Maths Update

Four of our most able mathematicians from Y5 took part in the Royal Institution’s Primary Mathematics Masterclasses programme on Saturday mornings last term. Running over six weeks, the children met professors and doctors of maths from specialist fields who inspired them with talks and hands on investigations in areas of maths that included: Islamic Art; Coordinates with a Graphic Calculators; Mathematical Modelling; Reflections on Symmetry; Regular and semi-regular polyhedra / tiling; Bridges of Konisburg; Mathemagical; Hexagons and Topology.

“I especially liked the fact that the teachers varied each week, so each one was a specialist, which made it easier to learn. It was also great to use materials that were new or that I hadn’tused before, such as a compass and coordinate calculators.” Rufus

“My favourite session was Mathemagical. I made sure I remembered all of the ‘tricks’ and tried out them all on my relatives over Christmas – they were amazed!” Sophie

“The Ri venue itself was so inspiring for a young child, which added to the feeling she was doing something special.” Kate Williams

Top mathematicians are also taking part in a number of outreach programmes this term, one in particular which aims “to launch as many maths teams in primary schools as there are
football teams.” We have joined Maths Teams, a start-up charity and entered two Y5 & Y6 teams in to its Latymer Upper School’s league, where the eight pupils ‘train’ every Thursday evening. Guided by a senior teacher and assisted by Y12 & Y13 pupils, our very best maths puzzlers are put through their paces to solve an amazing array of fiendishly trick problems.

Meanwhile, down the road at Bute House, the Royal Institution (again) invited us to take part in their Primary Mathematics Masterclasses which aim to ‘stimulate, encourage and inspire young people in the beauty and wonder of mathematics and to develop a sense of enjoyment in the subject. A different team of leading Y6 mathematicians hear from a wide variety of professors and lecturers, having fun while learning lots of intriguing maths secrets.