Bute House Explore – Saturday School

Bute House Explore


Meanwhile, down the road, more Y5s were attending Saturday school, this time at Bute House. The Bute House Explore programme aimed to inspire and challenge the children, working with them to ensure their talent and potential is recognised and developed. As well as attending one lesson in academic core subjects each week the children also enjoyed an array of enriching activities including drama, philosophy, music, art, sport and others in fully equipped learning spaces. They benefitted from an emphasis on a growth mindset, working together and developing their personal and emotional skills.

There were things I’d never done before like philosophy, Lego computing and visual thinking, which were very interesting and made me think a lot deeper. I met lots of new people, which made this experience much better while in art and DT, we used materials not just paint, but things like coffee, charcoal and oil pastels.”


“We did so many fun activities. I really enjoyed Lego computing, because I got to programme the Lego in whichever way I wanted. I learned so many new things and I really enjoyed everything we did there. One of the other activities I enjoyed most was Spanish, even though we learn Spanish here, the teachers at Bute House taught us lost more new vocabulary, which will come in handy.”


“I enjoyed it a lot. I loved music and learning about instruments that I’d never heard about before. We got to play warm up games and mind games at the beginning of the sessions which were energetic yet calm and peaceful. We worked in groups which I enjoyed and allowed us to get to know the other children.”