DT Day October 22nd – BAGS!

Everyone in the school put their creative minds to making their very own bag for DT Day this week. The children thought about the different bags they come across day to day and were amazed to find out that the plastic bag was believed to be good for the environment only 50 years ago! This DT Day was all about creating something ‘reusable’. The children worked hard and as a result some very lovely creations were proudly carried out of school at the end of the day!

NURSERY and RECEPTION. The younger children at St Stephen’s each had a paper bag as their ‘blank canvas’ to get creative on. The children used stamps, paint and crayons to make some really colourful creations!

YEARS ONE AND TWO. In KS1 the children used old, unwanted tshirts and transformed them into a reusable bag. The children used cord to create a strong seam and then used fabric scraps to decorate their tshirts. We had some amazing designs including pockets, emojis, initials and animals!


YEARS THREE AND FOUR In years three and four, the children were learning the running stitch and putting it to the test to make their own tshirt bags. They then used scraps to decorate their bags before parading them in a fashion show for all of the class to see!

YEAR FIVES AND YEAR SIX Years five and six were tasked with making drawstring bags! They had plenty of opportunity to perfect their ‘running stitch’ and created some impressive bags to take home at the end of the day.