Mr Schumm’s Blog

Last night was Eastern European Evening and what a night it was! The entertainment was spectacular – we had choirs, traditional dance troops, classical pianists, singers and of a spot of blind vodka tasting! The food was a selection of eastern Europe’s finest delights, washed down with some fine wines. But, as, always it was our school community coming together to celebrate and connect that made this evening so special. Thank you to all those parents involved – it was a real night to remember and not just because of my blind vodka tasting stint! But don’t just believe me take a look and see for yourselves

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our Ash Wednesday service with Mr Perry and Denis in full control of proceedings. The singing was beautiful, the prayer and reading thoughtful and Denis’s talk thought provoking as we enter the season of Lent in the Christian calendar. When Denis sang his prayer at the end of the service you could have heard a pin drop. Denis you are amazing, we love having you with us and you can sing!

Next week Miss Bell and Mr Cookson have planned a week jam-packed with all things arty! We are focusing on Klimt’s The Tree of Life to draw our inspiration from and I know this week will let the children’s creative juices run wild. Talking of creative juices, it’s time for the book character parade and it’s a perfect weekend for a spot of costume making!

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Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.