Flower Power & The Big Bee Challenge!!

This week, we are celebrating books and stories about flowers in our school library. Shepherd’s Bush is in full bloom at the moment thanks to all the rain that we have been having. This is good news for the bees who are getting a lot of press at the moment.

Around the UK, bees and other wild insects are in decline – with some in danger of extinction – partly due to reductions in the flower-rich habitats they love. Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge is a project to raise awareness and encourage listeners to help create a better environment to support bees and other pollinating insects. Green spaces are so important to their survival, and whether a garden, small backyard, balcony or window ledge, nowhere is too small to grow the plants and flowers that will entice bees and plant-loving insects to them. Bees and other pollinating insects help provide much of the food we eat, and are essential for a healthy environment, which is why it’s crucial to support them.


To find out more about The Big Bee Challenge visit BBC Radio 2 launches Big Bee Challenge to keep Britain’s bees buzzing! – Media Centre

Here are some of the books that the children will enjoy in the library this week…

REC & Y1