Science outing to Queens Gate School

Yesterday, students from Year 5 & 6 were kindly invited by Queens Gate Junior School to participate in a special Science afternoon where they were lucky enough to go inside the Wonder Dome planetarium flying through the Milky Way looking closely at the planets. This was followed by an inter-schools quiz in the school science lab and a building challenge using nothing but marshmallows and spaghetti. We are happy to report that St Stephens came first place amongst some tough competition and were awarded certificates and a brand new Space book for our library. A huge thank you to all at Queens Gate for inviting us and making us all so welcome.

My favourite bit was when we went into the planetarium and I saw lots of constellations. I also really liked the quiz as it kept you on your feet. Philip (Y6)
It was an unexpected experience and I really enjoyed it. I think our co-operation was really powerful and I think that led us to victory. Oscar (Y6)
The planetarium was astronomical and the quiz was my favourite. I learnt loads of amazing new facts. Blake (Y5)
My favourite bit was the planetarium as I learnt a lot about stars and constellations. I loved making (and eating) the spaghetti pyramid! (Giselle, Y6)
My favourite activity was the quiz as we had very strong members on our team and we carried out a fun task. (Sophia, Y6)