Report Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

With the end of term in sight, we look back on a wonderful year which has seen our school go from strength to strength in its commitment to providing a strong academic education with numerous creative opportunities to extend children’s learning, as well as a strong parent and school partnership and a deeply embedded Christian ethos which respects all world faiths.

At the end of today, you will receive your child’s report and their record of attendance and punctuality for the academic year. If you would like to discuss the report, do make an appointment with your class teacher. Please fill in the online questionnaire that you will receive, as we value your feedback and are always looking for ways to strengthen the parent / school link.

A highlight for our school community this year was our wonderful SIAMs report, which I felt truly captured the ethos and spirituality of St Stephen’s.

This has been an excellent year academically! All children in Year 1 completed the national Phonics Screening check this summer, which comprises of a list of 40 ‘words’ that children read one-to-one with a teacher. Across Year 1, 98% of children passed, which is well above the National Average. Thank you to the Year 1 team and the children for working so hard.

The 2023 Key Stage 1 and 2 assessment results are also excellent. Children are assessed to determine whether they are at the expected or greater depth standard for their year group. Year 2 are entirely teacher assessed, whereas in Year 6 externally marked tests are combined with teacher assessments. I would like to thank the Year 2 and 6 teams and the children, who have done a sterling job in providing us with some exceptional results.

End of KS1 Expected Standard & Above Greater Depth Standard*  
  School National School
READING 93% 69% 34%
WRITING (inc. Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling) 88% 61% 31%
MATHS 92% 72% 24%

*Greater Depth national averages are not available at this time.

End of KS2 Expected Standard & Above Greater Depth Standard*
  School National School  
READING 100% 73% 91%  
WRITING 93% 71% 54%  
GPS (Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling) 98% 72% 86%  
MATHS 96% 73% 70%  

*Greater Depth national averages are not available at this time.

Our Year 6 children are going on to an amazing array of secondary schools where they will be nurtured and continue to flourish.


Children have received offers for Twyford, Fulham Boys, St Marylebone, West London Free School, Phoenix, Ark Soane, Burlington Danes, Chelsea Academy, Gunnersbury Boys, Orleans Park School, Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, Kensington Aldridge, Holland Park, Fulham Cross Academy, Grey Coat, All Saints, Ark Acton, Chiswick School and Lady Margaret School.


Within the Independent sector, children have received offers for: Godolphin and Latymer, Lambrook, Emanuel, St Benedict’s, Notting Hill and Ealing, Hampton, St Augustine’s, Eton College, Winchester College, Harrodian, Kew House, Brighton College, Wetherby and Francis Holland.


As we start thinking about our school improvement plan for the next academic year, I wanted to share a few of our key priorities:


To create an eco-friendly school

This will involve regular meetings of the ‘Green Team’ – to bring the ideas and opinions of the children to the forefront of discussions, as well as staff training and the integration of eco awareness into the curriculum. The various initiatives to reduce waste will be continued and built upon (paper waste / food waste / plastic and packaging waste etc). A continued commitment to sustainability and the planning of a long term strategy to aim for Net Zero in the future and the development of a new and exciting space in the middle playground to serve as an indoor / outdoor classroom and extended dining area.


Developing lunch and playtime systems and procedures to enhance the children’s learning experience

This will involve regular meetings of School Council to bring the opinions and ideas of the children into discussion across age groups and with staff. Further training for all staff, including lunchtime and break time staff, the continued integration of Positive Playtimes to improve and enhance playground experience and an increase in the number of staff available at lunchtimes and break times to support the children. Clear communication with parents and children around playground procedures including who supports children at lunchtimes, rules and expectations, equipment available, Game of the Week via the website. Further development of designated zones, including use of the library space at lunchtime, our new sports coach working in the playground at lunchtime, organised games and Play Buddies, as well as regular communications with and surveys of the children to ascertain their opinions.


Ensuring that the mental health of all staff and children within our school is prioritised and cared for

This will involve the continued development of our RHE curriculum through Coram Scarf resources, training and focus weeks/days. A continued commitment to providing safe spaces and dedicated adults (school counsellor and ELSA) to support the children’s mental health. The implementation of Coram Scarf materials to develop PSED in EYFS and Nursery. The continued use of school-wide safeguarding systems and digital tracking and monitoring with regular review by SLT to quickly identify any issues or trends to be addressed. Regular reviews of the school’s Behaviour and Emotional Wellbeing Policy to ensure effective implementation.

To continue to nurture, grow and support all staff in their role as educators by ensuring adequate planning, assessment and preparation time, maintaining exemplary communication and consultation on all changes to develop the school and building on our strong, professional and caring community. Regular discussion and consultation with children, parents and staff to determine well-being and gather opinions and ideas.


Thank you again for your continued support throughout the year. We look forward to another exciting school year in September, where we build on all the many achievements of 2022/23.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Schumm