DT Challenge 2021: Feed The Birds

DT Challenge February 2021: Feed the Birds

St Stephens is setting all years the challenge of creating a bird feeder!

Giving birds a little extra food is a simple and fun way to help these little friends, especially in the cold Winter. There are birds everywhere, no need for a garden or countryside. Infact, the birds in London will be all the more grateful for some support from a windowsill! We will be sharing your creations on Twitter (you can too @StStephensLBHF) and on here from now until February 23rd.

We have already had some fantastic entries, such as, these below by KS1:


Bird feeders can come in all shapes and sizes just like the birds they feed. From the wildly imaginative to really quite straight forward, there is a bird feeder for all abilities. See below for inspiration:

Here are some useful websites to get you started:






Note for parents/carers: If you cannot buy any nuts or seeds for the time being, you can just focus on creating your bird feeder now and add the nuts or seeds later! It is easy to buy nuts and seeds for birds at any (open!) pet shop. Otherwise, they are easy to buy online (https://www.gardenwildlifedirect.co.uk). If children have seed or nut allergies, we know that birds love Cheerios, cheese and apples just as much as seeds and nuts!


Happy creating!


Miss Hall