Mars Hour – Y3 & 4 Trip to the Geological Society

Students from Years 3 & 4 became geologists for the day at the invitation of STEM Learning where explainers from the Geological Society told us all about different types of rock, both on Earth and on Mars. We made our own versions of the Mars rover out of LEGO which we showed to astronaut Tim Peake via a live link up with the UK Space Centre. We were lucky enough to handle a 4.5 billion year old meteorite which fell to Earth over 600 years ago. Thanks to STEM Learning and the Geological Society for such an out of this world session.
M – I learnt a lot about the different types of rock and how the rocks on Mars aren’t very different to those here on Earth.
L – It was really interesting to think about what we needed to create our own rover for Mars. It really made me want to become a geologist when I’m older.
M – It felt very special to hold the meteorite which is even older than our planet!
R – I loved looking at the detail of the rocks through the microscope.