Mental Health Awareness Week

We have been incredibly lucky, that as a school, our education and awareness of mental health is not restricted to the one week of the year that is entitled ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. When we are in school, we have explicit lessons teaching pupils about the topic and give them  knowledge and strategies to help them promote ‘good mental health’. During the school closure, our pupils have enjoyed yoga and meditation as part of their weekly activities, as well as reflection exercises helping them recognise and process their feelings. We will continue this excellent practise next week and beyond but would like to again highlight the links and resources below should you wish to reflect on yours and your child’s mental health journey during this turbulent time. Please remember that we are a community here and ready to help so do not hesitate to reach out to us – we’re in this together.

Youtube – Cosmic Yoga

Guided meditation

Big Bag of Worries

Smiling Mind- a fantastic free resource. You do have to sign up but then you access a range of programs suitable for children adults


Thank you,

Keep safe and keep talking.