Mr Schumm’s Blog – Friday 7th February 2020

Miss Whiting’s Year 2 class had us dancing in the aisles with her magnificent class assembly on Thursday. With seven songs and dances, they raised the bar on just how many musical numbers you can fit into a class assembly. They sang and danced beautifully and their delight in their performance was truly infectious. As Philip from Year 3 stated “Seven songs – it was awesome!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Year 4 travelled to The Science Museum, so check out the school website to find out all about their trip.

Today Mr Faith and Miss Billington had organised the most amazing Coding Day again – details are on the website – and you can also check out Twitter, where Mr Gane has tweeted an update. Do you follow us on Twitter (@StStephensLBHF)? If not, it’s a really easy way to check out what’s been happening at school – as of this time of writing, we are up to 310 followers (not that I’m counting,) but there’s always room for more!

Last night the whole school enjoyed Movie Night – Angry Birds 2 (I must watch Angry Birds 1 when I get the chance) – it was a firm favourite with the children, as were our slightly more healthy snacks, with their lack of plastic!

Time is ticking and Cabaret Night is looming! There has been a frenzy for rehearsal space as the acts make final tweaks to their stupendous performances. Miss Whiting is well and truly putting me through my paces, and if I manage my cartwheel it will be a small miracle! I thought you might enjoy a quick peek at our rehearsals so far – I am the middle aged man slightly gasping for breath. There is still time to buy those tickets, so hit the ParentMail button and purchase away and if you would like to sponsor the acts! Here is the link . I can safely say this will be one of the highlight events of the year (it will for me if I actually finish it without using my inhaler,) so sponsor us or buy a ticket. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for our children and parents / carers!