Library Topic: ‘Back to School’

How nice to reopen the Library this week following such a long closure. This week we will be reading stories & fiction about going back to school as we all adjust to the new normal here at St Stephens. …Please note there is a little more on the running of the Library at the end of this post.

In our library sessions this week we will be discussing how we all feel to be settled back into our school routines and what we are looking forward to about the year ahead. Our read aloud stories include the following titles for each class.

Rec & Y1






This term children will be allowed to choose books from a year group bubble selection and enjoy the same weekly read aloud story following seasonal topics. Reception and Y1 will enjoy library sessions in the comfort of their classrooms for now, and will be invited to visit the library later on this term when they have settled into routine. Y2 will check out books from the Library for the first time this week. Exciting! Y3 will continue to borrow books from the Library to enjoy in their classroom. They can start to then bring books home later on this term. Could our regular library users Y4, Y5 and Y6 please remember to come to school with a labelled cloth library bag each Friday so as to protect our library books and help identify any missing books around the school. These older classes will now be able to borrow two books every time that they visit the Library.