of Jesus. It was great seeing the children make thoughtful links such as the ‘Calming of the Storm’ is recognising Christians believe that Jesus can calm the stormy situations in our life or that the ‘Feeding of the 5000’ can be seen as realising that God knows our needs and provides for us. Above all we looked at the fact we need to have faith if we want amazing things to happen and if we trust God to help us in our life.

We had a really interesting chat in RHE about what can we see as ‘normal’, especially around relationships and marriage. This is a subject that can always create debate I know, and debate is very healthy. We looked as some older Disney films and stories including ‘Cinderella’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Snow White’ and what they all have in common. It was important to realise there is nothing wrong with enjoying these films.  Hey I love ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I wonder why? However it is important to recognise that most of them ended with a woman being rescued by a prince and this is not how women should be perceived or what happens very often in real life. We looked at how choice is important around issues such as marriage and civil partnerships and we should not judge others choices. Obeying the law is important and we recognised the legal age for marriage and that no one should be forced into it. We finished by discussing other Disney films including ‘Brave’ and ‘Frozen’ and how some of these stereotypes are not in evidence as much in them.

School Fete

I have been trying to be ‘good’ lately and walk more and eat less (at least after 4pm anyway) and I know that at the fete the tomorrow it will just be abounding in burgers, sweets, cakes and lovely Eritrean cuisine. I know I will just need another 20000 steps afterwards, but I am looking forward to a plate…or two! It always amazes me just what our FOSS group pull off and I am looking forward to popping by.

Homework is Mathletics and spelling which can be found, as always, on the right.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

June 24th May- Ahoy there shipmates!

Dear Parents,

Well here is your weekly weather report…and update on your children’s week as well! It has been another week of sun, heat and just a little bit of rain as well. Does not stop the air con though, so that is positive at least!

This week has been another busy one! As I have moved toward finishing writing the children’s reports it has been very tempting to not mention this to them or to tell them I may add a few lines before they are released depending on their behaviour. Blackmail can have its place in society.  Seriously though the children have made some excellent progress all across the subjects this term and I am very proud of them. Hard to believe we only have a few weeks to go.

I have really enjoyed our English topic thus far. Linked to our book ‘Molly Rogers to the Rescue’, the children have been learning all about the Pirates from the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ which is basically Pirates of the Caribbean meets Treasure Island. Over the last few weeks we have designed our own pirate captain, created a monster/creature of the seas (such as the kraken or leviathan), made an art piece showing both of these characters meeting and yesterday we filled out a job application to join their pirate character’s crew! Who says we spend no time on career support in primary school? The children looked at life on a ship from equipment to the job roles and then ‘applied’ to the captain they created- adding their own salary negotiations. We will finish next week with an adventure story like ‘Molly Rogers’ that links all their learning over the past few weeks.

In geography we have continued our work on the River Nile, with a focus on what it is like in modern times, although as you may guess I have to bring a bit of ancient Egyptian history into the lessons from time to time. Once a history nut, always a history nut. We have looked at the impact the Nile has on the countries it runs through and this week had a focus on the massive Aswan Dam. The children recognised that the building of dams can have both a positive and negative impact on the area around it and the children created a brochure sharing facts about it. After telling them it was built in 1970 I did have a silent chuckle when someone asked me if a pharaoh built it.

Maths has involved looking at statistics and we looked at how important they are in all walks of life and roles that may not seem outwardly as though they have a mathematical focus. We looked at important information that may be presented in line graphs and tables such as rainfall in a country, sales results in a shop and the amount of coffee cups Mr Perry drinks in a week. We are learning to analyse the data presented and create questions of our own to ask a friend.

Isle of Wight

I love walking and I particularly like walks in our countryside. Hampshire and Dorset have a special place in my heart from my own childhood (and many holidays since) and I do love the Isle of Wight and nearby New Forest as well. I hope all those going this weekend have a fantastic time, get no blisters and do not collapse along the way.


Homework is Mathletics, Reading Comprehension (linked to our RE topic)  and Spelling which can be found, as always, on the right.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

June 17th - Wine, Good Vibrations and Stroppy teenagers!

Dear Parents,

Well I think the heat is going to make this a short one this week! We are so glad for my arctic air-conditioning! Well I am anyway, I think the children see it as a form of torture.

This week has been dominated by science. We have started our new topic on ‘Sound’ and how and why we hear and our lessons have been focused on how sound is carried through vibrations. The children were lucky to work in groups with our resident scientist Mercedes and I understand that they had a very fun practical lesson. In class we also continued this lesson with an action packed session on the same subject., The children were given equipment including rice, elastic bands, tuning forks, drums, water and rulers. What could possibly go wrong? They were learning what sounds they made , how they made the sounds and the effects of the vibrations on them. Examples included vibrating a ruler on the edge of a desk, rice vibrating on the top of a drum and putting a vibrating tuning fork straight into a cup of water. I assure you no rulers were harmed in the making of this lesson, although there were a few casualties from the vibrating tuning forks used as swords! They also enjoyed going to different parts of the school, sitting quietly and making notes on all the sounds around them, from children in lessons, to pinging photocopiers and to the sounds of teachers moving through the corridors.

In RE we are continuing our theme of the Miracles of Jesus and the difference between magic and miracles. We looked this week at Jesus and the Wedding of Cana. We discussed ‘tricks’ and I tried a few of my own terrible examples which the children saw straight through. We looked at ‘Faith’ and how Christians will often believe the events of the stories in the bible such as this as part of their faith in the power of God, but that it is okay to look for ‘natural’ causes to a miracle in the bible or other holy book. After my ‘trick’ turning water into cordial we realised lots of our parents might appreciate how to turn water into wine. We finished by discussing why Jesus may have performed this miracle and what it taught the people there and us who looked at the story hundreds of years later.

RHE is all about change. As I said last week,  we looked at how change can affect us in different ways. We have looked at we can be affected by small things from changing a favourite coat to bigger situations like moving house/school. This week we looked at how puberty can affect us through our hormones. We focussed on how it can affect us with our relationships with family , friends and at school. We did not focus on the ‘body’ which is in next years curriculum but on how sometimes a ‘teenagers’ attitude can change. The children enjoyed seeing me in role as stroppy teenager and they looked at ways they could talk to me as ‘parents’ and to give advice in how to move forward. Me as a stroppy teenager? Years of practice I told them.

Dads Breakfast 

It was lovely seeing so many of you at the ‘dads’ breakfast this morning. I could almost hear the arteries blocking up from all the food on offer. Still who does not love a bacon or sausage sarnie or two? Veggie options also available!

Times Tables Tests 

We had our times tables tests this week and well done to all the children who have worked really hard on them this year. I know we would have done well based on recent results and the confidence the children had as they approached them. Well done all!

Homework is Mathletics and spelling which can be found as always on the right.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

June 10th - Masks , Rivers, loaves and fishes

10th June 2022

Dear Parents

Well we are back again and can you believe we only have one half term to go! Time does fly that is for sure. Especially when you are an old bloke like me! I hope you all enjoyed your half term and had a refreshing break. I went to Rome… a bit of a geek fest for an old history nut like me.


We have had another week filled with all sorts of other curriculum activities and we have really enjoyed the week. As you can see from the photos above, we have been making masks for our parade this afternoon. I hope you enjoyed them and I have noticed that the children really get stuck into our artistic activities. Well done Class Bloom. The masks are just abounding in gems, feathers, felt and lots of colour. Reminds me of a renaissance era masked ball in Venice.


We have begun our new topics in RE and geography this week and have enjoyed the subjects so far. We started first looking at the River Nile in geography. It’s location, countries it flows through and some statistics. Yes as a history fan, it was very hard for me not to deviate into pharaohs, Egyptian gods and pyramids but to stay in modern times but no one is perfect! So I did a little bit but no harm done. I also know that the children will be looking at Ancient Egypt in Year 5.

RE’s topic is Christianity – looking at the miracles of Jesus. We started with the Feeding of the 5000 with a focus on the little boy who gave the five loaves and fishes to Jesus. We looked at how they crowd, disciples and of course the boy must have felt as the day unfolded and then we looked at how we may have felt having to give something up that would be a sacrifice or indeed if that has already happened.

RHE had a similar theme , but with a focus on change and how it can affect us from small things like changing a favourite coat or toy to big things like moving school, something a number of children have done in the class. We looked at how it can be really tough, but we often come out so much better at the end of it.

It is going to be a long summer 2 half term in St Stephens – and very busy – as it always is and we look forward to making it a cracker!

Homework on the right as always.

Kind regards

Mr Perry

Thursday 26th May - Schools out and we have a couple extra days...Yippe!


Dear Parents

It has been an interesting week that is for sure. As I prepare mentally for the changes in my own life it has definitely been business as normal in Year 4. The children have been their usual energetic, enthusiastic and bouncy best! They always keep me on my toes that is for sure.


RE has been fun again. We looked at the two figures of Daniel and Jonah and their different approaches to following God’s commands. The children looked at the story and showed their understanding of their characteristics and looked at how we might act in the same position. Perhaps Jonah gets a bit of a bad press after all! Finally we looked at how Jonah might have acted in Daniel’s shoes and vice versa. A great topic all round.


We have spent the week finishing off some topics as well as consolidating knowledge with the odd assessment or two thrown in for good measure. We have been looking in science at our food, teeth and the digestive system.  We also finished our topic looking at what the organs in our digestive system’s roles are As a meat eating human it certainly got my thought processes in overdrive as we learnt about the process from start to finish and how eating too much meat might make for hard work for the liver and intestines!


We enjoyed our fourth week looking at the Benin Kingdom, this week we were looking at artefacts and their roles in Benin society and evidence for their functions. The children researched some of their practices and how they were used in society, religion and of course war. I may have told you once or twice (and I have certainly told the children many many times) but I just love history! It is equally fulfilling seeing children beginning their own budding love for the subject as well.


Short and sweet this one. I hope you are all able to relax over half term and live life to the full. I cannot believe we only have one more half term together!

We just have spellings and mathletics for homework this half term.

Please have a safe and blessed half-term


Kind regards

Mr Perry

Friday 20th Mat - Teeth, Time and Tennis!

22nd May 2022

Dear Parents

It has been quite a week! With a lot of fun to be had I would like to think!

It has been great this term that we are hitting our straps so to speak with our summer program. Such a difference from recent years so to speak. Trips are going on all across the school, sports events (more on that later and our amazing FOSS events. I heard yesterday was spectacular at the cabaret and well done to all those that took part. As I may have said once or twice before ‘normal’ is not something I would associate with St Stephens and we would not want it any other way.

I have to say that maths was fun this week again. We started the week looking at 3d shapes. We identified the features of the shapes looking at the key maths vocabulary and then the next focus – the nets. The children drew the shapes following this criteria in their books and then the following day the children made the shapes from the nets. Later in the week we started our big topic of the term – time. We looked at the different ways to say (and show) a time including words such as ‘to’ and ‘past’ and how the times would be expressed in analogue and digital formats. More on that next week.

English this week has also been very productive as we wrapped up our work on the story of ‘The Tin Forest’. After using both an example text and the book itself the children followed the theme and style to plan and write their own story. The children are getting really strong in being able to effectively use a plan and the success criteria to write end of piece units. I look forward to marking them. I really enjoyed reading through the diary entries for last week’s trip to the zoo I set for homework. Great to see they enjoyed the trip so much.

I am sure the children will tell you all about the other lessons we have been looking at this week. They enjoyed studying their teeth in science, finishing some sewing in art, carrying on work on Benin in history and a great look at ‘Wisdom’ in daily life  through the story of King Solomon. We had an interesting debate on the difference between being ‘wise’ and being ‘clever’.



Well done to the tennis team for getting gold on Thursday. Great effort guys and I am very proud of you. At writing this we also have another group going to Acton to play cricket today. I am sure you will be amazing.

Homework as always on the right of this entry and on google classroom.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Friday 13th May - Cabarets', Reptiles and Grandparents.

Friday 13th May 2022

Dear Parents

Well as always lots is happening!

Before we get into that I want to say a massive thank you to Miss Cummins, Miss Tami and Miss Lisa who covered the class last week in my absence due to a close family bereavement. They make a wonderful team and have always been a massive support to me so thank you so much.

I was sorry I missed the grandparent’s day last week. It is always fun and is yet another example of when the families of the children in this school come together to support us and what we do. As I understand it, we had a special visitor in the form of an actress and I am sure those of you that were here enjoyed the tea and cake. Thank you again for all you do for us.

I hear a lot of rumours about the upcoming cabaret show. I know a certain sports teacher of our acquaintance eyes always will always light up when something like this comes up and I know he has been working hard with another fun teacher in this school to create something…no it is not me! Then of course there is our own dear head teacher who first hearing the news we are having a cabaret would have sprinted around to Miss Whiting’s class to put a plan into action. It should be fun!

In RE we have been focusing on possibly my favourite Year 4 RE module – People of the Old Testament. This week we looked at David. We looked at  many talents and strengths and the fact that he made some shocking mistakes too! That is why I love it. It shows us that God can and does use us despite our many human faults. The children rounded the lesson by writing about when they overcome their own ‘Goliath’ or ‘mountain’ in their lives . I also had the opportunity to look at another story from the Old Testament by leading an assembly on one of my favourite characters Joseph – of the many coloured coat fame. We focussed on the theme of what jealousy can do and how we can forgive each other when we have let jealousy get in the way of our relationships. It is good to recognise that we do not need to be Christian, Muslim, Sikh etc to learn from religious stories.

Our maths work covered a topic we all need to know a lot about – that of using money and working out change. The children enjoyed working out costs from a shopping list and then finding change from various notes. The children were able to use their knowledge on adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals to help with their tasks. Our English topic leads to really giving the children the opportunity to write in a creative manner. Using the book ‘The Tin Forest’ the children have been looking at how the words can lead to detailed illustrations and the children have compared the book to a teacher exemplar and looked for similarities to style and theme. The end of this week focussed on putting together chosen words and phrases into descriptive passages. Next week we will be writing our own story following the same pattern and rhythm of the stories we have been looking at.

London Zoo

In Science we have continued our topic of ‘Animals Including Humans’ and of course today’s trip to the zoo really added to that. The children seemed to really enjoy the day overall, but especially as they led from the front, so to speak, by choosing their route (in a session on Wednesday) and then leading the march in the zoo today. This was helpful knowing that in trips like this it can feel that we get there. walk around for half an hour, have lunch, walk a bit more then come home,  so we realised we should prioritise what we want to see. Thankfully we got a lot in.

Of course knowing I am scared of snakes, the first port of call had to be the reptile house (see my face in picture above). They particularly enjoyed the big cats and the komodo dragons but were begging me much of the afternoon to see the goats. How odd! Anyway I hope you get the rundown from them at home. We have a piece of homework on the left based upon the trip.


Homework as always is on the right of this entry.

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 6th May - a quick message from Mrs Jeffrey

Mr Perry sends his apologies for not being able to write a class blog this week.  Please find homework below as usual – spellings, comprehension and Mathletics tasks.

I can tell you that your class plants have been named Olive, Timmy and Snowy!

Enjoy the prospect of lovely weather this weekend!

Mrs Jeffrey

Friday 29th April - We are going to the zoo zoo zoo !

Dear Parents

Well we have really got back into the swing of term. Lots of tears, sleepless nights and playground fall outs…and that is just from the teachers! Seriously though the children have started the term really well and lots of hard work and fun has been happening.

In maths my group have been continuing our work of multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.  We have also learnt how to solve problems around this including solving decimal codes (ask the children about my excellent joke they had to solve) , loop cards , problem solving and we finished the week with our topic assessment. Next week we move onto using this knowledge to help our learning around money and measure.

It has been great to see the sports trip occurring thick and fast. I really enjoyed accompanying a mix of Year 3 and 4 children to Acton to play some cricket matches with the school ‘Weatherby’. Thank you yet again to Clare for organising it. We also sent some children to a skittle ball tournament which I understand they did really well at. Coming in at a solid third place. Well done St Stephens!

In Science we have started looking at our topic ‘Animals and Including Humans’ and looked at the difference between herbivores and carnivores, between consumers and producers. We also looked at food chains and identifying what would be at the top or the bottom of a food chain depending on the habitat. It blends in nicely with our previous topic of ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ and of course our upcoming trip to London Zoo. On that note…

London Zoo

I know it is short notice for this trip, but am sure it will be a fun one. With all the madness that usually comes into St Stephens in Summer 2 term, I thought it would be good to have this trip this term instead. Thank you for the offers already to accompany us. The permission slips and cost for the zoo should be in please by the end of next week.

I hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend and I will see you on Tuesday.


Homework as always is on the right of this entry.

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 22nd April 2022 - Welcome back...only six weeks until half term!


Dear Parents

It has been a great start to the week and yes ….What weather we have been having! My sunglasses and shorts have begun to make an appearance and more to it I say. I enjoyed my break and hope you all did too. Lots of walks and family visits with a small break to the Dorset coast. Saying that my Netflix shows or sports podcasts did also somewhat distract me a little, there are some truly fantastic new Viking shows on at the moment.

Anyway on with my next dazzling entry. Reminds me of the old James Herriot books (the show ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ are based on these) where each chapter is another incident in the life and times of a Yorkshire vet. How about the life and times of a Shepherds Bush primary school teacher? It has a nice ring don’t you think?

In maths my group have been using the skill of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to help them to be divide decimals which will be really useful in the future when we look at converting measures. We have also learnt how to solve word problems on this topic by picking the key words, numbers and mathematical language out that helps them solve them.

We have also begun to look at our new fantastic topics in our science, history and RE lessons. One of them is a new topic that we are teaching, as well being new for the children. It is called the Benin Civilisation which was a powerful African civilisation that was based in and around West Africa. We will learn what made it so powerful and what impact it has had in history.

In RE we will be studying people of faith from the Old Testament of the bible, individuals that have had an impact in Judaism and Islam as well as Christianity. Personally I love some of the stories in the Old Testament. As I told the children in class, if you want a bit of old fashioned action along with a bit of gore just take a look at the book of Judges! Anyway we will be looking at various patriarchs of these faiths and we started with looking at the story of Abraham and how his faith in God enabled him to take his family to another land and how God promised him his descendants would be as numerous as ‘the stars in the sky and the grains of sand‘. We look forward to future lessons on King David, Moses and Ruth to name just a few.

I think that is my lot for today. As much as I would love to outline the amazing activity I have planned for the weekend to enrich and inspire my life…I won’t as it involves a walk, a T V show, a pie and probably a bit of sleeping!

When is the next school break?


Homework as always is on the right of this entry.

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

April 1st - Its the holidays.......and that no 'April Fool' joke!

Friday 1st April 2022

Dear Parents

Wow what a week!

After missing it for a year or so due to Covid, yesterday was our annual Easter bonnet parade and oh how we missed it! Although some of you may not agree with me as you deal with tears, stress and furious shopping to ensure you get all your child requires for their head gear. They were stunning though – as the pictures above show – and we were just abounding in bunnies, chicks, eggs, carrots and of course CHOCOLATE! One boy had so many different types of chocolate on his bonnet he could have opened a shop. It was very tempting to pick one of as he passed me by but I resisted …still those kinders, kit-kat, dairy milk and creme eggs did look very delicious. Surely he would not miss one! Please see the photos above.

Last night was yet another extravaganza from FOSS. Thank you all again for your amazing support and boy you do have a great sense of fun. I loved the food, I mean who does not love coq a van and cheese, and the entertainment was top notch. I also hear that there is a cabaret in the wind. I know at least two teachers who are entering. Not me I hasten to add! Life in St Stephens is certainly eventful and fun though.

We have had a busy week wrapping up our learning in all our subjects. We wrapped up our geography topic on flowers of the world as well our science on how living organisms adapt to their conditions. I have been very impressed all term with how the children show their learning by creating pieces of writing in their books using computers and ipads to research themes and questions and presenting them in different ways in their books. Lovely to see how the children inform and act on their own knowledge and learning.

A big part of our school, as we head to the break, is of course the focus as a church school on the Christian festival of Easter. We have looked at how communion and the actions of Jesus in Holy Week are the key elements and binding part of the Christian faith and one that brings all denominations together. We have looked at how (and why) churches share communion and is seen as a ritual that brings the Christian family together. We looked at what legacy Jesus brought to the world, even if they are not followers of the Christian faith, through his life, teachings and character and how he is respected in different ways by followers of all faiths – and none. We finished our topic by reflecting on what we would like to be remembered by and as when we are no longer here on this world.

On reflection I love the activities and events that bind US all together as a St Stephens School, starting with all the fantastic learning opportunities such as all our sporting competitions, trips, amazing fundraising events and our school communal activities such as church services, fetes and productions.

Finally I would say thank you to all those who attended our Easter service today. Easter time and the break that comes with it is my favourite time of the year. The weather is changing for the better, new life is growing and it is a time for family and friends. Thank you today for the readers, orchestra, choir and Alastaire who gave a very thoughtful and reflective talk.



As I am such a nice guy there will be NO HOMEWORK this week. I know, I know what a wonderful chap I am!

May I take this time to wish you all a blessed Easter with lots of fun and treats and a happy time with your family.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry


Friday 25th March - Chat, Chat and chat some more.

Dear Parents

Okay I will not mention weather three weeks on the trot but… has it not been glorious? I have even seen a few shorts floating around although I do not think I would have been brave enough to do that.

As Easter is fast approaching we have been looking at origins of the Christian ritual of Holy Communion. In our RE lessons we have looked at The Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is amazing when you actually stop and study a piece of art like that which we may have come into contact many times. The details we can all miss in repeated viewers is quite something. We looked at what the disciples would have been thinking when Jesus said that his disciples would abandon him and that one would actually betray him. We continued studying the painting in Art and this time took a section each and recreated it in our art books. To continue our learning our reading comprehension homework is based upon this topic.

In English we have changed topics from non-fiction explanation tests to adventure stories. A particular focus is on predicting the story based on our understanding on the authors style and of being able to continue the story by containing from a particular part. The children have been putting their extensive creative skills into action by using a variety of styles in their sentence work.

I have been really impressed with the children’s ability to use their understanding to expand on their own work and learning in their subjects in science and geography. Quite often I give ‘open’ tasks where the children have a theme and they need to research, record and present their work using their own initiative. We make regular use of our school chrome books and ipads within this. In geography we have looked at how plants can survive in extreme conditions such as hot and cold deserts, while in science the children have been finding plant life from Britain, drawing them, labelling them and describing how they can be classified based upon their features. There has been some fantastic work in their books.


Do you follow the school Twitter account? If not, then why not give it a go; you’ll see lots of events that children from across the school have taken part in as well as photos, films and links celebrating these and forthcoming FOSS events too. Used to showcase the school’s achievements it’s also a way for you to ‘like’ <, share and comment too. We never mention children’s name and all is GDPR compliant – it’s a great way to keep in touch.

Follow us on Twitter

D & T Day

Well the art and design has been never ending this half term as yesterday we had our Spring 2 D & T day. This was quite challenging this time around as the children built structures from scrap using sticks, plasticine and –when we found out that did not work well – blue tac! Ah well, we all need to learn to think on our feet. Then children worked hard at it with varying degrees of success but all learnt from the experience. There are a few pictures above of the day showing the children at work.

Mums Breakfast

Ah mothers- the best people on Earth! It was great to see so many mums turn up this morning to have a gut busting breakfast with their loved ones. I may not be a mum, but I enjoyed a bowl of muesli or too as well. Teacher’s prerogative! These social occasions are wonderful and I am sure you agree having food involved as well always goes down well.

Parents Evening

It was great to see you all over the last few days for parent’s evening, although I am sure you would agree there was a lot of clock watching going on too as the countdown happened before our eyes. It is ultimately good for me though as these are always supposed to be ten minute sessions and I always had a reputation for going over! I hope you found the feedback useful and gave you insight into how your child is doing.  

English Homework

As discussed comprehension is based on the Last Supper and spelling sentences should have a mixture of conjunctions being used within the process of writing descriptively and in complex sentences.

Homework, as always, is on the right of this blog.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Friday 18th March 2022 - A Royally Great Trip!


Dear Parents

Well as we started talking about the weather last week I thought I would do the same for this week as well. Oh the joys of global warming. If you believe in it or not no one can deny there has been some odd weather these last few years and none more so than this week. Cold days at the beginning of the week, massive rain in the middle and glorious sunshine these last few days. My favourite weather actually! Beautiful blue sky, a crisp bite in the air and wonderful sunshine. Really useful today on our trip to the Royal Albert Hall today.

On that note…our new computing topic this week is about statistics and looking at websites that collect data for a particular subject. We are looking at weather websites, especially those like the MET and the BBC weather website. The children looked at important facts such as recorded storms (such as Eunice recently) weather patterns over the last 30 years and how the environment has been affected by our weather patterns.

Maths carried on the topic of fractions with more references to junk food such as pizza and cake. I did add in a few vegan pies and vegetables for balance this time though. We looked at how to add and subtract two or more fractions as well as being able to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions. We rounded the end of the week by looking at how to subtract fractions from whole numbers. It goes without saying that their homework will be based upon that.

In English I was so impressed with all the children’s final piece on the making of chocolate. Their writing was brilliant and it included all the elements of their learning these past few weeks. Key vocabulary such as the technical words and conjunctions, the correct application of complex sentences and relative clauses and of words and strategies to engage the reader. Brilliant work all around.

Our geography and science this week has had a useful crossover, as in geography we are continuing our topic of ‘Plants of the World’ and in science we have moved on from classifying animals to classifying plants and there has been some excellent research work and children leading their own learning. We have also been playing some fun games that involve identifying animals based on sharing their features and what sets them apart.

Royal Albert Hall

As mentioned earlier we had some amazing weather for our journey to the Albert Hall which added to our lunch in the park. The concert was an amazing affair and one that really involved and engaged the children. It was actually quite a joy to see all their faces light up at the music, bounce along to the lively pieces and ooh and aah at the laser shows and fireworks. My favourite moment though was when one lad shouted in my ear, ‘you did not tell me it was going to be this cool Mr Perry’! That summed it up for me. If you do not believe me, have a look at the photos above.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered and we hope the children had a great time.

Auction Night and you parents in general!

I do not know the final figure but I know last night was a great success. I know many teachers and staff in other schools and there are very few schools that have such generous and active parents as we do in this school. They often struggle with little resources and no funds for trips, art weeks etc. Something we do not have to thanks to you all. We are so blessed here at St Stephens!  I know that it was great fun last night and that lots was raised.

Mrs Jeffrey told me just this morning that after an email went out regarding raising funds for plants for the classrooms that within just a few hours there was close to £900 raised and probably more since then.

We could not do half of what we do without you so thank you all so much.

English Homework

No comprehension today so please pay extra attention to the spelling work and the sentences and ensure you follow the instructions given.

Spelling sentences should have a mixture of conjunctions being used within the process of writing relative clauses and complex sentences.

Homework, as always, is on the right of this blog.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry


Friday 11th March 2022 - Art Week Hangover

Dear Parents

Well usually when someone talks about the weather, it is because they have nothing else to say. I assure you that this is not the case but has anyone else noticed the change in the weather? I know we still have chilly evenings, but I am really enjoying some lovely blue weather with a wonderful nip in the air!

RE and RHE always create some excellent discussion points and this week was no exception. RHE looked at who keeps us safe and healthy and their responsibilities within their roles. On the same footing we discussed what our responsibilities were both to help these people as well as what we may do at home or in school. RE has a short topic before we look at our Easter module and this is looking at weather fame can support Christianity and of course vice-versa. Ooooh discussion creating at its best.

Maths is back to the old favourite – that off fractions. It gives me a chance to bring up one of my favourite topics, that of food! So our classroom is abounding in talk of pies, pizzas, chocolates and cakes. We have been looking at problems involving finding equivalent fractions, solving word problems and recognising which fractions are bigger.  I think the children always have that faint hope I will bring out a cake or something to back up my teaching.

In English – after a hiatus for Arts Week- we got to get back to our topic on the subject of ‘the production of Chocolate’. This week the children have looked at the stages of the chocolate making process of growing, harvesting, roasting, grinding and moulding. We have focussed on how to use formal conjunctions to create complex sentences and relative clauses. We are learning how to use commas in this process as well. Then as we reached the end of the week we began our final written piece of work.

Arts Week Café

Art has definitely been theme these past few weeks. We will be sending all the fantastic pieces of work they created in the next week or so. We hope you managed to pop in to the café today to see the art as a whole and what we as a school produced last week. As I may have said already in my blogs, we are blessed to have the support of such parents and FOSS as a whole. It is because of this that we are able to have weeks such as this along with the many other amazing extra-curricular activities your children partake in.

English Homework

We have a piece of non-fiction text on the rainforests and the comprehension is based upon this topic.

Spelling sentences should have a mixture of conjunctions being used within the process of writing relative clauses and complex sentences.

Homework, as always, is on the right of this blog.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry


Friday 4th March 2022 - Art is in the house!

Dear parents and carers.

As you can imagine this week has been dominated by Art. It is the week in the year we come off currivulum for a while and focus on our art. It has been a massively busy, yet successful week and so here are a few highlights .  Enjoy!

Here is the link to our Art week in Class Bloom.

ARTS WEEK 4th March


Homework is on the right.

Have a great weekend

Kind regards Mr Perry

Friday 25th February - Glue , Chocolate and Normans!

Dear Parents

I hope you had a happy half-term and welcome back. It is hard to believe I know, but we are already past the half way mark. Time does go by quickly as we get older!

I hope the children had a wonderful time at Woodrow and you looked at the photos through your What’s App parent group as well as getting my updates. It is always great to have these trips and I personally really like the idea of spending time with them in a different setting. We do get a different picture of them that way and it is great seeing them have fun with their pals.

Due to such a short, but very busy spring term 1 we are busy wrapping up our topics as we prepare to move onto new ones. I have been very impressed with their writing in their history topic – The Normans. Over the last few weeks they have written excellent entries that have included speeches nominating a king, a written information text on castles, a diary entry of a knight in training and just this week – a non-fiction report on the Feudal System instigated by King William. Great stuff and makes this history fanatic here very proud.

In RE we have wrapped up the second part to our learning about the Buddhist religion. This time we are focusing on what it means to be a Buddhist and looking at some of their important teachings and the similarities and differences with teaching from other faiths. We have learnt that we do not need to be of a religion to agree or learn from some of their teachings. For example this week we learned that the Five Precepts of Buddhism have similar themes as the Ten Commandments.

In English we have begun a new topic on the subject of ‘the production of Chocolate’, a very popular theme as I am sure you can imagine. This week the children have learnt about the process of harvesting cacao beans and the production process. As I may have mentioned before, a big push this year is developing vocabulary and we have spent time on both the technical as well as creative words to help explain the chocolate making process. They will be leading to writing their own explanation piece next week.

English Homework

All English homework supports our current topic with comprehension on the history of chocolate and our spelling words are all related to our writing explaining how chocolate is made.

Homework, as always, is on the right of this blog.

D T day

We are a little late due to Woodrow House last half term, but today we spent a lot of time on our Spring 1 D & T day – Moving Mechanics. The children began to put together a little car (see above pictures) working in groups to do so. They enjoyed their day immensely and –at writing this -we hope to wrap them up early next week. Lots of tape, safety pins , lolly sticks and glue guns! What could possibly go wrong?

Arts Week ….and Rare Disease Day…and World Book Day…and Ash Wednesday Service  

Yes next week is going to be another quiet one. Yeah right!

Firstly you would have received some correspondence on Friday from Miss Bell. Here is a line from that email with a little request from you at home.

‘On Monday the 28th February, we would love it if people would light up or decorate themselves or their home (inside and/or outside) to help raise awareness for Rare Disease Day. This day hopes to draw attention to wide variety of rare diseases, all of which need more publicity if they are to be able to afford much needed research, as well as build people’s knowledge and understanding of what it is like to live with or care for someone with a rare disease.’

This one is especially poignant for me and I hope you can get involved somehow.

For Arts week you do not need to do anything but be aware it is happening as we devote a large portion of our teaching time to our art work and that of a particular artist. This year we are looking at the work of Fahrelnissa Zeid. I am sure the children will keep you updated on the different topics and pieces we will produce over the week. There is also the added bonus that we have a theatre production (in school) of the Jungle Book on Monday to look forward to.

Then of course there is every parent’s favourite – World Book Day. Que mad scrambles to check dressing up boxes, wardrobes and the odd visit to a costume shop! This will be on Thursday and we will be back to the old way of having parents sit in the hall while the classes parade around a couple of times in their costumes.


Ash Wednesday

You are all invited to join us for the Ash Wednesday service at St Stephens Church this Wednesday at 9.00 AM which is the of course the start of the Christian period of Lent as we as a school look forward to the festival of Easter.


Phew I think that is everything, although I am sure I will wake up in a cold sweat on Saturday morning and realise I have forgotten something important!

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Friday 11th February- Too tired to type!

Dear Parents,


This will be the shortest blog ever!

Woodrow house was a blast and I loved spending that quality time with your children. I hope you all enjoyed the photos and updates .

That is all 🙂

Have a great half term and please see to the side the spelling homework (which is also on Google Classroom ) .

Kind regards Mr Perry

Friday 4th February 2022 - Happy Lunar day....

Dear Parents,

I know I say this a lot and do not do it but …this one will be short!

I have just got back from the trip to Woodrow House with the Year 5s (we obviously missed out last year because of Covid) and thought I would put a few notes online before heading off.

Firstly it was great to go with my old year group, as Woodrow House is a ritual for children at St Stephens as the first big trip together (after Swanage in Year 2) with a few more to look forward to in Years 5 and 6. It also give me a great idea with what to expect with your children.  Please read the letters and correspondence you have received as there is important information regarding clothing and other arrangements and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

This week we have to give massive thank to Mrs Conner and Miss Kailie who have helped cover and teach your children due to staff being off for illness and myself being at Woodrow. They did an amazing job and I am very thankful for the wonderful teamwork we produce in our school.

The children have been working hard this week om our subjects with some additional lessons to help understand the Lunars Day (changed from Chinese New Year ) and produce some work around it. I hope you all saw their wonderful dragons and there are pictures above of some of the finished products.

We have lots of fantastic art coming up with D & T day and Art week after half term and Miss Hall (our Art leader ) has a little message for you.

Something creative for a rainy weekend? Entries are now open to the ​Fourth Plinth Schools Awards 2022 | London City Hall

The deadline is March 12th. There is lots of information and inspiration on the website.


As I said earlier this is going to be short (as I prop up my eyelids with matchsticks) so I will sign off now and wish you all a joyful weekend.

Kind regards

Mr Perry​

Friday 28th January - It is all about the science!

Friday 28th January 2022

Dear Parents,


I have to say it has been a strange old week!

Well we have been living in strange old times so I suppose that is …well normal! Not that our class is anything but normal J

The theme for me certainly has been that despite all the challenges that life can bring us is that life  goes on and I think that this is important that we hold on to that. We have had a number of children (and adults) in the Year group and school overall –especially in our fellow year 4 class of Rosen- go sick this week, but one thing we as a school really want to emphasis is that we do not want this to effect the children’s learning or indeed their overall St Stephen’s experience. I am very aware after a number of years of teaching in a variety of schools that the children have a very blessed time here with so many fun learning experiences to have and to look forward to. This week alone on top of our lessons with our wonderful Spanish, gym, Kick London and music lessons we have had our weekly chess lesson, an extra cricket lesson and of course our trip today to the Science Museum. They are getting excited about our Woodrow House trip in a few weeks – one of a number of residential opportunities they will have in St Stephens. How many children in other schools can say that?

I am sure the children can update you on their learning this week, but we have had some very fruitful lessons in our subjects learning about life as a Buddhist, the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings and how to classify animals in science. On the latter subject, the children were recognising species of animals that do not fit into the ‘normal’ five groups (plus insects) of animals and were learning for instant that not every creepy crawly were insects or every marine creature were fishes. They began to use questions and observations to learn about the identifying features of other such creatures including molluscs, arachnids, crustaceans and annelids.


Miss Rachel has once again given some homework for the children to practice on their recorders at home. Well there are noisier instruments I suppose J

Here are the links

VMM Recorder Song 6 The Boat Song – Bing video



VMM Recorder Song 7: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Bing video


Science Museum

Thank you to the parents that helped out today at our trip and we hope you and the children enjoyed the day. I can be aware that for school day trips it can feel a little bit like flitting in and out with teachers furiously trying to count their charges just that one more time to ensure that ‘little Freddy’ has not decided to jump on an exhibit or wander off by himself to go to the loo. London is a very rich and diverse cultural joy and it is great we have so many places like the Science Museum just on our doorstep.  I have uploaded a few pictures of our trip onto the website either today I hope you enjoy looking at them.


Woodrow House

This is almost upon us and so you may want to start planning a couple of wonderful chill out evenings when we are away. Find one Netflix program you want to watch, think about what take away you want to get in and stock up on the treats. Equally I am aware that your child may be one of many siblings so you have no such luck but I assure you not to worry and know your child will have a wonderful time. You should have now received our final letter (and kit list) outlining the travel arrangements and final reminders of anything we may need from you.


Homework is on the right. Please take particular attention to the maths.


Kind Regards
Alex Perry

Friday 22nd January - Here come the Normans!

Friday 20th January 2022

Dear Parents,


How has your week been? I hope it has been productive and ticked off elements of your to do lists!

We have been motoring along and there has once again been some fantastic work produced in the class. I have to say that Spring 1 term in year 4 is one of my favourite terms to teach in terms of some really interesting subjects.

We are continuing our work in science on ‘Living things and their habitats’. The children have begun to understand the importance of grouping and classifying organisms in the science world. This week we begun to look at what sets apart some groups of animals including: Mammals, birds, reptiles etc but also how families within these groups are also broken down further 0 eg cats and dogs are felines and canines respectively.  This week the children looked at how to group lists of organisms by using questions to split them and that it all depends on the question. They then listed animals from a habitat (a rainforest) and came up with their own questions to group them which included a variety questions. Are they carnivores? Can they fly? Do they live near or in water? These are just some of the questions they came up with. They recognised the importance of being specific and not asking vague questions.

It is no secret that history is one of my favourite subjects and I was really impressed with some of the work produced this week. We looked in detail at the events of 1066 culminating in the battles of Stamford Bridge and Senlac Hill (Hastings) and I have to say the children showed an amazing grasp of the tactics and events portrayed at these conflicts. I asked the children to write a recount as though they were in either Harold’s (Godwinson) or William’s (Normandy) armies and the feelings they would have felt. From the exhaustion felt by Harold’s army on the march to and from Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire (a mammoth 180 miles in four days on one journey) to the feelings of trepidation and nervousness William’s troops must have felt as they disembarked of their ships in the south of England. The recounts were fantastic and I was keen to get some children to show off their work to Mr Mcinroy our history lead.

Knights have definitely been our theme this term so far as our English topic continues to look at St George and the dragon. The children were bringing their excellent descriptive skills to the front and looking at how they could put across characteristics in movements and actions. For example a knight may have a ‘confident swagger’ as they walk or if they are confident with other people may ‘look at them with piercing eyes’. I am looking forward to seeing where this may lead next week. The children’s reading comprehension homework is also about knights and the Battle of Hastings.

Our Art lesson also used the same theme as the children created willow drawings using fine paint brushes and ink in paper plates (see above photos). The finished product will be sent home either today or tomorrow.

Miss Rachel our music teacher has asked me to ask the children to use their recorders (sent them home this week) to practice a piece they have been doing in class. There is a video link under this paragraph to help them. It is important please that their recorders are returned at the end of the week as they use them until they leave in Year 6 (after which they will be given to them). Here is the link.

Science Museum 

Next Friday is our trip to the Science museum and Mrs Jeffrey would have sent you a parent mail with the details. Please could you email me with permission for your child to attend. They will need to have :

  1. Warm clothing
  2. Waterproof in case of wet weather
  3. Packed lunch with no sweets
  4. B0ttle of water

Woodrow House

Finally as Woodrow house draws ever nearer please ensure you have all that is required your end in school so the children can go.

  • An updated emergency contact form
  • Any outstanding payments
  • £5 spending money
  • Any medical or dietary information

I hope to get a kit list out to you next week.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Kind Regards

Alex Perry


Friday 14th January 2022 - Hi Ho its off to work we go!

Dear Parents

Happy New Year and welcome back – I hope you have all had a lovely and restful break. It’s hard to believe but we are creeping towards the half-way mark. Time does go by quickly as we get older!

Firstly sorry for this being my first blog this term, but as most of you are aware I have been off with Covid. Thank you for your well wishes and I am on the road back to recovery.

I would also like to once again thank you for your amazing generosity with your gifts for Christmas. The voucher will definitely go to good use in the coming months and the chocolates have already been consumed!  Your support is indeed a great encouragement to me and I do appreciate it.

Well on to school work! It will come as no surprise to you that school has begun with a bang and has started at full speed. Our new topics include some fantastic themes with exciting learning. In history we have begun to look at the Normans and how their culture changed that of Saxon Britain and that the effects of those changes are still in evidence now. I loved the first lesson where we looked at the then contenders for the English throne in 1066, their strengths, weaknesses and what ultimately happened to them. Many of us love a bit of action learning about battles and rivalries and the children got stuck into this topic with each of them choosing a candidate and writing a speech to get them ‘elected’. Spoiler alert… but as we know the Norman leader William won we will continue the learning this term by seeing what changes he began to make on the culture of England.

In RE we are looking at the second part to our learning about the Buddhist religion. This time we are focusing on what it means to be a Buddhist and looking at some of their important teachings and the similarities and differences with teaching from other faiths. This week we looked at the symbols of Buddhism and compared them to other religions, focusing on how symbols are an integral part of most people’s faith. In English we have begun a new topic on the subject of ‘George and the Dragon’. The children learnt that ‘George’ is not just the patron saint of England but of other countries to including Georgia and Ethiopia. We have looked at the origins of his legend and where he came from. They will work toward a piece of writing linked to the myth.

Art this week was a little different and fun. We created an optical illusion by blending two pictures. We decided to link them with our English and our history topics by blending a Norman knight with a dragon. The pictures of the lesson are posted above.

Woodrow House   

I know last week you would have received information and requests for payment about this terms Woodrow House trip, which is fast approaching. If you have any questions please ask myself or Mr Faith. You will receive a check list for clothing etc in the next few weeks.

Homework as always is on the right of this blog.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 7th January - Mr Perry's Unwell

Happy New Year!  Unfortunately, Mr Perry has been unwell so there is no blog from him this week.

Homework can be found on this page and on Google Classroom.  There is no Mathletics tasks for his Maths group but I have set tasks for my group.

Miss Cummins, Miss Lisa and Miss Tami are doing a fantastic job in his absence.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jeffrey



Friday 17th December - Schools Out !

Dear Parents

Well it is quite unbelievable that we are already a third of the way through the academic year!

Firstly a very important notice. Although we have no homework this Christmas, I have stuck in the side of their books their google classroom log in just in case we are closed in January due to the rise of the new Covid variant. You will of course get full notice if this happens and if it does then learning will commence on this platform.

Let us all pray this is not the case.  

This week has been the usual mix of joy and groans! From the children I hasten to add  J . I have had many accusing stares as I have laid out end of term assessments or told them we WILL finish our English writing or Humanities topics. ‘But it is Christmas’ they would cry!’  We did manage to watch my favourite Christmas movie – ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ – and as they watched Ebenezer Scrooge at work I did get a few suspicious looks in my direction as they began to compare us. Although I would like to think they have all had a Christmas theme,  with tasks that have included designing and giving an explanation for a toy making machine for Santa’s elves, practising our song and a couple of Christmas themed Maths quizzes along with an impromptu art lesson decorating baubles (see the photos). I was also immensely proud of the singing last night and the solos were just fantastic. My wife came to the concert as well and she was very moved as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children this term. They are a fantastic and lively class and I’m loving getting to know them. We have worked hard, but we have also had a lot of fun. They have an amazing sense of humour, being able to put up with me at my (nicely I assure you) sarcastic best and have been brilliant at taking jokes- although there have been a few tumbleweed moments where my jokes fell on uncomprehending ears. They are a supremely talented bunch and I have been truly impressed with them. I promise you they all have a bright future. A few highlights which stand out for me are the amazing art pieces they have produced, some fantastic pieces of writing , the D & T days and of course just the sheer energy they produce. As much as I have come to care about them I am VERY glad to pass them back to you in the afternoon and – as my weekly updates suggest – go home and collapse!

We have sadly lost one member of the class but we have gained another wonderful addition so that is good news at least.

Of course this term has been nothing we would have thought would happen two years ago. It is hard to believe it WAS two years ago we were beginning to get wind of this awful virus that has hit us and just how life has been affected for us all, and continues to be so. For me though it has also highlighted what a fantastic bunch of teachers and staff we have here, a truly brilliant FOSS and of course our amazing head Mr Schumm all of which have kept us going as much as possible, to give your children as enriching an experience we can as a school.

At this Christmas tide I do wish you a peaceful Christmas, no matter what you have been through these past two years. I know that many of us have been separated from our older or more vulnerable loved ones, many of us have had uncertainties about jobs and financial income and all of us have had the natural flow of life halted or changed completely. I pray none of you have lost loved ones, but if you have I wish you a special peace this Christmas and a chance to celebrate the season with your wonderful children and be able to remember lost ones with joy as well.

I would like finish by coming back to Advent. The four candles represented in this season are especially poignant for us as a school as each of the words are associated with a year group’s spiritual identity.


HOPE – May all of us have hope in Christ’s coming and hope that 2021 will be a good year

PEACE – May all of you find the peace of Christmas with your loved ones

LOVE – I pray we all experience the love of God this Christmas and the love of our family around us

Joy- I wish you all a joyful and special Christmas as we celebrate the birth of God’s son and time with our family.


Oh and if you have not guessed – NO HOMEWORK . Ebenezer Scrooge indeed!  Merry Christmas to you all J.

Thank you so much for all the Christmas gifts, you have all been so generous and it is hugely appreciated. Mrs Cummins has also asked me to thank you on her behalf.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and fruitful New Year. I hope you all have a lovely and restful break and- virus willing- I look forward to seeing you in January.

God Bless you all this Christmas time

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 10th December - Chutneys at Christmas ...

Friday the 10th December 2021

Dear Parents,

Been another busy week. To be fair I could start all my blogs this way, but I am not complaining.

Well this week we had this half-terms D & T day, which often blends nicely into the upcoming Fete. I have to be honest I have to do something I always advise children in my class to do – which is to step out of my comfort zone. For some it is taking risks with an English task, others it is to sing a song or act in a play while for me it is planning a D & T day. Saying that I have to be thankful for the ladies in the classroom – Mrs Cummins, Miss Lisa and Miss Tami – they did the donkey work that is for sure. So I hope you buy and enjoy the chutneys the children made on Saturday and if you do not…you can blame the ladies J .  I have uploaded photos of the day on the website.

As I am sure you know we have our upcoming Carols by Candlelight next Thursdsay evening. To be fait this was one event I really regretted losing last term, although it was great we at least were able to show a recorded version. The children really are a talented bunch and it is wonderful hearing them sing the beautiful carols prepared by our music team and Miss Bell. I hope as many of you as possible are able to make it next week.

In English we have started a new topic, that of poetry. Our main poem is ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. It is a wonderful poem sprinkled with imagery, culture and colour. It is one that can nbe replicated with our own sprinkling of loves, culture and life experiences and is of course where our learning is headed as we go into next week. Yesterday’s lesson was a great one as we looked at poems by Benjamin Zephaniah and our own poet Valerie Bloom. We looked at how poetry is a great vessel for sharing our own beliefs, views, experiences and culture. For example ‘Dem Turkeys’ by Benjamin Zephaniah is full of references to his own vegan views and the fact that the turkeys we consume at Christmas have feelings as well and all written with a Jamaican twang. Something for this old carnivore to think about. See the photos on the blog of the children performing the poetry.

Our Reading Comprehension homework is based upon the ‘Magic Box’.

We have been finishing up and recalling topics in maths with a particular focus on times tables and, like last week, showing our knowledge through how we can depict different number statements as well as writing our own word problems to match the problems. The children are recognising the importance of key skills such as inverse and estimation to help them solve problems. We have a times tables challenge task the children particularly love and each week they are keen to beat their own personal best and reduce the time they are given to complete them.

Please see below a link to a note you received from Mrs Peraira about a yearly writing challenge. This is a great chance to show off your child’s writing skills and I know we have had a number of winners from St Stephens in the past.

Note from Mrs Peraira regarding writing competition.

Sorry I know this has been a long one but we are nearly there.

I hope my wish last week of a carnage free Christmas preparation is coming to pass, yet if my plans are anything to go by I suspect not. Having Covid in our vicinity will of course influence who we visit and how we do so in terms testing negative etc but I am still hopeful of a family orientated Christmas.  Having the challenge every year of thinking what to get my legion of nieces , nephews and God children is causing my usual levels of high blood pressure , extra challenging as they get older , and I have sent my imploring texts to their parents to get me a few hints. Who is still into unicorns or Minecraft? Who is beginning to focus on clothes, makeup and other such items? Still I do love Christmas.

Our RE topic linked well with my assembly this week which focused on ‘Peace at Christmas’. That is the topic for our RE module and this week also looks at the Second Advent candle – Peace. The children saw that wonderful Sainsbury’s advent based on the true event during WWI where the German and English soldiers came out of their trenches to share gifts and play football together to celebrate Christmas. A little peace in the heart of a terrible war. I hope we can all find a level of peace no matter what is going on in our lives.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Friday December 3rd - Christmas is coming... let the carnage commence!

Friday the 2nd December 2021

Dear Parents,

Subjects have been motoring on, as us teachers are thinking about just how we could fit everything in from the curriculum before the bells toll 12 and the ghosts of Christmas come calling…or maybe that is just for me. I have been telling the children that our school days are going to extend over Christmas just to complete all our subjects. I think some of them believe me!

So what have my class of little Bob Cratchit’s been up to? This week we have wrapped up our work on our English topic, that of explanation texts. Although we have looked at assorted natural, scientific and mechanical object texts as a focus, we rounded it off this week where the children wrote about a machine they invented, many of them included a Christmas theme. The children designed machines of their own with written explanations of each stage of how the machine works and how we operate it. We have had a wide variety of inventions from doughnut making gadgets to a money making machine…although I think that is really called ‘counterfeiting’! We rounded of the writing by editing and giving advice and feedback to each other for their work – a very useful and important skill. I am very much looking forward to reading through them myself.

On that note…this week’s homework contains a task where the children need to design a sledge for Santa complete with lots of gadgets. There is a skeleton design template on the page to the right. There will be no comprehension this week , but there will be the usual spellings and mathletics.  

Maths lessons for my group have been all about expressing knowledge. We are acknowledging that sometimes actual methods are straightforward and we are comfortable with them, but what can we do with that knowledge? They have looked at the importance of using inversing to check calculations and times table knowledge. The children have been depicting equations dividing and multiplying by 10 and 100 in a variety of ways, they have focussed on the describing rather than the actual final answer and have looked at how the methods in our head can be used to solve a variety of questions.

So Christmas is here, or almost. So that means in these strange times there will be no celebrations, carols, performances, Christmas cheer…Hey wait! This is St Stephens so of course there will!

Over the course of the last nine months or so I have actually watched Mr Schumm waiting for latest DFEE updates just to see what we could physically do at the school, keeping to government guidelines of course. Having as normal a term as possible has definitely been a blessing.

It has been wonderful that despite the fact that Covid is still very much with us, our events are going ahead at a rapid pace. I have seen the wonderful FOSS advertising and preparing for our annual fete, the school halls are just echoing with the sounds of carols and nativity songs from the lower years being practised and we are starting to learn our own song for Carols by Candlelight’ which we will perform the last week of term. Trust me, it is a beautiful event and I am sure those parents who have been before will back me up. I hear those of you with children in lower years will have a chance to see their ‘Nativities’ soon as well, so that is great too.

Whether Christmas is your thing or not, or if you are not fond to the build- up to the season, with all that goes on,  it IS a special time of year. I have been telling the children in assemblies how important Advent is. Yes we are waiting for the celebration of the birth of Jesus when he came the first time, but also those of us who are Christians also believe we are looking forward to the second time he comes. This week churches up and down the country lit their first Advent candle -that of HOPE. I hope we are all feeling that first stirring of hope and joy that can be found at Christmas. Finally our Christmas topic in RE is all about peace at Christmas, it’s message from God, and how Christmas brings us peace …amid all the carnage of course!

As you think about how you will celebrate with loved ones this year I wish you as carnage free a Christmas as possible.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Friday 25th November - And the award goes to....

Dear Parents

It has been a bit parky the last few days don’t you agree? Still I am not complaining. I prefer the cold to rain and hot sun. I have a cricket club on Wednesday mornings and for a sport that is known for stopping in even slightly cold or rainy conditions, it felt a bit odd getting out the wickets and bats in seemingly arctic conditions. Still I had my big coat on and a cup of coffee so all was okay.  Oh dear I am starting to sound like someone at a get together with nothing to say that ends up talking about the weather!

In English we have moved on to a new topic – explanation texts. Although we are using a text that gives a rather fantastical version of how a dishwasher works (think ‘Elves and the Shoemaker’ only with cats instead). The learning is still important and is linked to how to structure a factual non-fiction text.

Last Monday we had a really fun, yet very important, lesson for ‘Relationships and Health’. It was on the importance of personal space, the children’s rights in that regard and not to intrude on others personal space. The children revelled in the initial party atmosphere as we had an exercise that was basically like ‘musical chairs’ and discussed how we felt when our ‘island’ got a little crowded. We then looked at the importance of being able to ensure our space and our body is not infringed upon. Finally we came up with statements for our wall display that made these points clear.

In geography and science respectively we have recently started new topics –  ‘India’ and ‘States of Matter’. India is a fascinating country filled with many types of mountain, long rivers, assorted forests and a LOT of people! So far the children have enjoyed researching types of mountains, terrains and population areas. We will be looking at the rivers next week. On to science,  I do like to bring into the lessons the mention of items such as chocolate and cake (ask the children) usually as an example of a word problem in maths such as ‘child ate 360 doughnuts over a week how many did he/she eat a day?’ Whenever their names are included in a silly problem the children always find it amusing. However when I actually bring real snacks into a lesson their little eyes always light up! In science we observed and investigated how items could change state at room temperature (or when hot in todays lesson) with products such as chocolate, cream and ice on display. Watching them stare at the chocolate chunks on the plate, yet nor being allowed to eat them was in some cases seen as a form of torture…quite amusing to watch from my part. I did let them try a few twiglets at the end of the lesson on Monday and watching the various reactions to the taste of one of my personal favourite products was equally amusing. Oh the little things in life that make my day all the better!

When it is assembly week it is hard to fit all our subjects in (in order to practice) and the children do certainly enjoy the theatrical interludes but it can equally be great to get back to some levels of normalcy. Speaking of assembly …

Our assembly was a great success and I was very proud of your children who were all brilliant! They spoke so clearly and sang so beautifully and their enthusiasm created a wonderful energy. A big pat-on-the-back to those with lots of lines to learn and to those who stepped out of their comfort zone. The costumes were excellent and thank you to all who provided them as well as our wonderful class team of Mrs Cummins, Miss Tami and Miss Lisa. I can get a little carried away when writing the script and always add bits n bobs as I go and I hope you got all the in-jokes, especially the film references! Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it.

Well that is the lot I think for this week. I have decided it will be the new me. Less coffee, healthy walks (try the All Trails app) healthy eating and only a little Netflix. I am all set up to go.

I will start next week!

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 19th November - All Creatures Great and Small

Friday 19th November 2021


Dear Parents

It has been another wet couple of days! Is it just me or has this year’s weather been wetter than normal? I seem to be collecting wet and muddy trainers and walking shoes at my front door. My mop and bucket is also seeing more use than normal, but small problems I suppose. Saying that my Netflix shows or sports podcasts can somewhat distract me a little, but it is good to make you all think I am a domestic champion.

Anyway on with my next dazzling entry. Reminds me of the old James Herriot books (the show ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ are based on these) where each chapter is another incident in the life and times of a Yorkshire vet. How about the life and times of a Shepherds Bush primary school teacher? It has a nice ring don’t you think?

I have put above our blog webpage our Year group bible verse (and stuck it in the inside cover of their h/w book). I would like them to learn it off by heart please. We promote in our school each year group having a spiritual gift and identity. We in year 4 look at TRUST. In RE we are starting to look at our Christmas module. Ours is titled ‘Peace at Christmas’ and we have begun by looking at the difference between internal and external peace. What brings us internal peace? Do we have a special place or activity we love?

In English we finished our work on the story of ‘Gregory Cool’ and on Monday the children wrote their piece on life for Gregory in Tobago. I have begun to mark them and thus far their work has been excellent, putting into action all the learning we have been putting into our English over the last few weeks. In maths my group have been using the skill of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to help them to be able to convert metric measures. We have also learnt how to solve word problems on this topic by picking the key words, numbers and mathematical language out that helps them solve them.

I have been impressed with how hard they have been working on their assembly for this Thursday. We have been talking about keeping it ‘fresh’ (which can be hard after practising it many times) and keep working on putting character and power into their voices. I look forward to sharing our work with you all this Thursday. Thank you to all those who have provided costumes so far ( do not worry if you have not been able to, we will try and work something out). Please can we have the last of any costumes due by this Tuesday at the latest.

I think that is my lot for today. As much as I would love to outline the amazing activity I have planned for the weekend to enrich and inspire my life…I won’t as it involves a walk, a T V show, a pie and probably a bit more mopping!

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 12th November - Remembrance Day

Friday 12th November 2021

Dear Parents,

Firstly thank you for all who came to the parents’ evenings. It was a pleasure talking to you and I would like to reiterate that I have really enjoyed the first term teaching your lovely children. They are a talented, bright and lively that is for sure! It is interesting hearing some of the impressions the children feed back to you after getting to know me. Great titbits have included my coffee habit, my enthusiasm for history (where I have deduced I may talk too much), my drawer that will have the odd kitkat lurking and my sense of humour – or lack of!  It has been fun getting to know your children’s own unique characteristics too.

As well as parents evening we have been doing a little learning too. In our English lessons we have been moving toward wrapping up our topic on life in Tobago. The children have used all sorts of descriptive tools to bring to life their items which have included Tobagon wildlife, houses, beaches and markets and much much more. They have dipped their toes in poetic writing, fact file pieces and finished the week planning a day in the life of ‘Gregory Cool’ in Tobago which we will be completing on Monday. It was fantastic to see how they joined the genres together to learn how to write a ‘story from another culture’– and found new and wonderful ways to describe life in the Caribbean.

We had a simple but really good lesson in Art today as we looked at the work of British artist David Hockney. Looking at pieces on still life poses of people the children worked in small groups sitting in a circle and took turns in both posing to be drawn before sketching themselves.

There are some excellent pictures and a few photos above highlighting what the children were doing.

In other subjects we have continued our topic of ‘How we feel’ in our relationships and health topic. Yesterday the children looked at the difference between being unkind, teasing and bullying. We played out some sketches about pressure situations and where the pressure may come from – not always from the people actually involved and how it may cause uncomfortable situations. We have also been lucky enough to have two drama sessions (last Friday and today) which has also had a focus on how we can deal with relationship situations in the playground. We had great fun in our science lesson too as we looked at the differences between solids and liquids and how materials such as sand, salt and sugar may pour like liquid but are yet are solid.

We had an assembly this week on Remembrance Day and have looked at a few moving videos about why we have such as day – whether we believe in war or not. As a result the children’s reading comprehension homework will be based upon this.

Homework as always is to the right of this screen.

I would also remind parents that next Friday it is individual photo (with siblings) day so all the children must come in dressed smartly and in winter uniform.

Okay I am shattered and a good Viking show is waiting for me at home on Netflix so I will sign off. Have a wonderful weekend.


Kind regards

Mr Perry


November 5th - Remember Remember the....well where do I start?

Friday the 5th November

Dear Parents

Well we are back with a bang! Does anyone else feel as though they never had a holiday?

The children have this week been at using inverse in their calculations to help them to check their calculations and to understand the relationship between the operations. Starting with learning to break down two step addition/subtraction real life problems by recognising the important information (numbers and maths vocabulary ) , they have then learnt to use subtraction to help them check addition problem answers (and vice-versa). Towards the end of the week we moved towards a new subject – that of finding missing sides measurements in rectangles and then working out the shape’s perimeter. As always their Mathletics homework will be based around these subjects and my group are to continue to learn their 8 times tables. Please help your children by practising regularly.

In English we are looking at a book about a boy who goes to his grandparents’ home on the island of Tobago. It is called ‘Gregory Cool’ and the children have identified how and why life in Tobago was different to life in England from food and weather, to terrain and habitat. The children have worked this week on a fact file about Tobago through using research and will moving toward a narrative as though they are Gregory just arrived on the Island.

In our other subjects we have begun new topics in Humanities and Science – India and Changing State respectively. We have had mini assessments on the previous subjects of Electrical Circuits and Anglo Saxons as well. In RE we have a small two week subject (The Beatitudes) before we begin a Christmas module. Our topic this week was the teaching of Jesus at the Sermon of the Mount on the Beatitudes. We broke down what each one meant and then the children ordered them from most to least important – writing about their top three in their books. Next week we will moving on to the children creating their own. They have already come up with some wonderful examples such as ‘ Blessed are those that recycle , because they can protect the planet for themselves and future generations’ and Blessed are those that feed the homeless , because they shall have a reward in Heaven.

We have kept homework fairly light this week with mathletics and spellings, but would encourage you to remind your children to be ongoing in your learning of their spellings, timetables and being engaged in regular reading.

A couple of last points before I let you go. Firstly a reminder that we have our parents week next week. I hope you are all signed up and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you to those who have already organised some costumes for the children’s play. We still have a few weeks but it would be great to start getting the rest in.    

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe one (if you are doing anything with fireworks) and I will see you all next week.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

October 22nd - Red card to racism, D & T day, Black Voices week ...I need a half term!

Dear Parents

With the first half of the term now over, we can all stop and take a breath.  What an eventful week it’s been: Red Card to Racism day , Hispanic Day, Black voices Week, and our DT day.

During Black Voices Week class Bloom have been looking at the life and work of the Green Belt pioneer Wangari Maathai who was from Kenya. The children researched her life using various sources to understand what she did and the reasons behind her mission. We had a visitor from STEM awareness who talked about their work and how they are motivated by the lives of people such as Wangari Maathai.  As a class we read a number of books based on her life with a focus on her work in replanting trees which helped other issues as well such as healing friction between local tribes and helping to create work and fight for the rights of women. We learnt that she faced danger and prison in her work from those more concerned with the financial gains from cutting down the trees.  The children wrapped up the week creating a poster highlighting awareness on the dangers of deforestation and what we could do to help it. She was a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for all her hard work and vision. We found Wangari Maathai to be an inspiration and we learnt much from her.


Yesterday was our half-termly ‘Design and Technology’ day. Sometimes I feel I am the only person in my family that does not have an ounce of savvy with creating things with my hands, but with the guidance of our creative school art leader – Miss Hall – and the wondrous help of Miss Cummins…and Miss Lisa …and Miss Tami…and Mrs Jeffrey….and Miss Tracy we muddled on! I was peppered all day with some helpful and sage advice as well as a hands on approach to helping me…I mean us!

Anyway, as you know, the title of the day was creatively called ‘Puppet Day’. With all the cardboard rolls (I won’t say toilet rolls), and plastic bags in the class it began to look at first like one of my old cub scouts jumble sales. With a design in place along with paint, string, fabric and glue at the ready we got going. To be fair we did not suffer too many pricked fingers or tears (and I promise I stopped crying after the first tearful mishap with a pin) as we turned our resources into movable (kind of) puppets. The children had fun and they did very well. Phew glad that one was over, well at least until autumn 2 term anyway.

Red Card to Racism Day

Although I am so glad to live in such a multicultural society, it saddens me that racism and discrimination still abounds in our society. The children today all wore red in support of the ‘Red C Card to Racism’ movement and we had a lesson on what prejudism is and ways in which it can occur and manifest itself. The children looked at scenarios in everyday life and discussed how to deal with such situations.



Class Assembly

The children all now know their roles and there are a number of thoughts for costumes and it would be great to get your support in dressing your children in the relevant clothes.  Here are my thoughts.

Children who are historical characters should try and come in those era costumes. So ask your children please if they are:

  1. Romans
  2. Ancient Britons
  3. Anglo Saxons
  4. Specific characters such as Grendal (a troll) King Hrothgar or Beowulf.

Narrators can chose one of cultures above, picts or scots or they could come in a suit or dress.

We will do what we can this end but would be great for your support as well.

Homework is on your right of the screen for half term. Please I would ask if you could support me in helping the children be organised in both completing homework as well as not losing it or not packing it into their school bags. We have been getting a few more cases of this lately than normal.

May I finish by saying that I hope you have a great break and I look forward to seeing all the children refreshed after half-term. Pictures of D & T day, Red Card to Racism day and Black Voices Week are above.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

October 15th - Viva la Columbia ...

Dear Parents,

It feels like deja vu but…we are all exhausted after another busy week! In English, the children have continued their work on our novel Varjak Paw and they have been really getting into it. They have been learning how to use interesting vocabulary and finished the week planning a ‘chapter’ of their own for writing early next week. From what I have read, there are great ideas, showing their passion for the book and their knowledge of the characters and I am very much looking forward to reading their final product!

Today is Hispanic day and our class is representing Columba. We had a brief lesson on Columbian geography and culture. The children used their knowledge and growing research skills to prepare a fact file advertising the merits of Columbia, looking for key facts and explaining why it would be an excellent place to visit. They then looked at a cultural skill in braiding and created their own friendship braid or hair weave  as well. Always a challenge for my own skills! Finally the children took part in a flamenco workshop which was great fun – once they got over the fact they had to partner with a member of the opposite sex!

Their art skills have been out in force as well with some excellent portrait work following the style of Andy Warhol. They looked at the iconic Marilyn Monroe picture and used their skills from earlier in the term (on proportion and correct linings of the face) to draw their own Marilyn head and then finished the piece using bright and clear colours. The finished products were fantastic as I am sure you can agree from some of the photos I have uploaded.

I know I am always talking about how ‘busy we are’ but these couple of weeks really do highlight that. Today was Hispanic Day and next week we have D & T day, Red Card to Racism day and Black Voices Week, where as a school we all look at a leading figure in the science community. We are looking at the inspirational figure of Wangani Maathai who was a green pioneer who, amoung many other accomplishments, led a movement to bring back more trees to her home country. I will say more on her next week.

Then we have the little event of our class assembly…eek! Fear not, it is not until mid-November, but I have given them their scripts to start learning. There are always a few tweaks along the way and the children know lines may be added, taken away or changed. Please could you help out a little with costumes I will send a more concrete list out next week by parent mail.

I am also aware parents evening is fast approaching, which I am sure you have received correspondence about from the office so please sign up for a slot.

Homework is to the right as always.

Kind Regards.

Mr Perry

October 8th - Lots Of Learning From Stories

Dear parents,

I think sometimes I should cut and paste for every blog ‘it has been a busy week in St Stephens’ but I must try and be more creative so in on with the blog…it has been a busy week in St Stephens!

We are well into the half-term now and it has been wonderful getting to know your children. They are getting to know me as much as I am getting to know them. Nowadays I am often greeted with comments such as, ‘How many coffee cups have you had today?’ The answer is usually followed by a stern frown. In a similar fashion if they win a small treat for a task such as the best presentation as a group in RHE or the winner of a times table game they really ensure I pay my debt!

I have been enjoying the teaching subjects this term and there has been some great work occurring through the class. In RE we have been looking at stories and tales told by The Buddha in order to put across a theme or a learning point. It struck us how we can learn so much from stories in all religions, even if we are not from that religion (or of no religion at all). For example last week we looked at the story of the sacrifice of the Monkey King to save his people from the King’s greed and today we looked at the story of ‘Prince Siddhartha and the Swan’ which highlighted how important it is to show kindness to others. We realised that Jesus used stories all the time to help put across his teachings as well. Our learning in Buddhism around not giving into greed or that we should show kindness to both animals as well as people around us is something we could all learn from no matter what our religious beliefs are.

In Art we are looking at the portraits and work of the controversial figure of Andy Warhol. Today the children studied the stark spectrum of colours he used and the effects that they had on his work. We look forward to creating our own work in a similar style in his artistic style. We are looking forward to expanding on this in the coming weeks.

It was fantastic yesterday seeing another cornerstone of our school family coming back – that of class assemblies. Today was the turn of Mr Gane’s class, who performed a brilliant assembly on the Ancient Greek Gods – an assembly after my own heart. As a previous Year 6 teacher, it was definitely a topic I loved using and well done to Mr Gane and the class for putting in such a great show, especially as they were the first in a long time. I could also remember (with heart palpitations) the worry about being the first class to go!  On that note I had better go check when our one is.  Oh let the stress and worry begin!

Homework as always is to the right of this entry.

So I will say goodbye now and go get a fun size bag of maltesers to pay my growing debts!


Kind Regards

Mr Perry

October 1st 2021 - It Is Harvest Time... Let Us Feast!

Dear Parents

We’re all exhausted after another busy week! In English we have started looking at our new topic of fictional writing. We have looked at the difference between where we put apostrophes depending on how many items or people we are talking about and have spent time learning how to use a dictionary properly. As part of the topic we have been reading a book ‘Varjak Paw’ which the children have been enjoying immensely. They have been using evidence to predict what will happen next , making excellent comparisons so far with classics such as ‘101 Dalmatians’ and ‘The Lady and the Tramp’. This was a book we looked at last year and then had read together as a class, because we enjoyed the book so much. It was wonderful to see it ignited so much interest that three children them proceeded to take it out from the library in the afternoon. Happy reading guys!

In Maths, the children in my group have been consolidating their knowledge on place value looking at counting ahead in 1000s and 25s and spotting patterns within the numbers. The latter part of the week has included work on negative numbers to complete over the week. We rounded off the week by doing a little assessment to show off our knowledge of Place Value.

Other subjects have included continuing our topic of electricity in science, where the children have looked at the difference between objects that use mains electricity and those that have batteries. We have looked at the dangers and the absolute ‘no nos’ of behaviour around electrical power sources. I am sure many of you parents are of an age as me, and It was interesting recalling and explaining to the children the computer suites from school with the green screens (and no pictures), the first proper home PCs followed by briefcase sized laptops. Boy am I old! I always get worried when we start our computer lessons that they know more than me. I think they secretly think I was born in the same era as Oliver Twist. They may have a point!

Our Harvest Festival went well and it was wonderful to see us all together again in such a fashion. As I said in the service it is amazing (and a shame) that the last time we all came together for a Christian feast day like that was Christmas 2019! I think we can all agree a lot has happened in the two preceding years. Thank you for so many of you coming and of course for all the Harvest donations that are quite simply stacked in Mr Schumm’s office. I think the tears came to my eyes when we all sang ‘ I Give Thanks’. Just watching all the teachers, children and parents getting stuck into the actions as well as singing their hearts out was simply heart-warming. One teacher said they felt the hairs rise up on the backs of their arms and I have to agree with them. It was special indeed.

Speaking of special …A massive thank you to all the parents who came to the family supper – one of my favourite St Stephen’s events. I think I got to say hello to most of you and if not …well hello! Delicious food – I could not pass without taking at least one more falafel!  It was wonderful to celebrate all together and to have it on the same day as the Harvest Festival was a bonus! Just like the ‘old days’. Thank God for the harvest and then have a feast afterwards! Thank you so much for all the wonderful food brought to the event! Your children MAY have been on a sugar high running around but I was too busy stuffing my face to notice. A wonderful event all around thank you.

Homework as always is in the right of this entry. I have put a poem from our class poet the children need to learn off by heart over the next few weeks. Instead of comprehension this week I have also asked the children to create a poster in their homework books on safety around electricity – our science topic. There will be the usual spellings and mathletics as well.

Have a wonderful weekend and kind regards.

Mr Perry

Friday 24th September - Its almost Family Supper time ...Bring on the sugar! r

Dear Parents,

Is it raining? Is it sunny? It does seem a bit of a lottery these days. I honestly am never sure what to wear in the mornings. Jacket? Fleece? Jumper? As I have said it is a bit of a lucky dip!

It is the end of another busy week at St Stephen’s. In Maths my group has been focusing on recognising the value numbers, placing them on number lines and we continued to look at solving problems around greater and lesser symbols. We will be moving from next week on to the seven times tables so want to consolidate the six times tables. As we discuss in class the old motto ‘practice makes perfect’ this is no truer than with times tables and the children should practice for ten minutes a day. We have mathletics homework based upon our work in class today.

We have been loving our humanities topic of the Anglo Saxons. The children have been researching, illustrating and writing up theories on Anglo Saxon life and practices. There have been some fantastic examples of work. When discussing the warriors as tall, red haired and bearded I swear I caught a few of the children looking in my direction- or maybe I am just being paranoid! I do know though that my Dad is convinced we are descended from Vikings so perhaps that is not far off the truth. Seriously though I have really enjoyed teaching about the Anglo –Saxons, Scots and Picts and not just because of my own personal love of history. The children are learning how integral many of these ‘invading’ cultures have been to the ultimate development of our own country, with not a few challenges along the way. We have looked at how despite being imposed upon us, these historical cultures including the Romans, Saxons and a future topic for Year 4 – The Normans – leave a massive legacy on our language, government and architecture. Our reading comprehension is based on a relatively recent discovery of Anglo – Saxon history, the burial site of Sutton Hoo.

Speaking of fantastic …we have finished our topic this week on the Iron Man. I have been so impressed with the quality of the persuasive letters produced in the class. The children have given solid and powerful reasons for keeping him imprisoned (or releasing him) with all the features of the framework of persuasive writing included. I am really starting to realise how much potential they have.

The children have been blessed yet again with lots of fun experiences. This week as well as continuing our weekly chess workshops they also took advantage of the Year 6 absence by having an extra PE lesson. I have challenged them to a chess match and to pick a champion for a game with me Christmas week. Winner means the whole class gets chocolate. Oh and before you ask, yes I am prepared to beat an 8 year old at chess J I have a reputation to uphold. Fear not though they have been working hard at their other subjects as well.

Harvest Festival  – Thursday 30th September 9.00 AM


As I mentioned last week, It is wonderful that we are getting back to some semblance of normality at St Stephens and that we can all meet together to celebrate our church festivals. On that note, you are all invited next Thursday morning at 9pm (September the 30th) to our Harvest Festival where we come together to thank God for our harvest. This will be held in St Stephens Church. Every year we collect non-perishable goods to go towards feeding those in need at a local charity. Like last year, proceeds will go to the ‘Upper Room’. You would have all received a parentmail with the list of appropriate goods. We look forward to seeing you there.

Family  Supper – Thursday 30th September PM

With all the wonderful events that FOSS put on, I know this one is always one of the favourites and it was such as shame that we could not put it on last year. The children love it because –as one child stated- we can run around in the dark! I am just thankful we pass over all responsibility to you at 3.30pm J . I mean what is not to love about children who have been stuffing their faces with doughnuts, cakes and other puddings (and of course a few savouries too) running around the playground on a sugar high! Seriously though it is a wonderful evening and I am always one of the first in line with my plate to sample the wonderful variety of food that is brought to the supper. It is a simple event – yet one that really shows our community spirit.


I am going to go home and try and procrastinate about the list of jobs I have to do. Maybe I should stay and do a bit more marking!

Kind regards

Alex Perry

Friday 16th September - Bring home the Harvest !

Dear Parents

It has been a busy week in Year 4. We have all been getting used to our daily routines and systems and the children have been adapting well. Well done to all for settling in and getting stuck into life as a Year 4 child. I have been getting used to them, but equally they have been getting used to me so probably equally challenging 😉

My group in maths this week have continued working on place value and we have been looking at organising numbers in order and breaking them down into 1000’s, 100’s 10’s, 1’s. We have been working hard on being able to reflect these numbers in different ways as well as continuing our work on rounding to the nearest 100 and 1000.  Homework on matheletics will reflect their learning. In English we are looking at developing our sentence structure using expanded noun phrases, checking our punctuation and reminding ourselves of correct homophone spellings. We had our weekly spelling test today. The children have been enjoying ‘magpying’ new words as they put across valid arguments for keeping or releasing a character from a book – The Iron Giant.

In Science we have been begun looking at electricity and the concept of human and natural made energy. Circuits are always a fun topic and the children have begun to learn about the components and parts of a working circuit as well as really enjoying the practical element of why they might work (or not). Getting a circuit working for them certainly made their faces light up…excuse the pun!

We have had a real focus on our school goals this week, looking at our Year group special word ‘TRUST’ as well as our school vision. I led an assembly this week with a focus on our vision and the words it contains – Joy , Excellence, Respect, Responsibilty and Nurture. Have a look at our vision which is on the school website.

It is wonderful that we are more or less back to normal with our very busy school calendar.  Normally it is around this time we have the family supper, Harvest Festival and the children in Year 6 head off to PGL and it is amazing that all these events are going ahead. There will be more updates for the Family Supper on the 30th September and the Harvest Festival next week and we wish the Year 6 well as they set off for PGL on Monday.

Homework this week will be the usual spellings and online mathletics.

Have a great weekend and kind regards.

Mr Perry

Friday 10th September 2021 - There is democracy in the house!

Dear Parents

Did we have a summer holiday? When was it? It seems so far away…cue a bit of whinging and sobbing in a corner…followed by a large glass of wine!

This past week or so (and over the coming half term)  I am getting to know the children’s learning habits through classroom activities, informal assessments and looking at their gaps, particularly in light of such a fractured year during covid, although thankfully we had very active google classrooms last year to help us.  These do not count in any way in a formal manner, but purely as a way of helping them recall learning and for me to look at how I can support them better. Don’t be alarmed if your child moves onto different class working groups and there may be movement in the maths classes in the coming weeks as Mrs Jeffrey and I get to know the children.

We have started our maths and English topics in earnest. In maths, my group have looked at face value, understanding the value of parts of four digit numbers and what happens to them when we add to or subtract from those numbers. We also joined history and maths together by having a lesson today on Roman numerals, they really enjoyed it and it was fun trying to get the right sequences together accurately. Timetables are a massive push this year and the children know this also requires regular practice at home. We are working in my group on consolidating times tables up to 5.  There will be an informal test next week. Our homework for maths this week reflects all these points.

Their mathletics log ins are stuck on the inside covers of their homework books. 

Schools are fortunate to have received funding from the government this year to support children to catch up on missed learning caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). Miss Williams, as our KS2 Specialist Catch-up teacher, will be working with a number of children from Year 4 who need additional support in their Maths and English learning. These sessions will take place on a weekly basis as on-to-one sessions and in small groups. More details on this will follow later on in the term.​

Homework – Please see opposite for the homework which will be spelling, comprehension and maths.

In RE we have begun our topic of Buddhism as well as begun looking at our class spiritual word –Trust. Next week the children will write prayers and created a poster with their bible verse in their RE books based on their idea of Trust in each other, close family and most importantly – God. We also have started our worldwide religious topic on understanding what Buddhism is and where it started , by looking at the story of Prince Siddhartha – who of course went on to later become The Buddha.

We held class elections for school council this week and the children voted for who would take on that role. Well done to all those who went for it, as well as the two children nominated as our prayer group representatives.

Speaking of elections we also saw the speeches and presentations prepared by the Year 6s and voted for the house captains. As a prior Year 6 teacher I know how important these elections are and told my class just how the confidence of many house captains have risen as a result of being elected, the amazing fund raising they have been a part of and the pivotal role they have in school daily life. The children took the responsibility of voting very seriously and I am sure they have made excellent choices.

So all in all it has been a very democratic week in class…although I still have my dictator moments J .

Just to round off I would like to say your children are certainly a group full of character and energy. I see myself having a long bath before sinking into my couch every Friday when the week ends with a glass of wine and a box set on Netflix as I try to recover J . Seriously they are wonderful children and I am having great fun teaching them.   They are a credit to you!


Kind regards

Mr Perry

Friday September the 3rd..... And we are back... When is half term?

Welcome to Year 4 Bloom!

I hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready to start the new school year. I always loved teaching Year 4 (I taught Year 4s for five years before going to year 6) and they are at a lovely age in their development and also they begin to get my humor (or lack of) J  as well. It is fantastic once again to meet new families, siblings of old students and to welcome our new addition – who has fit in wonderfully. We are all in this together as we start our year 4. I look forward to getting to know your children (and you of course) in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Mrs Cummins has been wonderfully helpful over the last few days and we thank her. She has over twenty years’ experience as a TA and is a welcome member of the Year 4 team. As I am sure you are aware – Miss Tracy will be working next door with Mrs Jeffrey. We also have the wonderful Miss Tamy and Miss Lisa in our class as well (who you of course know) and I know they will be brilliant.

The Children have been letting me know all about themselves by creating a coat of arms that represent them and have included with them topics such as family, interests and talents. They have learnt a bit more about me and my interests, hobbies and expectations. I look forward to hearing more about their own summer and what they love to do in their play time. In light of the times we live in, we have also discussed what would be the same and what would be different in school from last year’s restriction and we are thankful we can bring back being together as a school family through assemblies, playtimes and looking at being back on track with school trips and sports events – roll on Woodrow House! The children have been listening and following the rules sensibly.

Our timetable will look similar to previous Year 4 timetables and the new timetable will be published on this blog (see to your right). In Maths – Year 4 will be split into two groups.  I will be teaching the more independent group (Mrs Kelly’s last year) and Mrs Jeffrey will be teaching the other group (Mr Faiths) supported by additional adults. Although the groups will start the same, there may be changes based on Mrs Jeffrey and I’s judgment. We will want to support your children as best as possible. As per my parent mail yesterday for this half term only we will have on Mondays (Gymnastics), Tuesdays (Cricket) and Wednesdays (PE – Kick London). The children should come into school in their PE clothes which they will keep on for the rest of the day, as before I would want the children to have full school uniforms on Thursday and Friday. Having cricket is a wonderful bonus the children have once a year for half a term, this term being our turn. The weather looks warm next week but make sure your child has long track suit trousers/joggers and a school cardigan or jumper for the cooler days ahead.

Reading books will not be issued this week but will go out every Monday and should be returned by Friday when they will be changed, these books should be read with an adult and recorded in their reading log books. We will also have a school library slot on a Thursday where the children make a more personal choice.  Children will visit the school library every 2 weeks for 30 minute.  Homework will be issued every Friday and should be returned by Tuesday. Mathletics tasks are part of the weekly homework and should be completed weekly.

I am looking to meeting you all properly but at the moment, all adults are encouraged to leave the school site as soon as you have picked up your children. Please do email me with any questions.  If you would like to discuss anything in detail – we can arrange a face-to-face meeting or a Zoom call.


Please see to the right where we have the spellings for this week. We will not start reading comprehension and mathletics until next week.


My email is


Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 8th July 2022

NO HOMEWORK …  unless you are still behind on mathletics in which case HOMEWORK! 


Happy almost holidays!

Friday July 1st 2022


Please include within your sentences your personal targets including using better vocab (not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ), all capitals and commas used correctly, and try and use other punctuation such as brackets.

The words are based upon previous words in our topical subjects.

Week 4 – mixture punctuation


Mathletics homework will be based around our maths topics these past few weeks such as statistics and identifying angles.

Friday 23rd June


Let us keep working on our punctuation and grammar as we write our sentences. We are noticing a few individuals not taking as much care when they hand their homework in. Please – as well as obviously learning the words- ensure you keep working to improve handwriting, spellings and punctuation.

Week 3 23.6.22 Mixture & handwriting

Reading Comprehension  

As we have been looking at the miracles of Jesus in RE, this comprehsnion is based on the first miracle we looked at – The Feeding of the 5000.

Week 3 Jesus & Miracles comprehension


Tasks again will be chosen by your teacher based on class learning this week and problem solving tasks.


Friday 17th June

Homework this week is


Week 2 17.6.22 Mixture simple past past progressive



As always the teachers have chosen problem solving tasks or tasks related to this weeks learning.

Friday 10th June

Reading Comprehension 

As we had a wonderful day today looking at The Notting Hill Carnaival and having a fantastic mask parade I thought we would base our comprehension around this and it’s founder Claudia Jones.

Notting hill carnival comprehension



We have chosen a bit of an assortment today. We are looking at adventure stories and so we have words linked to that topic . As well as that we have chosen some spelling words that we have noticed a number of children are regularly getting wrong.

Week 1 – English story word


As we are moving next week to a new topic – of graphs – and circumstances this week has meant we have not had as many maths lessons as normal , we have put some problem solving tasks from previous topics on Mathletics to solve.

We are only a week or so away from completing our times table test. Please keep working on them at home. I have seen some massive improvements from some children so well done.

Friday 27th May 2022


Please complete tasks and write in full sentences in your books. What writing skills can you include?

Week 6 summer topic words


A variety of quests and tasks on the subject of time have been set for you.

Times tables. 

Remember we are just a few weeks away from our assessment for times tables. Keep practising to be more confident on them.

Homework - Friday 13th May

Diary Entry 

Something slightly different this week. In your homework books I want you to write a recount or diary entry about your day at the zoo today. I want your to write at least three paragraphs highlighting your favourite parts of the trip, the animals you enjoyed seeing the most and something you have learnt.


Please complete in neat sentences and using conjunctions.

Week 4 13.5.22 homophones adjectives and fronted adverbials


I have set for my maths class some ‘quests’ based on decimals that we have been looking at. Mrs Jeffrey has set for her class task based upon the class learning as well.

Please continue to work at your times tables. It is not long now until our little assessment so it is important that you feel confident in them.

April 29th 2022 - Homework


Pay special attention to the instructions on your sheet. Challenge yourself and use any words you are not sure of either the meaning or the context in which it should be used.

Week 2 29.4.22 NC simple and compound sentences



Your tasks will be based around our work in class on decimals.

please continue to work on your times tables.

Friday 22nd April 2022- Welcome Back is your homework.

Remember we only give homework because we care! 


Pay special attention to the instructions on your sheet. Challenge yourself and use any words you are not sure of either the meaning or the context in which it should be used.

Week 1 – 22.4.22 Common Exception Words

Reading Comprehension 

This is a slightly harder one than normal and requires more detailed answers in your books.

It is a poem called ‘Dragons fly out of the sun’.

Dragon-Fly-Out-in-the-Sun Ap



Your tasks will be based around our work in class on decimals.

please continue to work on your times tables.


Friday 1st April ....

NO HOMEWORK ….Happy Easter to you all!

Friday 24th March 2022- Homework


Please read prior comments from marking and make the corrections needed from previous weeks.  Our spellings this week are linked to our English book of Charlie Small. Please follow instructions on the sheet in the formation of your sentences and your paragraph.

Week 5 Charlie Small topic words Spellings


Reading Comprehension 

We have been looking at The Last Supper this week in both RE and Art. Our particular focus has been Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. This comprehension  is based on the events of Holy Week that led to that painting and the origins of Holy Communion.

Last supper Reading Comprehension


Please complete the fraction based homework we have put on the program based on our class learning.

Continue to practice your times tables to ensure you are confident in them.

Friday 18th March 2022 - Homework


Children should follow instructions on the sheet regarding sentence structure focus and handwriting.

Week 4 18.03.22 Double consonents AP



Has a focus this week on fractions and on adding and subtracting fractions with a common denominator. Please complete the tasks set.

Continue to work on your understanding and recalling of times tables.


Friday 11th March 2022 - Homework


Your spelling sentences should reflect our grammar focus in English. These are scientific words that need to be included within complex sentences and relative clauses.

Week 3 11.3.22 Science topic words ap


Reading Comprehension 

Our Comprehension this week is linked to our science topic off living things and their habitats and so is looking at rainforests. Please answer the questions thoroughly and clearly.

Rainforest Comprehension 11-03-22


You have tasks set around our maths learning from class and our topic of Fractions.

Keep working on embedding your times table learning as well.

Friday 4th March 2022 - Homework


As discussed in class , please write full and detailed sentences. Use this oppurtunity to practice your handwriting and check your sentence structure and punctuation.

Instructions for the actual sentence content are on the sheet.

Week 2 04.3.21 ation words AP


We have put a mixture of both tasks and skills quests on Mathletics. Please ensure you have completed them by Tuesday.

keep practising those timetables up to 12 . They will help you in future maths topics.

Friday February 25th - Homework


We have had a big focus generally in Year 4 in being able to use technical words , especially when looking at writing in our non-fiction topics in Science , Humanities, RE and English.

Please write sentences linked to our chocolate topic in English and showing you can use (and of course spell) these words which will help as we move toward our end of unit writing piece.

Week 1 Topic words choc and handwriting focus


Please complete the comprehension on the history of chocolate.

History of Chocolate PDF week 1 homework


We are having a push this term on being organised in completing our mathletics work. Both Mrs Jeffrey and I will be monitoring this. We have put tasks on this week related to our learning in class. These include fractions, area and number problem solving.

Times tables 

Both classes should be continuing to gain strength and confidence in times tables up to 12.

Feb Half term Spelling Homework


Week 6 CEW words AP



Complete all outstanding Mathletics tasks (there are no new tasks added ) and practice Times Tables

Friday 4th February 2022


‘ation’ words . Please complete sentences in your book and spelling test will be on Tuesday this week due to our trip.

Week 5 04.02.22 ation words Ap


There have been tasks set on your Mathletics program.

Reading  Comprehension 

Please complete in your homework books.

Chinese New Year comprehension

Homework 28th January 2022


Miss Rachel has again given a small task for the children to practice on their recorders at home. Here are some links to help them.

VMM Recorder Song 6 The Boat Song – Bing video

VMM Recorder Song 7: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Bing video

Learn the rules for this suffix by watching the video


The grammar focus is on the spelling sheet attached below

Week 4 – ic suffix

Maths – Both groups continue to practice times tables up to 12
Mr Perry’s Group
You should complete the mathletics assigned that help recall your knowledge from a subject before Christmas – Long addition and Long subtraction.

As a one off we have included a link in the homework section of the class blogs of some questions to help you to practice our work this week on short division. That is 3 numbers divided by 1 with no remainders. Please complete in your homework books.

Here is the work

Homework Short Division AP

21st January 2022


We are working on our handwriting at the moment, so please make sure you are using your neatest writing for the sentences. Try and use at least three new and powerful words as well.

Week 3 22.1.22 al suffix


Reading Comprehension 

Today’s comprehension will be based on our history topic of the Battle of Hastings.

Battle of Hastings Reading Comp Homework



I have noticed a few people falling behind. Please ensure you complete the tasks set for you by your maths teacher.

We should all be moving toward being confident with our times tables. So please keep working on them as you go.


Miss Rachel has sent home your recorders and has asked that you practice this piece at home.


Homework Friday 14th January 2022


It is important to keep reading and hopefully you have or will develop a love of reading as I do. Just having that 20 minutes to sit down with a coffee, maybe something naughty like a pastry and my book (usually history based) is one of my joys in life.

In you homework book,  I want you to tell me what you like reading and in what setting you love to read.


Here are this weeks spellings. Which are common exception words. Try and include our topical words as well from last week in your sentences.

Week 2 12.03.21 CEW AP



Keep working on your times tables up to 12 and your teachers will have assigned tasks in Mathletics.



Write each of your spellings four times in your book and then write at least five sentences. Could you fit two or three words in a paragraph as well?

Week 6 10.12.21 ation suffix AP

Grammar Focus

Sentences should always be words you are not sure off. Remember taking a risk with your sentences is a positive and should be recommended. Include in your sentences expanded noun phrases. Can you use a comma in any of your sentences?



This week’s homework is based on our poetry work and you have a set of questions on one of our poems of the week – The Magic Box

Using the style of the poem could you list five items that you would like in the box.

The-Magic-Box-poem-and-comprehension-questions homework

Arithmetic and times tables

Mr Perry’s group – The mathletics for my group are tasks are based around short multiplication in the written (column method)

You should now be  working on getting confident on all times tables up to 12


Mrs Jeffrey’s group –  Will be revising their three and four times tables .

There are children falling behind in both groups with their mathletics. Please ensure that you are all caught up by the time we break up for Christmas.  

Friday 3rd December


Try and use the words you are not sure of and take a risk with your sentences.

Week 5 03.12.21 prefix sub inter and revision prefixes AP


Mathletics and Times Tables 

Your maths teachers will put the tasks on mathletics based on class learning .

Mr Perry’s maths class will be focusing on times table tasks and corresponding division facts.

Design a Santa Sleigh 

A reminder please that this is not optional homework, but hopefully you will enjoy it. Please find attached a sheet to help you design a new gadget filled sleigh for Santa. It should be clearly labelled and stand out and your gadgets described in the side column of the sheet.

Design a santa sleigh sheet 1

Friday 25th November - Homework


This weeks spellings will be ‘ous’ words. Please see sheet for instructions. Yes we are aware that these spellings were given a few weeks ago, but as I felt a lot of children did not actually learn them ( and admitted so ) I would set them again.

Week 4 25.11.21 ous words AP 1



There will be questions linked to the children’s learning in their maths groups. Children are to also focus on times tables and corresponding division facts.


As Advent Sunday in nearly here our comprehension will be based upon this subject.

Advent comprehension

Special Task 

I have outlined a few more details on the spelling sheet but due to the success of the play this week, I have asked the children to design a poster advertising it as though it were a show in the West End.


Friday 19th November Homework

No comprehension this week but see spelling sheet about a small thinking task in preparation for our new English topic. 


This week we will be learning prefix words that begin with im, il and in. Try to use words and vocab from our science (State of Matter) geography (India ) and RE (Peace at Christmas and Beatitudes) topics within your sentences.

Week 3 19.11.21 il im ir prefixes


Please ensure you continue to stay up to date.

There are three new ones on the system for Mrs Jeffrey and four more for my group.


Class Assembly 

You are doing really well and this time next week we can all breathe a sigh of relief!

Please remember to keep it fresh and get that character in your lines for the play.

If able do not forget your costumes so we can help those without.

Bible Verse 

Isaiah 26 vs 4

Trust In The Lord Forever, For The Lord. The Lord Himself Is The Rock Eternal.

Please could the children learn their class bible verse off by heart.

November 11th - Homework


This week we will be learning more common exception words.

Please write sentences in your best handwriting and try and use words from our Tobago topic in English.

Week 2 11.11.21 more common exception words


Please ensure you are all up to date as some children are falling behind.

There are three new ones on the site.

Week 2 04.12.20 il im in

Reading Comprehension 

This weeks comprehension is based around Remembrance Sunday and why we reflect on it.

Remembrance day comp week 2

Class Assembly 

The children have their scripts and are learning their lines well. Costumes are also beginning to come in.  The children are doing well practising the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’. So keep it up!

November 5th Homework


This week we will be learning ‘ssion’ words. We often misspell words with double consonants so be careful.

Please write sentences using expanded noun phrases.

Week 1 05.11.21 ssion words



Please ensure you are all up to date as some children are still behind from half term.

There are three new ones on the site.



Class Assembly 

The children have their scripts and are learning their lines well. Costumes are also beginning to come in.  The children are doing well practising the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’. So keep it up!

Homework 22nd October 2021- Yay half - term



This week we will be learning ‘ous’ words. Some of them can be tricky so pay special attention.

Your spelling sentences  should be in your best handwriting using the skills we have learnt this week.

Week 9 22.10.21 ous words with AP


Please ensure you are all up to date for the return after half -term.


Reading Comprehension

In light of our work this week in Black Voices Week. I have chosen another scientist ‘Mary Reynard Daly’ in which to base our reading comprehension homework on.

Black Voices Comprehension


Class Assembly 

The children have their scripts and should be learning their lines. I have also made reference to costumes in the blog. The children should also be practising the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Homework Friday 15th October 2021


Some of you are starting to fall behind on Mathletics. Please ensure you are up to date by this Wednesday.


Please practice your times tables and set by your teacher. My maths class you should be confident in your tables up to 7 by half term. Mrs Jeffrey’s are working on tables up to 6.


Please find attached your spellings. Remember to practice every day and not just when you write your sentences.

Week 8 15.10.21 cian words AP

Black Voices Week 

Please see spelling sheet for a task for Black Voices Week


D & T Day 

Please can you bring cardboard rolls in for our D & T day on Wednesday as we are making 3D Puppets



Homework 8th October 2021


This week we will be learning ‘gue’ words. Some of them can be tricky so pay special attention.

Your spelling sentences  should be in your best handwriting using the skills we have learnt this week.

Week 7 – gue words – handwriting focus


My group has slightly more to complete this week. As well as the usual four srands I set, there is also an end of unit (for place value) mini test so you have five strands. I will set more calculation work next Friday for addition and subtraction.


Reading Comprehension

Our current reading book in English is Varjak Paw and we have been focusing on the early chapters where Varjak is living at the Contessa’s house with his family. So I thought that this weeks homework shall be all about the care of cats.

Cat Care Comprehension Week 7


Here again is the poem the children should be learning by heart for the first week back after Half Term so they still have around three full weeks.

This is a popular and famous children’s’ poem by our author Valerie Bloom called ‘The River’.

The RiverPoem by Valerie Bloom

Homework October 1st 2021


An English target for KS2 children is to be able to learn poem off by heart. I am going to put the poem up here and we will go through it once a week in class but I would like the children to try and learn it by heart for the first week back after Half Term so they have around three full weeks.

This is a popular and famous children’s’ poem by our author Valerie Bloom called ‘The River’.

The RiverPoem by Valerie Bloom


No comprehension this week, but to help reinforce (and show ) your learning in our science topic of electricity I would like you to design a poster about staying safe around electricity. Use the words we have learnt too such as insulator and conductor.

Please complete in your homework book.


Please find attached our weekly spellings which are based around the prefixes of auto and anti. Your sentences should include our grammar focus of using possessive apostrophes.

week 5 prefixes Anti. Auto and possessive apostrophes AP


Homework again is based on our class learning as we wrap up our topic of Place Value and continue to consolidate our learning around our times tables. My class is focusing now on the 7 times tables and Mrs Jeffrey’s class is working on using the three times table to help learn the 6 times table.

September 24th Homework

Reading Comprehension 

As we have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons in history around the discovery of the burial ship at Sutton Hoo, I thought we would include a reading comprehension based upon the topic. Please answer neatly and in full sentences in your homework book.

Sutton Hoo Reading Comprehension hw 24th Sep


Remember practice makes perfect…or at least it helps! Please remember to practice them at least 10 minutes a day to help them to stay in. Ensure your sentences are clear and neat in your book please. We are looking this week at spellings with the letters ‘sc’ in them. We are also focusing on expanded noun phrases so please ensure that you include them in your sentences.

Week 4 24.9.21 sc words and expanded noun phrases


My group are concentrating on the 6 x tables and Mrs Jeffrey’s group are consolidating the 3 times tables. Like the spellings, please keep practising to ensure that they go in.

We have also set work on Mathletics based on our work in class this week.


September 16th 2021


As discussed in class, I am aware for many of us we look at the spellings when writing our sentences and then forget about them. Please remember to practice them at least 10 minutes a day to help them to stay in.

Week 3 17.9.21 im in il ir


Mathletics this week will be based upon the groups class learning.


Homework September 10th 2021


This weeks spellings are homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. These are common words we use so you need to learn to remember the difference.

The sentences should be clear and neat and put in a way that is linked to our current English topic (persuasive writing) .

See the sheet for details.

Week 2 10.9.21 Homophones 2 persuasive features

Reading Comprehension

Please see the attached sheet about a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Please answer the questions clearly and neatly in your homework books.

Comprehension 10.9.21



Both classes have a focus with our times tables (see spelling sheet ) . My maths class are learning the 4 times tables and Mrs Jeffreys are practicing the 2, 3, 5, 10 .


Both classes have had mathletics tasks set based on class lessons including converting Roman Numerals to 100 and rounding off to nearest 10.

Their log ins are stuck on the inside covers of their homework books.  

Timetable and Curriculum Plan

Please see below our curriculum map and timetable.

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Here are the topics we will cover for our foundation subjects. They are subject to shuffling as we move through the year, but these topics are what will be taught. Below the curriculum map are the themes we cover for ‘Relationships and Health Education’ ( RHE).

Curriculum Map 2020-2021

RHE Curriculum Map

Here is our timetable for the Autumn 1 term. As discussed, Cricket will be on Tuesday for this half term only and then gymnastics will be switched from Monday to Tuesday after half term.

Timetable Y4 Bloom Autumn


Here are this weeks spellings . Please write 10 sentences using your best handwriting. You have been told your groups starting out this year and they are written in the first page of the homework book.

Week 1 3.9.21 adjectives AP