Easter Bonnet Beauties!

Wow! What a lot of beautiful, creative, Easter-tastic bonnets were on show this week! We were blown away both by the standard of headwear created and the confidence with which the children paraded around the hall to show them off! What superstars they are!  Well done to everyone who helped created an Easter masterpiece this year. The winners are below but everyone looked amazing and a great time was had by all.

Nursery: Achille, Agaia, Theodore
Reception Ahlberg: Gabrielle, Donovan Reception Milne: Madeline, Luca
1 Donalson: James, Leontine 1 McNaughton: Beau, Constantine
2 Hoberman: Olivia, Freddie 2 Madan: Leo & Ella
3 Nichols: CJ, Amelia 3 Lear: Lizzie, Winston
4 Rosen: Ella, Oscar 4 Bloom: Eulalie, Camarie
5 Silverstein: Enkhjin, Izunna 5 Blackman: Raphael, Masha
6 Ayres: Lincoln, Eliza P 6 Zephaniah: Annie, Albie & Viva