Mr Schumm’s Easter Blog!

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We love a Tik Tok at St Stephen’s so here is one to keep you going  .

Over the last few weeks I have been sent a number of videos from parents and children so I thought let’s start our very own St Stephen’s Tik Tok on the school website! So, if you have sent me a video and would be happy for me to share it with only our school community ( this means the video will be unlisted on YouTube and you can only gain access via the link I will send out) via the school website then email me to give your permission and bobs your uncle and we will go tik toking mad! Come on Ben and Alex you know you want to! Time to get your thinking caps on, create a video and send it to me.

With all good ideas you need something to whet your whistle so who better than the Higneys to start the ball rolling I have several more Higneys for your delight, that I will be sharing over the coming weeks, but for now it’s over to you guys – if there’s one school community that can do this then it’s St Stephen’s!

Here we are on the brink of the Easter weekend and it’s time for a few words from Denis.

For now I wish you a Happy Easter and though I can’t open the school assembly with ‘The Lord is Here’ we know that he is and he’s walking the walk with us, he’s understanding when the garden is much more fun than a spot of home schooling, he’s with us when we can’t work out what that maths problem is so we put the kettle and hunt for a Magnum in the fridge and he’ll be here with us when we open the school gates for the children again.

Happy Easter!