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Dear Parents/ Carers

What a strange day! It’s not the end of term yet, but it is the end of term… but before I start, check this out:

Thank you to Ethan’s mum for saving the day! Please see below…

Ethan (Yr2 Hoberman) has an uncle who is a photographer and filmmaker with some time on his hands, and has offered to create a virtual Easter bonnet parade to cheer us all up. Here’s how it could work:

1. Next week, each child gets busy creating a beautiful hat.

2. Take a short (5 second) video of them wearing their hat, parading / dancing / prancing around… St Stephen’s style!

3. Send the video to Ruth (Ethan’s mum) via email at or WhatsApp at 07725613895 – and say which class the child is in! Try to do this by Tuesday 31st March.

4. Get the popcorn ready, and look forward to watching the school’s virtual parade one evening the week leading up to Easter… Make an event of it!

How on earth I will video myself every day? I do not know, but I’m sure I’ll manage! I’m thinking ‘Schumm of the Day’ as my tag line. I can hear my Mum’s voice now: “Don’t forget to shave, and stop showing off!”

My 16-year-old and 18-year-old, Max and Joe, were due to sit their GCSEs and A levels respectively this year but are currently celebrating the end of their time at secondary school – at home I hope! There was a mixture of relief and sadness in the Schumm household where as my elder son Ben, who is at university, was reeling from his first redundancy as the creperie where he worked had to lay off staff – I offered my sympathies, and then told him not to ask as I was overdrawn myself!

In assembly this morning we sang Amarillo, got the Year 6s up and talked about how proud we were of them and shed a few tears. Hopefully, we will return after May half term or earlier and Miss Whiting and I can knock out ‘Guys and Dolls’ at top speed with all the usual end-of-term frivolities and the Year 6 rites of passage can take place but if we don’t I told Year 6 I would write to their new schools and request they all return for the day to finish their time at St Stephen’s off as only we can. So, don’t throw away that uniform as they have to wear it for the day and we have to all write on their shirts. In the evening we will hold the BBQ and Mr Perry will have had extra months to prepare his speeches on each individual child and Mr Faith will run the sweep stake!

Monday morning don’t forget to check out the class pages, on the website, as they will be updated on a daily basis, class teachers will set specific activities to be completed each day in line with the National Curriculum. Teachers will be contactable via email during school hours (unless unable to do so due to illness) to answer any questions parents may have. I may just stand on the gate, on Uxbridge Road, for old times’ sake!

It is really important that we take care of ourselves and that we follow the guidance the government is issuing regarding social gatherings. Here is a rather interesting link:

So, we had a spot of the musical ‘Annie’ yesterday – what can I give you today I thought? Well, it’s got to be a burst from ‘Carousel’: “When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark,” and that’s what we are going to do because if St Stephen’s CE Primary School can survive the Blitz, surely we can all make an Easter bonnet at home! So, we will walk on with hope in our hearts and trust in God to lead us through this extraordinary time.

I will sign off now and hit the blog on Monday. Take care of each other and see you soon.