Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses

Four of our most able mathematicians from Y5 took part in the Royal Institution’s Primary Mathematics Masterclasses programme on Saturday mornings this term. Running over six weeks, the children met professors and doctors of maths from specialist fields who inspired them with talks and hands on investigations in areas of maths that included: Exploring the secret world of codes and codebreaking; The Magic of Mathematics; Maths, Pattern and Art; Hexagons;  Anamorphic Art; Magic Squares and more!


“Getting up for school on Saturday and going to the Royal Institution was really enjoyable, and I learned so much. I especially loved trying to crack codes as well as learning about hexagons. Some things were a bit challenging and I think I need to go over them – I found it very intriguing and a lot of fun.”



“Attending the Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses, I gained a very deep education considering how much learning we did.  It was so fun and made me enjoy maths more than ever before. My favourite lesson was learning about hexagons. Overall it was a good way to spend my Saturday.” 


“We covered many topics including code breaking, when we decoded the same message sent to Queen Mary from Anthony Babington about the plot to kill Queen Elizabeth I. I learned lots of things that I wouldn’t have been able to do in school.”


 “The story of Pi was really interesting, learning about the perimeter, diameter and the circumference of a circle. Did you know that the circumference divided by the diameter equals Pi 3.1415926535… We also found out that Pi has been calculated to 60 trillion digits, and that some clever person has memorised Pi to more than 100,000 of those!”


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