Library News: Nativities and The Christmas Story + Author Day

This week we are reading different versions of the Christmas story in preparation for Early Years and KS1 Christmas nativities which are very much on the horizon. This will be the children’s last week of borrowing books.

Library Housekeeping Notice: After next week we will return all books to the Library with the intention of restocking and organising for Spring Term. Any books not returned by Monday 11th December will be subject to a £7.50 fine……. this is the only way we can assure that we maintain our wonderful book stock.

Author Day: On Wednesday 29th November, we are going to hold an Author Day at St Stephen’s. We will be welcoming two authors in to speak to the children and there will be an opportunity to pre order their books for your child to have signed on the day. The plan for the day is as follows;

Early Years: Daunt Books will run a book sale in the Early Years playground in the morning from 8:45 so that parents can stock up on Christmas presents. As always, Daunt Books will return 20% of any profits to the school.

For Y1, Y2 & Y3: David Macintosh author and illustrator will be speaking about his books and leading a ‘draw along’ session for the children. More information about David Macintosh and his books can be found here; 

For Y4, Y5 & Y6: Daniel Dockery, scriptwriter will be talking about his debut children’s book Wedington Jones & the Missing Tree. He will also be delivering a creative writing workshop to Y6 following his talk. Book summary: Wendington Jones has her world abruptly up-ended when her adventuring mother dies in a car crash in late 1920. Left in the care of her Grandmamma and her valet Rohan, Wendington receives a parcel in the middle of the night, seemingly from her dead mother. It’s half of a manuscript from a book her mother was writing, and describes a mystery surrounding the mythical Tree of Life. When Wendington reads that the tree could have the power to bring her mother back to life, she throws herself into finding the remainder of the manuscript and solving her mother’s mystery. However, her initial attempts are laced with danger. Other people also seek to find the Tree of Life and Wendington has to trick, fight and talk her way out of many perilous situations. Does Wendington have what it takes to complete her mission? Enola Holmes meets Indiana Jones in this epic story of mystery, adventure and learning to live with grief along the way. This book will be available on parentmail to preorder at the following price;

Here are some of the stories to be read aloud in the Library this week….