Sports Day Fun!

On your marks, get set, go! The fantastic St Stephen’s Sports Day was able to go ahead this year and despite not being able to have a crowd supporting the children, the day (organised by Alastair and Clare) was excellent. The morning started off with the classic Mr Schumm warm-up of dancing and stretching followed by the main events: 100m sprint, hurdles, javelin and long-jump. We had pupils sprinting like they had never sprinted before, throwing as far as they could, jumping through the air over hurdles and flying into the sandpit after a successful long-jump. It was a great day. While Wesley were the overall winners, the pupils did excellently – the results between all four houses were very close!

A quick break for lunch energised the children (and teachers!) for the longer running races held in the afternoon. We started off with the Y2 200m followed by 300m for Y3, 400m for Y4 and 600m for Y5/6. Everyone was so impressed with how the children ran – we definitely have some future Usain Bolts and Dina Asher-Smiths on our hands! As well as performing well, the children also demonstrated excellent team spirit and resilience, all teachers were very impressed. To finish off a fantastic day, we held a teacher’s sprint. Miss Ceri, Miss Veronica, Miss Charrington, Mr McInroy, Miss Hall, Miss Marchant, Miss Mahon, Miss Lisa and Mrs Walsh all lined up, butterflies in their stomachs. It was a close race but Mr McInroy pipped everyone to the post and sailed over the finish line in gold position.