Mr Schumm’s Blog

It’s nearly the end of January and I am still not up to speed with Miss Whiting and our cabaret act! When we chose the track Miss Whiting did warn me it was fast but did I listen? And we haven’t got onto the ‘tricks’ section (as she like to call it) and we’re not talking a card up my sleeve or a penny behind my ear. Here’s the link to sponsor us or one of the other acts and, as always, it would be most appreciated as we will be shortly fundraising for my hip replacement at this rate!

In school this week, we have not only been extending our learning but we have also been on our bikes, playing tag rugby, hockey or football and treading the boards. To end the week on a particular high, we just heard too that the football team beat all challengers to represent QPR at the EFL Nationals in Bristol this March plus they received their trophy from QPR legend Andy Sinton!

Mrs Jeffrey’s Year 4 class took us back in time to the court of Henry VIII to tell us all about the fate of Henry’s six wives – complete with their very own executioner! They had their own personalised song about Henry’s wives curtesy of Mrs Jeffrey’s husband. Their assembly was packed with interesting facts and an especially interesting Anne of Cleves curtesy of Jack. Once we were finished with Henry, we swiftly moved on to George and the Dragon complete with dragon, king and some poor victims ready to be eaten by the dragon. Mrs Jeffrey’s sense of humour came through in her fantastic script, expertly delivered by our troop of actors. We finished with that traditional hymn ‘When a Knight won his spurs…..’ with their very own orchestral accompaniment! The moment they started singing, I was immediately transported back to Linthorpe Jnr School in Middlesbrough, as memories of my school flooded back – whether its better sang in a northern accent, I couldn’t say but at least we have dispensed with rulers and slippers!


Have an amazing weekend.