Library News: Celebrating ‘Deaf Awareness Week’ & Thank you Grandparents!!

This week, we celebrated ‘Deaf Awareness Week’ at St Stephens. In sessions we will chat about what it is like to be deaf and how we as a community can make a difference by being understanding and supportive. We will read stories about characters who embrace their unique qualities even when faced with challenges. Finally, we will use the story of ‘Freddie and the Fairy to discuss the 3 golden rules when speaking to someone with hearing loss:

1. Don’t mumble,

2. Don’t look away when you are speaking,

3. Don’t cover your mouth with your hands when speaking.

In other news thank you to all of the grandparents who bought a book last week on Grandparents Day. We raised £1200 in new books for the Library shelves to keep our children engrossed in reading for pleasure!