Coding Day 2020!

You’re never too young to be a coder, with the EYFS having lots of unplugged activities available to them for Coding Day. Children learnt about how coding is all about solving problems, spotting patterns and giving instructions. In class, they completed some fun activities, including continuing some repeating shape patterns and ‘programming’ our friends to navigate a maze. Children got to explore using some Beebots, where they used a variety of directional language and debugged the little robots so they would go in the right direction. We also used the learning board to direct ‘Peril the Chicken’ home.

Coding Day was a big hit in Key Stage 1, with children coding and debugging their way through a disco dance floor on Busy Things. They also had good fun with their unplugged activity, creating algorithms for the song ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,’ as well as going on to make some rather ‘quirky’ algorithms for a new version of the song themselves.!

Moving on to Key Stage 2, children enjoyed participating in self-led ‘Hour of Code’ sessions (try it yourself at As well as using the laptops and iPads to carry out these tasks, we also participated in unplugged activities where we drew 2D shapes as a means to understanding some key Computing concepts – algorithms, logic, debugging and collaboration!

We were also visited by parents (and professional coders) Selina and Simon, who delivered a fantastic talk to the children which contextualised the importance of coding and how it drives our lives. Thank you Simon and Selina for kindly giving up your time to visit us!