Science Enrichment Day at St Paul’s Girls’ School

An enriching Science day indeed for students from Years 4 & 5 who were lucky enough to be invited to St Paul’s Girls’ School yesterday along with students from local primary schools.

First, the students carried out experiments including fruity batteries – making circuits using lemons as batteries – to attempt to power an LED light measuring which conductors worked best. Next, they observed plant cells under microscopes including onion slices and pondweed (see Carter’s beautiful drawing).

After taking off their goggles the students were entertained and educated with magical science demonstrations including chemiluminescence – pouring reactants into spiral tubing and watching it glow and flame tests – spraying solutions of different ions onto flames producing different colours (including Calcium shown here).

We were then treated to a Michelin-starred worthy lunch! Thanks to all the staff and students of St Paul’s who looked after us all and made us feel so welcome.

E – “I really liked looking under the microscope. I didn’t expect the cells to look like that.”
M – “I loved having the opportunity to try out so many different experiments especially how chemicals affect each other.”
P – “I was surprised by all the different reactions just from such innocent looking liquids.”
T – “Science is behind EVERYTHING!”
C – “After today I feel like a proper scientist.”