Stars, Citizens and House points!

Well done to the following children who were chosen to be Stars of the Week by their teachers (some omitted as classes on residential trips or not present at this mornings assembly):

Reception Milne: Theodora and Izhar

Reception Rosetti: Lizzie, George and Rufus

Year One Donaldson: Mercy and Lottie

Year One McNaughton: Zara and Eulalie

Year 2 Hoberman: Izunna and the whole class!

Year 2 Ahlberg: The whole class!

Year 3 Lear: Hal and Nathan

Year 5 Silverstein: Jude and Rohan

Year 6 Stevenson: Favour and Sadmaan.

Year 6 Ayers: Calvin, Ryan and Shaniya.


Citizen of the Week

Well done to Ben, Arlo and Clemmie for being chosen by other children as this week’s citizens.


House Points.

Well done to Aylward who earned the most house points this week with a staggering 3954 house points!